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Underline the correct words in the brackets

1. In the olden days, children ( treat / treated ) their elders with great respect
because it was the expected code of behaviour.

2. Not long ago, Brazil ( set up / sets up ) a conservation scheme to save the giant
turtles of the Amazon from extinction.

3. Throughout the 20th century, advances in medical science and communications

far ( outstrips / outstripped ) anything that man could have every imagined.

4. Sandra ( is trying / tried ) to persuade me to go on the safari to the National

Forest Reserve because she didn't want to go alone.

5. Peter's job as a television reporter occasionally ( placed / places ) him in life-

threatening situations such as being caught in the middle of a shoot-out.

6. Marriage counselors normally ( settle / settled ) disputes by bringing both

parties together to talk things over.

7. Paul's heroic act of rescuing the baby trapped inside the burning house ( made /
make ) the headlines in the evening paper.

8. Teresa's concern for the poor and homeless ( overwhelms / overwhelmed ) all
those who find refuge in her home.

9. Lucy and I ( are living / live ) in Perth where we run a successful catering

10. My brothers ( use to sail / used to sail ) together on this lake when we lived here
years ago.

Fill in the blanks with the correct present tense or past tense forms of the verbs in the

1. The news of the armed military uprising ______ ( shake ) the stability of the
2. The stiff formal fashions for women in the Victorian age ______ ( be )
cumbersome and uncomfortable.

3. The police department ______ ( still investigate ) the cause of the massive
collision on the highway this morning.

4. The rain ______ ( beat ) against the window panes and kept us up all night.

5. In the 1950's, the prices of most commodities ______ ( be ) so low that people
today find them unbelievable.

6. He ______ ( now think ) of selling the shoe store because of high rentals and
poor sales.

7. A half-century ago, many people ______ ( scoff ) at the idea that women would
rise to positions of importance.

8. These days, Jeff ______ ( begin ) to be more aware of his responsibilities.

9. My father ______ ( surprise ) everyone in the family last week b organising a

birthday bash for Mum.

10. Her unusual, traditional attire ______ ( stun ) the audience who gasped in awe
and admiration.

Circle the correct words in the boxes to complete the sentences.

1. Last Sunday night, a car driven by a reckless young man ( overturn / overturned
) and fell into a canal near my house.

2. The seniors ( are pleading / plead ) with the teachers to give them free time to
revise for the exams.

3. Aunt Zelda ( use to recall / used to recall ) the times when the old house was
filled with the joyous laughter of little ones.

4. The boys of the seventh cavalry ( carried / carry ) out their duties diligently
when they were posted to the Balkans.
5. Peasant women in the village ( tie / tied ) their babies to their backs and work in
the fields tirelessly for hours.

6. A renewed interest in ethnic languages and customs ( is spreading / spreads

)among Asian communities now.

7. We ( think / thought ) over all aspects of the problem last night and have come
to a decision.

8. All morning, the senate vigorously ( debate / debated ) the president's proposal
to give medical benefits to the poor.

9. Doctors always ( advise / advised ) us to eat in moderation and exercise


10. Our elders ( use to discipline / used to discipline ) us when we were very young
so that we would grow up to be respectful and well-mannered.