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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 • XVIII, Edition 122

DA’s office seeks death penalty

Maximum sentence sought for man who killed 17-month-old girl in Redwood City
By Anna Schuessler ty for a crime on death row if convicted of his oral copulation of a child under 10 have committed on a toddler were
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF described as charges since 2010, when Alberto years old, child abuse and child particularly heinous. “It’s hard to
“ p a r t i c ul a r l y Alvarez was sentenced to death for molestation with great bodily imagine a more vicious crime than
Almost two and a half years after heinous.” the 2006 murder of East Palo Alto injury — when no resolution on that.”
a 29-year-old Redwood City man Once facing police Officer Richard May, said his case looked likely at his pre- Guidotti said the death penalty
was first accused of molesting and life without Deputy District Attorney Karen trial conference Monday. can only be sought if special cir-
murdering his girlfriend’s 17- possibility of Guidotti. “Obviously we take these deci- cumstances are alleged with a
month-old daughter, the San parole, Daniel Guidotti said prosecutors chose sions very seriously, and it is an defendant’s charges, noting that
Mateo County District Attorney’s Contreras could to seek the death penalty for unusual case when we seek death in because allegations Contreras
Office announced Monday prose- Daniel be the first Contreras’ multiple felony this county,” she said, adding that
cutors are seeking the death penal- Contreras county inmate charges — among them murder, the acts Contreras is believed to See CONTRERAS, Page 20

San Mateo-Foster
City school board
president resigns
Board President Nancy Kohn Hsieh steps
down from board citing family obligations
By Austin Walsh make, she ulti-
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF mately resigned
to spend more
Just weeks into her term as pres- time with her
ident of the San Mateo-Foster City family.
Elementary School District Board “I have mixed
of Trustees, Nancy Kohn Hsieh f e e l i n g s
announced her plans to resign. because I am
The decision announced going to miss
Monday, Jan. 8, comes halfway it. It’s a good
Nancy thing to do and
through the San Mateo resident’s Kohn Hsieh
first four-year term on the school it’s a good
SAMANTHA WEIGEL/DAILY JOURNAL board, following her election in team. But I have to do what is right
Michael Zajec stands near a tent he’s shared with his girlfriend at a homeless encampment city officials in Half the 2015. She was named presi- for my kids and my family over
Moon Bay plan to clear out in the coming months. dent, supplanting former trustee what is right for the district,” she
Chelsea Bonini, at the beginning said.

A place to call home of the year. Kohn Hsieh said following her
appointment as board president
Kohn Hsieh said though the
decision was a difficult one to See NANCY, Page 20

Half Moon Bay plans to clean up homeless encampment

By Samantha Weigel
steep housing prices out of reach
for many who’ve lived on the
But as winter sank in, Zajec said
he’s more motivated than ever to
Proposed whale art
Nestled in the brush against the
Pilarcitos Creek, more than a
coast for years, as well as others
who are just passing through, the
encampment has been a known
find more traditional accommoda-
tions as his girlfriend has health
making a big splash
spot for the homeless on the
dozen people have been residing
in a homeless encampment behind coastside.
“I would like to be indoors,”
Zajec said. “But not a shelter. Even San Bruno officials seek to sink proposal
a Half Moon Bay shopping center.
In the coming months, they will
“I like it here because we have
our own place, ” said Michael
if it was just a studio apartment, as
long as it was just her and I.”
for aquatic-themed car wash addition
be forced to move as the city plans Zajec, whose locks tucked behind A collection of city staff, county By Austin Walsh Bobak Bakhtiari, owner of the
to clean up the environmentally- a baseball cap earn him the nick- social service agencies, local faith DAILY JOURNAL STAFF Shell gas station near the intersec-
sensitive habitat.  name Red. leaders and nonprofit representa- tion of El Camino Real and Sneath
Tents, wooden pallets, mattress- A lifelong coastsider in his 50s, tives is trying to find ways to relo- A San Bruno gas station owner Lane, wishes to build a roughly
es and even makeshift gates have Zajec has been living at the cate this diverse group of people. hoping to make a splash with an 20-foot whale mouth overhanging
been pieced together to form what encampment for the last eight While substance abuse and mental aquatically-inspired art installa- the drive into his car wash.
the encampment’s residents say is months where he’s set up a large health issues are factors deterring tion at the mouth of his car wash is The creative proposal is not
some semblance of a home they tent atop a pallet in which he and having a whale of time getting
call their own. With the region’s his girlfriend sleep. See HOMELESS, Page 18 approval. See WHALE, Page 18

Over 20 years of experience

2009-2016 American
Family & Implant Dentistry
Special same day services:
Emergency Care, Crown, Denture repair
Same day full mouth implant and Denture functioning
560 Jenevein Avenue, San Bruno
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Thought for the Day

“Living is a form of not being sure, not
knowing what next or how. The moment you
know how, you begin to die a little. The artist
never entirely knows. We guess. We may be
wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.”
— Agnes de Mille, American dancer-choreographer

This Day in History

Connecticut became the fifth state to

1788 ratify the U.S. Constitution.

In 1 8 6 1 ,  Mississippi became the second state to secede from

the Union, the same day the Star of the West, a merchant ves-
sel bringing reinforcements and supplies to Federal troops at
Fort Sumter, South Carolina, retreated because of artillery fire.
In  1 9 1 3 , Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th president of the
United States, was born in Yorba Linda, California.
In 1 9 1 6 , the World War I Battle of Gallipoli ended after eight
months with an Ottoman Empire victory as Allied forces with-
In  1 9 3 1 , Bobbi Trout and Edna May Cooper broke an
endurance record for female aviators as they returned to Mines
Field in Los Angeles after flying a Curtiss Robin monoplane
continuously for 122 hours and 50 minutes.
In 1 9 4 5 , during World War II, American forces began landing
on the shores of Lingayen Gulf in the Philippines as the Battle REUTERS
of Luzon got underway, resulting in an Allied victory over Israelis travel on the train without pants as they take part in the annual ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ event in Jerusalem.
Imperial Japanese forces.
In 1 9 5 8 , President Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his State of the
Union address to Congress, warned of the threat of Communist In other news ...
imperialism. trapper hat, he begins the parody by there’s something greater going on
In 1 9 6 8 , the Surveyor 7 space probe made a soft landing on Police: Snow thwarts saying he’s got something on his heart here, and I think it’s probably really
the moon, marking the end of the American series of shoplifter in North Dakota he has to share. prevalent. We see across the country
unmanned explorations of the lunar surface. Caddell also posted the video to these issues in fraternities.”
In 1 9 7 2 , reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes, speaking by MINOT, N.D. — Authorities say a
North Dakota man who wheeled a shop- Twitter saying “this is how we do The four defendants sentenced
telephone from the Bahamas to reporters in Hollywood, said school closings in Kentucky.” Monday, Kenny Kwan, Charles Lai,
a purported autobiography of him by Clifford Irving was a ping cart with stolen merchandise out of
a Hobby Lobby craft store was stopped He told the Associated Press that he Raymond Lam and Sheldon Wong,
fake. pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaugh-
by snow. created the video with his wife as a way
Police say 22-year-old Dustin to bring some joy and fun to a snow ter, hindering apprehension and other
Birthdays Johnson filled up a cart with about
$4,000 in products at a Hobby Lobby
day. charges.
Kwan got 12 to 24 months in county
store in Minot on Wednesday. After the Four ex-fraternity members jail. Lam and Wong were sentenced to 10
cart got stuck in the snow in the parking to 24 months each. Lai, who spent 342
lot and tipped over, Johnson allegedly
get jail in pledge’s hazing death days in jail after he was unable to make
ran off. STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Four New bail, was sentenced to time served.
Police say that along with the mer- York City men were given jail sentences All four defendants apologized, a few
chandise, Johnson left behind his wal- Monday in the death of a 19-year-old of them tearfully.
let — which contained identification fraternity pledge during a 2013 hazing Lam was the most emotional, saying
with his address. ritual in Pennsylvania, with a judge say- he has been consumed by guilt. He said
Johnson is charged in Ward County ing she believes they succumbed to he has attempted to kill himself.
Rock musician Actor J.K. Simmons Singer A.J. McLean with theft of property. Court documents “brainwashing” and “indoctrination” “The guilt will never go away, and I
Jimmy Page is 74. is 63. is 40. do not list a lawyer for him. that is rampant at fraternities around the think about Mr. Deng every day,” he
nation. said.
Author Judith Krantz is 90. Football Hall of Famer Bart Starr Principal parodies Mariah Baruch College freshman Chun In a statement to the court, Deng’s
is 84. Actress K. Callan is 82. Folk singer Joan Baez is 77. “Michael” Deng was blindfolded, forced mother wrote about the anguish of los-
Rockabilly singer Roy Head is 77. Actor John Doman is 73. Carey to announce school’s out to wear a heavy backpack and then ing her only son and demanded a sen-
Singer David Johansen (aka Buster Poindexter) is 68. Singer FLORENCE, Ky. — Sometimes a repeatedly tackled as part of the fraterni- tence that would send a message about
Crystal Gayle is 67. Actress Imelda Staunton is 62. Nobel snow day calls for a song. ty’s Crossing Over initiation ceremony. hazing.
Peace laureate Rigoberto Menchu is 59. Rock musician Eric That’s what a Kentucky principal did, He was knocked unconscious and later “This punishment should forever
Erlandson is 55. Actress Joely Richardson is 53. Rock musi- posting a musical message for parents died at a hospital. remind them of the pain and grief we
cian Carl Bell (Fuel) is 51. Actor David Costabile is 51. Rock to let them know classes were canceled Police charged 37 people with crimes will carry for the rest of our lives as the
singer Steve Harwell (Smash Mouth) is 51. Rock singer-musi- due to icy roads. ranging from aggravated assault to haz- result of their misconduct,” Deng wrote.
cian Dave Matthews is 51. Actress-director Joey Lauren Adams Union Pointe Academy Principal ing to third-degree murder. “It is also our hope that the punishment
is 50. Actress Angela Bettis is 45. Actor Omari Hardwick is Chad Caddell posted the video Monday “Not one person out of 37 picked up a may also save lives by sending a clear
44. Roots singer-songwriter Hayes Carll is 42. Pop-rock on the school’s Facebook page , telephone and called an ambulance. I message to other fraternities and their
musician Drew Brown (OneRepublic) is 34. Rock-soul singer singing “that school is canceled for cannot wrap my head around it,” members that the outrageous tradition
Paolo Nutini is 31. Actress Nina Dobrev is 29. Actor Basil today” to the tune of Mariah Carey’s Monroe County President Judge of hazing will no longer be tolerated and
Eidenbenz is 25. Actress Kerris Dorsey is 20. “Hero.” Dressed in a long coat and fur Margherita Patti-Worthington said. “So must be ended once and for all.”


by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Lotto Local Weather Forecast
Unscramble these four Jumbles, Jan. 6 Powerball Fantasy Five Tues day :  Breezy. Showers likely. Highs
one letter to each square, in the upper 50s. East winds 20 to 30
to form four ordinary words. 12 29 30 33 61 26 1 9 17 22 30
mph. Chance of showers 70 percent.
LANAV Daily Four Tues day   ni g ht:  Mostly cloudy. Lows
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Jan. 5 Mega Millions around 50.

28 30 39 59 70 10 4 8 3 0 Wednes day :  Mostly cloudy. Highs in
©2018 Tribune Content Agency, LLC
All Rights Reserved. Mega number
Daily three midday the upper 50s.
Wednes day   ni g ht  thro ug h  Thurs day   ni g ht: Partly
USEGS Jan. 6 Super Lotto Plus 2 6 0 cloudy. Lows in the mid 40s to lower 50s.
4 15 21 24 39 6 Daily three evening Fri day : Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 40s to lower 50s.
Mega number
Highs around 60.
2 3 4 Saturday :  Sunny. Highs in the lower 60s.
REVUDO The Daily Derby race winners are Gold Rush, No. 1, in Saturday   ni g ht:  Breezy. Lows in the mid 50s. Southeast
first place; Big Ben, No. 4, in second place; and Solid
winds 20 to 30 mph.
Gold, No. 10, in third place.The race time was clocked
Sunday :  Breezy. Highs around 60. Southeast winds 10 to
20 mph increasing to 20 to 30 mph in the afternoon.
at 1:45.25.
Now arrange the circled letters The San Mateo Daily Journal Phone:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (650) 344-5200 Fax: (650) 344-5290
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Answer: As the cruise ship rocked, the struggling crew information along with a jpeg photo to Free obituaries are edited for style, clarity, length and grammar. If you would like to have an obituary printed
and passengers were — IN THE SAME BOAT more than once, longer than 200 words or without editing, please submit an inquiry to our advertising department at
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THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 3

Bay Area has first storm of new year

By Samantha Weigel on the events of today,” Rowe said Monday, Ridge where 30 mph gusts were reported.
Police reports
Fashion thief
Someone stole clothing and put them in
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF noting people are advised to remain pre- Winds remained relatively calm at SFO, a stolen suitcase and fled on Main Street
pared as flooding and other storm-related Rowe said. in Redwood City, it was reported at 8:45
Halfway through the rainy season, the impacts can strike quickly. “We still have a Weather-related road conditions disrupted p.m. Friday, Dec. 8.
Bay Area finally saw a steady stream of long winter ahead of us, plenty of time to local highways for parts of Monday.
rainfall that prompted high-wind advi- make up for December’s deficit. But it’s just Flooding occurred at two freeway off-ramps
sories, flash flood warnings to the north, a little hard to tell beyond seven days what in Oakland, and in San Francisco the on- REDWOOD CITY
and law enforcement urging drivers to take the weather will be like.” ramp from Sixth Street to Interstate 280 Reckl es s dri v ers . A vehicle was seen
extra precautions. In the Bay Area, the most amount of rain- was flooded earlier in the day, according to doing doughnuts and racing up and down
Heavy rains and strong winds touched fall was experienced in high elevation areas California Highway Patrol. Redwood Shores Parkway, it was reported at
down Monday with a lighter drizzle expect- including Kentfield in Marin County with Potholes worsening under heavy rains 7:17 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 16.
ed into Tuesday. It’s the strongest storm the 2.72 inches in a 24-hour period ending 4 also prompted Caltrans to perform urgent Vandal i s m. Someone attempted to break
Bay Area has experienced this winter, but it p.m. Monday and Big Sur in Monterey repairs during evening rush hour to parts of into a business’ mailbox on Davit Lane, it
pales in comparison to last season’s County with 2.95 inches. But San Mateo Highway 101 near Palo Alto’s Embarcadero was reported at 2:05 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 16.
drought-buster, according to the National County also received its fair share of down- Road exit, said CHP Officer Art Montiel. An Fraud. Someone used another person’s cred-
Weather Service. pour, according to the National Weather investigation is also underway into the it card to buy items and had them shipped to
The first significant storm of 2018 Service. death of a man who crashed his Fiat 500 another address on Farm Hill Boulevard, it
immediately followed a lackluster close to By 6 p.m., within 24 hours, 1.8 inches while driving east along Page Mill Road was reported at 9:16 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 16.
2017. were clocked in at the San Francisco during a solo-vehicle accident before noon Sto l en v ehi cl e. A vehicle was stolen on El
International Airport, which most accurate- Monday, Montiel said. Camino Real, it was reported at 10:06 p.m.
“This is a very helpful storm system to
ly measures San Mateo County. Redwood Typically, calls for the CHP’s help nearly Friday, Dec. 15.
help remove some of the deficit we
City saw 1.34 inches, while the Half Moon double when it rains and law enforcement Petty theft. Three packages were stolen
absorbed in a very dry December,” said
Bay experienced 1.64 inches in a 24-hour urged people to drivers to heed extra cau- from the porch of a residence on Moresby
National Weather Service Meteorologist
period, according to the National Weather tion. Turning on headlights and taillights Lane, it was reported at 9:51 p.m. Friday,
Scott Rowe. “December is supposed to be a
Service. even during daytime hours is recommended. Dec. 15.
wet month, and we dug ourselves into quite
Drivers are also advised to drive slower and
a hole by missing out on that precipita- Downtown San Francisco saw 2.02 inch-
tion.” es, which marked the second wettest day in
leave early so they’re not rushing on SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO
stormy roads, Montiel said.
California’s snowpack is a dismal 22 per- the big city since January 2013, Rowe said. Sto l en v ehi cl e. A vehicle was stolen on
“We ask the public to take a little extra
cent of normal for this time of year. If Flash flood warnings were in place for South Linden Avenue, it was reported at
precaution,” Montiel said. “Drive carefully,
another storm doesn’t blanket the moun- mountains in the North Bay and debris 11:23 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 26.
get home safely.”
tains with more snow before April 1, the flows were initially feared in areas devastat- Petty theft. Someone stole items from a
state will then be at just 9 percent of normal ed by the recent wildfires. But as of 6 p.m. grocery store on Hickey Boulevard, it was
Bay City News Serv ice contributed to
after what’s typically the wet season, Rowe conditions remained stable and fears reported at 10:11 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 26.
this report.
explained. seemed to be averted. A wind advisory was Sto l en v ehi cl e. A vehicle was stolen on
California is less than a year out from in effect for much of the Bay Area through South Maple Avenue, it was reported at 9:43
Gov. Jerry Brown declaring an end to the Tuesday morning, although even the worst a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 26.
statewide drought in April 2017. The multi- of Monday proved relatively moderate, Arres t. Someone was arrested for violation
(650) 344-5200 ext. 106 of their court order on Alta Mesa Drive, it was
year dry spell prompted the first mandatory according to the National Weather Service.
cutbacks in California’s history, rules that A weather station at Mount Diablo in Twitter: @samantha_weigel reported at 11:39 p.m. Monday, Dec. 25.
were lifted following a wet and snowy Contra Costa County clocked in the
2016-17 season. strongest winds in the Bay Area with gusts
While off to a dry start, Rowe cautioned up to 42 mph, as did another station in a
against expectations as there’s still time high elevation area along the Los Gatos
left in the rainy season and they can only Mountains. Hills in the North Bay saw
forecast so far. gusts of 30 mph to 40 mph. The windiest
“This is only one storm system that we’re spot in San Mateo County was about 1,000
seeing. We can’t make any inferences based feet above sea level along the Spring Valley


࠮ (.9,,4,5;:
࠮ *647(5@-694(;065
࠮ )<:05,::4(5(.,4,5;0::<,:


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4 Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Shirley A. Serena Kara Shannon and Taylor Carlson in Hayward.

Obituaries Smith.
Shirley A. Serena, born Sept. 22, 1924,
spend time with her fam- “Bob was a true soldier, Gladys T. Young
died Jan. 4, 2018. Shirley was born and a great husband and
raised in Burlingame until she met the love ily and friends. She also Gladys T. Young, born in Steubenville,
enjoyed walking. Every father. His bravery during
of her life. At 17, she was married to Albert Ohio, on April 1, 1945, daughter of Willie
morning she walked to the Vietnam War earned
Serena, together they raised six children. him a Purple Heart and a and Bertha Tucker. She graduated from Weir
She is survived by her children; Linda the Church of High School, class of 1963, Weirton, West
Immaculate Heart of Bronze Star Medal. He
Stephenson, August Serena, Sally Wilson, fought a great fight and Virginia. She died Dec. 28, 2017.
Karla Smutz, Toni Cordisco and Clyda Mary where she did vol- Arrangements by Sneider, Sullivan, &
unteer work. finished the race with
MacMullan. She had 16 grandchildren and love and courage. His life was a blessing O’Connell Funeral Home, 977 S. El
11 great-grandchildren. She is also survived Betty was last living Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94402. Quiet
in memory care facility and his memory is a treasure.”
by her sisters-in-law Bernadine Serena, hour, Wednesday, Jan. 10, 5:30 p.m.-8:30
in Wabasha, Minnesota, and joins her
Dolores Hyde and her dearest friend Dolly
daughters Connie Churchill and Carol
Edwin Carlson p.m. Funeral service, 11 a.m. Thursday, Jan
Lewis. 11, Pilgrim Baptist Church, 217 N. Grant
There will be viewing at Skylawn Funeral Byrne who died at the ages of 16 and 49. Edwin Carlson, born Dec. 25, 1925, died
Betty leaves behind her husband, Howard Dec. 28, 2017. He was a school principal in St., San Mateo, CA 94401.
Home located on State Route 92 and Skyline In lieu of flowers, donations can be made
Boulevard 5 p.m.-8 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 9, Churchill, after 73 years of marriage and her the Half Moon Bay area
daughter Pam Campbell and son Tom for 30 years, and a San to American Heart Association, American
with a 7 p.m. Rosary. Funeral Mass will be
Churchill. She will be missed by all who Mateo resident for more Kidney Society or NAACP Scholarship
10 a. m. Wednesday, Jan. 10, at St.
Matthew’s Church, located at 1 Notre Dame knew her. than 40. He was an active Fund (San Mateo Branch).
Ave. in San Mateo; followed by interment member of the Elks
and a reception at Skylawn Funeral Home Robert E. Sexton Lodge for decades, and As a public serv ice, the Daily Journal
and Memorial Park, San Mateo, California. Robert E. Sexton died Dec. 12, 2017, participated in other prints obituaries of approx imately 200
after a heroic battle with leukemia. Bob was community efforts. He words or less with a photo one time on a
Betty Churchill born in Honolulu, Hawaii, June 26, 1946, leaves behind many space av ailable basis. To submit obituar-
to Herbert Sexton and Irene Reed. friends, relatives, and ies, email information along with a jpeg
Betty Churchill, 94 died peacefully on four great-grandchildren. He passed away
Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017. He was a devoted husband, father, grandfa- photo to news@smdaily Free
ther, brother, uncle and friend. peacefully, soon after celebrating
Born Beatrice Agnes Schmitz on April 6, obituaries are edited for sty le, clarity,
He is survived by his wife of 46 years, Christmas, which was also his 92nd birth-
1923, Betty was raised on a small farm out- day. length and grammar. If y ou would lik e to
side Wabasha, Minnesota. She married in Dolores Sexton; three daughters Amy hav e an obituary printed more than once,
Mittlemann, Jennifer Sexton and Lianna Edwin’s family will host a Celebration of
1944 and moved to California the same Life event at the Elks Lodge in San Mateo, longer than 200 words or without editing,
year. She lived in San Carlos from 1971- Sexton; two grandsons Keala Robert Keoni please submit an inquiry to our adv ertising
Sexton and Evan Smith; and granddaughters 11 a.m. Feb. 1. Please RSVP to his son Paul
2015. Betty loved to work in her garden and department at ads@smdaily

