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Level: Bachelor Semester – Spring Year : 2009

Programme: BE Full Marks: 100
Course: Design of RCC Structure Pass Marks: 45
Time : 3hrs.
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far
as practicable.
The figures in the margin indicate full marks.
Attempt all the questions.

1. A rectangular beam section is 320 mm wide and 500 mm deep with 50 20

mm effective cover. The beam section is to be subjected to factored
moment of 162KNm and factored shear force of 26KN. In addition to
these, the beam section is also subjected to factored torsional moment of
13KNm. Design a beam with M20 mix and Fe500 grade steel.
2. Design a RCC slab supported on all its four edges over a room of size 20
3.95m × 5.25m whose two long edges are continuous and corners are
restrained at support. A finishing surface of cement concrete of 20mm is
provided over the slab. The live load acting on the slab is 4KN/m 2. Use
M20 mix and Fe 415 grade steel
3. Design a symmetrically reinforced bi-axially eccentrically loaded braced 20
column of size 300mm × 480mm deformed in single curvature with
following data.
Effective length for bending parallel to larger dimension 5.4m
Effective length for bending parallel to smaller dimension 4.2m
Unsupported length 5.8m
Factored axial load (Pu) 1025 KN
Factored moment in the direction of larger dimension 108 KNm at
top and 73
KNm at
Factored moment in the direction of shorted dimension 42 KNm at
top and 28
KNm at

Concrete mix M20
Reinforcement Fe415
The column is bent in single curvature.
4. Design the spherical top dome of an RC overhead intz tank with 1 million 20
litre capacity. Use M20 concrete and Fe 415 steel. Live load over it is 1.5
KN/m2. Provide height of cylindrical wall portion as 8m. Show design
5. Write short notes on: (Any Four) 4×5
a) Limitation of Plain Cement Concrete
b) Factor of safety and partial safety factor
c) Basic requirements of liquid retaining structure
d) Factors influencing deflections of beam
e) Design steps of raft foundation