Environment, Disaster Management GIS and Development

Yahya. M. Musakhel

Mohammad Yahya Musakhel
Specialism: Date of birth: Nationality: E-mail: Contact: Environment Assessment, , GIS, Disaster Management Natural Resources and Social Development 1st February 1979 Pakistani akyahya@gmail.com, amyahya2002@yahoo.com C/o Daha Medical Store, Garden Town Sher Shah road Multan, Pakistan Ph: ++92-823-610821, Cell: ++92-345-2004112, ++92-333-7923433 Place of Birth: Musakhel, Pakistan

Environment, Development and Information Systems specialist. Takes a holistic viewpoint, integrating environmental, social and economic information. Experienced in EIA, knowledge management, GIS, remote sensing, protected area planning, questionnaire surveys, policy and project support, and review or evaluation of research and project proposals for international agencies. Takes a keen interest in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation. Activities have included: analysis of factors responsible for illegal hunting in Hingol National Park, Balochistan; EIA of dams for hydropower and water supply in Lasbellah and Musakhel Pakistan; Environment and social monitoring of hydropower construction in Hingol; contaminated land assessment in Gadani Ship breaking yard; adviser on Health and disaster Management programme knowledge MJKJ Foundation. Also involved in monitoring of Sulaiman Markhore populations. Pak base, available for home-based and short term consultancies.

• • • • • • • Over 8 years experience in integrating social, Environment, GIS and Development Knowledge management and information systems as a tool for poverty alleviation and development, including livestock information systems and sustainable development. Environment impact assessment and monitoring (EIA), including: energy, hydropower, water resources, disaster management and contaminated land. Biodiversity Inventory, Conservation Ecology, and Wildlife surveys. Integration of multi-disciplinary data sources. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), statistics. Programme Monitoring and Evaluation.

BSc Geography, Zoology, Botany, University of Balochistan, 2000; M. Sc. University of Balochistan, 2003

English Urdu Pashto (mother tongue)

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• MS Office Suite (Office 2007), Visio, Acrobat, Photoshop, Paint shop, MapInfo, Concept Mapping, and more… Documents in Word, PDF, html, and LaTeX, including preparation of graphics and artwork, copyediting and proofreading.


Environment, Disaster Management GIS and Development

Yahya. M. Musakhel

2010 - Present 2008 – 2010 2006 – 2008 2005 – 2006 2004 – 2005 2003 – 2004 2002 -- 2003 Provincial Programme Manager, Balochistan, Mir Jaffar Khan Jamali Foundation, Pakistan District Coordinator, IUCN Pakistan in Qila Saifullah Balochistan, Provincial Conservation Officer, UNDP-SUSG-CAsia in Quetta Balochistan, Assistant Sociologist, World Bank-GEF in Lasbella, Gwader and Awaran Balochistan Technical Advisor, Balochistan Forest and Wildlife Department, Musakhel Development Officer, WWF Pakistan, in Quetta Pakistan Environmental Study Assistant, Islamic Relief, Noshki, Chaghi and Kharan

• Evaluation of project proposals, research proposals, and reports for a number of organisations. • (2006-2008). Ecological monitoring , technical assistance on questionnaire surveys within a project documenting and communicating environmental impacts, establishing capacity for ecological monitoring in biodiversity hotspots in NWFP and Balochistan, Pakistan

• (2009-2010). Environmental monitoring of Hingol Dam hydropower development project, Scope of work and planning for annual socio-economic surveys. Analysis and evaluation of monitoring data from environment, physical, chemical, health, and assessment of socioeconomic surveys. Compilation of environmental monitoring reports. Spatial analysis and recommendations for design of rural water supply. • (2006-2007). Environmental Impact Assessment of proposed Hingol Dam and reservoir in Hingol National Park Area Pakistan. • (2003-2004). Short-term Disaster risk reduction inputs to Islamic Relief and WWF Pakistan in Chaghi, Kharan and Noshki Districts of Balochistan. • (2004- 2008). Biodiversity and ecological surveys, studies and inventories of biodiversity hotspots in Tobattee, Chitral Gol National Park, NWFP, Hingol National park, Takatu, Quetta, Torghar, Qila Saifullah, Noshki, Chaghi, Musakhel, Khuzdar, Loralai, Pishin and Hazargangi Chiltan National park, Balochistan. • (2009). Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of feasibility studies for Gidani Ship Breaking Yard on Balochistan Coast Pakistan. Water Quality Assessment. Field work, Impact assessment and report compilation. • (2005). Forest management planning study: Preparation of the management plan of Sarkandi State Forest in Musakhel . Development of GIS system and biodiversity and habitat mapping.