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Local briefs
Tire slashing spree prompts investigation Mexican man acquitted
San Mateo neighborhood with parking-permit program targeted of San Francisco murder denied bail
SAN FRANCISCO — The Mexican man acquitted of mur-
By Samantha Weigel The suspect is described as a man of
der in a San Francisco case that prompted immigration
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF Comment on unknown race, with a tall, slim build.
debate has been denied release from jail
or share this story at He was last seen wearing light colored
pending trial on federal gun charges. pants, a light colored hooded jacket,
San Mateo police are working to Jose Ines Garcia Zarate appeared in fed-
black gloves and black shoes.
identify a vandalism suspect who eral court Monday to face two illegal gun
The suspect could be facing arrest for
brazenly slashed tires on 19 vehicles a residential parking permit program, possession charges, which were filed
numerous misdemeanor and felony
early Sunday morning in a neighbor- which Von Glahn noted are generally after a San Francisco jury acquitted him
vandalism charges.
hood that recently enacted rules on enacted in neighborhoods with park- of murder for the July 2015 fatal shoot-
The victim’s vehicles were all parked
who is allowed to park overnight. ing problems. The programs are typi- ing of Kate Steinle. Garcia Zarate has
on the 500 block of Edinburgh Street,
The string of crimes took place on cally implemented at the behest of been deported five times and has spent a
but authorities are looking for footage
the 500 block of Edinburgh Street neighbors. Those who reside in areas Jose Zarate combined 17 years in U.S. prisons for
from any home in the area that may
around 6:30 a.m. Jan. 7 in an area near with programs can apply for a free three illegal re-entry convictions before
have caught the suspect, she said.
the border of the Aragon and Baywood parking permit while others are limit- the shooting.
While police are not jumping to con-
neighborhoods. Authorities were first ed to staying no more than two hours. Garcia Zarate says he found the gun that killed Steinle
clusions, the unusual incident begs the
called around 9 a.m. and developed a It was not clear whether the recent under a seat on a San Francisco pier. He says it accidentally
question of what prompted the string
description of a suspect, said police crimes were related to the change, but fired when he picked it up.
of crimes in a confined area.
Sgt. Amanda Von Glahn. police are considering the possibility, He was transferred from San Francisco jail to federal cus-
“The residents on this block appear
A total of 19 vehicles were vandal- she said. tody over the weekend.
to have been targeted but we’re still
ized, with the majority having both Now, authorities are asking the pub- investigating the possible motive at
the driver’s and passenger’s side tires lic to help them identify the person this time, ” Von Glahn said. “We
Man behind bars after attempted burglary
slashed. The cars belonged to 11 differ- responsible for the crime spree and haven’t seen a vandalism incident sim- A Redwood City man arrested Friday for allegedly trying
ent owners with damages ranging from urging those with surveillance footage ilar to this in quite some time.” to break into an empty home being used as an Airbnb rental
about $300 to $600, Von Glahn said. to come forward. Anyone with information is asked to on Redwood City’s Eighth Avenue pleaded not guilty to
Some were parked in driveways while “We’re reaching out for the commu- contact San Mateo police officer attempted residential burglary Monday, according to the
others were on the street when the sus- nity’s help,” Von Glahn said. “If [any- Jeffrey Emley at jemley@cityofsanma- San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.
pect caused thousands of dollars worth one] has surveillance cameras within teo. org or (650) 522-7700. Pita Tavake, 43, is also being charged with being under
of damage, according to police. that area, if they could check them and Anonymous tips can be left by visit- the influence of a stimulant after he allegedly tried to kick
It’s believed a two-hour parking let us know. … We’re also looking for ing or calling through the front door of the home Friday. Neighbors who
limit was recently established through witnesses.” (650) 522-7676. heard Tavake yelling and saw him outside the vacant house,
which was being used as an Airbnb rental, called police,
according to prosecutors.
Oprah has Dems buzzing about possible 2020 run When police officers arrived at the scene, they allegedly
found Tavake near the home and wearing shoes that matched
a footprint on the door, according to prosecutors.
By Thomas Beaumont norms. “At the same girls,” said Liz Purdy, who led Democrat
and Steve Peoples time, politics is Hillary Clinton’s 2008 New Hampshire Tavake remains in custody on $125,000 bail and will
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ridiculous right presidential primary campaign. next appear in court Jan. 19 for preliminary hearing,
now.” Trump’s job approval rating sat at according to prosecutors.
DES MOINES, Iowa — Oprah Winfrey’s speech just 32 percent in December, according
Winfrey’s impassioned call for “a as she accepted the to an Associated Press-NORC poll. And Shoplifter arrest leads to
brighter morning even in our darkest Cecil B. DeMille though polls show his approval up recovery of other stolen property
nights” at the Golden Globes has lifetime achieve- slightly since, Trump is the least pop- The arrest of a San Francisco man for shoplifting led to
Democratic Party activists buzzing ment award on ular first-year president on record. He the recovery of stolen property from two other burglaries in
about the media superstar and the 2020 Oprah Winfrey Sunday touched on has also been accused by multiple San Francisco on Saturday night.
presidential race — even if it’s only a her humble upbring- women of sexual misconduct, though At about 11:20 p.m., officers responded to a call at the
fantasy. ing and childhood wonder in civil he has vehemently denied the allega- Safeway in the Fairmont Shopping Center on Hickey
Even so, for Democrats in early vot- rights heroes. tions. Boulevard on report of a shoplifting in progress. When
ing states, and perhaps for a public that But it was her exhortation of the Winfrey, in September and October, they arrived, a store employee pointed out someone who
largely disapproves of President legions of women who have called out publicly dismissed the notion of seek- had just left without paying.
Donald Trump’s job performance, the sexual harassers — and her dream of a ing the nation’s highest office, though Clair Quinnine, 47, was standing next to a white van
notion of a popular media figure as a day “when nobody has to say ‘me too’ she noted that Trump’s victory made when police located and detained him. After searching his
presidential candidate is not as strange again” — that got some political oper- her rethink the requirements of the van, officers found the un-bagged groceries, diapers and
as it once seemed, given the New York atives, in early voting states such as office. meat he had just stolen, as well as property that was stolen
real estate mogul and reality TV star Iowa and New Hampshire, thinking A representative for Winfrey did not from two separate burglaries in San Francisco.
now in the White House. Winfrey might be just what the reply to a request Monday for comment Police also found a glass smoking pipe and a controlled
“Look, it’s ridiculous — and I get Democrats need. from the Associated Press. Winfrey’s substance in the van.
that,” said Brad Anderson, Barack “I think we need more role models longtime partner, Stedman Graham, Quinnine was booked into San Mateo County Jail on sus-
Obama’s 2012 Iowa campaign director. like her that are speaking to young told the Los Angeles Times that “it’s up picion of possession of a controlled substance, possession
While he supports the idea of Winfrey women and trying to restore some to the people” whether she will be pres- of paraphernalia, petty theft, possession of stolen proper-
running, it would also punctuate how hope. The election of Donald Trump ident, adding, “She would absolutely do ty, misappropriation of property and conspiracy.
Trump’s candidacy has altered political was a devastating setback for little it.”


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6 Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 NATION THE DAILY JOURNAL

Pelosi optimistic about agreement on budget, immigration

By Andrew Taylor more you can compromise.”
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS “I don’t need to go to that kind of a meet-
ing, ” Pelosi said. “The Republicans in
Congress will by and large vote for any-
WASHINGTON — Top House Democrat
thing the president supports. So that’s
Nancy Pelosi said Monday that she remains
where the negotiations are taking place.”
optimistic about potential agreements with
In the Senate, some Republicans suggest-
Washington Republicans on the budget and
ed Trump would have to accept compromise
immigration, though she is skeptical that
on some of his demands.
an upcoming White House meeting on
“I don’t know how much the market will
immigration will produce a breakthrough.
bear. I do want us to get to a solution,” No.
The California lawmaker told reporters in 2 GOP leader John Cornyn of Texas told
her Capitol office that “we just have to reporters. And Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., said
come together and we will” on a long- he favored a broad immigration measure but
delayed budget pact to boost funding for said, “We can’t do that by March 5. This is a
both the Pentagon and domestic agencies, narrower fix.”
which face a severe budget crunch other- Trump has given Congress until March 5
wise. to craft a bill protecting the Dreamers,
She also said that there’s room for com- though he could extend that deadline.
promise on immigration, including protec- Two junior House members, Reps. Will
tions for young immigrants who were Hurd, R-Texas, and Pete Aguilar, D-Calif.,
brought into the country illegally, border said Monday they’d agreed to a plan that
security and stricter rules sought by Hurd said could serve as a “foundation” for
Republicans regarding preferential treat- bipartisan bargainers seeking an immigra-
ment for the relatives of legal immigrants tion compromise. Congressional aides said
who are seeking to join them in the U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speaks about the Child Healthcare Insurance Program
party leaders had been kept informed of
Pelosi spoke just 11 days before a gov- ahead of an expected vote in the the House of Representatives to finalize tax reform legislation. their work, but the proposals’ impact on
ernment shutdown deadline and gave a sur- “Dreamers,” who face deportation in the down government.” ongoing talks was unclear.
prisingly optimistic appraisal. Since a wake of Trump’s decision in September to But Pelosi was wholly dismissive of the Their measure would let certain Dreamers
White House meeting last week, there has cut off protections given by former chances of progress at a White House ultimately get permanent or conditional
been no obvious progress, and the adminis- President Barack Obama. meeting on Tuesday, saying it was more of residence, and some could eventually quali-
tration unveiled an $18 billion request for “I think we will” get an agreement on the a show than a real negotiation. “They’re fy for citizenship. It also directs the gov-
President Donald Trump’s long-promised Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals pro- not really inviting the people who have ernment to deploy technology to control
border wall. gram, Pelosi said. Asked why, she said, the most skin in the game, who know the the border by 2020 and submit a plan to
She was optimistic about efforts to pro- “because we don’t want to shut down gov- issue. Surprising as it may seem to you, Congress detailing physical barriers and
tect younger immigrants known as ernment and I don’t think they want to shut the more you know about the issue, the other steps that could be used.

California Republican Ed Royce not seeking re-election

By Kevin Freking But it’s also clear the of the House. every statewide office and controls both
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS congressman was facing Royce won in 2016 with more than 57 chambers of the Legislature by hefty mar-
one of the most challeng- percent of the vote, and Republicans hold a gins.
ing elections of his narrow edge in voter registration. Trump lost the state in 2016 by more than
WASHINGTON — Republican Rep. Ed career. Royce had appeared to be gearing up for 4 million votes and Clinton carried Orange
Royce of California said Monday he will In last year’s presiden- another campaign: He had $3.4 million County, once a Republican fortress, by
not seek re-election after serving out his tial election, Democrat stockpiled in his campaign account as of nearly 9 percentage points.
13th term in the House, the latest in a string Hillary Clinton defeated September, the most recent numbers avail- The suburban district southeast of Los
of committee chairmen who have Republican Donald able. Angeles has significant chunks of
announced their retirement. Trump in California’s “It wasn’t a re-election problem, that’s Hispanic, Asian and highly educated voters,
Whether or not he sought re-election,
Ed Royce 39th Congressional for sure, ” said Republican National a combination “that makes Democrats sali-
Royce was stepping down as chairman of District. That prompted Committeeman Shawn Steel, who called vate,” said political scientist Jack Pitney,
the House Foreign Affairs Committee this the campaign arm for congressional Royce’s announcement “a shocker.” who teaches at Claremont McKenna
year. He said he would spend his final year Democrats to target Royce’s district in But the district, like much of California, College.
as chairman fully focused on the “urgent Southern California as one they hoped to has been growing increasingly favorable “In the suburbs, Trump is toxic,” Pitney
threats facing our nation.” flip in their midterm effort to take control for Democratic candidates. The party holds said.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 7

Mueller conveys interest
in questioning president
By Eric Tucker attempt to narrow the
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS range of questions or
topics that prosecutors
would cover.
WASHINGTON — Special counsel Robert
Mueller for months has
Mueller’s team of investigators has
expressed interest in speaking with led a team of prosecutors
President Donald Trump as part of a probe and agents investigating
into potential coordination between Russia whether Russia and
and the Trump campaign, a person familiar Trump’s Republican cam-
with the matter said Monday. Robert Mueller paign coordinated to
The issue of an interview with the presi- influence the outcome of
dent has come up in recent discussions the 2016 presidential election, and whether
between Mueller’s team and Trump lawyers, Trump worked to obstruct an FBI investiga-
but no details have been worked out, includ- tion into his aides. Mueller’s team recently
ing the scope of questions that the president concluded a series of interviews with many
would agree to answer if an interview were to current and former White House aides,
actually take place, according to the person, including former chief of staff Reince
REUTERS who spoke to the Associated Press on condi- Priebus.
Donald Trump delivers remarks at the American Farm Bureau Federation convention in tion of anonymity to discuss an ongoing Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller,
Nashville, Tenn. investigation. declined to comment Monday, as did Trump
The person said it was not surprising that lawyers John Dowd and Jay Sekulow.

Trump takes victory lap on investigators would be interested in even-

tually seeking to speak with the president.
It was not immediately clear when or even
if an interview will occur, what the terms
Trump did not rule out the possibility of
being questioned by Mueller when asked
about it at a news conference Saturday. He
said there had been “no collusion” and “no

taxes with rural Americans

By Zeke Miller
will be, or whether Trump’s lawyers will

month provides generous tax cuts for corpo-

U.S. ends protections for Salvadoran
immigrants, sparking fear

Around the nation

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS rations and the wealthiest Americans, and the United States or face deportation. El
more modest reductions for middle- and low- WASHINGTON — The Trump administra- Salvador becomes the fourth country since
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Connecting with income individuals and families. tion’s decision to end special protections President Donald Trump took office to lose
rural Americans, President Donald Trump on The president vastly inflated the value of for about 200,0000 Salvadoran immigrants protection under the program, which pro-
Monday hailed his tax overhaul as a victory the package in his speech, citing “a total of filled many Salvadoran families with dread vides humanitarian relief for people whose
for family farmers and pitched his vision to $5.5 trillion in tax cuts, with most of those Monday, raising the possibility that they countries are hit with natural disasters or
expand access to broadband internet, a cor- benefits going to working families, small will be forced to abandon their roots in the other strife.
nerstone of economic development in the businesses and who? The family farmer.” The U.S. and return to a violent homeland they The decision, while not surprising, was a
nation’s heartland. estimated value of the tax cuts is actually $1.5 have not known for years, even decades. severe blow to Salvadorans in New York,
“Those towers are going to go up and you’re trillion for families and businesses because of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Houston, San Francisco and other major
going to have great, great broadband,” Trump cuts in deductions and the use of other steps to Nielsen gave Salvadorans with temporary cities that have welcomed them since at
told the annual convention of the American generate offsetting tax revenue. protected status until Sept. 9, 2019, to leave least the 1980s.
Farm Bureau Federation. The president warned against voting for
“Farm country is God’s country,” he Democrats in this November’s midterm elec-
declared. tions, saying they would undo the tax bill. “If
Trump became the first president in a quar- the Democrats ever had the chance, the first
ter-century to address the federation’s conven- thing they would do is get rid of it and raise up
tion, using the trip to Nashville as a backdrop your taxes,” Trump said.
for a White House report that included pro- Trump also highlighted the doubling of the
posals to stimulate a segment of the national threshold for the estate tax — earning a stand-
economy that has lagged behind others. His ing ovation from the audience— and the abil-
Southern swing also included a stop in ity for companies to immediately write off the
Atlanta for the national college football full cost of new equipment. He said that “in
championship game. every decision we make, we are honoring
Joined by Agriculture Secretary Sonny America’s proud farming legacy.”
Perdue, Senate Agriculture Committee Central to the report is the assessment that
Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan., and a group of the “provider for an equalization among rural
Tennessee lawmakers, Trump said most of the America is connectivity; that high-speed
benefits of the tax legislation are “going to internet should remain a high priority for the
working families, small businesses, and who administration,” said Ray Starling, the spe-
— the family farmer.” cial assistant to the president for agriculture,
The package Trump signed into law last trade and food assistance.


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Tillerson tells AP Cuba still

risky; FBI doubts sonic attack
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS them?” Tillerson told the
AP on Jan. 5. “I will push
WASHINGTON — The United States would back on anybody who
be “putting people intentionally in harm’s wants to force me to do
way” if it sent diplomats back to Cuba, that.”
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says in an “I still believe that the
Associated Press interview, even as a new FBI Cuban government,
report casts doubt on the initial theory that someone within the
Americans there have been hit by “sonic Cuban government can
attacks.” Following months of investigation bring this to an end,”
and four FBI trips to Havana, an interim Rex Tillerson Tillerson added.
report from the bureau’s Operational Washington has never
Technology Division says the probe has claimed Cuba perpetrated the attacks but has
uncovered no evidence that sound waves could insisted the island’s communist-run govern-
have damaged the Americans’ health, the AP ment must know who did. Cuba adamantly
has learned. The report, dated Jan. 4, doesn’t denies both involvement and knowledge of
address other theories and says the FBI will any attacks. Tensions over the issue are REUTERS
keep investigating until it can show there’s apparent in Congress, with critics of the Chief Delegate Cho Myoung-gyon, Minister of South Korean Unification Ministry, speaks as
been no intentional harm. Cuban government at odds with supporters of he leaves an office in Seoul, South Korea.
Tillerson said he’s not convinced that what closer U.S. ties. And within the Trump admin-
he calls the “deliberate attacks” are over. He
defended his September decision to order most
U.S. personnel and their relatives to leave
Cuba and said he won’t reverse course until
istration, the CIA, whose spies were affected
while working under diplomatic cover, has
chafed at the lack of FBI progress, several
officials have told the AP in recent months,
Officials from North, South
Cuba’s government assures they’ll be safe.
“I’d be intentionally putting them back in
harm’s way. Why in the world would I do that
when I have no means whatsoever to protect
while a few lawmakers briefed on the probe
have questioned whether the FBI even agrees
with the State Department that anyone was
Korea begin rare formal talks Haley later said the U.S. administration isn’t
By Hyung-Jin Kim
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS changing its conditions regarding talks with
Democratic activist pledges Around the nation North Korea, saying Kim would first need to
stop weapons testing for a “significant
$30 million to mobilize voters SEOUL, South Korea — Senior officials
House” to all members of Congress this from North and South Korea began the amount of time.”
WASHINGTON — Billionaire environ- week. The book portrays the 45th president rivals’ first formal talks in about two years In his New Year’s Day address, Kim said
mental activist Tom Steyer announced as a leader who doesn’t understand the Tuesday to discuss how to cooperate in next there is an urgent need to improve inter-
Monday he will spend weight of his office and whose competence month’s Winter Olympics in the South and Korean ties and that he is willing to send a
$30 million to get young is questioned by aides. how to improve their long-strained ties. delegation to the Feb. 9-25 Winter Games in
voters to the polls to The talks in the border village of Pyeongchang, South Korea. He urged Seoul
help Democrats in this Romney treated for prostate cancer Panmunjom were arranged after North to halt its annual military drills with
year’s midterm elections. NEW YORK — Former 2012 GOP presi- Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un recently made an Washington, which he called a rehearsal for
Steyer is a former dential nominee Mitt Romney was treated abrupt push for improved ties with South an invasion, and said he has a “nuclear but-
hedge fund manager who for prostate cancer last Korea and are closely watched by the outside ton” to launch missiles at anywhere in the
has invested some of his year. world after a year of elevated tensions over United States.
wealth in an array of That’s according to a North Korea’s expanding nuclear and missile Moon, a liberal who favors dialogue as a
Tom Steyer political causes, most Romney aide who spoke programs. way to defuse the North Korean nuclear
notably fighting climate on the condition of “I think we should be engaged in these standoff, welcomed Kim’s outreach and pro-
change. Forbes estimates his wealth at $1.6 anonymity because the talks with an earnest, sincere manner to give posed talks at the border village of
billion. aide was not authorized to a New Year’s first gift — precious results (of Panmunjom. Kim quickly accepted Moon’s
Steyer has advocated for President Donald discuss a sensitive health the talks) to the Korean nation,” chief North offer.
Trump’s impeachment. He said he knows issue publicly. The aide Korean delegate Ri Son Gwon said at the South Korean officials said they would
that the effort is making “some of our start of the negotiations, according to media focus first on Olympic cooperation before
friends and allies in this city uncomfort- Mitt Romney said Monday that
dealing with tougher political and military
Romney was diagnosed footage from the venue.
able.” But Steyer said that effort will con- with “slow-growing prostate cancer” last Critics of the meeting say Kim may be try- issues. Moon’s government wants North
tinue. year. The cancer was removed surgically and ing to divide Seoul and Washington to weak- Korea to take part in the Games as a way to
He said his organization will deliver the found not to have spread beyond the en international pressure and sanctions, improve relations.
book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White prostate, the aide said. which were toughened after his country con- The Trump administration agreed last week
ducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear to delay upcoming springtime military drills
test and test-launched three intercontinental with South Korea until after the Games.
ballistic missiles. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis insisted the
President Donald Trump on Saturday delay was a practical necessity to accommo-
expressed hope for some progress from the date the Olympics, not a political gesture.
talks and said he was open to talking with Trump and Kim traded bellicose warlike
Kim himself. But U.N. Ambassador Nikki rhetoric and even crude insults last year.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL OPINION Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 9

