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For Staff

I, ______________________________, of the __________________________ Division of the _________________________ Office commit to deliver and agree to be rated on the attainment of
the following targets in accordance with the indicated measures for the period January to June, 2014.



Reviewed by: Date Approved by Date

Division Chief Office Director

Output Success Indicators Weight Actual Accomplishments Rating Remarks

(Target + Measure) Qty Qlty E T Average
Core Function
Draft resolution (DR) [ql] > 77% of draft resolutions NOT
returned by supervising lawyer
[e] Average age of cases assigned in the
draft resolution stage is < 100% of
standard time for drafting resolution

[t] > 77% of draft resolutions submitted

within standard time

Legal Document or [ql] < 10 % of legal assistance clients -refer to operational

Action (LDA) with specific complaints definition, formula,
sample and remarks in
Reference Table
[e] > 10 persons extended legal -use feedback slip to
assistance per expected person-hour to collect client complaint
be used for legal assistance data
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Financial Assistance [ql] > 70% of financial assistance
Recommendation recommendations approved by FC
(FA) without change
[t] > 70% of financial assistance
recommendations made within the
standard time

Encoded [qt] < 5% of unreported legal assistance

Unreported Legal NOT entered in MAREIS
Assistance (EULA)

Operations Report [ql] Average < 2 times report is returned

(OR) for correction
[t] Average 15 working days to submit
report to the regional director before it is

Comments and Recommendations for Development Purposes

Discussed with Date Assessed by Date Final Rating Approved by Date

I certify that I discussed my assessment of
the performance with the employee

Employee Division Chief Office Director

Quantity:The extent to which actual quantities of outputs compare with targeted quantities.
Quality:The degree to which a desired outcome is achieved.
Efficiency: The extent to which time or resources is used for the intended task or purpose. Measures whether targets are accomplished with a minimum amount or quantity of time,
waste, expense, or unnecessary effort.
Timeliness: Measures whether the deliverable was done on time based on the requirements of the law and/or clients/stakeholders. Time-related performance indicators evaluate such things as
project completion deadlines, time management skills, and other time- sensitive expectations.
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Rating Scale:
5 Outstanding Performance represents an extraordinary level of achievement and commitment in terms of quality and time, technical skills and knowledge,
ingenuity, creativity, and initiative. Employees at this performance level should have demonstrated exceptional job mastery in all major areas
of responsibility. Employee achievement and contributions to the organization are of marked excellence.
4 Very Satisfactory Performance succeeded expectations. All goals, objectives, and targets were achieved above the established standards.
3 Satisfactory Performance met expectations in terms of quality of work, efficiency, and timeliness. The most critical annual goals were met.
2 Unsatisfactory Performance failed to meet expectations, and/or one or more of the most critical goals were not met.
1 Poor Performance was consistently below expectations, and/or reasonable progress toward critical goals was not made. Significant improvement is
needed in one or more important areas.

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