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Pharmacy Billing Management software is general developed for medical store.

This software help them to do billing and stock maintenance.


The purpose of thisdocument is to specify requirements and to give guidelines for

the development of above said project. In particular it gives guidelines on how to prepare the
above said project.

This document is intended to be a practical guide for people who developing this software.


As this is generic software it can be used by a wide variety of outlets (retailers and
wholesalers) to automate the process of manually maintaining the records related to the subject
of maintaining the stock and cash flows.



Medical store Management software is very needy for Medical Store. This software
help them maintain day to day transactions in computer.

Existing System:

At present Medical Stores maintain their day to day transactions manually. These
have shops thousands of product they need to track of all these products to check the stock ,
expiry date etc.., if they are not return the expiry product to the distributor in time then they loose
that much amount. So it is very essential to track expiry items prior one month or before, then
only they can able to return these products back. To find the product is also another risky job. So
proper system is required. They need a full pledged software to maintain their day to day
transactions. A part from this regular update on stock. Supplier wise cash transaction. Daily
sailes report. Etc.,
Proposed System:

The proposed system help them in many ways. It helps them do billing very
easily. Account maintenance also become easier. They can keep track of their purchases, sales,
stocks and account details. The software is provided with all the master entries to enter any new
product, or supplier, or customer to add or modify and delete.

Objective of Pharmacy Management System:

The main objective of the Pharamacy Management System is to manage the

details of Medicines, stocks, inventory, pharmacy, sells. It manages all the information about
Medicines, Company, Sells, Medicines. The project is totally built at administrative end and thus
only the administrator is guaranteed the access. The purpose of the project is to build an
application program to reduce the manual work for managing the Medicines, Stocks, Company,
Inventory, Pharmacy, Sells.

Features Of Pharmacy Management System Are As Follows:

 Provides the searching facilities based on various factor. Such as Medicine, Inventory,
Pharmacy, Sells
 The transactions are executed in off-line mode, hence on-line data for Medicine, Stocks
capture and modification is not possible.
 It tracks all the information of stocks, company, pharmacy etc.
 Manage the information of stocks
 Shows the information and description of the Medicines, Inventory
 All the fields such as Medicines, Inventory, Sells are validate and does not take invalid
 It generates the report on Medicines, Stocks, company
 Provide filter report on inventory, pharmacy, sells
 You can easily export PDF for the Medicines, Company, Pharmacy
 Application also provides excel export for Stocks, Inventory, Sells
 To increase efficiency of managing the Medicine, Stocks
 It deals with monitoring the information and transactions of Pharmacy.
 Manage the information of Medicines
 Editing, adding and updating of Records is improved which results in proper resource
management of Medicines data.
 Manage the information of pharmacy
 Integration of all records of sells.