Celebrating35 years of public school commitment
2008 recessions
resulted in further
Good news
By Kathy Parmer-Lohan
ike most children, my preference of television was
cuts to school fund-
cartoons and comedy. Nonetheless, with only one

s the San Carlos Education ing. But in keeping
Foundation celebrates 35
years of service to the San
with our communi-
ty’s commitment, perspective TV in a household of five, limiting my viewing to
cartoons and comedy alone was not an option. I had to
compromise. My brother watched soap operas, which I
Carlos public schools, we’ve had the we continued to
found quite boring. Still, I tolerated it. My sister consis-
privilege of reflecting on more than answer the call. In state funding. What they haven’t read- tently watched Music Television, which I found entertain-
three decades of people and stories 2003, SCEF ily addressed are the concurrent ing and engaging. My mother often watched jaw-dropping
which profoundly illustrate the his- increased its increases in liabilities passed down to thrillers and mysteries. These shows often left me with
toric commitment San Carlos has to fundraising from $55,000 to over local school districts. So, while the nightmares.
its schools. Our strong community $300,000 in a single year, saving state gives funds with one hand, it My father would always watch the local and national
values and support of public education music, library and mental health pro- simultaneously takes away funds with news. No matter the hour or topic, I despised watching the
across generations has ensured that grams. the other. Writing to your state and news because it consistently turned my family’s focus to
San Carlos public schools remain the In later years, driven by the 2008 local legislators is a great way to catastrophe, fear, bitterness and pessimism. In short, it
core of our city’s economic vitality. recession, SCEF and PTA leaders came make your voice heard on the topic of was bad news. One day, I asked my father why he always
We regularly hear that new residents together in a remarkable show of soli- public education funding. We urge cit- watched the news. After a brief pause and laugh, he turned
choose San Carlos “for the schools.” darity and committed to a centralized izens throughout California to and suggested that I would understand when I got older.
What these new residents often don’t fundraising model which streamlined demand that local districts not be bur- After a brief silence, he could see that my expression indi-
realize is that despite our high proper- volunteer efforts and raised an dened with these additional costs. cated I wanted an explanation — the kind that children
ty values, Proposition 13 has kept unprecedented $1.78 million, ensur- As an advocate for public schools, demand. He looked away, trying to find the right words to
the San Carlos Elementary School ing equity across the district. The the San Carlos Education say. “Adults need to know what is going on in the world,”
District among the lowest in funding partnership transcended politics and Foundation’s mission has always he said. To which I replied, “is the world only full of bad
levels compared to surrounding dis- established SCEF as the primary been to ensure every child, every day, news?” With a more understand-
tricts. But as we look back at 35 years fundraising organization for San in every classroom has access to a ing tone, my father explained
of the San Carlos Education Carlos public schools. quality education. For 35 years, this to me that, just because the
Foundation, we are heartened by the The San Carlos Education mission has not wavered regardless of news media focused its cover-
fact that since the legislation was Foundation has evolved to meet the the political or economic challenges age on bad news did not mean
enacted in 1978, San Carlos citizens needs of a growing school district facing our public schools at the state, there was no good news in the
have always heeded the call to protect population. Through the generosity county or local level. As we enter world. “There is always good
public school funding. of individual donors and business 2018, we express our gratitude to the news if you are willing to look
Not much has changed with regard partnerships, SCEF realized $2.8 mil- citizens on whose shoulders we stand for it,” he said.
to California school funding since lion in financial support in 2017. to continue the fight for our public As I reflect on my childhood,
SCEF was founded in 1982. Since its These dollars allow students access to schools. We salute the commitment of I am mindful that our main-
inception, Proposition 13 has pro- state-of-the-art curriculum including the countless volunteers, businesses stream news media’s focus on
foundly affected the collection and smaller class sizes, school coun- and community groups that have part- the most divisive, shocking
distribution of property tax revenue selors, the latest classroom technolo- nered with us to ensure San Carlos and devastating events has not Jonathan Madison
available for public schools and gy, music at the elementary level, public schools continue thrive over changed. Anyone abreast of cur-
moved control of school funding from arts, tech instruction and teacher the next 35 years and beyond. rent affairs will tell you that bad news dominates our head-
local districts to the state. The result grants; a vital part of SCEF’s mission
lines, social media dialogues, television topics and social
has been a state that was once fifth in since the 1990s.
Kathy Parmer-Lohan is the ex ecutiv e conversation. In fact, bad news has grown so common
per pupil spending to 42nd currently, It is becoming increasing clear that
director of the San Carlos Education that many of us tend to subconsciously look for it. Bad
with school districts cutting the priorities and policies around public
news, it seems, has become a custom of our society. The
basics and leaving communities to education need to change at the state Foundation. She can be reached at industry’s selective focus on the most controversial and
“self-fund” to meet basic student level. In recent years, Gov. Jerry k athy @scefk Or y ou can go to divisive stories often blind us to other far more signifi-
needs. Brown and the Legislature in scefk for more information. cant topics affecting the state of our nation.
In more recent years, the 2003 and Sacramento have lauded increases in
When I read the morning paper or watch a TV news
debate, I can always rely on a divisive topic involving
President Donald Trump, chilling images of selective
homicides or the debate over “taking a knee” in profes-
Letters to the editor sional football.
After conducting further research, I learned that I am
only one of many registered voters concerned that the
news industry has increasingly become a forum for opin-
New Year’s Eve has turned car on the field with the light bar state of California to cause cancer.
ion rather than a fact provider. In fact, negative opinions
blazing. Those people firing guns and Families with children and pets use about the performance of the news industry are at an all-
dangerous in San Mateo lighting off cherry bombs would go Ray Park and are exposed to this time high, according to a 2011 study by the Pew Research
Editor, elsewhere in search of the cover of known carcinogen. Center. The study revealed that 66 percent of viewers agree
We live at Woodlake darkness. When asked why a known carcino- that news stories are often misleading. More importantly,
Condominiums, right next door to gen is being used, the city’s response 80 percent suggest that the news industry’s narrative is
San Mateo High School. Every New was that the city has some left and driven by the nation’s most powerful individuals and
Year’s Eve, Fourth of July and various William Kelsey would prefer to use its remaining organizations.
other occasions, the fireworks and the San Mateo stock of this cancer-causing chemical With maturity, I have learned to take my father’s advice.
gunfire (yes, I recognize the sound of rather than purchase a less dangerous It is up to each of us to incorporate good news into our
a semi-automatic pistol emptying a substance. Burlingame is flush with daily lives. That is certainly not easy to do when we are
magazine, finishing with a double- Carcinogenic chemicals in cash. The citizens of Burlingame constantly driven by bad news narratives. Eventually, we
tap) that occur on the school athletic take for granted simple things like waking up to new day.
field sound like war has erupted. This
Burlingame public areas deserve more from their government
We are no longer thankful for our continuous heartbeat and
than knowing exposure to cancerous
year’s New Year’s Eve was worse than Editor, the breaths of life sustaining us. Joy and optimism, it
ever and went on for hours, keeping On Dec. 27, for at least the second seems, are naive principles that deserve no attention.
us fully awake and terrifying our dog. time this year, the Burlingame Parks This is why I often choose to focus on humanity’s
A suggestion: have the high school and Recreation Department applied Steve Williams strengths and good news in my column. Anyone can rant
leave the athletic field lights on all glyphosate to public areas in Ray about how bad the weather is, an unrewarding career pro-
Burlingame fession, their past failures, divisive politics and ideology.
night and maybe even a parked SMPD Park. Glyphosate is known to the
Quite frankly, that is easy. It takes far more courage to
focus more of our attention on good news: belief in our
OUR MISSION: ability to succeed, escaping the past, our beloved friends
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10 Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 BUSINESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Stocks erase morning losses

By Stan Choe
They got help from falling
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Treasury yields, which make divi-
High: 25,311.99 dends more attractive for
NEW YORK — The stock mar- Low: 25,235.41 investors seeking income. The
ket’s perfect start to the year Close: 25,283.00 yield on the 10-year Treasury
rolled on, and the Standard & Change: -12.87 dipped to 2.47 percent from 2.48
Poor’s 500 index shook off a bit percent late Friday.
of weakness on Monday to tick OTHER INDEXES On the losing end for stocks was
further into record territory. S&P 500: 2747.71 +4.56 GoPro, which plunged after it said
Stocks had dipped in early trad- NYSE Index: 13,114.35 +11.12 its revenue fell sharply last quar-
ing, and the S&P 500 appeared to Nasdaq: 7157.39 +20.83 ter. The company had to slash
be on pace for its first down day of NYSE MKT: 2688.69 -5.24 prices on cameras to drive more
the year. But accelerating gains Russell 2000: 1561.80 +1.79 sales, and it reported preliminary
for dividend-paying and technolo- fourth-quarter revenue that fell far
Wilshire 5000: 28,503.52 +62.97
gy stocks helped offset losses in short of Wall Street’s expecta-
the health care industry, and the 10-Yr Bond: 2.48 +0.00 tions.
S&P 500 eked out a fifth straight Oil (per barrel): 61.90 +0.46 The stock lost 96 cents, or 12.8
gain. Other U.S. indexes edged Gold : 1,321.20 -1.10 percent, to $6.56. GoPro also said
higher or held close to their record it will cut more than 20 percent of
levels. sive than it usually is relative to The Dow Jones industrial aver- said its sales climbed nearly 7 per- its workforce.
“We’re getting a bit tired hear- corporate profits. “Everyone is age slipped 12.87, or 0.1 percent, cent in November and December Earnings are one of the best pre-
ing ourselves talking about the talking about the synchronized to 25,283.00, the Nasdaq com- from a year earlier, and its new dictors for long-term performance
solid economic backdrop and economic growth” around the posite rose 20.83, or 0.3 percent, profit forecast easily topped Wall of stocks, and a deluge of compa-
strong earnings growth, but that world, he said, “but it’s something to 7,157.39 and the Russell 2000 Street’s expectations. nies is set to begin reporting their
is the backdrop,” said Jon Adams, we haven’t seen for 10 years.” index of small-cap stocks gained Kohl’s rose $2.54, or 4.7 per- results for the last three months of
senior investment strategist for The S&P 500 rose 4.56 points, 1.80, or 0.1 percent, to 1,561.81. cent, to $56.90. 2017. The pace will pick up later
BMO Global Asset Management. or 0.2 percent, to 2,747.71. The One of the biggest gains in the High-dividend stocks were also this week, and analysts and
He is optimistic that stocks can last time the index led off a year S&P 500 came from Kohl’s, which strong, with utilities up 0.9 per- investors will likely be most
continue to rise from their record with more consecutive gains was jumped after it raised its earnings cent for the biggest gain of the 11 focused on what CEOs say about
levels due to the trends, even in 2010, when it had six. forecast for the year. The retailer sectors that make up the S&P 500. their expectations for future earn-
though the market is more expen- ings.

Fired Google engineer’s suit claims reverse discrimination GoPro expects revenue
slump, slashes workforce
Business brief
By Michael Liedtke its management Damore, 28, says he submitted according to an analyst survey by
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and most of its early versions of his memo to NEW YORK — GoPro is cutting FactSet.
workforce. Google’s human resources depart- staff and expects a sharp decline in It is also cutting its workforce
SAN FRANCISCO — A Google The lawsuit ment without being reprimanded. fourth-quarter revenue after facing by more than 20 percent to fewer
engineer fired for writing a memo was filed in Just a few days after Damore post- weak demand for cameras during than 1,000 employees.
questioning Google’s commit- Santa Clara ed the memo on an internal mes- the holiday season. “Despite significant marketing
ment to diversity has filed a law- C o u n t y sage board, it was leaked to a tech- The disappointing outlook sent support, we found consumers were
suit alleging his ouster was driven Superior Court nology blog. Google fired him shares plummeting nearly a third reluctant to purchase HERO5
by a corporate culture that discrim- and comes five Aug. 7 amid an uproar among to an all-time low of $5.04 in Black at the same price it launched
morning trading Monday. By the at one year earlier, ” said CEO
inates against white men and peo- James Damore months after workers offended by its themes.
close of trading the stock had Nicholas Woodman.
ple with conservative views, Google fired Google CEO Sundar Pichai said
including supporters of President Damore for writing a 10-page Damore had violated the compa- recovered somewhat, ending trade As part of the restructuring plan,
Donald Trump. memo entitled, “Google’s ny’s code of conduct “by advanc- at $6.56, down 96 cents. The com- Woodman will cut his 2018 cash
The 161-page complaint filed Ideological Echo Chamber .” In ing harmful gender stereotypes in pany went public at $24 a share in compensation to $1. It was
Monday on behalf of James that missive, Damore criticized our workplace.” June 2014. $800,000 in 2016, in addition to
Damore and another former Google for pushing mentoring and But the lawsuit contends The camera maker expects $340 his bonus.
Google engineer depicts Google diversity programs and for “alien- Damore’s firing reflects Google’s million in revenue, marking a 37 The San Mateo company will
as an elitist company that shuns ating conservatives. ” He also intolerance for opinions that percent drop from a year ago and also stop making aerial drones,
employees who dare to deviate blamed biological differences for aren’t widely shared by its work- falling far short of Wall Street esti- citing tough competition and reg-
from a liberal agenda embraced by the paucity of women in tech. force. mates for about $472 million, ulations.

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<<< Page 15, Palo Alto’s Zhou one of

3 U.S. figure skating medal hopefuls
Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018

’Bama caps comeback in OT

Crimson Tide gives Nick Saban fifth national championship since 2009
By Ralph D. Russo
Alabama 26, Georgia 23, OT
Hurts, and threw three touchdown pass- tion, Georgia (13-2) took the lead with
ATLANTA — Tua Tagovailoa threw a es, including the game-ender to give a 51-yard field goal from Rodrigo
41-yard touchdown to DeVonta Smith the Crimson Tide its fifth national Blankenship in overtime.
to give No. 4 Alabama a 26-23 over- championship since 2009 under coach Tagovailoa took a terrible sack on
time victory against No. 3 Georgia to Nick Saban. Alabama’s first play of overtime, los-
win the College Football Playoff After Alabama kicker Andy ing 16 yards. On the next play he
national championship Monday night. Pappanastos missed a 36-yard field found Smith, another freshman, KIRBY LEE/USA TODAY SPORTS
Tagovailoa entered the game at half- goal that would have won it for the Tide Alabama wide receiver DeVonta Smith, middle, celebrates his
time, replacing a struggling Jalen (13-1) in the final seconds of regula- See TITLE, Page 14 game-winning touchdown in overtime against Georgia.

HMB grappler goes gold

By Terry Bernal
Athlete of the Week
Money well spent
unday the missus and I introduced
our child to “The Sport of Kings”
and the joys of pari-mutuel wag-
ing. Translation: we went to the horse
track. Golden Gate Fields, which is still
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF alive and kicking out along the Bay’s
edge in Berkeley/Albany, had $1 Sunday
It was a busy weekend for the Half Moon — one-dollar parking, gate fee and pro-
Bay girls’ wrestling team, but Daily Journal grams, along with one-buck hot dogs
Athletic of the Week Llisel Badajos-Zamora sodas and other drinks.
still found time for some payback. The now-Teenaged Lounge initially
The third-year varsity junior won the first seemed unimpressed about the whole out-
individual meet championship of her career ing, but once the family had a rooting
last Friday, taking first place in the 121- interesting in a horse or horses — thanks
pound division at the Dusty Girls Varsity to a small wagers placed by myself — the
Tournament in Cupertino. And to do so, fun factor skyrocketed. Everyone picked
Badajos-Zamora had to go through an old their favorite horse based on little more
nemesis in Stephanie Ruelas of Alisal. than the name or how the horses looked in
It was Ruelas last year who ended Badajos- the staging area. I was a little more sophis-
Zamora’s sophomore season, scoring a sec- ticated in my
ond-round pin over the Half Moon Bay up- wagers, but I am by
and-comer in the opening elimination round no means a sharp.
at the Central Coast Section championships. Over the course
“I was pretty bummed out about it, ” of six races, my
Badajos-Zamora said. “But then I thought child picks ended
about it. I still have two years.” up winning the
Badajos-Zamora didn’t have to wait that most. A whopping
long to face Ruelas again, though, as the two nine dollars for the
met in last Friday’s opening match. And the day. One of the
Half Moon Bay junior dominated for a 5-0 small cashes, how-
decision, scoring a 2-point double-leg take- ever, cost a much
down in the first round and never letting up. bigger payout for
From there, Badajos-Zamora went on to a myself as her horse
win over Cupertino via pin in the semifi- nipped my third
nals, followed by a gritty 2-1 victory in the choice by a nose, clipping my trifecta
finals. It was a long time coming for the chances in a photo finish. So while I
Lady Cougars’ team captain, as she had cashed one ticket for $4.60, the missed
reached at least three championship matches trifecta cost me about 20 bucks. Certainly
last season. Yet it wasn’t until Friday’s title not big stakes, but the action certainly
round that she triumphed in one. added a little boost for the afternoon.
“I was really excited,” Badajos-Zamora At the end of the day, the money wasn’t
said. “I was pumped — super-pumped.” the point. As a family of three, we had an
She had to earn it in the finals though, afternoon of fun for about 60 bucks. That’s
working defensively for most of the match a movie or a meal at the local brew pub. I
after scoring early points. would spend at least that much on anything
“That was a grudge match for her,” Half we did together Sunday afternoon, so why
Moon Bay coach Sam Temko said. not have a bit of an adventure?
That Badajos-Zamora has learned to effec- ***
tively “grudge” shows how for the junior has The Peninsula Athletic League schedule
come, seeing as she was something of an out- maker wasted little time in setting up a
sider to athletics when arriving at Half Moon girls’ basketball showdown, when Half
Bay. Prior to taking to the mat, she had only Moon Bay travels to South City for a
ever tried her hand at a couple seasons of lit- 6:15 tilt Friday night.
tle league soccer, and one year of gymnastics. The two teams combined to go 16-6
Badajos-Zamora took to neither. BECKY RUPPEL
Half Moon Bay junior Llisel Badajos-Zamora earned the first gold medal of her career last
See AOTW, Page 12 Friday at the Dusty Girls Varsity Tournament in Cupertino. See LOUNGE, Page 14

Unstoppable Curry leads Dubs to fifth straight

By Janie McCauley Week for last week, Curry strained his left
Warriors 124, Nuggets 114 knee in the first half, headed to the locker
Saturday. Curry hit a long 3-pointer with 56.1 sec- room to have it taped and then returned.
OAKLAND — Stephen Curry scored 32 Klay Thompson scored onds left in the third and the Warriors led 93- Golden State’s David West contributed 10
points and dished out nine assists in another 19 on his bobbblehead 81 going into the final quarter after the points, scoring in double figures for a third
superb performance during his sensational night while Draymond Nuggets had fought back to tie it midway straight game to go with six rebounds and
recent stretch, and the Warriors beat the Green added a season- through the period. four assists while becoming the 127th play-
Nuggets 124-114 Monday night to avenge an high 23 points and 10 The two-time MVP has scored 29 or more er in NBA history to play in 1,000 regular-
ugly home loss to Denver in late December. assists in the defending points in seven straight games. In four games season games.
Nikola Jokic had his first triple-double of Steph Curry NBA champions’ fifth before Monday, he was averaging 36 points, Thompson made his initial four shots and
the season with 22 points, 12 rebounds and straight victory on a six rebounds, 4.8 assists and 1.3 steals in Green scored eight quick points, connecting
11 assists as four players scored 20 points night when Kevin Durant sat out his third 31.8 minutes since returning from an 11- on his first three field goal attempts. He
or more for the Nuggets, who were coming consecutive game with a strained right calf. game absence with a sprained right ankle.
off a 106-98 loss at Sacramento on In his 12th 30-point game of the season, The Western Conference Player of the See DUBS, Page 13
012 0109 tue:0109 tue 122 1/8/18 9:54 PM Page 1

12 Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Honor roll
second. The point total is significant, as counterparts Saturday, downing St. Francis
it marks the highest single-game total for 1-0. O’Donoghue earned the game’s lone
the Eagles since the 2012-13 season. The score on what head coach Jeff Panos called
6-5 sophomore center recorded two dou- “a marvelous goal” on an assist from Iver
ble-doubles last week, highlighted by a Lyche.
career game in the Summit Prep win, scor- Grace Battl es , Sacred Heart Prep
ing a career-high 25 points to go with his g i rl s ’ b as k e t b al l . The senior guard
11 boards. scored a game-high 19 points to single-
Hal f Mo o n Bay g i rl s ’ wres tl i ng . handily outscore San Mateo in a 62-12
The Lady Cougars captured the Mark Madden Gators’ victory.
tournament at Sequoia behind two champi- Ethan Menzi es , Hal f Mo o n Bay
onships, a trio of runner-ups and a fourth- bo y s ’ bas ketbal l . A 6-7 senior center,
place finish. Elisa Mendez (131) and Menzies led the Cougars to a 60-38 win
Elisabeth Wallace (133) both took first over Capuchino. He finished with 19
place. Nayeli Acosta (126), Esmerelda points, including three dunks, on 9 of 14
Mendez-Nono (137) and Nataly Gijon (hwt) shooting. He also grabbed eight rebounds.
all finished second. Yulissa Ramirez (121) Jo e Fo l ey, Menl o bo y s ’ bas ket-
ended up fourth. b al l . Always the multifaceted player,
Ol g a Faas o l o , No tre Dame-Bel mo nt Foley had one of his best all-around per-
g i rl s ’ bas ketbal l . The senior post had a formances in last week’s 69-44 win over
pair of strong games. In a 54-34 win over Eastside College Prep to lead Menlo to a 2-
SSF guard Brittney Cedeno was a rebound Terra Nova, the 6-1 Faasolo filled the stat 0 start in West Bay Athletic League play. M-A senior Bradley Stillman was 7 for 8 from
shy of a triple-double in a win over Palo Alto. sheet with 11 points, six rebounds, five The senior point guard went for 17 points beyond the arc in a win over Mt. Eden.

