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Dramix® Club, reinforcing your knowledge
What’s inside?

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Dramix® Club,
… and much more
Join a world
of benefits
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What’s inside?

Your daily
knowledge support

With Dramix® Club, Bekaert is providing all It delivers a wealth of support

information, expert advice, tips
the support to get more out of your steel fiber and ideas on a daily basis that
projects. Dramix Club is an interactive
® will make working with steel fibers
much easier.
knowledge platform that offers you Dramix® Club is the knowledge

everything you need to know platform for:

· Contractors
about steel fibers, personalized to your · Engineers/Designers
· Flooring specialists
specific industry and information needs.
· Investors/Owners
· Ready mix companies
· Precast companies
· Tunnelling specialists

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Design tools

Design tools
that boost your business

access to Dramix® Drapro,

Dramix® Club offers free
Bekaert’s web-based design calculation tool that is helping
designers and engineers to make the most accurate calculations for their
steel fiber concrete flooring projects.

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Design tools Design tools

Drapro, helping you dot the i’s

Dramix® Drapro is an easy and straightforward tool that allows you to

calculate the required dosage of steel fibers for your
specific flooring project. It also supports you in choosing the appropriate
concrete strength. Dramix® Drapro calculations for steel fiber concrete are
based on yield line theory and ultimate limit states. This design method is
accepted by ACI 360. Bekaert’s calculation tool has been developed
together with engineers worldwide, and has been used at
testing laboratories and for thousands of steel fiber concrete projects
worldwide over the past thirty years.

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Product library

Stay informed with

our product library

Knowledge is power. An adage that is all the more true in today’s fast
paced construction industry. When joining Dramix® Club, you will receive
all the knowledge
support you need with the extensive
document database, including a wealth of information on
Dramix® products and on steel fiber technology in general.

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Product library

Knowledge you can trust

Product brochures, technical
specifications, recommendations,
whitepapers … the Dramix® Club
includes tons of information that
is free to use to back up
your steel fiber concrete project.
Bekaert’s information platform is
always up to date with the
latest information on the most
important certifications and quality
assurance systems all over the
world. The Dramix® Club’s product
data sheet case study
library is maintained by dedicated
Bekaert engineers who make sure
that all content is up to academic

info sheet certificate

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Reference database

A reference database
full of inspiration

Dramix® steel fibers have found their way in concrete projects around the
globe. But don’t take our word for it. Just have a look in the
Dramix® Club reference database for an impressive list of
Dramix® customers worldwide. Get inspired by the wide
variety of construction applications for which Dramix® has already worked

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Reference database

A window to the world

The Dramix® Club reference
database allows you to browse
forsteel fiber projects
around the world.
Every reference project has a
downloadable document providing
you with more information on the
type of construction, construction
date and type of steel fibers used. Coca-Cola Distribution Center Daimler Chrysler Engine Plant Ford Field Arena Floor

National Air and Space Museum Pedestrian Tunnel - Dulles International Virginia Beach convention center
airport Washington

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Speakers’ corner

Share your experience on

Speakers’ corner

Ever wondered how your colleagues and fellow construction professionals

are experiencing the use of steel fiber concrete? In the Dramix® Club
Speakers’ corner, you’ll hear it first hand.

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Speakers’ corner Speakers’ corner

Where experts meet

calculation software”
Ed Eargle, PE Vice President,
Concrete Advantages, LLC, Lexington, US

“Bekaert’s Dramix® Club is a great resource for project examples, At the Dramix® Club Speakers’ Corner you can learn from the experts, as
product information, specifications, but most of all for the Dramix they share their findings and useful information with you and your industry
Drapro software. Through Bekaert’s advanced calculation tool and colleagues. Just browse through the Speakers’ Corner’s many text and
the comprehensive concrete design reports it is able to produce, we video testimonials and learn how they put their steel fiber technology to use.
were able to help a customer realize significant cost savings, as well
as improved concrete performance for a project for Lexington County
in South Carolina.”

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… and much more How to register

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Don’t forget to come back regularly,
as Bekaert’s Dramix® Club offers
you an ever growing source
of information. In addition
to the topics described above,
the Dramix® Club is continuously
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Dramix® Club, reinforcing your knowledge

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