SAP FI Module - where FI means Financial Accounting ± essentially this SAP module delivers your regulatory µbooks of record¶

, including y y y y y y y y General ledger Book close Tax Accounts receivable Accounts payable Asset Management (SAP AM) Consolidation Special ledgers

Go here for more details on the SAP FI Module, or here for a 4 page SAP FI Tutorial

SAP CO Module - The CO stands for Controlling ± basically the SAP Module which allows you to manage your internal cost/management accounting, including y y y y y y Cost elements Cost centres Profit centres Internal orders Activity based costing Product costing

Go here for more details on the SAP CO Module, or here for a 4 page SAP CO Tutorial SAP PS Module - and PS is Project Systems ± this SAP Module is where you can manage your projects, large and small, including y y y Make to order Plant shut downs (as a project) Third party billing (on the back of a project)

SAP HR Module - ah yes, the HR is for Human Resources ... people are the important part of this SAP module, including y y y y y Employment history Payroll Training Career management Succession planning

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underpins the supply chain.another one of the large SAP modules is Sales and Distribution ± from order to of the really big SAP modules is Production Planning ± manages your production process.where BW stands for Business (Data) Warehouse . including y y y y Capacity planning Master production scheduling Material requirements planning Shop floor SAP SD Module . including y y y y y y y Requisitions Purchase orders Goods receipts Accounts payable Inventory management BOM¶s Master raw materials. including y y y y Planning Execution Inspections Certificates SAP PP Module .SAP PM Module .and QM stands for Quality Management in this SAP module ± improve the quality of your goods. a machine. an aircraft etc).where Plant Maintenance is the PM ± this SAP module is where you maintain your equipment ( of the most important SAP Modules where MM is Materials Management . including y y y y y y RFQ Sales orders Pricing Picking (and other warehouse processes) Packing Shipping Go here for more details on the SAP SD Module SAP BW Module . finished goods etc Go here for more details on the SAP MM Module SAP QM Module . an oil rig. including y y y Labour Material Down time and outages SAP MM Module .

or here for a 10 page SAP BW Tutorial SAP ABAP .is not really a module .it stands for Advanced Business Application Programming and this is the is the structured programming language for custom development including reports.which includes the following main functions: y y y y Data extraction from source systems Some technical and functional transformation of the data Storage of the data in what are called Infoproviders Reporting (which uses Infoproviders) Go here for more details on the SAP BW Module. Go here for Online SAP Training. or here for some SAP ABAP Tutorials Go here to see over 200 pages of our best SAP Tutorials. If you need more go here to find over 450 more pages of free SAP Articles. including one on the SAP FI Module and one on the SAP CO Module. and if you are interested in having your own SAP system available to you 24/7 then check this out SAP Access . Go here for more details on SAP ABAP.