ri ttney Cedeno , So uth Ci ty steals and a block. In a 56-17 win over while adding a season-high eight assists totaling 14 points and 14 rebounds, both
g i rl s ’ bas ketbal l . The senior Ygnacio Valley, Faasolo scored a game- and a career-high eight steals. also game-highs.
guard finished a rebound shy of a high 13 points. Cat h e ri n e Dah l b e rg , Carl mo n t Bradl ey Sti l l man, Menl o -Atherto n
triple-double in the Warriors’ 64-52 win Co l i n O’Do no g hue, Serra bo y s ’ g i rl s ’ bas ketbal l . Returning from an bo y s ’ bas ketbal l . A four-year varsity
over Palo Alto. She scored a game-high 18 s o ccer. When the St. Francis basketball injury that coast the sophomore the last two senior, Stillman put on the best 3-point
points, dished out 12 assists, pulled down team defeated Serra last Friday night, the weeks of her volleyball season, Dahlberg performance of head coach Mike Molieri’s
nine rebounds and added six steals. hometown Serra students in the crowd start- has bounced back well to prove Carlmont’s six years at M-A. The sharpshooter totaled
Dwi g ht Bumg arner, Al ma Hei g hts ed a chant of: “Let’s play football!” Maybe most proficient scorer. The Scots earned 23 points in last Friday’s 73-53 win over
Ch ri s t i an b o y s ’ b as k e t b al l . Alma they should have made it: “Let’s play fut- two wins last week, with Dahlberg scoring a Mt. Eden-Hayward. He produced 21 points
Heights Christian has twice scored 82 bol!” The reigning Central Coast Section game-high 13 points in a 43-36 win over via 3-pointer, going a near-perfect 7 for 8
points in a game this year, with last Division II boys’ soccer champion Serra Los Gatos. The day prior, she recorded a dou- from beyond the arc. The senior added four
Friday’s 82-49 win over Summit Prep the Padres got retribution for their basketball ble-double in a 47-38 win over Westmoor, rebounds, four assists and a steal.

place team finish. Half Moon Bay has also

U.S. skier Shiffrin set to make AOTW earned two team championships on the year.
The first came earlier this season in the

Olympic golds dream a reality Continued from page 11

Peninsula Invitational. Then, Saturday,
many of the first-string Cougars rested while
the team’s depth proved valuable with a first-
By Eric Willemsen Olympics. place team win at the Mark Madden Wrestling
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Unlike at previous “I wasn’t really an athletic person,” Tournament at Sequoia High School.
games, this time the Badajos-Zamora said. “I loved running and
technical races of GS and staying active but not really playing sports.” “Our girls are on a roll this season,” Temko
Four years ago Mikaela Shiffrin had a said. “They’re super committed in the room,
“crazy” dream of winning five gold medals slalom are the first While still in middle school, though, her
events on the women’s friend Maria Cuevas urged her to give wrestling they work super hard … they have good cama-
at the 2018 Olympics. That aim is seeming raderie amongst each other. So it’s great to see.”
less and less unrealistic. Alpine Olympic sched- a try. Badajos-Zamora wasn’t too keen on the
Just after becoming the youngest ever ule, enabling Shiffrin to idea. Not that she wasn’t a tough kid; she said Now, Badajos-Zamora is looking at the long-
Olympic slalom champion at the Sochi compete in her core disci- she contemplated playing football as a fresh- term. She may not have been certain wrestling
man — like current wrestling teammate Nataly was the right path when she started, but now
Games, the then 18-year-old Shiffrin Mikaela Shiffrin plines before making up
dreamed aloud “of the next Olympics (and) her mind on possible Gijon, who played junior-varsity football this she has her sights set on cracking the top 10 in
winning five gold medals.” starts in the speed events of downhill and season — but Badajos-Zamora opted against it the CCS rankings this season — that will prob-
Right away she admitted her ambition super-G, and the concluding combined and because she was something of a flyweight. ably happen this week after her win over
“sounds really crazy.” team events. Flyweights have their own weight classes Ruelas, who is ranked No. 5 in 121s — and also
However, less than five weeks ahead of Developed into a potential winner of in wrestling though. So, Badajos-Zamora is entertaining the idea of wrestling in college.
the Pyeongchang Olympics, that number every race she competes in, and even tri- tagged along with Cuevas after all. Now, the “I feel pretty good about the decision I
seems more obtainable than ever before. umphing for the first time in a downhill in two are fronting a Half Moon Bay team that made, ” Badajos-Zamora said. “I think I
Shiffrin probably won’t win that handful December, Shiffrin has been dominating the no other girls’ wrestling team has done in might keep wrestling after I graduate high
of gold medals, but mainly because she is Alpine skiing World Cup for months. program history. school. … At first I didn’t want to wrestle
unlikely to enter five different events in Her win in a slalom in Slovenia on In addition to Badajos-Zamora’s champi- after high school but then I started looking
South Korea. Sunday was her ninth of the season, and onship in Cupertino, Cuevas (189s) and at some colleges, and some girls who kept
She will only decide on short notice Daniela Corona (143s) also took home gold wrestling after high school, and they were
which events she is going to enter at the See SKI, Page 16 medals to lead the Lady Cougars to a second- able to go pretty far with it.”

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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 13

Curry wants stake in Bears hire K.C. assistant
hometown Panthers
By Janie McCauley besides that I’m very interested
Nagy as new head coach
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and very willing to do what it takes By Andrew Seligman Arena Football League will be try-
to make that happen.” THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ing to develop Trubisky, last
OAKLAND — As a longtime fan In fact, he has spoken to hip hop year’s No. 2 overall draft pick.
of the Carolina Panthers, Stephen mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs about LAKE FOREST, Ill. — The “He’s a good football coach, first
Curry is absolutely interested in the idea of them going in on the Chicago Bears were looking for a of all,” Reid said. “I appreciate the
having an ownership stake in the team together. Last summer, Curry coach to get the most out of quar- way he comes to work and the attitude
team. signed a $201 million, five-year terback Mitchell Trubisky and he brings. He puts his own flare on
He reminds everyone his day job contract with the Warriors. He has help a founding NFL franchise things. I think that’s important to
is as a star of the Golden State helped Golden State win champi- emerge from one of its worst runs. know. Everybody does it their way.”
Warriors , so he wouldn’t be the onships in two of the past three They believe Matt Nagy is the Nagy coached in high school and
kind of hands-on owner flying seasons, last year and in 2015 with right man. was still working in real estate when
cross-country each week to attend a runner-up finish to LeBron James The Bears hired Kansas City’s he served as a coaching intern with
major meetings. But the two-time and Cleveland in ‘16. offensive coordi- the Eagles during training camp in
MVP has people helping him Curry called it “pretty special” to KYLE TERADA/USA TODAY SPORTS nator as their 2008 and 2009. He got a big break,
explore options to buy into the see Combs’ interest, saying, “he’s Steph Curry celebrates a 3-pointer 16th head coach though it came with a pay cut, when
NFL franchise, which Jerry a phenomenal business man and a Dec. 30 against the Grizzlies. Monday, hoping he took the job as a coaching assis-
Richardson announced he would guy that’s turned nothing into a lot “I’m a fan first and foremost and he can develop tant during the 2010 season.
sell while he is under investiga- and done an amazing job of any- I’ve been a fan since I was, what, 7 their promising Bears general manager Ryan
tion for sexual and racial miscon- thing he wants to go after, his when they showed up in Charlotte, quarterback and Pace has plenty riding on him.
duct in the workplace. track record’s pretty strong in so to be able to be a part of some- turn around a Pace put his reputation on the line
“It’s a pretty interesting oppor- making that happen.” thing that represents Charlotte so struggling team. when he traded up a spot with San
tunity,” Curry said after Monday’s The Panthers have been on well in my hometown, I know a lot The Bears Francisco to draft Trubisky even
Matt Nagy though he made just 13 college
shootaround. “I’ve had conversa- Diddy’s radar for some time and of the guys that play for the team announced the
tions with plenty of people about Curry appreciates his connection and what they represent,” said move a week after firing coach John starts at North Carolina. It’s up to
the right way to go about it and to Charlotte. While Curry has Curry, who on Monday was named Fox, who went 14-34 in three sea- Nagy to help polish a quarterback
kind of the different approaches I never met unemployed, civil Western Conference Player of the sons for a .292 winning percentage who showed some promise with his
could personally take. Obviously, activist quarterback Colin Week. “... Mainly from it being the that is the second-lowest in team his- strong arm and quickness after he
I have a day job but I’ve got people Kaepernick, there has already been team that represents Charlotte on tory. Chicago was 5-11 this season took over for Mike Glennon.
that are plugged in and trying to talk of him being part of it. the national scale and something and hasn’t finished above .500 since If Trubisky succeeds, there’s a
see how to make that happen. I’ve Curry said “it’s still early” in the that I could plug into my home- letting Lovie Smith go following a good chance the Bears start win-
had nothing really to say about it ownership exploration process. town vibe is a huge part of it.” 10-6 finish in 2012, two years after ning. That would likely mean a
its most recent visit to the playoffs. long future in Chicago for Pace,
who recently got a contract exten-

DUBS Durant update The 39-year-old Nagy spent the

Kerr said Durant “didn’t feel quite

USC WR will leave past 10 seasons working under sion through the 2021 season.
The Chiefs won the AFC West,
Andy Reid in Philadelphia and

Continued from page 11

right” after going through
shootaround earlier in the day.
early for NFL draft Kansas City. He did not call plays
until late this season, but drew
only to blow an 18-point halftime
lead in a playoff loss to Tennessee
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS on Saturday. That didn’t stop the
“We’re all on the same page that praise for his work with Chiefs
until he feels right, he’s not going quarterback Alex Smith. Bears from moving quickly on
dished out five assists as Golden LOS ANGELES — USC receiver Nagy, interviewing him Sunday
State raced ahead 27-20 — a far cry to play,” Kerr said. “Hopefully the In Chicago, the former quarter-
Deontay Burnett is skipping his back at Delaware and then the and hiring him a day later.
from the Warriors’ previous per- next couple of days he’ll clear that
senior season to enter the NFL
formance in a 96-81 loss to hurdle and be ready to go.”
Denver at Oracle Arena on Dec. 23. Burnett announced his decision Norton Jr. hired as coach 49ers brief
The Warriors shot 3 for 27 in Green fined Monday on Twitter. SANTA CLARA — The San Robert Saleh
that game from 3-point range but Green was fined $25,000 by the The 20-year-old Burnett was the
Francisco 49ers have hired former and also played
topped that with four 3s in the first NBA for publicly criticizing the Trojans’ leading receiver this sea-
Raiders defensive coordinator Ken for San
quarter Monday and finished 13 for league’s officiating in comments son, catching 86 passes for 1,114
Norton Jr. as an assistant head Francisco from
30 from deep. after Golden State’s 121-105 win yards and nine touchdowns. His
coach. 1994-2000.
Thompson’s 3-pointer with against the Clippers on Saturday. production increased sharply in
4:10 left in the third made it 78-71 each of his three seasons in USC’s Coach Kyle Shanahan The Niners
after Denver had tied the game 89- offense, and he finished with 152 announced the move Monday. He also said
all at the 6:57 mark of the period.
Tip-ins career receptions for 1,897 yards says Norton will become an assis- Johnny Holland
The Nuggets held the Warriors to Andre Iguodala hit his first 3- and 16 TDs. tant coach for defense and will be will transition
in charge of inside linebackers.
a season-low scoring performance pointer in nine games he’s played He also is the third skill-posi- Ken Norton Jr. from lineback-
here last time that snapped their since Dec. 18, snapping an 0-for- tion player to leave USC early this Norton was fired as defensive ers coach to the
11-game winning streak. Golden 12 funk from deep when he made season, joining quarterback Sam coordinator in Oakland after 10 team’s run game specialist and out-
State has won seven of eight since. one in the first. ... Golden State Darnold and running back Ronald games this season. He had held the side linebackers coach, and
Denver got 22 points from Gary rookie Jordan Bell took a hard fall Jones II. Together, the trio was the job since 2015. Norton worked on Michael Clay will move from the
Harris, and 21 apiece from Jamal in the second quarter and moved core of the offense for the Pac-12 the staff in Seattle with current strength staff to become an assis-
Murray and Trey Lyles. gingerly afterward. champion Trojans (11-3). Niners defensive coordinator tant special teams coach.

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14 Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Saban’s sixth title is best of all

By Paul Newberry nario, winning the one who led Alabama there for
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS over and over the second year in a row. He had Continued from page 11
again without a lost only two out of 28 games com-
ATLANTA — Nick Saban saved his lot of drama. ing into Monday night’s contest. streaking down the sideline and hit
best for No. 6. He’s won plenty of Tua Tagovailoa, He’s a proven winner, and it cer- him in stride for the national
national titles with the best players. a ukulele-play- tainly would’ve been the safe bet to championship.
This time, it was all about the coach. ing, left-handed stick with him a little longer. This game will be remembered
If there was ever any doubt that freshman from Saban, who refuses to let the game for Saban’s decision to change MATTHEW EMMONS/USA TODAY
Saban will go down as the greatest Hawaii, took pass him by even as coaches young quarterbacks trailing 13-0. DeVonta Smith catches the winning
ever to prowl a college sideline, it was Nick Saban the field at the enough to be his sons keep attempt- “I just thought we had to throw touchdown during overtime in the
totally erased with the championship start of the ing to take him down, switched to the ball, and I felt he could do it CFP national championship game.
that pulled him even with the Bear. third quarter with Alabama trailing Tagovailoa without hesitation. better, and he did,” Saban said. “He A little less than a year after the
In a most un-Saban-like move, he 13-0 and doing absolutely nothing It might go down as the greatest did a good job, made some plays in Atlanta Falcons blew a 25-point
switched quarterbacks at halftime of on offense. The Tide had accounted decision in a career filled with them. the passing game. Just a great win. lead and lost in overtime to the
the national championship game, for just four first downs and 97 Tagovailoa completed 14 of 24 I’m so happy for Alabama fans. New England Patriots in the Super
the kind of desperate move you might yards with two-year starter Jalen passes for 166 yards and three touch- Great for our players. Bowl, there was more pain for
expect from a brash young up-and- Hurts, but it was a bold decision downs, the last of them a 41-yard Unbelievable.” many of the local fans. With the
comer, not a 66-year-old all about the nonetheless by the wily ol’ coach. strike in overtime to DeVonta Smith What was he thinking as the win- title game being held 70 miles
methodical process — covering After all, this was the biggest that gave Alabama a 26-23 victory ning pass soared? from Georgia’s campus in Athens,
every base, accounting for every sce- game of the season, and Hurts was over Georgia Monday night. “I could not believe it,” Saban Dawg fans packed Mercedes-Benz
said. “There’s lots of highs and Stadium, but it turned out to be
M-A is only 6-4 as league play And now that the winter league lows. Last year we lost on the last sweet home for Alabama.

LOUNGE starts, but has really found a

groove as the Bears have won
seasons are kicking off full force
this week, it’s even more impor-
tant to get your results to the
play of the game and this year we
won on the last play of the game.
These kids really responded the
It was not without angst.
Alabama drove into the red zone
in the final minute and Saban start-
Continued from page 11 *** Daily Journal. right way. We said last year, ‘Don’t ed playing for a field goal that
The easiest way to do that is waste the feeling.’ They sure did- would end the game and win it for
Notre Dame-Belmont has three
email results to sports@smdai- n’t, the way they played tonight.” the Tide. A nervous quiet gripped
during the first six weeks of the coaching openings for the spring There are some of Saban now has six major poll the crowd of 77,430 as ‘Bama
season. Last year, South City was season: assistant varsity swim
you who have an automatic email national championships, including burned the clock. With the ball
a perfect 12-0 in winning the coach, assistant junior varsity
sent to one at LSU, matching the record set centered in the middle of the field,
North Division title. The Cougars swim coach and assistant varsity But by the man who led Alabama’s last Pappanastos lined up for a kick to
finished second behind the softball coach.
that email goes to my boss and dynasty, coach Paul Bear Bryant. win the national championship.
Warriors during the 2017 season, For more information, please This one was nothing like the The snap and hold looked fine, but
but went on to win the CCS contact Notre Dame athletic direc- then it is forwarded to me, with a
note asking me to email the others. the kicked missed badly to the left.
Division IV championship. tor Jason Levine at The all-Southeastern Conference For the second straight week,
If you’re looking for an inter- coach and ask them to send
results to the sports email matchup was all Georgia in the first Georgia was going to overtime.
esting boys’ matchup in the first *** half before Saban pulled Hurts and The Bulldogs beat Oklahoma in a
week of league play, check out the The Daily Journal sports depart- address.
So just consider this that email. went with the five-star recruit from wild Rose Bowl in double overtime
Menlo-Atherton at Hillsdale in a ment certainly appreciates all Hawaii to start the second half. to get here, and after Jonathan
South Division league opener at those coaches and team statisti- You can cut out the middle man by
sending results directly to The Tide trailed 13-0 at halftime Ledbetter and Davin Bellamy
5:30 p.m. Wednesday in San cians who send in their team’s and 20-7 in the third quarter after sacked Tagovailoa for a big loss on
Mateo. The Bears are the two-time results. Because the sports staff is
Georgia’s freshman quarterback, the first play, Alabama was in trou-
defending PAL South Division comprised of only two reporters, Jake Fromm, hit Mecole Hardman ble — second-and-26.
champion, while the Knights the results help us keep overall for an 80-yard touchdown pass that Not for long. Tagovailoa looked
have already qualified for CCS tabs on what is happening in Nathan Mollat can be reached by email: had the Georgia fans feeling good off the safety threw the biggest
with an impressive-looking 11-1 high school sports around the or by about ending a national title touchdown pass in the history of
non-league record this season. Peninsula. phone: 344-5200 ext. 117. drought that dates back to 1980. Alabama football.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 15

U.S. in the running for 3 figure skating medals in Pyeongchang
By Barry Wilner maturity in her; even in this moment she’s
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS just owning it.”
Nagasu probably has the best chance to
SAN JOSE — With a mixture of veterans and challenge the Russians and Japanese of the
teens, the United States has its Olympic figure three Americans; she is more polished and
skating team. Are there any medals to be found internationally known than U.S. champion
among the 14 members? Bradie Tennell, who will be 20 at the games,
Probably, with Nathan Chen leading the and 2017 American titlist Karen Chen.
men’s contingent and the Shibutanis ice danc-
ing their way to Pyeongchang. A team medal Pairs
is not out of reach, either. One pair, no medals chance.
For now, the winners at nationals are bask- That’s simply the state of pairs in the U.S.
ing in the glow of that achievement rather It’s been that way for years as ice dance has
than considering their chances under the powered its way past pairs in the duo events.
scorching spotlight of an Olympic Games. The Knierims have been around and their free
“I know you hear it all the time and it’s a skate, when done cleanly, can be spectacular.
cliche,” Chen says, “but it truly has to be But the consistency and level of difficulty of
one step at a time. The Olympics are that their moves — except the quad twist that only
next step now.” they do among Americans — can’t compete
Brian Boitano, the 1988 Olympic cham- with the top Europeans, Asians and Canadians.
pions, expects that next step for Chen to be
a huge leap. Dance
“This is a kid who can step up to the plate,”
From Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto
Boitano says, “and knock it out of the parkl” KYLE TERADA/USA TODAY SPORTS
through Meryl Davis and Charlie White, the
For all three men and two of the women in Vincent Zhou of Palo Alto performs in the men’s free skate program Saturday at the U.S. United States has become a force in this disci-
singles, it’s something very new to go to the Figure Skating Championships at SAP Center. pline. Maia and Alex Shibutani have followed
Olympics. Only women’s runner-up Mirai also are five quads, improved artistry — if try a triple axel in South Korea. Her career hit their dance steps and have a strong shot at a
Nagasu has been to an Olympics, placing viewers stop concentrating on his rotations some rough patches, and when she rallied to medal despite finishing second at nationals.
fourth in 2010 in Vancouver. in the air, look and listen for Chen’s connec- finish third at nationals four years ago, she Hubbell and Donohue won the U.S. crown by
Pairs champions Alexa Scimeca Knierim tion with his music — and a track record for an was bumped off the Olympic team by the feder- .19 points, a significant upset give the
and Chris Knierim also head to their first 18-year-old man that is almost unparalleled. ation’s committee in favor of Ashley Wagner. Shibutanis’ international record.
games. The Shibutanis were in Sochi, finish- Adam Rippon, at 28 the veteran of the sin- No bumping this time after Nagasu put out a But that also stamps Hubbell/Donohue as
ing ninth, one spot behind Madison Chock gles skaters, was added to the team at the career-best free skate. medals threats. The third U.S. ice dance team,
and Evan Bates. The other ice dance duo, expense of Ross Miner after Rippon finished “That’s a great story for me, because most Chock and Bates, finished eighth at the Sochi
Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue, are fourth here. His body of work — of the three people have a hardship in their life and they Games. They won the free dance at nationals
Olympic newbies, but U.S. champs. U.S. men his program is most built on cre- blame and they point fingers and they say I and were within one point of the top spot.
“The last two competitions were very ativity and flair — earned him the spot one was screwed over, blah, blah blah,” says In front of the Americans are France’s
intense,” Hubbell said of the Grand Prix Final year after he broke his foot. coach Tom Zakrajsek. “Mirai could have said Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron and
and nationals. “I think we all know the ones Vincent Zhou, 17 and the youngest member that, right? And she could have been bitter. Canada’s 2010 Olympic champions, Tessa
who skate best on that day is going to win, we of the squad, is that rare guy who can jump I’ve never heard her say that. And to hear that Virtue and Scott Moir, both formidable couples.
are that close to each other. with Chen, but isn’t nearly as polished or
accomplished. His time near the top is more
Men likely in 2022.
Chen is the clubhouse leader, if you will,
after acing his first 18. Yes, there are holes in Women
his program, particularly the triple axel that The heartwarming story belongs to Nagasu,
he popped in Saturday’s free skate. But there 24, quite possibly the only woman who will
016 0109 tue:0109 tue 122 1/8/18 10:32 PM Page 1

