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Box 57, 3360 AB Sliedrecht

Industrieweg 6, 3361 HJ Sliedrecht
The Netherlands

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Manufacturer: Address:
Van Beest B.V. Sliedrecht Industrieweg 6 3361 HJ , Sliedrecht
Det Norske Veritas Approval No: Type designation:
S-7593 G-4161
Description of the component:
G-4161, Green Pin® Standard Shackles, bow shackles with screw collar pin, hot dipped galvanized, grade 6, diameter bow 50 mm, diameter
pin 57 mm, WLL 35 ton

Working Load Limit (WLL): Proof Load (PL): Breaking Load (BL):
35 ton 70 ton 210 ton
Production (proof) testing
Test performed: 30.12.2016 Test result:

Test report no.:80136133000200

Bow: AT
Pin: BE
These shackles have been designed, approved and tested in accordance with Det Norske Veritas Certification Notes no. 2.7-1
"Certification of Offshore Freight Containers".
The shackles also conform to the following standard(s):
EN 12079-2 Offshore containers and associated lifting sets - Part 2: Lifting Sets - Design, manufacture and marking
EN 13889 Forged steel shackles, with WLL 0.5 ton to 25 ton maximum, for general lifting purposes - Dee shackles and Bow shackles -
Grade 6 - Safety
IMO/MSC Circular 860
Federal Specification Chains and Attachments, welded and weldless, RR-C-271D
DNV Standard for Certification No. 2.7-3 Portable Offshore Units
Material certificate reference / Castno's
Bow: 592255
Pin: 590757

Our order number: 191171 Customer no.: 30309
Your reference: CWP 3096 Customer name: Climber World Peru S.A.C.
Supplied quantity: 74 pcs Shipment no.: 80136133

This certificate is based on DNV-type approval no. S-7593

Date: 11.03.2017 VAN BEEST B.V.

Industrieweg 6
3361 HJ Sliedrecht
Place: Sliedrecht
The Netherlands

P. Oostlander (QC-Manager)

Van Beest B.V., manufacturer and supplier of wire rope and chain fittings.
Registered trade marks 'Green Pin' and 'Excel'. Member of Van Beest Group B.V.
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Form : KF-10-490C Issue : 02.01.2017