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What you may be about to read is taken from an investment solicitation (perfectly legal), which

may or may not be correct in its future prediction. However well informed this gentleman (Mr
Jim Rickards) may be does not necessarily mean the information is completely accurate. Having
said this it would be prudent to pay attention to the overall picture this man has made available.
Nobody knows the inner mind of President Trump, nor for certain the inner minds of those
referred as the Global elites. This information is valuable depending on how it is put to use. It
has been said long ago that, " My people perish from lack of knowledge and understanding."
What follows below is mostly the information and prediction well presented by Mr Jim Rickards.
( Liberty has been taken to make small changes in the hope of making this information thought

In Short, Come March 1st, 2018… I Fully Expect the Global Elite to Implement a MAJOR Change
to the Plumbing of Our Financial System

It’s a brand-new worldwide banking system called Distributed Ledger Technology.

And it will have a huge impact on seniors who are now preparing for retirement…

It will impact your IRA or 401(k)…

Checking and savings account…

And any cash you have parked in the US financial system.


Unfortunately, Trump CANNOT stop this. (it CAN in fact be stopped and corrected by the
President, however; when President Kennedy...and a couple of other Presidents in the
past...started the correction by ordering the U.S. Treasury to begin replacing "Federal Reserve
notes"(the primary reason for the increasing National debt) with Treasury issued "Bills", he was
of course assassinated.

There will be nothing the White House can do.

They have no direct control over the institutions that will carry this out.

Nobody can stop this.

It’s already too late.

The global elites’ plan is in motion… and my research indicates this new system will be rolled out
on March 1.

***Under the guidance of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), global elites will use that new
financial system to replace the US dollar with their own globalist currency.

This new currency will be off limits to everyday folks.

***With the globalist currency replacing the dollar, demand for Treasury bonds will dry up…
cutting the US government’s main source of funding.

We’ll see major disruptions in welfare programs, such as Social Security and Medicare.

Those who depend exclusively on Social Security will be out of luck… and will watch their checks
get cut in half… or worse.

***This event coming on March 1st could also set up a huge opportunity in the stock market.

With the new globalist currency replacing the US dollar as the world reserve currency…

And the government struggling to pay its bills, investors will bail out of the stock market…

Of course, you won’t hear any of this from the “fake news” mainstream media.
But the IMF, which is coordinating this entire thing, has even issued a memo.

The memo clearly states:

“Distributed Ledgers have recently emerged as a key technology supporting multiple

applications. The potential exists to transform payments and securities settlement… by offering
currency substitutes.”

Look, for years the global elites have been quietly laying the groundwork to replace the US dollar
with their own globalist currency.

With this new infrastructure called Distributed Ledgers…

They finally have everything they need to EXECUTE their plan.

“If the world seeks to diversify away from the US dollar, then [Distributed Ledgers] could initiate
for the IMF an entirely different type of construction project.”

Another member of the global elite, Carl T., confirmed that “there’s much anticipation
surrounding Distributed Ledger technology.”

Their intentions couldn’t be clearer.

They’ve already laid out the plan…

They’ve set up a special task force…

And now that Trump is in power, they’re ready to pull the trigger!
Globalists Are Already Preparing to

Blame All the Chaos on Trump

It’s no secret the global elites hate President Trump.

His nationalistic agenda is the exact opposite of the globalists’ hidden agenda of world
government, world money and world taxation.

Trump believes in “America first,” not globalism…

He believes in immigration control, not open borders.

He said himself…

“There is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency or a global flag. This is the United
States of America that I’m representing.”

That’s why he already pulled our nation out of the globalists’ international trade deal known as

And defied global elites by pulling out of their Paris climate accord.

Put simply, Trump is a major threat to the global elites’ agenda.

And now they have the perfect plan to stop him.

With Distributed Ledgers, I fully expect them to finally implement their plan to replace the US
dollar with their own globalist currency…
And blame all the chaos on Trump.