16 Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Girls’ basketball
Atlantic Division
Atlantic Division
Wild-card Playoffs
Saturday, Jan. 6
Design Tech at Summit Shasta, 3:30 p.m.; Menlo W L Pct GB GP W L OT Pts GF GA Tennessee 22, Kansas City 21 Continued from page 12
School at Sacred Heart Prep, 5 p.m.; El Camino at Boston 33 10 .767 — Tampa Bay 42 30 9 3 63 155 103 Atlanta 26, L.A. Rams 13
Westmoor, Oceana at South City, Half Moon Bay at Toronto 28 10 .737 2 1/2 Boston 40 23 10 7 53 131 102
Jefferson, 5:30 p.m.; Alma Heights at ICA, 6 p.m.; Philadelphia 19 19 .500 11 1/2 Sunday, Jan. 7
Toronto 44 25 16 3 53 143 127 Jacksonville 10, Buffalo 3 seventh out of the last eight races,
Notre Dame-Belmont at Woodside Priory, 6 p.m.; New York 19 21 .475 12 1/2 Detroit 41 17 17 7 41 112 127
Crystal Springs at Mercy-Burlingame, 6:30 p.m. Brooklyn 15 25 .375 16 1/2 New Orleans 31, Carolina 26 boosting her career total to 40.
Florida 41 17 18 6 40 113 133 Divisional Playoffs
Southeast Division Montreal 42 18 20 4 40 108 129 That number leaves her one short
Boys’ basketball Ottawa 40 14 17 9 37 111 138 Saturday, Jan. 13
Design Tech at Summit Shasta, 5 p.m.; Westmoor Washington 23 17 .575 — TBD at Philadelphia, 1:35 p.m. (NBC) of the all-time record for most
Miami 22 17 .564 1/2 Buffalo 42 10 23 9 29 92 143
at El Camino, Jefferson at Half Moon Bay, 5:30 p.m.; Charlotte 15 23 .395 7 TBD at New England, 5:15 p.m. (CBS) World Cup wins by a 22-year-old,
Crystal Springs at Pinewood, Menlo School at Sa- Orlando 12 28 .300 11 Metropolitan Division Sunday, Jan. 14
cred Heart Prep, 6:30 p.m.; King’s Academy at Atlanta 10 30 .250 13 GP W L OT Pts GF GA TBD at Pittsburgh, 10:05 a.m. (CBS) set by Austrian great Annemarie
Woodside Priory, 7:30 p.m. Washington 42 26 13 3 55 132 120 TBD at Minnesota, 1:40 p.m. (FOX) Moser-Proell in the 1970s.
Central Division Columbus 44 25 16 3 53 121 121 Conference Championships
Girls’ soccer Cleveland 26 14 .650 — New Jersey 41 22 11 8 52 130 125
With the World Cup season
King’s Academy at Notre Dame-Belmont, Wood- Sunday, Jan. 21
Detroit 21 18 .538 4 1/2 N.Y. Rangers 42 22 15 5 49 128 117 AFC: TBD, 12:05 p.m. (CBS) approaching the halfway mark,
side Priory at Menlo School, Sacred Heart Prep at Milwaukee 21 18 .538 4 1/2 Pittsburgh 44 22 19 3 47 126 138
Crystal Springs, El Camino at Oceana, 3 p.m.; Mills at Indiana 21 19 .525 5 NFC: TBD, 3:40 p.m. (FOX) Shiffrin is leading the overall
Carolina 41 19 14 8 46 115 126 Super Bowl
Jefferson,Terra Nova at Aragon, Menlo-Atherton at Chicago 14 27 .341 12 1/2 Philadelphia 42 19 15 8 46 123 122 standings as well as every single
Carlmont, Woodside at Burlingame, 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 4
43 21 18 4 46 146 158
At Minneapolis, Minn., 3:30 p.m. (NBC) discipline except for super-G, the
Wrestling Southwest Division
WESTERN CONFERENCE only event she hasn’t won yet.
Mitty at Serra, 6 p.m. Houston 28 11 .718 —

San Antonio
New Orleans 20
28 14
1 1/2
Central Division
GP W L OT Pts GF GA TRANSACTIONS Her season stats are even far
exceeding her achievements from
Dallas 13 28 .317 16 Winnipeg 43 25 11 7 57 144 117
Girls’ basketball St. Louis 45 26 16 3 55 130 115 BASEBALL last year, when she became the
Alma Heights at Nueva School, 5:15 p.m.; Capuchino Memphis 12 27 .308 16
Nashville 41 24 11 6 54 129 113 American League
at Carlmont, San Mateo at Mills, Aragon at Wood- Northwest Division BALTIMORE ORIOLES — Named Brian Ebel trainer
third American female skier after
Dallas 43 24 16 3 51 132 118
side, Hillsdale at Menlo-Atherton, Burlingame at Minnesota 26 16 .619 — Colorado 41 22 16 3 47 135 124 and Mark Shires and Pat Wesley assistant trainers, Tamara McKinney and four-time
Sequoia, Half Moon Bay at Oceana, Westmoor at Oklahoma City 22 18 .550 3 Chris Poole trainer of Norfolk (IL), Brian Guzman
South City, Terra Nova at El Camino, 5:30 p.m. Portland 21 18 .538 3 1/2
Minnesota 42 22 17 3 47 123 123 champion Lindsey Vonn to win
Chicago 41 20 15 6 46 125 114 trainer of Bowie (EL), Marty Brinker trainer of Fred-
Denver 21 19 .525 4 erick (Carolina), Adrian Gonzalez trainer of Delmarva the overall title.
Boys’ basketball Utah 16 24 .400 9 (SAL) and Gary Smith trainer of Aberdeen (NYP).
Carlmont at Capuchino,Mills at San Mateo,Woodside Pacific Division The wins keep piling up. With
GP W L OT Pts GF GA BOSTON RED SOX — Agreed to terms with RHPs Car-
at Aragon, Menlo-Atherton at Hillsdale, Sequoia at Pacific Division
Vegas 41 29 10 2 60 143 113 son Smith and Steven Wright on one-year contracts. 100 points for every victory,
Burlingame, Oceana at Half Moon Bay, South City at Warriors 33 8 .805 —
Westmoor, El Camino at Terra Nova, 5:30 p.m.; Alma L.A. Clippers 18 21 .462 14 Los Angeles 42 24 13 5 53 126 99 National League Shiffrin has racked up 1,281 World
Phoenix 16 26 .381 17 1/2 Sharks 40 21 13 6 48 110 106 CHICAGO CUBS — Named Lauren Fritts vice pres- Cup points after 18 of this season’s
Heights at Nueva School, 6:45 p.m.; Serra at Riordan,
7:30 p.m.; Mid-Peninsula at Summit Prep, 8 p.m. Sacramento 13 26 .333 19 Anaheim 43 19 15 9 47 117 120 ident of marketing.
L.A. Lakers 12 27 .308 20 Calgary 41 21 16 4 46 115 119 LOS ANGELES DODGERS — Named Adam Mel- 38 races and looks set to break the
Boys’ soccer Edmonton 43 18 22 3 39 118 141 huse hitting coach for Oklahoma City (PCL); Dave record for the most World Cup points
Monday’s Games Vancouver 42 16 20 6 38 110 140 Borkowski pitching coach for Tulsa (Texas); Seth
San Mateo at Westmoor, 3 p.m.; St. Ignatius at Serra,
Indiana 109, Milwaukee 96 Arizona 43 10 27 6 26 98 150 Conner coach for Great Lakes (MWL); Dean Stiles in a single season — 2,414 by
3:15 p.m.; Harker at Woodside Priory, 3:30 p.m.;
Menlo School at King’s Academy, 4 p.m.; Half Moon Toronto 114, Brooklyn 113, OT pitching coach and Dustin Kelly hitting coach for retired Slovenian great Tina Maze, a
Houston 116, Chicago 107 Monday’s Games Ogden (Pioneer); Jairo Pacheco and Chris Gutierrez
Bay at Jefferson, El Camino at Capuchino, Mills at Minnesota 127, Cleveland 99 Columbus 3, Toronto 2, OT coaches for the Arizona League Dodgers; and
record many deemed unbreakable.
Terra Nova, Burlingame at Carlmont, Woodside at
Sequoia, South City at Aragon, Hillsdale at Menlo-
New Orleans 112, Detroit 109 Tuesday’s Games Dunior Zerpa and Eduardo Calzado coaches for In her main event, Shiffrin is not
San Antonio 107, Sacramento 100 Winnipeg at Buffalo, 4 p.m. Campo Las Palmas.
Atherton, 4:30 p.m. Golden State 124, Denver 114 MILWAUKEE BREWERS — Agreed to terms with C
just winning, she is crushing the
Vancouver at Washington, 4 p.m.
Women’s college basketball
L.A. Clippers 108, Atlanta 107
Chicago at Ottawa, 4:30 p.m. Christian Bethancourt on a minor league contract. field. She triumphed in the past
Tuesday’s Games
Las Positas-Livermore at San Mateo, 5 p.m. Miami at Toronto, 4:30 p.m. Carolina at Tampa Bay, 4:30 p.m. NEW YORK METS — Agreed to terms with RHP four slaloms by margins of 1.64,
Edmonton at Nashville, 5 p.m. Jenrry Mejia on a one-year contract.
Portland at Oklahoma City, 5 p.m.
Calgary at Minnesota, 5 p.m. SAN DIEGO PADRES — Agreed to terms with RHP 0.89, 1.59 and again 1.64 seconds
Men’s college basketball Orlando at Dallas, 5:30 p.m.
Las Positas-Livermore at Cañda, 7 p.m. Sacramento at L.A. Lakers, 7:30 p.m. Florida at St. Louis, 5 p.m. Carter Capps on a one-year contract. — a country mile in the sport.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL HEALTH Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 17

Robot duck’s aim: Helps kids with cancer via power of play
By Marina Hutchinson U.S., almost 11,000 get such a diagnosis
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS yearly, according to the American Cancer
ATLANTA — A plush, robotic duck may The robot duck is modeled after the mascot
soon become a fixture in the world of chil- for the insurance company Aflac, which paid
dren who have cancer — a social robot that for its development and is branding the duck
can be silly, happy, angry, scared or sick just with its name. Aflac spokesman Jon Sullivan
like them, and help them cope creatively said the ducks — plush on the outside with
with their illness through the power of play. sophisticated robotics hidden beneath a
The duck, developed by robotics expert washable cover — will be given free to chil-
Aaron Horowitz and his company, is under- dren diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. The
going testing and is expected to be widely duck is expected to be featured Monday at the
distributed by the end of this year. CES gadget show in Las Vegas. Sullivan said
Horowitz said he was diagnosed as a child the company intends to continue covering
with human growth development deficiency costs of the duck for kids, with no plans for
and had to give himself daily injections for hospitals or insurers to pay for them —
five years. The experience, he said, made him unlike Jerry the Bear, which can be purchased
want to help other children with illnesses, directly online.
which led to his co-founding of the Rhode Aflac and Horowitz said they make no
Island-based company Sproutel with a part- claims the duck has medicinal value —
ner he met at Northwestern University. instead, they want the ducks to provide com-
Health care facilities from children’s hos- fort, help them cope with treatment, and dis-
pitals to nursing homes have been experi- tract them from what they’re going through. Health care facilities from children’s hospitals to nursing homes have been experimenting
menting for more than a decade with the use The duck can make the soothing sounds of for more than a decade with the use of robots for social companionship and emotional health.
of robots for social companionship and emo- a beach or rainforest and quack tunes. It also Some devices look like quintessential robots; others are designed as cute animal toys, such
tional health. Some devices look like quin- does deep-breathing exercises the child can as the duck and Paro, a baby seal developed by Japanese researchers to lessen a person’s
tessential robots; others are designed as cute mimic to relax. It has an attachable tube to stress in the same way a real pet might.
animal toys, such as the duck and Paro, a emulate chemotherapy injections.
baby seal developed by Japanese researchers Kelli Daniels of Alpharetta, Georgia, said
to lessen a person’s stress in the same way a
real pet might. The machines’ technological
her 12-year-old son, Ethan, has B-cell lym-
phoblastic lymphoma and must undergo at Revive your smile - and your life -
sophistication varies, but they have similar
aims: improving patients’ psychological
least three more years of treatment. When he
was recently introduced to the duck, his eyes with dental implants.
well-being, reminding them of health-related widened. “Awesome,” he said.
tasks or teaching them about health goals. He put on the various attachments that help
Horowitz said the first social robot his direct the robot and was impressed by how it $1,999 per tooth - Implant + Abutment + Crown
company launched was Jerry the Bear, an could sound as if it was in pain. Ethan seemed
interactive companion for kids with dia- to connect with the duck’s breathing exercis- $2,500 - Affordable Invisalign (Retainers Extra)
betes. Children take care of Jerry by feeding es: He closed his eyes as if in meditation, 0% Interest Monthly Payment Plans
him, giving him insulin and monitoring his breathing along.
blood glucose levels. They also unlock a His mom said that once Ethan receives his
modular diabetes curriculum geared toward own duck, it could help for years.
kids. “It’s a way for Ethan to express himself
“Out of this came the idea of, ‘Why can’t without actually having to say it, because
we do it for other types of kids?”’ Horowitz you don’t want to always say ‘I hurt,”’ Kelli
said. Daniels said. “He feels like he hurts all the
They turned to kids with cancer — in the time.”
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18 Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

engage with them may not work, or the sec- the environmental concerns, ” Chidester and others living at the encampment said
Continued from page 1
ond time. It may take five times, so you
need to have patience. But we recognize
this and we’re spending a lot of time trying
Last year, the City Council prioritized
cleanup of the site and in December it
they preferred to live outdoors rather than
stay at a facility that is equated with a lack
of privacy, curfews and the potential for
to educate people [about available servic- approved a plan to remove the encampment their things to be stolen.
es].” by March. Several notices are to be provid- Some like Zajec prefer things at the
some from seeking help, others indicated The county and nonprofits are typically ed throughout the 90 days before a hired encampment to be quiet, peaceful and for
they simply preferred living by their own responsible for offering social services so environmental group clears out, cleans up the residents to abide by unspoken rules of
rules. Many chose the outdoors if it means Half Moon Bay has begun to work more and restores the site. Then, ongoing main- not causing a disturbance. There’s also
they have some sense of independence. closely to bring an influx of assistance to tenance and enforcement to keep people momentum by some to clean up and a dump-
But it’s a diverse group and several of those at the encampment, said Assistant from dwelling will begin, according to a ster placed nearby was quickly filled in a
them even hold jobs but can’t afford the City Manager Matthew Chidester. While city report. show they take pride in their encampment,
area’s high cost of living, said Bob mindful of the sensitivity of the situation, During that time, Stebbins said they are according to Zajec and others.
Stebbins, leader of the Coastside Homeless he noted the community has raised con- attempting to bring more intensive servic- Residents of the encampment have come
Collaborative. Stebbins is working to help cerns about safety and the environment. es to the coast. Resources include the and gone over the years, although exactly
those at the encampment with the transi- The encampment behind the Strawflower Homeless Outreach Team, a multi-discipli- when it started wasn’t clear. Some of the
tion. With a dire lack of affordable units on Village Shopping Center at the juncture of nary collaboration steered by the nonprofit residents are just passing through from out
the coast, he hopes to work with govern- Highway 1 and State Route 92 abuts the LifeMoves; Coastside Hope and Abundant of state or other areas, but others have cho-
ment officials to identify land or properties Pilarcitos Creek. A conservation easement Grace, which are affiliated with local sen to live in the brush near the creek for
that can house the homeless. lines the creek and annual reports have churches and faith groups; and the county quite some time.
Currently, there are about 43 homeless pointed to the encampment as a source of has a medical clinic nearby. But the city is now poised to remove the
people on the coast, according to the most major environmental degradation, Homeless coastsider Michael Taylor has encampment the dozen or so people call
recent data collected during the national Chidester explained. used some of the community-based services home.
one-day count. While rapid rehousing of “The community is concerned about the over the years. The 55-year-old said fre- “We want to be compassionate and work
the newly roofless is an effective method to health and safety of the people that are liv- quents the encampment behind Safeway but with these folks, these are folks, some of
get and keep people off the street, many of ing in these encampments for a variety of lives on his own further east. them are from the community, others have
those living at the encampment tend to be reasons; they’re also concerned about the “This community is so giving,” Taylor come here later in their lives, but they live
chronically homeless, he said. health and safety of the community. There’s said. “The community and churches are just here and feel like the coastside is their
“One size does not fit all,” Stebbins said, fire risks that take place out there, there’s way way cool.” home,” Chidester said. “Just like any other
noting some that have medical or psycho- been some violence incidents here, so the But one service many of the homeless on resident of the city, we want to make sure
logical conditions tend to be less receptive community’s concerned about themselves the coastside seemed apprehensive to seek we’re working with them to have the best
to help initially. “The first time you try to and the residents and, on top of that, there’s is a night at a shelter over the hill. Zajec quality of life.”

ate to the pedestrian realm.”

Continued from page 1
The 250-square-foot whale mouth instal-
lation is designed to welcome drivers head-
ing through the car wash, which is already
adorned with a painting of dolphins, fish
and turtles.
going swimmingly though, as officials
have consistently opposed the installation, Following a critical review from the city’s
primarily citing perceived incompatibility Architectural Review Board, the Planning
with the surrounding neighborhood. After Commission denied the whale mouth’s
more than one year of discussions, exami- installation late last year, and the decision
nations and appeals, members of the City was appealed by Bakhtiari to the City
Council will have their say on the matter Council.
during the upcoming Tuesday, Jan. 9, meet- After starting discussions with city offi-
ing. cials over the project in 2016, Bakhtiari
For his part, Bakhtiari believes the whale indicated he is feeling exhausted with the
mouth would feed an appetite for unique process. Renderingof the proposed whale car wash in San Bruno
works in an area largely starved for architec- “It’s been a nearly two-year journey of Beyond a commitment to giving includes roles on television shows such as
tural or aesthetic appeal. what feels like advanced mind karate with Bakhtiari a fair shake, Medina took no “Homeland, ” “Silicon Valley, ” “Ray
“It would bring a little bit of interest and the city of San Bruno,” he said. position on the merit of the whale’s mouth, Donovan” and “How to Get Away with
wonder to a rather depraved intersection. I At the upcoming meeting, councilmem- other than characterizing it as “a very Murder.”
thought it would be great for children,” said bers may override the Planning unique concept that I have not heard of He also downplayed concerns expressed
Bakhtiari, 38, who took over control of the Commission’s denial and grant the installa- before.” by officials that “the addition of a 18 [foot]
gas station from his father about three years tion, or hold up the city staff’s recommen- Bakhtiari, a Belmont native who lives high whale mouth facing toward Golden
ago. dation to sink the proposal. and works part time in Southern California Gate National Cemetery will exacerbate the
City officials though consider those Mayor Rico Medina indicated he will as an actor, said the proposed installation’s inconsistent features of the site,” according
claims a bit fishy, according to a report tak- approach the issue without bias. distinctive nature is part of its appeal. to the report.
ing issue with a variety of details surround- “The appellant has a right to be heard, “I thought I’d bring some awe and wonder “It’s being treated like I wanted to install
ing the proposed installation. with a clear and open mind from the council to the neighborhood. Especially being some sort of aggressive massacre of a sculp-
“Staff finds that this project is inconsis- and I believe that is what will happen. We across the street from 150,000 graves, a ture,” he said.
tent with the design and scale of the neigh- will have to make a decision on this, and I parking lot and a Hooters on the other side, The San Bruno City Council meets 7 p.m.
borhood,” according to the report, which want it to be fair and equitable and I want I thought it might be nice to have some art,” Tuesday, Jan. 9, in the city’s senior center,
also finds “the whale mouth is not appropri- him to know he is heard,” said Medina. said Bakhtiari, whose acting resume 1555 Crystal Springs Road.