Yahya. M. Musakhel et. al (2009-2010): Impact of Hingol Hydropower generation dam on Hingol National park and its biodiversity and livelihoods. Yahya. M. Musakhel et. al (2009): Integrated assessment of Balochistan coast, Lasbella and Gwader districts.


Environment, Disaster Management GIS and Development

Yahya. M. Musakhel

Yahya. M. Musakhel et. al (2008): Environmental impacts of Gidani Ship breaking yard on coatal ecosystem of Balochistan. Yahya. M. Musakhel (2007): An Ethnobotanical Knowledge among the Tribals of Torghar Area Distirct Qilla Saifullah, Balochistan (Booklet) Yahya. M. Musakhel (2007): Vegetation Survey of Qilla saifullah District Balochistan (Survey report) Yahya. M. Musakhel (2004): An Ethnobotanical study of Musakhel Area (M. Sc. Thesis) M. Y. Musakhel, Jbbar. A, Tareen R.B. and Bazai Z. A. (2006): An evaluation study on Impacts of fuel efficient stoves on Juniper ecosystem Balochistan (Published in Journal of Biotechnology and biological sciences) M. Y. Musakhel, Tareen R.B., Ajab M and Kiani S. A (2006): An Ethnobotanical study among the tribals of Musakhel District Balochistan . Abdul Jabbar, Musakhel M. Y., Tareen R. B., Javed R. and Nasir J. (2004): Impacts of drought on environment and livelihoods and its mitigation measures in District Chaghi, Balochistan (Published) Abdul Jabbar, Musakhel M. Y., Tareen R. B., Javed R. and Nasir J. (2004): Drought impacts analysis and possible remedy measures in Kharan District . Yahya. M. Musakhel (2005): Identification of Biodiversity of Musakhel district Balochistan Jamal Nasir and Yahya. M. Musakhel (2005): Ecological assessment of Tobatte community protected area District Kalat Balochistan Yahya. M. Musakhel and Nasir J. (2004): Wildlife survey and assessment in Takatu Mountain District Pishin (Published) Tareen R. B, Asrar M., Malghani M. A. K, Asif M. And Musakhel M. Y. (2002): Medicinal plants and its usage in six districts Quetta, Ziarat, Mastung, Kalat, Khuzdar and Pishin) Balochistan (Published) Abdul Jabar and Musakhel M.Y. (2004): Socio-economic and Medicinal Value of Plants of Juniper Tract, Ziarat, Pishin and Loralai Districts. (Yet not published) Yahya. M. Musakhel and Jan Wind (2005): ecological survey of Daron Mountain ecosystem Hingol National Park, Uthal Yahya. M. Musakhel (2005) : Impacts of Hinglaj Mata Darshan on Ecology of Hingol National Park (Under Publishing) Yahya. M. Musakhel and Aysha K. (2005); Social and Biodiversity Survey of Hingol National park Uthal ( Yet not published). Honorary Lectures Delivered • • • • Lecture Delivered on Floral Diversity in Balochistan to M. Phil and M. Sc. Students at University of Balochistan, Quetta. Lecture Delivered on Biodiversity of Balochistan and Conservation to PhD, M. Phil and M. Sc. students of Environmental Science, Botany and Zoology at Government College University, Lahore. Lecture Delivered on Vegetation Diversity in Balochistan to M. Sc. Students at Lasbella University of Management and marine Sciences, Uthal. Lecture deliver on Environmental issues more then 12 time in different institutions and organizations.


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