In fact, the “fake news” mainstream media already started to lay the groundwork for blaming

The U.K. Independent newspaper published an article saying:

“The great dollar crisis… will follow the banking crisis and the Great Recession — and it will all be
sparked by The Donald.”

Even The Wall Street Journal is playing the blame game.

They wrote: “Could the new president bring forward the day the dollar loses its reserve-currency

The Journal actually quoted me in that specific article.

I had to explain to them that global elites are the real threat to America…

NOT Trump policies.

As you’re about to see, the global elites have been working on this plan to dethrone the dollar
for years.

It just so happens now they have the perfect scapegoat to execute their plan.

It’s Their Chance to END

America’s “Exorbitant Privilege”

You see, many economists thought our massive government debt would trigger a dollar crisis.

But they’ve been proven wrong again, again and again.

Have you noticed that U.S. debt has been exploding for years…

And yet, nothing has happened to the US dollar?

The reason is simple…

The US dollar remains the world’s reserve currency.

That means other nations have to hold and use the US dollar for international trade, instead of
their own currencies.

This creates a virtually unlimited demand for US dollars…

And it allows the U.S. government(together with the Federal Reserve banking cartel) to print
trillions of dollars(actually Federal Reserve 'notes' representing the increasing debt) each year to
pay for wars, debt and anything we(you??) want.

Basically, it’s a license to print money and abuse the global system.

And that’s why we’ve(US government and taxpayers) been able to accumulate more than $19
trillion in debt without suffering any consequences.
As long as there’s no alternative to the US dollar, we(you??) can keep doing that forever.

Look, our nation had an amazing run with the US dollar as the #1 reserve currency.

Because of it, we have the world’s best technology…

The word’s most influential culture…

The world’s most powerful military…

We were able to build a true empire with seemingly unlimited control of the world.

But that’s precisely why global elites are sick of the US dollar. (perhaps the Global elite over
generations have had this plan for at least 200/300 years precisely 'using' what is being here

How do you think the other 190+ nations feel about the fact we can print a $100 bill anytime we

While they actually have to pony up $100 of actual goods in order to obtain the same bill?

Global elites are sick of what has been called America’s “exorbitant privilege.” (have they been
actually using what they created?)

And now they’re finally taking action to “fix” this problem.

For years, they’ve been working on a plan to replace the US dollar with their own globalist

What’s different this time is… they finally have the tool they need to execute their plan.

the United Nations and the IMF have both CONFIRMED this plan to replace the US dollar is real.

The UN said we need “a new global reserve system… that no longer relies on the United States
dollar as the single major reserve currency.”

And the IMF admitted they want to make “the special drawing right (SDR) the principal reserve
asset in the [International Monetary System].”

More recently, they advanced their plan by helping private institutions, such as the UK’s
Standard Chartered Bank, issue bonds in SDRs. Although our (the U.S.) mainstream media
ignored this major event, the UK media reported:

Once other nations start accumulating the globalist currency through Distributed Ledgers…

They will no longer need to hold dollars.

And that will have a DIRECT impact on welfare programs, such as Social Security and Medicare.

When you buy things from other nations, like textiles, electronics, etc…

You pay for them in US dollars.

And what do they do with that money?

They can’t use it in their own economies. So most of them invest in Treasury bonds.

And that’s exactly how our government finances its operations…

By issuing Treasury bonds to other nations. (with an 'interest component' which continually
inceases the National U.S. government and taxpayer debt (which actually is a fraudulent system
created back in 1912/13 with the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act.)

Once Distributed Ledgers go live, other nations will no longer need to buy Treasury bonds.

And that means our government will no longer be able to finance its normal operations,
including welfare programs.

I showed you how some private banks have already started to issue SDR bonds.

That process will accelerate once Distributed Ledgers go live…

With many other nations dumping US Treasury bonds in exchange for SDR bonds…

Essentially cutting the funding of the US government…

And YOUR Social Security and Medicare.

That’s why this new financial system could have a HUGE impact on seniors who depend on Social
Security income to live.

Imagine watching your Social Security check getting cut from $2,000 to $1,000!