“Best dentist I have ever been to! Caring and knows

what he is doing. Like everything about him.”
- R. Olson


Family & Implant Dentistry
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San Bruno
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THE DAILY JOURNAL HEALTH Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 19

On health care, Dems shifting to offense

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar

WASHINGTON — Democrats are shifting

to offense on health care, emboldened by
successes in defending the Affordable Care
Act. They say their ultimate goal is a gov-
ernment guarantee of affordable coverage
for all.
With Republicans unable to agree on a
vision for health care, Democrats are debat-
ing ideas that range from single-payer, gov-
ernment-run care for all, to new insurance
options anchored in popular programs like
Medicare or Medicaid. There’s also wide-
spread support for authorizing Medicare to
negotiate prescription drug prices, an idea
once advocated by candidate Donald Trump,
which has languished since he was elected
Democrats are hoping to winnow down
the options during the 2018 campaign sea-
son, providing clarity for their 2020 presi-
dential candidate. In polls, health care
remains a top priority for the public, partic-
ularly for Democrats and independents.
“We’re tired of just playing defense,” said
Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., the party’s 2016
vice presidential candidate. “It is now time
to talk about the next big idea. It is a good REUTERS FILE PHOTO
time for everybody to put their big ideas on Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi speak on congressional Republicans’ effort to repeal
the table.” His offering: “Medicare-X,” a the Affordable Care Act.
public insurance plan to be initially Sanders made single-payer, government-run and small businesses. grams up to people willing to pay premi-
deployed in communities that lack private health care the cornerstone of his campaign • Medicare Part E: Yale University politi- ums. Although Medicaid started out as insur-
insurer competition. for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomi- cal scientist Jacob Hacker has proposed a ance for the poor, it has grown to cover
Rising Democratic ambitions come as a nation. It remains the most talked-about new public health insurance plan based on about 75 million people, making it the
cloud of uncertainty lingers over former health care idea on the left. Financing would Medicare, for people who don’t have access largest government health program. Most
President Barack Obama’s health law. While be funneled through the tax system. to job-based coverage meeting certain stan- beneficiaries are now enrolled in private
major provisions have survived the GOP Individuals wouldn’t have to worry about dards. It would be financed partly with taxes insurance plans designed for the Medicaid
onslaught, some Republicans are vowing to deductibles, copays or narrow provider net- on companies that don’t provide insurance. market.
go for repeal again. Congress has ended the works. Although state-level attempts to Consumers would pay income-based premi- Expect more ideas as the year unfolds,
health law’s requirement that most people enact single-payer care have foundered ums. Hospitals and doctors would be reim- said Neera Tanden, president of the Center
get coverage, and that’s expected to lead to because of the large tax increases needed, bursed based on Medicare rates, generally for American Progress and a former top aide
higher premiums in 2019. But bipartisan about one-third of Sanders’ Democratic col- lower than what private insurance pays. to Obama as well as Hillary Clinton.
legislation to stabilize insurance markets leagues in the Senate are co-sponsoring his “The crucial part of this is that you have “Democrats are much more comfortable
doesn’t seem to be getting traction. latest bill. guaranteed health insurance, just like you with an expansionist view,” said Tanden.
Obama’s former health secretary, • Medicare-X: The legislation from Sens. have guaranteed Medicare or Social “Almost every Democrat is talking about
Kathleen Sebelius, says she sees Democrats Kaine, and Michael Bennet, D-Col., would Security,” said Hacker. He’s working with truly universal health care.”
reclaiming a core belief that health care allow individuals in communities lacking Democrats in Congress to turn the concept Some Republicans are taking note. In a
should be a right guaranteed under law. insurer competition to buy into a new pub- into legislation. recent floor speech, Sen. John Barrasso, R-
“Coverage for all is as much of an organ- lic plan built on Medicare’s provider net- • Medicaid Buy-In: Sen. Brian Schatz, D- Wyo., said “it’s interesting listening to
izing principle for Democrats as eliminat- work and reimbursement rates. Medicare Hawaii, and Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, D-N.M., Democrats, because they think they have
ing Obamacare is for Republicans,” said have introduced legislation that would good ideas and they’re just proven wrong by
would be empowered to negotiate prescrip-
Sebelius. “But it turned out that allow states to open their Medicaid pro- the facts.”
(Republicans) didn’t have any idea what tion drug prices. Medicare-X would be avail-
that meant. I think Democrats have a much able as an option through
clearer vision.” and state health insurance markets.
Time will tell. Here’s a sample of ideas Enrollees could receive financial assistance
under debate by Democrats and others on the for premiums and copays through the
political left: Obama health law. Eventually, Medicare-X
• Medicare for All: Vermont Sen. Bernie would be offered everywhere for individuals


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Barrett Insurance is proud to celebrate our 30th Anniversary
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20 Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 DATEBOOK THE DAILY JOURNAL

“I do feel bad about having seeming- ing meeting Thursday, Jan 11, to

Continued from page 1
ly caught them off guard,” she said.
“But on the other hand, how else do
you do it?”
approve the environmental impact
report for the project, despite concerns
expressed by officials at Foster City
Artistic Encounter. 7 p.m. to 8:30
To fill the vacancy, Ng said trustees Hall. Hawaiian Music Jam. 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. San Carlos Library, 610 Elm St.,
and district officials will soon con- Foster City officials have been criti- a.m. San Mateo Senior Center 2645 San Carlos. Free and open to the
she fully intended to finish the year, vene to examine next steps. cal of the project, claiming the site is Alameda de las Pulgas, San Mateo. public. For more information call
but ultimately she felt compelled to “We haven’t discussed it yet, but we an inappropriate place for the school
Registration is required. Repeats 591-0341.
every week on Tuesday until March
heed her family’s call to spend the will,” she said. and that significant mitigations are 6, 2018. For more information call THURSDAY, JAN. 11
evenings at home rather than away on required to assure neighbors of the 522-7490. Free Pet ‘Fixes.’ 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Fair
school business. Following Kohn Hsieh’s departure at Oaks Community Center, 2600
the end of the month, Ng is slated to be property aren’t adversely impacted by Computer Coach. 10 a.m. to noon. Middlefield Road, Redwood City.
Board Vice President Audrey Ng said the only trustee with any substantial its development. San Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., San Free spaying and neutering clinic
she was caught off guard by Kohn Carlos. Free and open to the public. hosted by the Peninsula Humane
experience as an elected official on the Beyond the hurdles posed by negoti- One on one help offered every Society. Surgery performed by a
Hsieh’s announcement. board. Trustees Noelia Corzo, Shara ations with the city, school officials Tuesday morning. For more informa- licensed vet in an SPCA surgery vehi-
“It’s surprising because it was only tion call 591-0341. cle. One pet per family. Cats and
Watkins and Rebecca Hitchcock just are grappling with the project budget, dogs only. For more information call
two years on the board and she had just started their tenure on the board, fol- which is expected to cost about $6 mil- E-Book Coach. 10 a.m. to noon. San 340-7022.
become president. It was very surpris- lowing their fall election victories. lion more than was initially expected. Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., San
Carlos. One on one help offered to Bay Area Painted: Landscapes by
ing,” she said. Ng noted the unconventional nature The district’s financial concerns are download e-books from the library Mark Monsarrat. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Ng though indicated she supported of preparing to work alongside four compounded by plans to ask voters for every Tuesday morning. Free and Hall of Justice Lower Level, 400
open to the public. For more infor- County Center, Redwood City. The
Kohn Hsieh’s decision. burgeoning colleagues during a poten- parcel tax support, following the expi- mation call 591-0341. Community Gallery will be showing
“She cared about the kids and wanted tially pivotal time for the district. ration of a previous measure last year, works by Mark Monsarrat, a long-
Write Your Life. 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. time plein-air and studio painter of
to do right by them,” she said. “It’s “That is unusual to have four new resulting in the loss of about $7 mil- Peninsula Volunteers Little House, traditional oil landscapes. Runs
unfortunate to leave after two years, trustees. And with everything that is lion annually. 800 Middle Ave., Menlo Park. Class through Feb. 27. For more informa-
for memoir writing. For more infor- tion email markmonsarrat@sbcglob-
but she has to do what is right for her.” going on … it is going to be interest- Examining the variety of initiatives mation call 326-0723.
A district press release also lauded ing to bring them up to speed with all facing the district, Ng said she’s hope-
Textile Tuesday: Sleep Mask. 1 p.m. San Carlos Library Quilting Club.
Kohn Hsieh’s service to the school these things in play,” she said. ful Kohn Hsieh’s replacement comes to 3 p.m. 840 W. Orange Ave., South 10 a.m. to noon. San Carlos Library,
system. The resignation comes as district is with an open mind and commitment to San Francisco. Make friends, learn 610 Elm St., San Carlos. Every second
new shortcuts and share knowledge Thursday of the month. Free and
“Over the past two years, Trustee in the process of administering a vari- hard work. with the group. For more informa- open to the public. For more infor-
Hsieh has exhibited her commitment ety of school campus improvements “If we get someone who comes to the tion contact mation call 591-0341.
to the success of the students of the funded by the passage of a recent bond board who is a big picture person, who Snap Circuits. 4 p.m. 840 W. Orange
See, Stop, Prevent Elder and
[San Mateo-Foster City Elementary measure, and plans are in place to ramp looks at the district as a whole and Dependent Adult Abuse. 2 p.m. San Ave., South San Francisco. Learn how
School District] and has consistently up construction. makes decisions with kids in their Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., San to make lights turn on and sirens
Carlos. Learn the signs and symp- wail. For more information contact
supported student well-being and aca- Most notably, officials are working heart … I think we will have an effec- toms of elder abuse. Free and open
demic achievement, striving for equity toward approving environmental doc- tive trustee on board with us,” she said. to the public. For more information
call 591-0341. FRIDAY, JAN. 12
for all students, including closing the uments laying the groundwork for con- For her part, Kohn Hsieh expressed Adult Craf ternoon: Upcycled
academic achievement gap,” according struction of a new Foster City school her faith in the district’s ability to Kids Craft: Sophie’s World. 4 p.m. Calenders. South San Francisco
to the press release. 840 W. Orange Ave., South San Main Library, 840 W. Orange Ave.,
at the Charter Square Shopping Center, endure in her absence. Francisco. Enjoy an afternoon of South San Francisco. Bring in old cal-
Kohn Hsieh said she was dismayed to which was acquired last year for rede- “I feel very confident about this crafting. For more information con- enders to learn how to repurpose
spring the news on her colleagues, velopment into the city’s fourth ele- board and their ability to move this tact the images. For more information
call 829-3860.
while citing the difficult nature of the mentary campus. district forward in a positive manner,” Immigration: Community
decision. The board is slated during its upcom- she said. Conversation. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sculptural works of Paul Powell. 8
Millbrae Library, 1 Library Ave., a.m. to 5 p.m. The Rotunda Gallery,
Millbrae. This presentation by the 555 County Center. Runs through
Immigrant Legal Resource Center June 28. For more information email
it,” she said. “And we are very selec- being charged with murdering his girl-
CONTRERAS tive. We’ve always been very selec-
friend’s 18-month-old son in unincor-
porated Redwood City in August 2014.
and the County of San Mateo Office
of Community Affairs will detail
what the county is doing regarding
recent changes to immigration,
TumbleBooks — eB ooks for Kids,
Tweens and Teenagers. 10:30 a.m.
Contreras has pleaded not guilty to Alvarado-Cisneros was caring for the along with a community discussion. 840 W. Orange Ave., South San
Continued from page 1 Francisco. Experience reading in a
all charges and his defense attorney baby named Dante Nava at their apart- For more information call 697-7607.
new and exciting way. For more
could not be immediately reached for ment while the mother went to work. Friends of the South San Francisco information contact
committed lewd and lascivious acts and comment. That night, the man called 911 claim- Public Library Quarterly Meeting.
oral copulation on the child are attached The toddler, Evelyn Castillo, was ing the baby may have had a seizure and 6 p.m. South San Francisco Main
Library, 840 W. Orange Ave., South Adult Craf ternoon: Upcycled
to his murder charge, the death penalty found unconscious and unresponsive in fallen off the bed. An autopsy revealed San Francisco. For more information Calendars. 1 p.m. South San
was an option in his case. Though the an apartment on the 400 block of numerous injuries including several email Francisco Main Library, 840 W.
Orange Ave., South San Francisco.
county has three other pending cases Madison Avenue in the Central human, adult bite marks, according to For more information email
Documentary Club: Engineering
involving the murder of a young child Neighborhood of Redwood City around prosecutors. Egypt. 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
or infant, Contreras’ is the only case for 2:30 p.m. Aug. 6, 2015. Contreras had Alvarado-Cisneros continued to live Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de
Kids Coding. 3 p.m. 306 Walnut Ave.,
las Pulgas, Belmont. Discover how
which the death penalty is being sought been dating the mother for just two with the girlfriend after the baby’s Egypt’s two greatest pharaohs built South San Francisco. Program a sim-
at this time, said Guidotti, who con- months when he convinced the woman death and even had another child with their way to immortality through ple computer pong game. All skill
architecture. For more information levels are welcome. For more infor-
firmed special circumstances have not to leave him alone with the child for the her. About a year later, the mother contact mation contact
been alleged in those cases. first time, according to prosecutors. reported to police numerous domestic
From Oz to California: Millbrae
Over the course of several hours, violence attacks, kidnapping and rob- Introduction to Soldering. 4 p.m.
‘Very selective’ Contreras allegedly repeatedly sexually bery of her by Alvarado-Cisneros.
and Australian Bands in Concert. 7
p.m. to 9 p.m. Mills High School 840 W. Orange Ave., South San
Theatre, 400 Murchison Drive, Francisco. Compile your own elec-
Guidotti could recall at least three molested the girl, including by oral He was arrested and a subsequent Millbrae. Cost $8 in advance. For tronic device while learning how to
other cases in the 1990s in which the copulation. When the child wouldn’t investigation led to his arrest for mur- more information contact fsr- solder safely and correctly. Registration required. For more
death sentence was sought for particu- stop crying, Contreras fatally beat her, der of the baby. He is charged with mur- information contact
larly violent murders, but acknowl- according to prosecutors. He contacted der, kidnapping, battery and willful Lawyers in the Library. 7 p.m. to 9
edged the public’s aversion to the sen- his mother and initially claimed the infliction of corporal punishment, p.m. San Carlos Library, 610 Elm St.,
Sara Friedlander at Sanchez Art
San Carlos. Free legal clinics every
tence in recent years. She said it’s child fell off the changing table, but an according to prosecutors. month in collaboration with the San Center. 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sanchez Art
become increasingly important for autopsy established his story was false, Alvarado-Cisneros is facing life in Mateo Bar Association. One on one Center, 1220 Linda Mar Blvd.,
20 minute consultations with a vol- Pacifica. Opening reception includes
prosecutors to choose only those cases according to prosecutors. prison with possibility of parole, said unteer lawyer. For more information music and exhibitions. For more
that truly merit the death penalty and Guidotti. call 591-0341. information call 355-1894.
for which the jury is likely to deliver Other similar crimes Among the other cases involving the WEDNESDAY, JAN. 10 SATURDAY, JAN. 13
the sentence when they pursue the pun- Another man, 26-year-old Marco murder of a young child is a 2011 gang- Fairy House Workshop. 306 Walnut Laptop Optimization and
Maintenance. 840 W. Orange Ave.,
ishment. Antonio Alvarado-Cisneros, is also related shooting in which a 3-month- Ave., South San Francisco. Learn to
South San Francisco. Learn how to
build three-dimensional structures
“The public is less and less in favor of old child was left dead in the backseat of with simple craft supplies. For more speed up your personal computer.
his parents’ car on East Palo information call 877-8530. For more information call 829-3860.

8=BCAD2C8>=B)5 5X]SPPb\
\P]hf f^aSbPPbhh^dRRP]Q Qh[[X]ZX]V Alto’s Wisteria Street that was South San Francisco Youth
Free Pet ‘Fixes.’ 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Bell
1 D ? 7 [TccTabdd_SS^f]bbXSTc^bXSTPP]SSSXPV^]P[[hf faXcX]Vff^aSb
connected to 24-year-old Street Park, 560 Bell St., East Palo Baseball Sign Ups. 9 a.m. to noon.
Q[P]ZbbWTTc^ ^U__P_TaH
H^d\ \Ph^ ^][hd dbTT
F > 8 B ^]RTf fXcWX]PPbbX]V[Tff^aS??[PhffXcWPPUUaXT]SPP]SRR^\_PaT Fabian Zaragoza, a juvenile Alto. Free spaying and neutering South San Francisco Municipal
Building, 33 Arroyo Drive, South San
6 > : 4 f^aSUUX]SbRRa^bbX]V^^dcRR^\\^]f f^aSb when the shooting occurred.
clinic hosted by the Peninsula
Francisco. Family friendly. For more
Humane Society. Surgery performed
06 ; <

1>66;4 H>DA1 1>66;4


information call 634-9444.

?>8=CB B20;4 A0C8=6
The 2016 murder of a 2-year- by a licensed vet in an SPCA surgery
vehicle. One pet per family. Cats and
old child believed to be beaten AARP Chapter 2895 Monthly
, __^X]c $   , 2W WP\_ dogs only. For more information call
Meeting. 10 a.m. to noon. San Bruno
_^X]cb    $ ,  4  g_Tac to death by 26-year-old East 340-7022.
Senior Center, 1555 Crystal Springs
1h3 3PeXS; ;77^hcPP]S99TUU: :]daTZ $[[TccTab,,"
_^X]cb %    ,  ? a^ Palo Alto resident Adair Illuminating Insights. 8 a.m. to 5 Road, San Bruno. Coffee and dough-
_^X]cb "  % %, , 6 6P\Ta Zevallos, the boyfriend of the p.m. Hall of Justice, 400 County nuts will be available starting at 9
a.m. For more information call 583-
_^X]cb !  " ", , A A^^ZXT child’s mother, could also be Center, Redwood City. Exhibit by

A 3 = 4
, _
_^X]cb  !
!, , 0 \PcTda counted among the tragic cases
Peninsula artist Sloane Joseph. Runs
through Feb. 26. For more informa-
, $_
_^X]cb  , , Caah PVVPX] that does not meet the state’s tion email Help Prune Central Park ’s Rose Garden. 10 a.m. to noon. 101 Ninth
criteria for consideration of the
1^VV[T1 1aPX]1dbcTab1 1^]db death penalty, said Guidotti. Ave., San Mateo. Come to learn or

2 > A 0
‘Happenstance’ Solo Show by share your expertise on how to
FT_ _dcbb_TRXP[QQaPX]QdbcX]Vf f^aSbXX]c^ccWTV VaXS Nathalie Stand. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. prune roses. Free event. For more
^U[[TccTab22P]h h^dUUX]SccWT\. One of Contreras’ two 1018 Main St., Redwood City. Exhibit information call 579-0536.
defense attorneys, Richard runs through Feb. 11. For more infor-
5X]S0 0C; ;40BCB B8G5 5>DA;4CC4A Keyes, withdrew from his case mation call (415) 987-7360. Learn to Use the New City Website
18A3BXX]ccWTV VaXS^^U[[TccTab

10:15 a.m. at South San Francisco

E F7
Monday so no jury trial date Drop In for Computer Help. 10 a.m. Main Library, 840 W. Orange Ave.,

was set, said Guidotti. to noon. Redwood City Main Library, South San Francisco. For more infor-
1044 Middlefield Road, Redwood
Contreras is next expected City. Answers to questions regarding
mation email
to appear in court April 12 for laptops, e-readers, tablets or mobile

Used Book and Media Sale. 11 a.m.

4 ; : B
appearance of his new defense phones. For more information con-
tact to 4 p.m. Cubberly Community
attorney, who is slated to act Center, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo
as co-counsel alongside attor- Lego Club: Aliens. 4 p.m. 840 W Alto. Gently used books, CDs, DVDs,

NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN    Orange Ave., South San Francisco. games, puzzles, artwork and col-
ney James Thompson and to Explore space and create your own lectibles. For more information call
1>66;4XXbPPccaPST\PaZ^^U7 7PbQa^88]R ( ' be appointed from the coun- planet. For more information con- 494-1266.
!! '7
0]bfTabcc^< <^]SPh´b1

1^VV[T1 1aPX]1dbcTab)
ty’s private defender pro- For more events visit
ffffQ^VV[TQaPX]QdbcTabR^\ C8=88A>=6 6>;3; ;403B B8;E4A gram, according to Guidotti. Art Lecture — Klimt and Rodin: An, click Calendar.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 21






KenKen® is a registered trademark of Nextoy, LLC. ©2018 KenKen Puzzle LLC. All rights reserved.
Dist. by Andrews McMeel Syndication


SUDOKU Want More Fun
ANSWERS and Games?
O Each row and each column must contain the
numbers 1 through 6 without repeating.
The numbers within the heavily outlined boxes,
O called cages, must combine using the given operation 5VOESB0WFSUIF)FEHF$PNJDT$MBTTJmFET
(in any order) to produce the target numbers in the
top-left corners. #PHHMF1V[[MF&WFSZEBZJO%BUF#PPL
O Freebies: Fill in single-box cages with the number in
the top-left corner.


022 0109 tue:Class Master Even 1/8/18 3:30 PM Page 1

22 Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 THE DAILY JOURNAL

104 Training 105 Education/Instruction 110 Employment 110 Employment

RETAIL-JEWELRY SALES The San Mateo Daily Journal Classi-
fieds will not be responsible for more
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia- TENNIS AM LINE cOOK Caregivers Wanted
Caregivers Wanted
bility shall be limited to the price of one
insertion. No allowance will be made for LESSONS NEEDED Home CCare
Home are Jobs
Johnstons Saltbox
Seasonal FT/PT errors not materially affecting the value
of the ad. All error claims must be sub-
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis-
requires an AM Line cook (650) 600-8108
Entry up to $16 ing conditions, please ask for a Rate
THROUGHOUT THE contact chef or Sean
Tues - Sunday
mail: jobs@starligh
Diamond Exp up to $25 chef 1 541 848 0038
Sean 1 650 592 7258 AApply
pply online or walk-in
Benefits-Bonus-No Nights Now accepting 1696 Laurel Street, 4600 EEll CCamino
amino Real
Real,, # 211,, LLos
os Altos
San carlos
new students.
650-367-6500 FX: 367-6400 650-814-9737 AUTO-SMOG TEcHNIcIAN Half Moon
Bay M-F 8-5 Please call (650)726-5989.
Day or Night
Day Night Shifts,
Shifftsts, Immediate
Immediate Plac ement
cAREGIvERS Required: 2 years
Required: years paid experience
2 years experience current CNA Certification;
or current Certification;
DISTRIBUTION required. Drive Car;
Must Drive Car; Speak
Speak and writewrite English
Seeking Drivers with own car to manage on all assignments. JOURNALISM
small newspaper routes. The Daily Journal is looking for in-
terns to do entry level reporting, re-

Requires early morning work six days per week Mon-Sat.

call search, updates of our ongoing fea-
tures and interviews. Photo interns al-
Papers are picked up early morning between 3am and 4:30am (650)777-9000 so welcome.

We expect a commitment of four to

eight hours a week for at least four
Email months. The internship is unpaid, but
intelligent, aggressive and talented in-
terns have progressed in time into
paid correspondents and full-time re-

College students or recent graduates

GOT JOBS? are encouraged to apply. Newspaper

experience is preferred but not neces-
sarily required.

