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NAMA MURID : ______________________________

KELAS : ______________________________
NAMA GURU : ______________________________

Disediakan oleh: Disemak oleh: Disahkan oleh:

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( 20 marks)

Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat berikut.

1. The book belongs to me. It is _________ .

A mine
B me
C my
D myself
2. My grandparents _________ in the farm.
A lived
B live
C lives
D life
3. _________ does the Inspector Hashim talk to everyday?
A Why
B Where
C Whom
D Who
4. The car is going _________ a tunnel.
A on
B up
C into
D under
5. The children enjoyed singing the song _________ .
A happily
B awfully
C terribly
D sadly

Choose the most suitable simile.
Pilih jawapan yang sesuai.

6. The puppy is _________ because no one feeds it.

A as happy as a lark
B as cunning as a fox
C as strong as a bull
D as thin as a rake

Choose the best answer for each blanks.

Pilih jawapan terbaik untuk setiap tempat kosong.

Nurul, Jagjit, Kim Seng, Kinah and Pravin are _________ (7) rubbish on a
polluted beach. Pravin is picking _________ (8) aluminium cans. Nurul collects
plastic containers from the beach. Jagjit is picking up the pieces of papers
_________ (9) paper cups.

7. A collect 9. A nor
B collecting B but
C collects C and
D collected D or

8. A up
B on
C at
D in

Choose the words that has the opposite meaning as the underlined word.
Pilih perkataan yang berlawanan maksud dengan perkataan yang bergaris.

10. The turtles are moving slowly out of the water.

A roughly
B nicely
C quickly
D bitterly

Choose the sentences with the correct punctuation.
Pilih ayat yang mempunyai tanda baca yang betul.

11. A “Oh no the beach is so dirty?’’ said kinah.

B “Oh no, The beach is so dirty! said Kinah”
C “ Oh, no! The beach is so dirty,” said Kinah.
D “Oh no? The beach is so dirty! said Kinah”

Questions 12-15
Look at the picture and choose the best answer.
Lihat gambar dan pilih jawapan yang terbaik.

Amy and her family are at the park in their neighbourhood. The sun _________ (12)
setting in the horizon. There is a beautiful rainbow against _________ (13) sky. The
children are chasing the colourful _________ (14). A squirrel is sitting on the branch
of a tree and eating a rambutan. Amy’s parents are sitting on a _________ (15) and
talking to some friends. Two hours later, they walk home slowly.

12. A is 14. A beetles

B am B butterflies
C are C dragonflies
D was D grasshoppers
13. A a 15. A chair
B an B stool
C the C bench
D - D couch

Questions 16 to 20
Read the letter below carefully and answer the questions that follow.
Baca surat di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan yang berikutnya.

24 Jalan Timur
68000 Ampang
1 January 2016

Dear Muhsin,
I received your letter yesterday and was happy to hear that you will be joining
us for the camping trip at the waterfall next week.
Jeya and Kim Hock would be bringing a few packets of instant noodles, a
bottle of cooking oil and a small tin of biscuits. Yusuf and his brother, Roslan,
will bring a few loaves of bread and canned sardine. You can perhaps bring some
chocolate and crackers.
I hope that I have not left any important items. That’s all and I will see you
next week.

Your friend,
Chee Keong

16. Who wrote the letter? 19. The synonym word for important is
A Chee Keong A main
B Muhsin B favourite
C Jeya C nice
D Yusuf D good

17. The camping trip will be at the 20. Which of the statement below is true?
_________ . A Chee Keong wrote a letter to Kim
A seaside Hock.
B waterfall B Muhsin needs to bring some
C river chocolate and crackers.
D lake C Chee Keong and Ahmad will bring
some instant noodles.
18. Jeya and Kim Hock will be D The children are going for a camping
bringing all the items except trip at the seaside.
A instant noodles
B biscuits
C cooking oil
D canned sardines

( 30 marks )
Question 21
Based on the given pictures, give the correct answers in full sentences.
Write your answers in the space provided.
Berdasarkan gambar-gambar berikut, berikan jawapan dalam ayat yang penuh.
Tulis jawapan di tempat yang disediakan.

That’s too late. Let’s
go in the afternoon. Answer:


[ 2 marks ]

How are you
feeling? Answer:


[ 2 marks ]

c) Can I have a
glass of water?



[ 2 marks ]

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.
Baca petikan di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan berikutnya.

The seasons change in many places in the world. It is very hot. In other places it
can be hot or cold. It can change during the year. We call these different times of the
year as ‘seasons’. In some countries, like the United States, it can change a lot.

Some places are hot all year round. In other places summer becomes fall and it
gets colder. Then winter comes and it is very cold. Snow fails and water freezes.
Winter does not last forever. It begins to get warmer. Snow and ice melt. Plants start
to grow again.

This is spring. Summer comes after spring. It is warm and can be very hot.
Children have no school and can play outside. Many people like summer the best of all.

Question 22
Tick ( / ) the correct answer.
a) Which season comes first?

[ 1 mark ]

b) What does not happen in the spring?

It begins to get warmer

Leaves fall off the trees
Snow and ice melt
[ 1 mark ]

Write your answers in the spaces provided.

Tulis jawapan di ruang yang disediakan.

c) What two words best describe the weather in the summer?

[ 2 marks ]
d) How many different seasons are there? Name all the seasons.

[ 2 marks ]
e) Which season is your favourite? Explain why.

[ 2 marks ]

Read the comprehension below and answer the questions that follow.
Baca petikan di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan berikutnya.

Sea turtles are large turtles. Turtles are reptiles. Reptiles have scaly
skin and lay eggs.

Sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach. Females may swim many miles
to lay eggs on the same beach where they were born!

Sea turtles live in the warm sea. They are good swimmers and divers.
They like to eat crabs, shrimp, and other sea life. Some sea turtles may live
to be 80 years old!

Sea turtles are endangered. Many people are helping to save the sea
turtles. People help protect young turtles so they may live.

Question 23
Tick [ / ] the correct answers.
a) Sea turtles live in the

river [ 1 mark ]

b) Sea turtles like to eat

crab [ 1 mark ]

c) Match the phrases in List A to the suitable phrases in List B. An example is given below.

List A List B
The turtles helping to save the turtles.
They like are reptiles.
They have to eat crabs and shrimps.
Many people are scaly skins and lay eggs.

[ 2 marks ]
d) How long will the sea turtles live?
[ 2 marks ]
e) Sea turtles are endangered animals. Why do you think they are endangered?
[ 2 marks ]
Read the texts below and answer the questions that follow.
Baca petikan di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan berikutnya.

Making Salted Fish

In the old days, people did not have refrigerators or freezers. Fishermen made salted fish
when they had caught more than enough fish. They did this to preserve the fish. People
could eat the salted fish later. Here are the three steps to make salted fish.

Cut open and clean the fish.
Sprinkle the fish with a lot of salt.
Arrange the fish and dry them under the sun for a few days.

Questions 24 and 25

Tick [ / ] the correct answers.

24. a) How many steps are there to make salted fish?

three [ 1 mark ]

b) Who made the salted fish?

Fisherman [ 1 mark ]

25. a) In the old days, why people started making salted fish?
[ 2 marks ]
b) Explain the three steps to make salted fish.

[ 2 marks ]
c) Do you like to eat salted fish? Why?

[ 2 marks ]

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