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‘SOLICITATIONCONTRACTIORDER FOR COWWERCIAL TEMS (/PEnR OCOMPLETE B4OENS 17.24 ,830, Le fenoonzoveoiar 1. WH Roocnn, pans oma ERT ae fesv2i/ 2014) 7 eter pear TERE VASE — Sa OTT RESETS nrotaanon et aac Chapple Je02-eae-2924 Toa 8 [Fen Tp fa taanavarows BI tarecrmon —Oscrasce vor Fema a Cawmwoness 1 oom cies nthe WOMEN MED FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY Gruescnemnis tun nnnesxononnus Sos can as OFFICE OF CHIES PROCUREMENT OFFICE sans Debnose mee 500 ¢ STREET SW isewesoanco wn sacotmouan $38.5 43RD FLOOR weiectSe WASHINGTON pc 20472 7 RENTON DOSNT lke wean BO Cees Shae RET Treen a aaa ERA TO ANN ELIZABETIE ABRANSON rea Ho PORT ST CROIX JFEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY ST CROIX Vr 00823 {CQUESTTTON MANAGEMENT so c staseT sw liso L008 fwaskaneton vc 20472 TRESS — So SSS az] ba rT IE EE CARNIVAL CORPORATION lesan rrvance center 3655 Ni 877 AVENDE freua rrmance center MIAME FL 331782028 leo ox 9001 friscuesrer va 22604 Lie REEF REST ER SRR RES HORT > RSE RRR ROR NAST TRIER [gins wanbext 056134315, Ire purpose of chia contract ia to charter the Sloating hovel” fox a four Ronth pericd of srfornance. The vessel witl, provide temporary firusing for FEMA personnel, other federal Jampioyoes, and other first’ responders supporting ne disastnr relief efforts in St. Croix, arnival would conalned docked ia port in st iroix during the charter period and provide tuen-koy* housing £0r celief worker, includin (an Reverse andr Atach Adon Shes as cessor) FEACGOO IRD APPROFRATON DATA pa TTR ARROARONT 7 Got Oe OF 2018-0. 13390R-9024-~2530 374, 700, 000.00 [Tate Soudinron CORPORATES av REFERENCE PARTE ITE" SRGT24 TANGETIED MO ATSMEATAGHED —ADDENGN Trane CLARE NOTATIGHD "rn. CONTRACTPUNCHASE ONDER NCORPORATES OY REFERENGE PanS2Z124 FARSZZIESIGATAGHED ADDENDA ant Vane NOTATACHED, ‘las contaacton ig ReOURED To SN Ts DOCUMENT AND RETURN am aan orconnacr ar ‘Gomes To BSUNG OFFICE. CONTRACTOR AOREESO FURNISH AND OELVER {LLIN SET FORTH OR OTHEAVESE DENTFED ADOVEAND ON ANY ADSTONAL Sreere sua To 1 Tens ap Conolrons secc reo owe ‘oun aFFER ov soucraTon wLooKs 'NELUONGANYAOGITONE OR CHANGES WHICH AE SET FORTH ERED Ig ACCEPTED AS 10 TEMS ae DAVID J ORRIS = SDE TORT rohulez 20/13/2017, teen ice BESS ‘SRR FORT TN Ha, tre O88 AN ECP E facconmodarions, aeala, housekeeping service: jwarox, and wasto stream removal ly 9 Carnival updated and ann Jasore dates 10/09/2017 ro/nens Rating: 90-N1 lnev: 2018 Fund Code: 06 Program: 43390R lorganizarion: 9024 object Clase od of 9/12/2087 Jrcconmodations for 2,056 passengers (ref pants pe lacconnodations ror 2,673 passengers: and cold buffet meals por day per person wit Javaitanitity between meals of water, 50 and Light. enacks; weekly clean juice Satexooms, Linen/towel change and personal haundry; Access provided to FEMA Jsesignated public spaces for administrative security: This is a firmed fixed rateFirst Jpayment wilt be made on 10/32/27 in of $19,850,000 an 9,850,000 will amount of § be made on 12, jobtigated ancunt: $38, 700,00 cduct/Seevice Code: 1910 Peeduct (Service Deseription: TRANSEORT leassencee ano ta0oe elivery: 10/15/2017 [continued Three hot eh ng ox) Sia GUNTTY NCOLIUNZT SBE (2 receven —_Cymerecte [C1 AccePTED Ano CONFORUS TO THE CONTRACT. EXCEPTS NOTED 5p SIOUATURE G7 WVORITD GOVERIIENT REPRESENTAINE fs ane i PRNTEO NIE AND TILE GF AHOREED GOVERHOENT REPREGENTATE Sie WANG ADDRESS OF AUTTOREED GOVERMENT REPRESENTATIVE [ac TEP RON MOMRER OF ATTHORUED OOVERIOIENT REPRESENTATWE [bg Wa OF ATT WORE GOVEROOENT REPRESENTATIVE eawnneen ‘ousiennaweer fs awounn very [>> PNET pr crecKanwaen EL J conmLeTE Jonata) Pm Jeamaccoummneen fs umvovenennownen wo PADBY ‘a 1GenTEr TS ACODINT S GORREET ANG PROPER FOR POMENT Jen necenveD ov Pr eas RECEWED AT tan) DATE RECO TvOO) aa ToTAC CONTAINERS covwmauarion seer /0FB1018¢00000007 CARNTVAL CORPORATION a te icking and port fees for verthing in San Juans ship: logistics to gistics to provision of t yrovided fresh water to the ship: logistics to mable waste strean removal; Logistic and te support the pier-aide peration; inczenental costs related to crew incremental fuel cost pompenaation Refursishment of the ship (including ne end of the charter jut of service days) at eried to being che ship to the sane standards as ne beginning of the charter period; and Booked fyuese disruption costs. Contractor will invoice jon a monthly basis. Any audit provisions lapplicapla to this contract shall be limited only leo records associated with ths lLine item 0002. should Conteactor he aaveased oF [required to pay taxes on any of the reimbursable 12, uch taxes Will constitute a cost-reimbursable leost se lreimbureadle cost under this contract” ligated Amount: $35,000, 000.00 jproduer/service Code: 1910 fproduce/Service Description: TRANSPORT VESSELS, lpasseNcer aND TROP betivery: 7 Days After Award te

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