Please send a cover letter describing

your interest in newspapers, a resume
The best career seekers and three recent clips. Before you ap-
ply, you should familiarize yourself
read the Daily Journal. with our publication. Our Web site:
We will help you recruit qualified, talented Send your information via e-mail to
individuals to join your company or organization. or by reg-
ular mail to 1900 Alameda de las Pul-
gas #112, San Mateo CA 94403
The Daily Journal’s readership covers a wide
range of qualifications for all types of positions.
For the best value and the best results, SALES/MARKETING
recruit from the Daily Journal... INTERNSHIPS
The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking
contact us for a free consultation for ambitious interns who are eager to
jump into the business arena with both
feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs
of the newspaper and media industries.
call (650) 344-5200 or SALES - Telemarketing and Inside Sales
This position will provide valuable
Representative needed to sell newspa-
Email: per print and web advertising and event experience for your bright future.
Email resume
marketing solutions. To apply, please call
650-344-5200 and send resume to


FULL TIME Prospecting is a key element of this position. You will develop new business
and manage the sales cycle from start to finish:



1733 California Drive, Burlingame To succeed at the Daily Journal, you will need the following:
Call Delia at (650)619-7179 t4USPOHQSFTFOUBUJPOTLJMMT

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to

Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

023 0109 tue:Class Master Even 1/8/18 3:31 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 23

110 Employment 203 public Notices 203 public Notices tundra tundra tundra
tEcHNOLOGy FIctItIOus busINEss NAmE FIctItIOus busINEss NAmE
stAtEmENt #276017 stAtEmENt #276027
NOvIGO, INc., seeks the following in The following person is doing business The following person is doing business
San Mateo, CA: as: Electric Boats of Foster City, 3088 as: Wen Dong Cai, 929 S. Norfolk St.,
Baze Road, #313, SAN MATEO, CA SAN MATEO, CA 94401. Registered
development manager (programmer 94403. Registered Owner: Patti Styka, Owners: Wen Dong Cai and Huang
category)/project manager - Conceptu- same address. The business is conduct- Juan, same address. The business is
alize, design and manage SAP Transpor- ed by an Individual. The registrants conducted by a Married Couple. The
tation Management projects to assure commenced to transact business under registrants commenced to transact busi-
project goals and timelines are met. the FBN on 1/23/2013. ness under the FBN on N/A.
Travel to various unanticipated client /s/Patti Styka/ /s/Wen Dong Cai/
sites is required. May telecommute from This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses-
home. sor-County Clerk on 12/15/17. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 12/18/17. (Publish-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
12/19/17, 12/26/17, 1/2/17, 1/9/18). 12/19/17, 12/26/17, 1/2/17, 1/9/18).
consulting manager / project manager
- Conceptualize, design and manage
SAP Transportation Management proj- FIctItIOus busINEss NAmE FIctItIOus busINEss NAmE Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Over the Hedge
ects to assure project goals and time- stAtEmENt #275881 stAtEmENt #276224
lines are met. Travel to various unantici- The following person is doing business The following person is doing business
pated client sites is required. May tele- as: Connect Energize Shine, 244 Exeter as: Roberts & Bell Associates, 339 Ala-
commute from home. Ave, SAN CARLOS, CA 94070. Regis- meda De Las Pulgas, REDWOOD CITY,
tered Owner: Anne Abreu, same ad- CA 94062. Registered Owner: Sarah
Please indicate position of interest, mail dress. The business is conducted by an Roberts, same address. The business is
your resume to Attn: HR- 247 North San Individual. The registrants commenced conducted by an Individual. The regis-
Mateo Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401. to transact business under the FBN on trants commenced to transact business
12/5/2017. under the FBN on 01/01/2018.
/s/Anne Abreu/ /s/Sarah Roberts/
This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses-
sor-County Clerk on 12/5/17. (Published sor-County Clerk on 1/5/18. (Published in
in the San Mateo Daily Journal, the San Mateo Daily Journal, 1/9/18,
127 Elderly care 12/19/17, 12/26/17, 1/2/17, 1/9/18). 1/16/18, 1/23/18, 1/30/18).

FAmILy rEsOurcE FIctItIOus busINEss NAmE FIctItIOus busINEss NAmE

stAtEmENt #276008 stAtEmENt #276175
GuIdE The following person is doing business The following person is doing business
The San Mateo Daily Journal’s as: Dimitre’s Painting Service, 1400 Hop- as: BlueBiostats, 1891 Parkview Dr., 203 public Notices 296 Appliances 302 Antiques
kins Ave. #205, REDWOOD CITY, CA SAN BRUNO, CA 94066. Registered
twice-a-week resource guide for 94062. Registered Owner: Dimitre Zla- Owner: Mary Shannon Bradley, same WmL Is seeking sub-bids from quali-
sHOWtImE rOtIssErIE used once mAHOGANy ANtIquE Secretary desk,
$90. Call (650)347-1458 no ans/eave 72” x 40” , 3 drawers, Display case, bev-
children and families. tev, same address. The business is con- address. The business is conducted by fied DBE Subcontractors and Vendors message. elled glass, $150. (650)766-3024.
for the Silicon Valley Clean Water
Every tuesday & Weekend ducted by an Individual. The registrants an Individual. The registrants com-
WWTP Reliability Improvements De-
commenced to transact business under menced to transact business under the sign-Build project for the following sINGEr sEWING Machine. Good condi- 303 Electronics
the FBN on 8/14/12. FBN on N/A. trades: civil, architectural, structural, tion. $45 obo. San Mateo. Please call
Look for it in today’s paper to /s/Dimitre Zlatev/ /s/Mary Shannon Bradley/ mechanical, electrical, odor and (650)745-6309 after 5:00 pm. 53 mIsc DVDs. Mostly Movies. Like
New. $50. 650-204-0587.
find information on family This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- HVAC, instrumentation and
control/automation, corrosion control, uNItAp stANdArd centerset bath-
sor-County Clerk on 12/14/17. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 1/3/18. (Published in
resources in the local area, ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, the San Mateo Daily Journal, 1/9/18, security, fire protection. We are sig- room chrome faucet, complete, $10,
ANtArEs dOLLArs Bill Changer ma-
natory to the Northern and Southern chines never used for small bus. $95
including childcare. 12/19/17, 12/26/17, 1/2/17, 1/9/18). 1/16/18, 1/23/18, 1/30/18). California Carpenters, Cement Ma- (650)992-4544.
vAcuum cLEANEr Dyson (fully recon-
sons, Laborers, and Operating Engi- dition) $50 Call Ed (415)298-0645
neers. We are an Equal Opportunity bLAupuNKt Am/Fm/cd Radio and Re-
Employer. Subcontractors whose WEstErN WAsHbOArd Sales made ceiver with Detachable Face asking
AdvErtIsEmENt FOr bIds bids exceed $1,000,000 are required of brass and wood, Golden Beam #25-C. $100. (650)593-4490
to furnish a 100% Payment & Per- $75. phone 650-369-2486.
formance Bond from a California KINdLE FIrE 8 in. Case and Charger
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Blach Construction Company will accept bids for the award of Class “A” Surety. Please provide WHIrLpOOL WAsHEr DRYER, GE incl. 64 gig $40 Jeff (650)208-5758
the contract for the following public work: your bond rate with your proposal. Refrigerator all working and in good con- mOtOrOLA brAvO MB 520 (android
The bond will be paid for by W. M. dition all for $99.00 (650)315-3240.
Lyles Co. Please submit your quote 4.1 upgrade) smart phone 35$ 8GB SD
blach construction company project #16-150 via emailto WHIrLpOOL-dryEr GAs Coin Oper-
card Belmont (650)595-8855
cañada college - building 1- Kinesiology, Wellness, & Aquatic center or via fax to (916) 375-1848. ated Laundry $99.00 (650)948-4895 or ONKyO Av Receiver HT-R570 .Digital
cañada college (650)302-2456 Surround, HDMI, Dolby, Sirius Ready,
redwood city, california. WHIrLpOOL-WAsHEr COIN Operated
Cinema Filter.$95/ Offer (650)591-2393
Laundry $99.00 (650)948-4895 or sAmsuNG FLAt TV 20"
Each bid must conform to and be responsive to the contract documents and be submitted on a 210 Lost & Found (650)302-2456 VCR ,set up $70. (650)992-4544
bid form furnished by Blach Construction. Bids can only be submitted by those contractors who
have submitted a prequalification application to Blach Construction and been approved, on or be- LOst cAt. Black and White. Black 297 bicycles 304 Furniture
patch on right eye. REWARD.
fore February 9th 2018. The successful Bidder will be required to have an active California con- Call (323) 439-7713. AduLt bIKEs 1 regular and 2 with bal- 2 WALNut 3-drawer nitestands. Tops
tractor's license at the time of submission of the Bid. loon tires $30 Each (650) 347-2356 need work but very good cond. $20/ea
LOst vINtAGE White Gold Diamond (650)952-3466.
Ring 12/12 Redwood City/San Carlos cHILd’s scHWINN bIcycLE, bLuE in
bIds duE: Bids must be submitted via email to no later than 2:00 REWARD! Please Call Sharon (650)868- good condition. $20. (650) 355-5189. ANtIquE dINING table for six people
pm, on Tuesday, February 13th 2018. 1786 with chairs $99. (650)580-6324
NEW 12" girls bike w/ training wheels
LOst- sILvEr cHAIN with Cross and $75.00 (650) 347-1458 no ans/leave ANtIquE mOHAGANy Bookcase. Four
Main point of contact for this project is Mike Grzanowski (Project Manager) 408-886-3610 - Diamond in it Call (650)692-5372. mes feet tall. $75. (415) 282-0966.
books 298 collectibles ArmcHAIr GOOd
condition $55.
dEscrIptION OF tHE WOrK: Increment 1. The Work consists of mass excavation/pad prepa-
ration, site utilities, retaining wall construction, landscaping and walkways. In addition, there will 10 NEAL Asher Space SF Books. Agent FrAmEd LEbrON James painting, bArzILAy rEcOrd - fine walnut cre-
Cormac. Like new. $50. (650) 204-0587. 25"x21"; $99-will text photo; (650)591- denza, 72” x 14.5”H. $100. (650)804-
be roadway realignment, existing parking lot modifications and expansion. Construction is sched- 9769, San Carlos 3947. Menlo Park.
uled to begin on March 5th 2018 and complete August 3rd 2018. JAmEs pAttErsON hardback books.
We are now seeking low bids for the bid packages listed below: 2 @ $3.00 each. (650)341-1861 bEIGE sOFA $99. Excellent Condition
HummELs (2) 1980’s $20 ea. Call (650) 315-2319
NIcHOLAs spArKs hardback books. (650)344-4756.
Low bid: 2 @ $3.00 each. Call (650)341-1861 brANd NEW Japanese Cotton Futton-
Site Utilities LENNOx rEd Rose, Unused, hand Twin Size 72”x40”x5”-$75
quALIty bOOKs used and rare. World painted, porcelain, authenticity papers, (650)839-1064.
& US History and classic American nov- $12.00. (650) 578 9208.
els. $5 each obo (650)345-5502
tHIs Is A LAbOr AGrEEmENt prOJEct: This project is subject to the terms of the Program cArpEt ruNNEr: 16ft.X26 Wide. Col-
Stabilization Agreement (PLA) Executed between the San Mateo County Community College Dis- mILLEr LItE Neon sign , work good or: floral design. good condition
tHE HALO Forerunner saga. 3 books. $59 call (650)218-6528 $45.00. (650)266-3184
trict and the San Mateo County Buildings and Trades Council. Copies of the PLA are available Like new. Great gift! $25. (650) 204-0587
on the Web at: stAr WArs Action figure: Qui-Gon cOmmOdE, GOOd condition. $20 obo.
v.LOGvINOv, uNusuAL Journey to the Jinn (Jedi Knight), mint-in package. $10
Country of Cyclic Arithmetic, 2017, Rus- Please call (650)745-6309
Steve (650)518-6614.
prEvAILING WAGE: The successful bidder shall be required to pay its workers on this project a sian, 104p $25 (650)638-1695 cOmputEr dEsK For sale $99
sum not less than the general prevailing wage rate of per diem wages and not less than the gen- usA mILItAry police helmet, with liner, (650)520-4650
eral prevailing rate for holiday and overtime work for work of a similar character in the locality in 294 baby stuff Vietnam era $60 (650)591-9769 San
cOmputEr sWIvEL CHAIR. Padded
which the project is performed as provided under California Labor Code section 1770 et sec. The FIsHEr-prIcE HEALtHy Care booster Leather. $80. (650) 455-3409
District has determined the prevailing rate of per diem wages and the general prevailing rate for seat - $5 (650)592-5864. 299 computers dEsK, Gd. cond. $99.99 or b.o.
holidays and overtime work in the locality in which this project is to be performed for each craft, (650)458-3578
classification or type of work needed to execute the work. 295 Art rEcOrdAbLE cd-r 74, Sealed, Unop-
ened, original packaging, Samsung, 12X,
brusHEd FINIsH, 15" X 20" frame (650) 578 9208 dINEttE tAbLE, 3 adjustable leaf.$30.
Contractor shall be required to post job site notices, at each job site, including a copy of such pre- holds 18 various size photos. Never (650) 756-9516.Daly City.
vailing rate of per diem wages as determined by the Director of the California Department of In- used. $20. 650-369-2486. 300 toys dINING tAbLE (36"x54") and 4 match-
dustrial Relations, prescribed by regulations. ing chairs, sturdy oak, cost $600, sell for
296 Appliances A quEstION of Scruples card game, $250 .(650)-654-1930.
cONtrActOr rEGIstrAtION: Each Firm submitting a proposal to complete the work, labor, the game of moral dilemmas. New $25
AIr cONdItIONEr 10000 BTU w/re- (650)369-2486 drEssEr 4-drAWEr in Belmont for
materials and/or services (“Work”) subject to this proposal must be a Department of Industrial Re- mote. Slider model fits all windows. LG $75. Good condition; good for children.
brand $199 runs like new. (650)235-
lations registered contractor pursuant to Labor Code §1725.5 (“DIR Registered Contractor”). A 0898 dOLL HOusE w/ furniture $50.00 new
Call (650)678-8585
Firm who is not a DIR Registered Contractor when submitting a proposal for the Work is deemed joe (650)573-5269 drExEL HEAdbOArd $50. (650)589-
“not qualified” and the proposal of such a Firm will be rejected for non-responsiveness. Pursuant AIr cONdItIONEr, Portable, 14,000 0764
to Labor Code §1725.5, all Subcontractors identified in a Firms' Subcontractors' List shall be DIR BTU, Commercial Cool model “GAmbINA” scArLEtt O’Hara doll.
CPN14XC9, almost like new! All acces- $25. 650-888-9314. ENtErtAINmENt cENtEr for $50.
Registered Contractors. If awarded the Contract for the Work, at all times during performance of sories plus remote included. Good shape, blonde, about 5' high.
the Work, the Firm and all Subcontractors, of any tier, shall be DIR Registered Contractors. 20” x 16-5/8” x 33-1/2” $245 OBO. LArGE stuFFEd ANIMALS - $3 each (650)726-4102
(650)345-1835 Great for Kids (650) 952-3500 FrEE WOOdEN Bed frame, good condi-
prEquALIFIcAtION: Prequalification is a requirement. Please submit the Company Name, Ad- AIr pOt keeps 2.5 liters (84 oz) hot or tion pictures available (650)322-9598
dress, and Prequal Contact to Lynsey Niizawa, please reference Cañ- rOLLErbLAdEs, GOOd condition. email
cold all day $19.95 (650)595-3933 Size 10 $25 OBO. Please call (650)745-
ada College in the subject line. After you are added to our system you will receive an email from 6309 GLIdEr rocker and ottoman, oak, excel-
cOLEmAN LxE Roadtrip Grill -
Building Connected with the Prequalification Instructions. Red Brand New! (still in box) $100 lent condition. $100 (650)345-5644.
(650)918-9847 stAr WArs Celebration 3 Darth Vader IKEA drEssEr, black, 3 shelf. 23" x
AccEss tO bIddING dOcumENts: Bidders may obtain copies of bid documents upon re- $20 new w/case Dan (650)303-3568 15"deep x 50" high. $65. (650)598-9804.
ELEctrIc stOvE From Sears
quest. Please email to request documents. Please reference “Cañ- Excellent Condition $225
ada College - Building 1- Kinesiology, Wellness, & Aquatic Center”. Please Call (650)244-9267

GOOd mIcrOWAvE 1100 watt $40 Da-
mANdAtOry prE-bId cONFErENcE: The Pre-Bid conference will be held for this project on ly City (415) 231-4825.
Tuesday, January 30th, at 10:00 am, Cañada College at Blach Construction's trailer located on
the north end of Parking Lot 6 (Map available on Building Connected). mFG H20LAbs Model 300 exc cond
counter top $25 Burl (650)248-3839.
This project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the Department of Industrial rEFrIGErAtOr cOmpAct made by Fictitious Business Name Statements,
Relations. emerson $25.00 good shape
Trustee Sale Notice, Name Change, Probate,
bLAcH cONstructION cOmpANy rEFrIGErAtOr FOr Sale very good
Notice of Adoption, Divorce Summons,
condition asking only $99 (650)520-4650 Notice of Public Sales and More.
Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, January 9 and 16, 2018. rOOm HEAtEr Electric 1320 Watts, Ar-
vin Air Fan Forced Automatic $5.
(650)952-3500 Published in the Daily Journal for San Mateo County.
Dressmaker Sewing Machine. $150. Fax your request to: 650-344-5290
Email them to:
smItH cOrONA typewriter and table
M120 $25 (650)888-9314
024 0109 tue:Class Master Even 1/8/18 3:32 PM Page 1

24 Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 THE DAILY JOURNAL

304 Furniture 306 Housewares 310 Misc. For Sale 311 Musical Instruments 316 Clothes 340 Camera & Photo Equip.
IKEA TABLE, black 58" x 21" x 14" high. CARPET 10 X 14 Area Rug peach (ny- LIONEL CHRISTMAS Holiday expan- FENdER MUSTANG ll guitar amplifier NEw wITH tags Wool or cotton Men's NIKON 18-140 zoom lenses (3), excel-
$ 30. (650)598-9804. lon) good cond. $99 (415)990-6134 sion Set. New OB $99 (650)368-7537 110 watts 8-guitar settings, with cover. pullover sweaters (XL) $15/each lent condition. $200 each. (650)592-9044
$130.00 (650)421-5469 (650)952-3466
LIVING ROOM Table, good condition. COMPLETE SET OF CHINA - Windsor LIONEL wESTERN Union Pass car and OMEGA B600 Condenser Enlarger, In-
$30. (415)231-4825 Garden, Noritake. Four place-settings, dining car. New OB $99 (650)368-7537 FOR SALE: PARIS HILTON purse white & silver un- struction Manual & 50mm El-Omegar En-
20-pieces in original box, never used. Epiphone Les Paul Custom used, about 12" long x 9" high larging Lens $95 (415)260-6940
LOVE CHAIR, velour, tan. $45. $250 per box (3 boxes available). LUGGAGE, REd, 21" NEW Samsonite Prophecy Electric Guitar. Mint. $23. (650)592-2648
(808)631-1365. (650)342-5630 Spinner,$50.00. (650)729-3000 $625.00, 650 421 5469.
TUxEdO SIzE 40, black, including white
345 Medical Equipment
MICROFIBER COUCH with Ottoman CRYSTAL (LEAdEd glass) lamp $30. shirt, excellent cond. $50 (650)355-5189
great condition light brown $80 (650)364- Can send picture. (650)464-7860 NEGRINI FENCING Epee mask size M HUGE LUdwIG Drum Set Silver Sparkle HOMEdICS dUAL Shiatsu Massage
5263 & France Lames 5 epee blade $95 & Chrome, Zelgian, Pasite & Sabian wILSON LEATHER Lady Jacket. Small, Cushion. 3 Zone. $45.00. (650)207-4162
FIREPLACE CANdELABRA with 5 bat- (415)260-6940 Cymbals, 24 in. Timpany $4,300 like new. $45. (808)863-1136.
NEw dELUxE Twin Folding Bed, Lin- tery-operated candles $30.00, (415)990- (650)369-8013. Garage Sales
ens, cover, Cost $618. Sale $250. Must 6134 POwERTEL PHONE for hard of hearing. wILSON LEATHER, burgundy lady jack-
Sell! (650) 875-8159. Like new used 1 month. $20. (650)871- PIANO, UPRIGHT, in excellent condi- et, Small, like new $45 (808)863-1136
308 Tools 8907 tion. Asking $345. (650)366-4769
NEw TwIN Mattress set plus frame
$30.00 (650) 347-2356 AIR COMPRESSOR 125PSI Excellent PREMIUM MOVING blankets good con- UPRIGHT PIANO. In tune. Fair condi-
318 Sports Equipment GARAGE SALES
OFFICE SwIVEL Chair, good condition.
condition $25. Call Ed (415)298-0645 dition $10.00 each (650 ) 504 -6057 tion. FREE. (650) 533-4886.
VINTAGE LINGERIE Washboard circa
15 SF Giants Posters -- Barry Bonds,
Jeff Kent, JT Snow. 6' x 2.5' Unused. $4
$25. (415)231-4825 ANTIqUE IRON Hand Drills. 3 available SAMSONITE 26" tan hard-sided suit each. $35 all. (650)588-1946 San Bruno
case, lt. wt., wheels, used once/like new. 1920’s The Zinc King #703. Suitable for
OFFICE TYPE 34"X 60" heavy solid at $30 each. (650)339-3672 Ron strumming $50 (650)369-2486 Make money, make room!
$45. (650)328-6709
wood with formica wood grain top $25 BOLLINGER YOGA Mat. 2 blocks &
AS NEw Slkillsaw 7 1/4", 3/4 HP, with 6'
(650) 787-9753 cord, $19.95, (650)595-3933. SILK SAREE 6 yards new nice color.for
$35 only. Call(650)515-2605 for more in-
FG830 electric. $400.00 (650)421-5469
strap $5 (650)888-9314 List your upcoming
BOw FLEx Max Trainer M-3-Very Good
Condition, Like New, Assembled, Paid
garage sale,
Pieces 5Ft across by 7ft tall Paid $2500 gine crane. Excellent condition but sold
asking $500 CALL(650)345-9199. “as is” $99 (650)347-7949 Jr. SINK, 33”x22” Top mount with faucet,
ride, 18” crash. Paistie 18” crash - $99
$1200 asking $800 Call Michael moving sale,
ORNATE MAHOGANY headboard with CORdLESS dRILL 9.6 volt, great condi-
$15.00 (650)544-5306
estate sale,
gold trim $60. (650)589-0764 tion, weak battery, $10 (650)595-3933 SINK, 33”x22” Top mount with faucet, 312 Pets & Animals CHILdS KICK scooter by razor with hel-
yard sale,
$15.00 (650)544-5306 met $25 obo (650)591-6842
PINE dOUBLE/qUEEN head/foot board
with metal frame $35/obo. (650)646-
CRAFTSMAN 9" Radial Arm Saw with 6"
dado set. No stand. $55 (650)341-6402 SLR LENS Pentax 28-90mm f3.5-5.6
AIRLINE CARRIER for cats, pur. from
Southwest Airlines, $25, 2 available. Call EASTON ALUMINUM bat.33 inches, 30
rummage sale,
ROCKwELL ROUTER with 6 blades-
Pentax K Mount $25 (650)436-7171 (505)228-1480 local. oz, 2 3/4 barrel. $30. (650)596-0513 clearance sale, or
Comfort). Very good condition. $50.
very good condition $20 (650)992-8321 SLR LENS Sigma 28-105mm f3.8-5.6
Sigma SA Mount $25 (650)436-7171 ONE KENNEL Cab ll one Pet Taxi ani- GOLF CLUBS {13}, Bag, & Pull Cart all--
$90.00 (650)341-8342
whatever sale you
SHOPSMITH MARK V 50th Anniversary
most attachments. $1,500/OBO. SUITCASE, GREEN, hard-side, 21”x15”,
mal carriers 26x16. Excellent cond. $60..
(650)593-2066 have...
(650)504-0585 GOLF CLUBS, used set with Cart for
RETRO HUTCH Needs refinishing other- good condition, photo available, $15. $50. (650)593-4490
(650)392-4841 PARROT CAGE, Steel, Large - approx
wise good condition. Top detaches from SKILL 7313 3/4 HP belt sander, 4 belts, 4 ft by 4 ft, Excellent condition $300 best
MEN'S ROSSIGNOL Skis. $95.00, Reach over 83,450 readers
bottom $25. (650)712-9962 manual, perfect, $29.95. (650)595-3933 offer. (650)245-4084
SUITCASES (2), BLUE, hard-side, good condition, (650)341-0282. from South San Francisco
24”x16” and 26”x18”. Photo available.
$35 for both. (650)392-4841 PET CARRIER for small dog or cat in ex-
ONE dOzEN Official League Diamond
to Palo Alto.
made wood perfect condition $75. 1947. $60. (650)245-7517 cellent condition $30. Claudia (650) 349-
(650)483-1222 6059 Baseballs. Brand New. $35. Call Roger in your local newspaper.
VINTAGE SHOPSMITH and BANd SUITCASES (2), teal, soft-side, 25”x17” (650)771-6324.
SAw, good shape. $300/obo. Call and 29”x19”. Like new. Photo available.
SOFABEd, VELOUR, tan, Excellent
condition. $75. (808)631-1365. (650)342-6993 $40 for both. (650)392-4841
PET TAxI Animal Carrier. Brand: Delux
Nature Miracle - Excellent Condition for PRINCE TENNIS 2 section nylon black Call (650)344-5200
$25. Call (650)349-6059. Bag with Prince Pro Graphite Racket-
SOLId wOOd Entertainment Center- TAYLOR-TOT(1947) MY First Ride $20 $55.(650)341-8342
TurnTable, Am-Fm, Eight Track, Built In (415)269-4784 PETMATE COMPASS Dog Crate used
Speakers, Sony 26’ Smart T.V.(68.75 in. x-ACTO dELUxE Complete woodcarv- only 1 week $40. (650)872-2244. PROGRAMMABLE ELIPTICAL Exer-
ing set-new $15 (650)992-8321 TRAIN-COLOR PRINT by John Hugh
X 25.5inch X28inch) $500 o.b.o Coker $50 Call (650)344-4756 cise Bike. Excellent Condition. Redwood
(925)482-5742 City (650)740-9980 $75.00 379 Open Houses
309 Office Equipment UNIdEN HARLEY Davidson Gas Tank 316 Clothes
TABLE 24"x48" folding legs each end. phone. $100 or best offer. (650)863-8485 TOTAL GYM XLS, excellent condition.
Melamine top, 500# capacity. Cost 1950’S BURROUGHS elec. adding ma- Paid $2,500. Yours for $900. Call
5 BOxES male & female square dance
$130. Sell $50. 650-591-4141
TwIN BEd, mattress, box spring, frame
chine. $30. 650-888-9314.

