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Recycling Awareness Campaign

Date : 23 May 2016 - 27 May 2016

Organiser : The Environmental Society

Make Recycling Your Daily Habit

Please join this campaign

• Contribute your unwanted things

it’s our Brown bins Blue bins Orange bins responsibility

to take Glass Paper Plastic, bottles and care of the
aluminium cans environment!

Zul : Hey! There’s a notice on the notice board.

Siti : Let’s see what it is about.
Zul : There’ll be a recycling awareness campaign in our school.
Siti : When is it?
Zul : It will be from 23 May 2016 to 27 May 2016
Siti : Shall we join the campaign?
Zul : Sure. Let’s contribute our unwanted things.
Siti : But where should we place them?
Zul : It’s easy. The brown bins are for glass. The blue bins are for papers. .
Siti : And the orange bins are for plastics, bottles and aluminium cans.
Zul : That’s right. It’s important that we recycle the unused things. After all it’s our responsibility to
take care of the environment
Siti : I agree with that.

Passing a mesage

Aina : Hello, Muthu. It’s nice to see you. How is my classmate, Prema ?
Muthu : Hi Aina! My sister is recovering from her fever.
Aina : Will she be able to join the netball practice next week?
Muthu : Yes, she will. But she needs the details of the practice.
Aina : Can you please inform her that the practice is scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday
from 4.00 p.m. until 6.00 p.m.
Muthu : Thanks Aina. Oh, she also wants to know abut the homework that the teachers have
given the past two days.
Aina : We only have homework for English Language and Mathematics. Please tell her to
complete the exercises on pages 32 and 33 in the English textbook. She needs to
write the exercises in Book A.
Muthu : Ok. How about for Mathematics?
Aina : She needs to complete the exercises in Unit 3 from the workbook.
Muthu : Thank you Aina. I will go back and inform her. I need to leave her a message because
she went to our uncle’s house with my parents.
Aina : My pleasure, Muthu. Please send her my regards.
Muthu : Ok Aina. See you again.