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RC 048 080 042 US


One, Rice; Myron Charles, Captain of vessel, the living Man of the "MYRON CHARLES
RICE" EST ATE, have not abandon the vessel. I certify that the statements in this document are
true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

1. The "Assumed Name Certificate" is notary seal, "Certificate of Acknowledgment" in
the "State of Michigan", "County of Wayne" (dated: January 9, 201 7).
2. The "State of Michigan" Authentication seal is a "Certificate of Authority" recording
by Secretary of State, Ms Ruth A. Johnson (191097-1-493 147- 157).
3. The "Assumed Name Certificate" Authentication makes the document a public record.
4. The "Assumed Name Certificate" Authentication makes the "record in due form of
law" in Michigan.
5. The "Assumed Name Certificate" Authentication proves a fact and removes any doubts.

Bouvier Dictionary expression defined on Doubt:
4. No judge is presumed to have any doubt on a question of law, and he cannot
therefore refuse to give a judgment on that account.

9 MR. 355; Merlin, Repert. h.t.; Aylijfe's Pand. b. 2, t. 17; Dig lib. 34, t. 5; Code,
lib. 6, t. 38. Indeed, in some countries; in China, f or example, ignorance of the law in
a judge is punishable with blows. Penal Laws of China, B. 2, s. 61.

6. The "Assumed Name Certificate" is recorded in the "State of Minnesota" (File Number
919959200024, December 12, 2016).
7. The "Assumed Name Certificate" is recorded by State of Minnesota's Secretary of State
Mr. Steve Simon.
8. The "Assumed Name Certificate" should be given full faith and credit in all Courts of
justice and elsewhere.
9. The "Assumed Name Certificate" is issued by the State, therefore State property shall be
protected under the Sovereign Immunity Act and 11th amendment.

Entered into force June 1. for the United States March 6. having communicated to each other their respective full powers . cattle. M ember of the B ar of the Supreme Court of the U nited States and the Supreme Court of P ennsylvania. 2 as be- tween contracting parties to the later conventions' 4 7 Stat. Treaty Series 834 The Presiden t of the U nited St a tes of A merica : M r. lThe scope of the pFotection of industtfal property includes patents. Mr. trade-marks. 1930 Ratified by the President of the United States December 27.. Industrial property is to be understood in the broadest meanin g a n d is to be applied not only to industry and commerce as such. tobacco leaves. service marks. Commissioner of P atents. trad names. 1 The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property of 1883 Article I of the Paris Convention {Stockholm Act of 1967) stipulates that '"The rotection of industrial property has as its object patents. but likewise to agricultural industries (wines. .). Senate advice and consent to ratification December 16. 1931. P ittsburgh. etc. industrial desi en ~ trademarks. indications of source or appellations of origin. W ho. utility models. 1931 N otification of United States deposit given by Switzerland to other parties F ebruary 6. J 925 . L ane.--- 10. former President of the American and Chicago Patent L aw Associations. 1931 Proclaimed by the President of the United States March 6. Robertson. T homas E. or aJ:>pellations of origin. whic h were foun d to be in good and due form. 1789. utility models. grain. 1958. mineral w aters. Mr. commercial names and indications o orig in. as wen as the re ression of unfair com etition. fruit. 1931 Replaced by conventions of June 2. 1934. W allace R . Jo. ·ndustrial designs and models. 1928. 1930 Ratification of the United States deposited at Bern January 22. have agreed upon the following articles : ARTICLE 1 T he contracting countries constitute themselves into a union for the protection o f industrial property . The "Assumed Name Certificate" is also protected as Industrial Property and State Property reference by T r eaties and United Nation Conventions: PROTECTION OF IN D USTRIAL PROPERTY Convention signed at The Hague November 6. M ember of the B ar of the Supreme Court of the United States. 1 and October 31.) and extractive industries (minerals. etc. Baily B rown. aud the repression of unfair. M ember of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States and the Supreme Court of Illinois .