LAPTOP CASE or bag. Black. Like new.

wATER STORAGE TANK, brand new,
275 gallons. 48" x 46" x 39" $225.
clothing. Excellent Condition. As a
bunch $200 Maryann (650)574-4439.
$ 50. (650)598-9804. Hardly used. $25. (650)697-1564.
dAwGS BRANd Kaymann black and
TOUREdGE REACTION ii uniflex sys-
tem 8 irons 3-9 and pitch irons LISTINGS
USEd BEdROOM Furniture, FREE. Call new $75. Call May (650)349-0430
310 Misc. For Sale white snake print loafers size 7 (9.3”) $25
(650)573-7381. 311 Musical Instruments (650)369-2486 List your Open House
VINTAGE NASH Cruisers Mens/ Wom-
wALL UNIT/ROOM Divider. Simple 500-600 BIG Band-era 78's--most mint,
no sleeves--$50 for all-(650)574-5459
FAUx FUR Coat Woman's brown multi
ens Roller Skates Blue indoor/outdoor sz in the Daily Journal.
lines. Breaks down for transportation. The 64 Chomonica, German Made $180, 6-8. $60 B/O. (650)574-4439
$25.(650)712-9962 leave message (650)278-5776. color in excellent condition 3/4
BESSY SMALL Evening Hand Bag With length $50 (650)692-8012 wOMAN’S SKI Boots, Nordica, size 8 Reach over 83,450
Beige Cord $75.00 (650)678-5371
wALNUT CHEST, small (4 drawer with
upper bookcase $50. (650)726-6429 EPIPHONE LES Paul 100th GENUINE LAdIES Mink Fur Jacket,
$30 (650)592-2047. potential home buyers &
BIFOLd SHUTTERS 2x28”x79 $10.00 Anniversary Custom Electric Guitar. $50.00 Call: (650)368-0748. wOMEN’S RAICHEL ski boots, size 6 ? renters a day,
wARdROBE CLOSET with beveled (650)544-5306 Mint. $600.00 650 421 5469 $ 50. (650)888-5808 .
door mirror $100 or B/Offer. (650)589- BOBBY HULL Hockey Game Great
KAYANO MEN’S Running shoes size 11 from South San Francisco
0764 ExCELLENT VIOLIN, previously owned, good condition $20 (650)520-7045 YAMAHA ROOF RACK, 58 inches $75. to Palo Alto.
Cont. ,1960’s $50 (415)269-4784
first violinist SF Symphony, Mellow (650)458-3255
wOOd - wall Unit - 30" long x 6' tall x CAPTEL PHONE Message on it’s sound. Dated 1894. $5,500/best offer. LAdIES SEqUIN dress, blue, size XL, in your local newspaper.
17.5" deep. $90. (650)631-9311 screen. Like new used twice $25 (415)751-2416 pure silk lining, $40.00, (650) 578-9208
wOOd-GRAIN LAMINATE Kitchen table
MEN'S STETSON hat, size large, new, 335 Garden Equipment Call (650)344-5200
FENdER MUSTANG I guitar amplifier
3’x4’ plus 1’ leaf, 2 chairs. Photo availa- CASH REGISTER Parts; Much Skin Not 70 watts 8-guitar settings.with cover. rim, solid black, large, great gift. $40 CHAIN SAw, 16“ ,Craftsmen ,electric,
ble $35 (650)392-4841. Guts $500 (415)269-4784 $80. (650)421-5469 (650) 578-9208 $55. (650)888-5808
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THE DAILY JOURNAL Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 25

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

440 Apartments 625 Classic Cars
2 bedrooM apartment; everthing re- CheVY ‘55 BEL AIR 2 door, Standard
modeled/all brand new; $3200 per Transmission V8 Motor, non-op $22,000
month; month to month; clean credit a obo. (650)952-4036.
must, 1121 Village Dr, Belmont 94002.
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
(650) 492-0625. CheVY ‘86 CorVette. Automatic.
93,000 miles. Sports Package.$6,800
470 rooms obo. (650) 952-4036. 2 Burdensome 40 One buying time, 55 Rock and Roll
CorVette ‘69 350 4-SPeed. 50K 1 Groups of orcas 3 Drive up the wall perhaps Hall of Fame
hiP houSing
Non-Profit Home Sharing Program
MileS. $18.500. I’ll trade it for a Stinson
Beach property. (650)481-5296.
5 Quaint “Holy 4 Smooth-talking 41 Regular patron architect
San Mateo County moly!” 5 Avian Aussie 42 Bring to life, as 56 Spoil
(650)348-6660 Ford ‘50 4-Door Sedan, Automatic
Transmission, 302V8 $1,200. 9 Teases 6 Astronaut cartoons 57 Roman garment
rooM For Rent with Bathroom and
(650)346-9586. 14 Scott Turow Grissom 45 Accomplish of yore
Kitchen San Mateo, 94401(650)344- MerCedeS ‘79 450 SL with hard top. memoir 7 “Welcome to 46 Acted 59 NBA big men:
8127. Completely rebuilt. 20K obo. (650)851-
15 Stubborn critter Oahu!” desperately on Abbr.
16 Calendario page 8 Schedule for later “Jeopardy!,” 62 Whistler between
515 office Space 630 trucks & SuV’s 17 *Crimes of 9 Boo and hiss perhaps baskets
Ford ’96 F-150 5-spd stick shift, 6-cyl- violence, e.g. 10 Stopover with a 47 German street 63 Take advantage of
bAY AreA eXeCutiVe
oFFiCeS inC.
inder 132K miles, $3,550.00 firm new 20 School sport, or “keeper” 49 “__ Ben Adhem” 64 Beach house
battery good condition. Original owner
(650)340-8841Steve. its setting 11 Slight trace 51 __ sci view


Your office your way.
Personalized office spaces toYotA ‘00 Tundra Sr5 in a great
21 Inheritance 12 Barnes & Noble
in the Bay Area. shape, 150k miles, 4x4, automatic, V8 recipient Nook, for one
Ready for your business. Cyl. $1500. Call or text: (209)265-1393 22 “Singin’ in the 13 Steel wool
Call us today
(650)373-2000 635 Vans Rain” dance style scrubbers
23 *Jungle gym 18 Gave one’s
CheVrolet ‘06 Mini VAN, new radia-
tor, tires and brakes. Needs head gasket. 26 Operatic princess blessing to
620 Automobiles $500. (650)481-5296 27 Mo. with no 19 It may be
640 Motorcycles/Scooters holidays pumped in victory
don’t lose money 28 Patriotic org. 24 Knitting need
bMW ‘03 F650 GS, $3899 OBO. Call
on a trade-in or (650) 995-0003 since 1890 25 Full force
consignment! 29 Lightly colored 26 Well-behaved tot
hondA 305 Head, 2 blocks, X-tras.
$500 (415)269-4784 31 Fraction of a min. 30 English golfer
Sell your vehicle in the MotorCYCle SAddlebAgS, 33 Go quickly Poulter
daily Journal’s with mounting hardware and other parts 36 Golden __: 32 Key equivalent
$35. Call (650)670-2888
Auto Classifieds. seniors to B
645 boats 37 *Not-so- 34 Damascus is its
Just $45 humorous cap.
2003 P-15 West Wight Potter sailboat,
We’ll run it excellend condition. $4,500. Call humerus spot 35 Weapon in a
‘til you sell it! (650)347-2559
40 Formal will? 1952 test
MAlibu 24 ft with tower. Completely re- 43 Trampled (on) 38 Einstein’s birth
reach 83,450 drivers built and re-finished. Boat and Motor.
44 Doesn’t keep up city
from South SF to 20K obo. (650)851-0878.
48 Lightweight straw 39 Baking-soda-in- 01/09/18
Palo Alto SeA rAY 16 Ft . I/B. $1,200. Needs
hat the-fridge target
Upholstery. Call (650)898-5732.
Call (650)344-5200 50 Swiffer product 670 Auto Service 52 Divide before the
bMW ‘07 X-5, One Owner, Excel. Condi- AA SMog 53 Departure notice?
tion Sports package 3rd row seats re- Complete Repair & Service 54 *Young boy’s role
duced $18,995 obo Call (650)520-4650 $29.75 plus certificate fee
(most cars) model
CAdillAC ‘02 Deville, 8 cylinder, per-
fect condition, like new, cashmere out-
869 California Drive . 58 Game with
side white inside 4787 miles $13,000.
Burlingame matchsticks
(415)850-2370 (650) 340-0492 59 “Catch a Falling
CheVrolet ‘86 ASTROVAN, 63K Star” singer Perry
miles, $3800 (650)481-5296
60 Verdi opera “__
CheVY ‘10 HHR . 68K. EXCELLENT 670 Auto Parts Miller”
CONDITION. $8888. (650)274-8284.
bridgeStone AlenzA 235/65R17, 61 Fledgling
CheVY hhr ‘08 - Grey, spunky car $50. Excellent condition, 80k warranty,
loaded, even seat warmers, $9,500. used less than 10k. (650)593-4490 enterprise ... and
(408)807-6529. what the first word
dodge ‘99 MAintenAnCe Van, , Ford FAlCon Engine 1968 V8 289 of the answers to
$2,500 OBO Good condition. Call Long Block 2 Barrow-Includes, Intake
(650)481-5296 and Exhaust, Manifolds, Oil Pans, Timing starred clues can
Injection or Carburetor-Call Cliff
(650)504-4159 literally do
got An older 65 __ limits:
Free: 2 unmounted tires V.G. condition
CAr, boAt, or rV? for Toyota, incl Prius 124 Myrtle Burlin- extremes
Do the humane thing. game (in driveway) 66 The life of Riley
Donate it to the
Humane Society. MerCedeS benz 19 inch AMG Rim 67 Folk singer Burl
one only for sale $50 (650)814-9737 to
Call 1- 800-943-8412 arrange pick up. 68 Snorkeling spots
Mirror Mount, radar detector brack-
69 Inventor’s spark
linColn ‘02 Navigator, excellent condi- et. Fits Escort 95001x 8500 x50/70 s55. 70 Formally
tion. Runs great! Must sell! $4,400/obo. $20. 650-204-0587
(650)342-4227. surrender

PeerleSS tire Chains, used a few
MAzdA ‘12 CX-7 SUV Excellent con- times. Fits several sizes P165-225. $20
dition One owner Fully loaded Low obo. (650)745-6309
miles reduced $17,995 obo (650)520- 1 One who “rings
By Bruce Venzke and Gail Grabowski
White StAr Tire Chains, never used.

4650 twice,” in an old
P195/75R14. $25 obo. (650)745-6309.

©2018 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

MAzdA 2016 Sky Active one owner per-
fect condition 4DR Silver Low miles 680 Autos Wanted
$11,995 OBO (650)520-4650
Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
MerCurY ‘92 Lo. Mi. Some wk needed. Novas, running or not
B.O. (650)250-3032. Parts collection etc.
So clean out that garage
toYotA ‘06 Corolla, 146K miles, Give me a call
$4,700. (650)302-5523 Joe 650 342-2483
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26 Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 THE DAILY JOURNAL

Contractors Construction Construction Gardening Hauling Roofing

Drought Tolerant Planting
Drip Systems, Rock Gardens
Landscaping Design
and lots more!
Call Robert
(650)703-3831 Lic #751832



Handy Help

Cleaning “Specializing in any size project”
• Painting • Electrical Kitchens
• Carpentry • Dry Rot
by Greenstarr 40 Yrs. Experience KNIVES SHARPENED
Retired Licensed Contractor
t4QFDJBMJ[JOHJOIJHITUSFOHUI (650)201-6854 Perfect Edge Cutlery
San Mateo
TOM (650) 834-2365 HAULERS

Licensed Bonded & Insured

License#752250 Since 1985 $40 & UP LANDSCAPE DESIGN &
Since 1988/Licensed & Insured
Tree Service
new Construction Monthly Specials
Kitchen/Bathrooms Fast, Dependable Service
Drought Tolerant Planting
Hillside Tree
Licensed and Insured
Free Estimates Drip Systems, Rock Gardens Service
Lic. #589596 A+ BBB Rating
and lots more! LOCALLY OWNED
(650)341-7482 Family Owned Since 2000
Concrete • Trimming Pruning
• Shaping
COBBLE STONE Blocks, 20 assorted
pieces $99 (650)872-3401 CHAINEY HAULING • Large Removal
Junk & Debris Clean Up • Stump Grinding
Furniture / Appliance / Disposal
EA CONCRETE CO. Tree / Bush / Dirt / Concrete Demo
*Retaining Walls*Drain Systems Starting at $40 & Up
*Colored Stamped Concrete
in Many Custom Designs Free
Call for Free Estimate: Free Estimates
(650) 871-5308; (650) 464-4006
(650)207-6592 Estimates
CA License # 598762
The Daily Journal
to get 10% off
CHEAP for new customers
HAULING! Call Luis (650) 704-9635
Light moving!
Haul Debris! Notices
by Greenstarr
(650)583-6700 NOTICE TO READERS:
t4QFDJBMJ[JOHJOIJHITUSFOHUI California law requires that contractors
taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor
ESJWFXBZTt̓)JHITUSFOHUISFUBJOJOH or materials) be licensed by the Contrac-
XBMMTtTVQFSJPSJOTUSFOHUI tor’s State License Board. State law also
requires that contractors include their li-
XPSLNBOTIJQBOEöOJTItPòFSJOH cense number in their advertising. You
can check the status of your licensed
Decks & Fences Painting 321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking
TOM (650) 834-2365 jobs that total less than $500 must state
in their advertisements that they are not
Licensed Bonded & Insured
HANDYMAN & FENCES JON LA MOTTE licensed by the Contractors State Li-
cense Board.
License#752250 Since 1985 Fences, decks, arbors, Post Repairs
Retaining walls, Concrete PAINTING
Construction Works, French Drains, Siding Interior & Exterior
FREE ESTIMATES Quality Work, Reasonable
(650)346-7582 Rates, Free Estimates
Mena Plastering (650)368-8861
Lic #514269
Drywall and Stucco
Interior and Exterior
Window & Patchwork Repair MARSH FENCE
Free Estimates Plumbing
(415) 420-6362 State License #377047
Lic#625577 Bonded & Insured Licensed • Insured • Bonded
Fences - Gates - Decks
Stairs - Retaining Walls
10-year guarantee
Quality work w/reasonable prices PLUMBING
ADVERTISE Call for free estimate
(650)571-1500 SUPPLY
YOUR SERVICE Electricians
Toilets, Sinks, Vanities,
Faucets, Water heaters,
Whirlpools and more!
in the Wholesale Pricing &
SERVICE Serving the peninsula since 1976
offer your services to 83,450 readers a day, from
FREE ESTIMATES 2030 S Delaware St
Palo Alto to South San Francisco (650)322-9288 Junk and debris removal, yard/house San Mateo
and all points between!
clearing, furniture, appliance hauling
for all your electrical needs
Call (650)344-5200 ELECTRIC SERVICE GRoUP (650)393-4233 (650)350-1960
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THE DAILY JOURNAL Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 27

beauty Dental Services Health & Medical Legal Services real estate Loans Tax Preparation

LIberTY TAx ServICe

ServICeS &
HArD MONeY Fast, Friendly, Guaranteed
PrODUCTS (650)583-6032 IMPLANTS Non-Attorney document
preparation: Divorce,
Pre-Nup, Adoption, Living Trust,
AT LOWer rATe with paid tax preparation.

For free consultation 560 JENEVEIN AVE Save $500 on Conservatorship, Probate,
DIreCT PrIvATe LeNDer 2332 S. El Camino Real
San Mateo
call (650)551-7055 SAN BRUNO Implant Abutment & Notary Public. Response to ALL CREDIT ACCEPTED 650-295-0772
Lawsuits: Credit Card Since 1979
Crown Package. Issues, Breach of Contract 108 El Camino Real San Carlos
Caregiver Call Millbrae Dental Jeri blatt, LDA #11 WACHTER
MAGNOLIA for details Registered & Bonded
(650)574-2087 INVESTMENTS, INC. 1060 El Camino Real
Redwood City
CAre INDeeD (650)583-5880 348-7191
"I am not an attorney. I can only
provide self help services at your Real Estate Broker
valid 01/02-02/28/2018
890 Santa Cruz Ave specific direction." CA BRE#746683
Menlo Park 650-263-4703 Insurance
NMLS #348288
150 N. San Mateo Drive

(650) 328-1001 Marketing

POrTAbLe DeNTAL AFFOrDAbLe real estate Services
Private, Convenient, HeALTH INSUrANCe FIGONe TrAveL
Cemetery Individualized Services Brought
to your Care Facility or Home! Eric L. Barrett, GrOW THINkING AbOUT bUYING
(650) 595-7750
LASTING (650) 520-7756 President
Get free help from
The Growth Coach
Call Mitch Wong
of Intero Real Estate
Cruises • Land & Family vacations
Personalized & Experienced
Barrett Insurance Services Go to Residential and/or Commercial Family Owned & Operated
Since 1939
Real Estate
Sign up for the free newsletter
1495 Laurel St. SAN CARLOS
(650)619-0370 (650)483-8573
PRIORITY entertainment CA. Insurance License #0737226
Cypress Lawn Pet Services Training
1370 El Camino Real BROADWAY Jewelers
(650)755-0580 SAGe CeNTerS Martial Arts Instruction 853 INDUSTRIAL #H JACkSON SqUAre Emergency GrandMaster Frank Croaro
SAN CARLOS Fine Jewelers Conveniently located in the
Veterinary Care 24/7 Laurelwood Shopping
We buy sterling silver, gold, (650) 417-7243 Center, San Mateo.
Dental Services diamonds, rolex watches,
Redwood City
Food silver & gold coins, platinum. over 30 years experience
COMPLeTe IMPLANT Always here when you need us 650-759-5425
Dentistry Under One roof 2890 El Camino Real, Redwood City
NOTHING bUNDT (650)365-3000
Same day treatment
CAkeS Tuesday thru Saturday 10am-5pm
Evening & Saturday appts available
Order today for a sweet treat!
Peninsula Dental Implant Center
1201 St Francisco Way, San Carlos San Carlos (650) 592-1600
(650)232-7650 Legal Services
Millbrae (650) 552-9625

Implant & Orthodontict Center
1702 Miramonte Ave. Suite B TAqUerIA (800) 675-5353
Mountain View Because Flavor Still Matters free consultation
exceptional. 365 B Street
reliable. Innovative San Mateo
(650) 343-4123
(650)282-5555 Hablamos Español

Returning to Millbrae!

Senior Showcase
Health Fair
Saturday Senior Resources and Services
from all of San Mateo County
January 20 — over 25 exhibitors!
Goody Bags for first 200 attendees
9am to 1pm Free Services include
Interim Community Center r%PPS1SJ[FTBOE(JWFBXBZT
(Between City Hall and Library) r.FEJDBUJPO$POTVMUBUJPOBOE

Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

Sponsorships Available: Call 650-344-5200
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28 Tuesday • Jan. 9, 2018 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL