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Checklist for Reinforcement

Project : Doc. No. : WES/QA/CL-REN/

Client : Project Location :


1 Structural Drg. No. and date as per which reinforcement checked.
Bar Bending Schedule Prepared?

2 Connecting of bars to existing dowels to be checked for alignment. OK?

Placing of Bar diameter, number, spacing match with the Construction

3 Schedule?

4 Lap Length, Position of lap, OK?

5 Cleanliness of shuttering and Bars OK?

6 Chairs provided?

7 Cover for reinforcement ok?

8 Provision of cover blocks/ preparation of cover blocks

Maintaining records and getting approval for additional reinforcement

9 not shown

To check the construction joint for proper concrete bonding before

10 placing reinforcement

11 Laying of bars of required dia. As per requirement

12 Check for Test Reports for steel and approved brand or not

13 Check colour coding for identification

Check for proper binding (double strand/quality of binding wire of 18

14 SWG)

15 Check for any rework or alteration


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