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Joint Science-Mathematics Month Culmination Program and GAD Show

Theme: “Science and Mathematics for the People”


A. MS. Q & A 2017

1. One representative/contestant from every section – from Grade 7 to Grade 11 – shall be

accepted. Only bona fide students of San Isidro NHS shall be allowed to participate in the
2. The contestant must be a professed gay male or a straight male who shall act as a gay during
the competition upon parent’s approval through a signed consent document. Failure to
submit to the organizers a copy of parent’s consent is a ground for disqualification.
3. In the absence of a willing contestant in a certain grade section, that particular grade section
can import one contestant from other class of any grade level who shall willfully represent
the grade section in question. A grade section may be left without a contestant after this
option had been exhausted.
4. By no means shall any contestant be forced or coerced to participate against his will through
any unlawful ways especially those that manifest exploitation and bribery of any form.
5. The corresponding number of each participant shall be drawn by them two days before the
6. In case of protests to the results, the board of judges shall give final and irrevocable decisions.
7. Questions and problems apart from the tasks of the judges that may arise must be addressed
directly to the organizers (Sci/Math Teachers and GAD Coordinator) who shall answer or
decide on such matters in consultation with the TIC on Socio-Cultural Affairs together with
the School Head or the Alternate School Head in case of the unavailability of the former.

B. Preliminary and Final Q & A

1. There shall be three questions to be given to all contestants three days prior to the day of the
competition to help them fully prepare for the Final Q and A portion.
2. During the Final Q and A, one of the three given questions shall be chosen by draw and shall
be asked to all contestants. Contestants waiting for their turn to answer shall be wearing a
headset with loud music to ensure that they shan’t be able to hear the answers of other
3. Each contestant shall be given 30 seconds to utter his answers after which the timer shall
signal him to stop. It is required to start the answer with the phrase “I believe”. Failure to do
so shall entail a subtraction of 1 point in the scores by each of the judges.
4. Preliminary interview questions shall be given on-the-spot based on the contestants’
biographical details.

C. Long Gown Competition

1. Only recycled, recyclable, and/or indigenous materials are allowed to be utilized as long
gown components, including with any accessories and headdress that the contestant may
2. The long gown, though made of avant-garde materials, must creatively resemble what the
name of the attire itself suggests. Furthermore, it must be a full length long gown in contrast
to tea and ballet long gown. Therefore, it is imperative that it must cover fully or at least the
vertical half portion of the feet of the contestant. A long gown lacking in length – one that
entirely exposes the feet – shall constitute a 3-point deduction from the score given by each
3. Adhesive tapes, glues, pastes, threads and other related stuffs needed to bind and secure the
materials of the gown together may be used.

D. Production Number

1. Simultaneous with this part is the conventional introduction of the contestants by themselves.
They shall state the following in their introduction in order: name, age, barangay,
municipality, class represented, and favorite quotation/belief/philosophy/hugot or funny
lines. However, each contestant must refrain from stating rude, vulgar, utterly indecent and
perverted words. A violation of this shall ensue a 2-point deduction from each judge’s score.
2. The contestants must wear jeans and white shirts as their production number attire.

E. Quiz Bee

1. Five teams, each comprised of one top student preselected by the science and mathematics
teachers from each grade level, shall participate in this competition. Preselection was done
based on the students’ performance in science and mathematics. Any absent contestant shall
be replaced by any willing student of the same grade level as the absent upon approval by the
2. The contest is a standardized quiz bee wherein choices shall be provided for every question.
3. Questions shall be selected by drawing lots as whether be coming from Science or from
Mathematics and as from what category under a particular field. Under Science, Biology,
Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science and Astronomy are included. Under Mathematics,
Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Statistics are involved.
4. There shall be three phases, namely: Elimination Round, Semi-Final Round, and Final Round.
5. Only the top three teams shall advance to the Semi-Final Round according to score ranking,
and only two to the Final Round.
6. For the Elimination round, 10 questions shall be asked, 7 questions for the Semi-Final and
only 5 for the Final round.
7. Every correct answer shall earn 1 point for all phases/rounds.
8. Answers must be properly raised after 15sec and shall not be lowered down unless
considered right or wrong.
9. In case of a tie, 3 clincher questions shall be given to break the tie. When the tie isn’t broken
after the 3rd question, clincher questions shall be given one at a time until the tie is broken.
However, tie-breaking will be done only during the Final Round.
10. All forms of cheating shall not be tolerated and shall be a ground for disqualification.
11. Protests can be raised by any team member and to be decided upon by the science and math
teachers accordingly.

A. SINHS MISS Q and A 2017

Production Number 10%

Long Gown 10%
Preliminary Interview 20%
Final Q and A 60%

B. Best in Production Number

Projection/Poise 20%
Mastery 20%
Dancing Skill 20%
Introduction 20%
Jeans Attire 20%

C. Best Recycled Long Gown

Suitability of Materials 30%

Creativity/Design 20%
Durability 15%
Bearing 15%
General Impact 20%

D. Preliminary Interview and Final Q and A

Suitability and Accuracy 25%

Substance 25%
Organization of Ideas 20%
Spontaneity 20%
Delivery/Fluency/Pronunciation 10%