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Newsletter Vol. 2/ August 2010

Competency Based Organizational Diagnostic

Technique for Organizational Development

Human resource strategies and tools have evolved to a level of sophistication and importance
where it can now address a broad range of organization requirements identified by the hr leaders to
enhanced organizations performance. Application of competency mapping concept can effectively manage
the critical curves associated with many of the business activities and action plans in a more predicative
way aligning with org diagnostics outcomes. Output of competency mapping / assessment activity can also
be integrated to various functions and practices adopted by human resource and business organizations
(using a competency architecture) with strategic objectives like to reduce costs, increase efficiency and
improve the customer experience. Competency mapping specialist can use the competency based approach
to systematically identify competencies that can benefit business functions and employee’s career
development plans and use them during the organizational diagnostics phase.

Human resource leaders who are challenged to meet corporate, industry or governmental compliance
requirements will find that a competency based diagnosis can address those concerns as part of the overall
organization strategies.

Currently the problem finding initiatives taking place in our organizations are more challenging and
demands more efficient, more accountable and more effective employees, where as this cannot be an one
sided approach. Whatever tool we deploy in our human resource department should meet two objectives
(i) Align HR with Business requirements (ii) to achieve employee’s growth in an organization.

One of the methodologies to diagnose and improve the demanded effectiveness, accountability and
efficiencies in our organization is the adoption of fact based business strategies in line with the
competencies of organization and that of employees. It means the basis of this model is competencies
which can be also be identified by looking at organization behavior.

As a scope of this note we will be only concentrating on competency based approach to organizational
diagnostics for org development and will be considering that this aims to improve overall effectiveness,
accountability and efficiency of the organization to meet the business objectives.

Macro level OD diagnostics is a 3 level process

(i) Organizational Diagnosis (ii) Prescribing and implementing an intervention (iii) Monitor progress and
corrective actions.
Competency based organizational diagnosis

To achieve results from organization diagnosis

competency diagnosis address two prime
purposes. The first is to practically align
. requirement of future employees competencies
required to meet organizations strategic goals. Catalyst
Secondly to identify present organization Catalyst, through its learning solutions, develops
problems because of existing competency gaps. fact-based strategic insights for human resource
professional around core human resource functions
To achieve the first purpose competency mapping & its practices in public and private sector
specialist applies competency analysis method for organizations. This docket is a part of an ongoing
competency diagnosis. Competency analysis commitment by Catalyst to provide best practices,
consists of identifying the type of skills or
methodologies, tools & practical subject knowledge,
competencies that employees must possess for the
viewpoints that help professionals to realize business
organization to accomplish its goals.
value of human resource. You may contact the
The other aspect of competency diagnosis is authors or send an e-mail to for more
identifying present problems that effect employee information about the specialization programs offer
and in turn organizational success because of by Catalyst or any additional information that helps
existing competencies gaps. us to make you a more informed Human Resource
As an extension of this understands problems can
also be mapped with the organizational diagnostic
framework. Above representation are a clear
linkage / correlation of organization problem with
competency gaps or assessment map.

Above image represent the complex linkage
between employee’s competencies, competency Instructor Led Distance Learning
levels and elements of an organization. Programs Offered by catalyst
 Specialist Program in
Competency Mapping is a change effort that
Competency Mapping
affects the entire organization. It is a planned and
systematic attempt to change the organization, Start Date: August 14th 2010
typically to a more competent environment. End Date: September 14th 2010
Human resource organizations can use
competency based diagnostic approach to develop  Specialist Program in HR
a more open, productive and compatible work Diagnostics
place that can quickly respond to business
demands. This endeavor however requires
qualified competency specialists the change © Copyright Catalyst 2010
agents who are responsible for ensuring that the Catalyst
planned change in competency assessment is Regus, Level Six, Vaswani Mansions,
properly implemented. Competency specialists Dinshaw Vacha Road, Churchgate
must analyze the present state and the future state Mumbai – 400020 (India)
and identify gaps and strategies for successful hr
program. August 2010