United Nations General Assembly 30 November 2004 https://treaties. or (b) is not named as a party to the proceeding but the proceeding in effect seeks to affect the property. A State shall give effect to State immunity under article 5 by refraining from exercising jurisdiction in a proceeding before its courts against another State and to that end shall ensure that its courts determine on their own initiative that th~ immunity of that other State under article 5 is respected.13 ~ /7 Rice.un._ January . .9 508-E.04 of SUBSCRIBED AND AFFIRMED. from the jurisdiction of the courts of another State subject to the rovisions of the resent Convention.1-r Date GREG SANDS JR. before me with a passport ID. f . on thi ~ l"'"r\ {) h. in respect of itself and its property.pdf Microsoft Word . myron charles.o1{doc/source/docs/A 5. &.doc Part II General principles Article 5 State immunity A State enjoys immunity.2 · Notary Print Name ' I.1'J·. 2017. Ma~ Acting in the Coun of . Article 6 Modalities for giving effect to State immunity 1. A proceeding before a court of a State shall be considered to have been instituted against another State if that other State: (a) is named as a party to that proceeding. Seal: NOfARV PUBLIC· STATE OF MICHIGAN COUNTY OF WAYNE My Commission Expires. interests or activities of that other State. rights. 2. Private International Organization (#RC048080135US) State of Michigan ) ) SS County of Wayne ) \ . I certified the above statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. Secretary ofState ofthe State ofMichigan and custodian ofthe Great Seal of the State. was on the date thereofthe duly elected or appointed and qualified Notary Public in andfor the County of WAYNE in this State and all official acts as such should be givenfull faith and credit in all Courts ofJustice and elsewhere. I have hereto affixed my signature and Great Seal ofthe State. and where appropriate. the capacity in which that official acted. whose notarization is affixed to the annexed instrument. the identity of the seal or stamp which the document bears 191097-1-493147-157 ThIs certificatIon is not intended 10 imply lhat the contents of the document are correct. . hereby certifY that. at Detroit. this 11 th day ofJanuary in the year ofour Lord two thousand and seventeen. GREG SANDS JR. Secretary ofState This certification allesls only to the authenticity of the signature of the official who signed the affixed document. Ruth Johnson. nor that they have the approval of the Slate of Michigan. @ttatr of fI it4igun DEPARTMENT OF STATE NOTARY PUBLIC CERTIFICATION I.

17 Rice. before me with a passport ID.. ASSUMED NAME: MYRON CHARLES RICE PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS: 13426 Schaefer Hiway #559 Detroit Mi 48227 USA NAMEHOLDER(S): Name: Address: Rice. the undersigned..y_ _. If the attachment conflicts with the information specifically set forth in this document. By typing my name. this document supersedes the data referenced in the attachment. I understand that by signing this document I am subject to the penalties of perjury as set forth in Section 609. it will be incorporated into this document. Chapter 333 The filing of an assumed name does not provide a user with exclusive rights to that name. S 81: bYII:J0. 2017. or in both capacities. certify that I am signing this document as the person whose signature is required.. and that the infonnation in this document is true and correct and in compliance with the applicable chapter of Minnesota Statutes. on this _'-7'-------_ day of----::J::. I.Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State Certificate of Assumed Name Minnesota Statutes.~ ~ /-'1...z. SIGNED BY: Rice.48 as if I had signed this document under oath.L~ ?c)Z'r Notary Public Signature Date Seal: Notary Print Name: .=an=uar=. I further certify that I have completed all required fields. Private International Organization (#RC048080J35US) Dat ' State of Michigan ) ) ss County of Wayne ) /:7/"-1 SUBSCRIBED AND AFFIRMED. myron charles EMAIL FOROFFICIALNOTICES:ricebome12074@juno. myron charles. /. myron charles 13426 Schaefer Hiway #559 Detroit Mi 48227 USA If you submit an attachment. The filing is required for consumer protection in order to enable customers to be able to identify the true owner of a Work Item 919979200024 Original File Number 919979200024 STATE OF MINNESOTA OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE FILED 12/10/201611:59 PM Steve Simon Secretary of State I certified the above statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. or as agent of the person(s) whose signature would be required who has authorized me to sign this document on his/her behalf.