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Working Drawings Rubric

Elements Advanced: 40 pts Proficient: 34 Basic: 30 Below Basic: 26 Unacceptable: 0 Total
Appropriate student Appropriate student Most of the required The title block is The Title block &
names, part names, names, part names, title block information present, but most title page is not
material types, drawing material types, drawing is identified. Multiple of the information is present and/or
Title Block/Title scale, dates, and other scale, dates, and other pieces of information in error or in the none of the
Page Information necessary information necessary information are in error. No title wrong place. No information has
are correctly identified in are correctly identified page is submitted. tittle page is been supplied.
all title blocks. A proper in most title blocks. A submitted.
title page is submitted. proper title page is
submitted as well.
A clear exploded view & A clear exploded view Exploded view and Exploded view or No assembly
assembly drawing is & assembly drawing is assembly drawing assembly drawing drawing is
provided to accurately provided to accurately provided is unclear is incomplete. submitted.
show all individual parts show all individual and does not Balloons & BOM
coming together. Each parts coming together. accurately show all are not included for
part is identified by Each part is identified individual parts each part
balloons & listed by balloons & listed coming together.
correctly/ accurately on correctly/ accurately on Balloons & BOM are
the BOM. the BOM. not included for each
All necessary views for Necessary views for Necessary views for Some necessary The necessary
each part is properly most parts are correctly most parts were views were placed orthographic/isom
selected, placed, and placed and aligned but placed and may or for some parts but etric views were
aligned in order to some extra or may not be aligned. not aligned. An not submitted.
include any specialty unnecessary views An inappropriate front inappropriate front
views e.g., sectional, have been provided. A view was also view was also
Orthographic & auxiliary, etc. A proper proper front view has selected for some selected. Any
Isometric Drawings front view has been been selected for most parts. Any needed needed specialty
(Detail Part selected for every part. parts. Some part views specialty views were views were omitted.
Drawings) Isometric part views are have minor errors in omitted. Most Isometric part
placed properly for each placement, orientation, isometric part views views have
part, part orientation is in or size. have several major numerous major
agreement with the front errors in placement, errors in
view, and it is orientation, or size. placement,
appropriately sized. orientation, or size.

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Introduction to Engineering Design Project 9.3k Detail Drawing Rubric – Page 1
All necessary width, Most of the necessary Some of the Few of the Very few of the
depth, height, size, and width, depth, height, necessary width, necessary width, necessary width,
location dimensions are size, and location depth, height, size, depth, height, size, depth, height, and
Dimensions, present and properly dimensions are present and location and location size dimensions
Tolerances, located according to for most parts. Not all dimensions are dimensions are are present. There
Centerlines & ANSI standards for each dimension locations present for most parts. present. Most of are many errors in
General Notes individual part. Zero agree with ANSI Not all dimension the dimension dimension
(Annotation) questions remain for standards. A few locations agree with locations do not locations. The
fabrication… questions remain for ANSI standards. agree with ANSI object could not
fabrication… Some questions standards. A lot of be built based on
remain for questions remain the specs
fabrication… for fabrication… provided…
The final overall project The final overall project The final overall The final overall The project is
exceeds expectations of meets expectations of project comes close project does not beyond confusing
typical high school typical high school to meeting meet expectations and/or does not
students. The project is students. The project is expectations of typical of typical high meet the
neat, detail oriented and somewhat neat, detail high school students school students. specifications set
organized in such an oriented and organized but falls short. The The project is not forth by the
effective way that the in a somewhat effective project is not very neat, detail oriented instructor.
Organization, &
plans could be handed way. A few questions neat, detail oriented or or organized in an
Attention to Detail
off to the fabricators for would probably need to organized in an effective way. It is
construction with no be asked by the effective way. Many beyond
questions asked… fabricators… questions would need confusing…
to be asked…

Total Points: /200pts

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