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12295 sanghamitra express time table

Looking online to grab some rail insight related to 12295 Sanghamitra express time table? This post
will definitely let you get some here. Sanghamitra express is been running in between Patna and
Bangalore and train 12295 runs from Bangalore to Patna across the country. To check on the train
12295 Sanghamitra express time table, most efficient way is to login the official site of Indian
Railways that is IRCTC, login there and get on the time table link. Once you will be there, you need to
mention in the train name that is Sanghamitra express and the train number that is 12295 and within
a click, you will get to know all about the express including details such as its arrival time, departure
time, distance that needs to be travelled, time taken to cover the same, number of halts in between
and so.

There are many other sites as well where it is easy and hassle free to grab details related to the
12295 Sanghamitra express time table along with many other services like checking out seat
availability, pnr status, running status and exact movement of the train and so. So, it is always good
to be ahead with the use of technology and make sure of all the offerings and services that you can
fetch instantly without even going anywhere else and get it online within minutes. The distance
covered by train 12295 Sanghamitra express is 2698 km in an about 48 hours and 5 minutes of time.

As per its time table, train 12295 departs from Bangalore at 09:00 hours and reaches Patna on the
second day of the journey at 09:20 hours. Starting from Bangalore junction, the train takes halts at
Bangalore Cant, Krishnarajapurm, Bangarapet, Jolarpettai, Katpadi junction, Arakkonam, Chennai
Central, Gudur junction, Nellore, Ongole, Vijaywada junction, Warangal junction, Ramgundam, Sirpur
Kagazngr, Balharshah, Chandrapur, Sevagram, Nagpur, Pandhurna, Betul, Ghoradongri, Itarsi,
Pipariya, Narsinghpur, Jabalpur, Katni, Satna, Allahabad junction, Mirzapur, Mughal Sarai junction,
Buxar, Ara, Danapur and finally at Patna station. Considering hygiene factor, it scores very well as per
the feedback and reviews. When it comes to punctuality, it scores average and it is always
recommended to have a look at its live running status for sure before heading out to station or else
and only and only after ascertaining that the train will reach on time. In case, it gets late or so, you
need not to be at the station then just waiting for the train and can actually make better utilization of
your time then. Have access to technology, stay ahead and get access to all the details and enjoy your
rail journey without any fuss and make it memorable by ordering delicious e-catering food delivery
services in trains at affordable prices.