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I am writing to express my sincere interest in pursuing a PhD program at the International

Max Planck Research School of Marine Microbiology (MarMic)

I am keen to apply for this doctoral program as its research interests are an excellent
match for my academic background. My first research venture was as a MSc.
Dissertation student, I joined Prof. (Dr.) Rosamma Philip research group at Cochin
University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) for the MSc. dissertation project entitled
“Antimicrobial peptides derived from Sin Croaker”. The objective of this project was
focused on isolation of antimicrobial peptides from the Sin croaker, Johnius dussumieri
and determining its antimicrobial activity in vitro. In my dissertation, I have used
modified acetic acid-acetone method, Sep-pak ® c-18 cartridges (Waters, USA) and
Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography- FPLC
for the purification and Liquid growth
inhibition assay to determine antimicrobial activity.

I worked as an intern at National Centre for Antarctic & Ocean Research, Ministry of
Earth Sciences (India) for six months under the supervision of Dr. P.V Bhaskar. Here I
have undergone analysis on water samples from Indian Southern Ocean Expedition and
Equatorial samples. Analysis like Quantification of Exopolysaccharides (EPS) by phenol
sulphuric acid method, enumeration of microorganisms in samples by DAPI staining,
Identification of siderophore producing microorganisms by CAS assay, Isolation of DNA
from isolates producing good amount of EPS followed by PCR amplification.

In my undergraduate coursework I have been introduced to various

facets of the microbiology among which I became more inclined towards microbial
diversity and developed a keen interest in unexplored capabilities of marine
environment. During this time I attended seminars and lectures by many eminent
professors, which further whetted my passion. Gradually I learned that these studies on
marine microorganisms can lead to developments in science like drugs discovery and
others. I graduated from the Bharathiar University, Coimbatore (India) and after that I
got selected for masters in marine microbiology in Kerala University of Fisheries and
Ocean Studies (KUFOS) Kochi, through a competitive entrance examination.
The academic environment at KUFOS, Kochi has fostered my research
interest. I have taken credit courses on marine bioactive molecules, microbial
oceanography, (microbial taxonomy, systematics and diversity), (instrumentation and
techniques in microbiology and molecular biology) and relevant laboratory courses,
which are pertinent to my research interest. In my laboratory works I have been
introduced to a variety of analytical tools: FPLC, PCR, TOC analyser. Being conversed
with these analytical tools will certainly help me in my research. I believe that these
skills and experience will allow me to complete a larger- scale project like a PhD
effectively. I now wish to continue my academic career with a PhD in Marine
Microbiology, and I cannot imagine a better place to study this than the International
Max Planck Research School of Marine Microbiology

International Max Planck Research School of Marine Microbiology (MarMic)

congregates the best researchers of the world on a single platform. An opportunity to
interact with several great researchers of present time would be a golden chance for
anyone. In such a dynamic environment, I am sure I would be able to achieve my full
potential and meet the high standards of the institute thereby helping me to become
an excellent researcher and a great instructor. After receiving my PhD degree, I
would be able to fulfill my ambition of learning to conduct experiments efficiently and
serve science by my knowledge.