Mr. Kritsche, William P.

, Shadowalker, a Glasswalker Galliard You were born, raised, and existed in human society for some time before your first change. Your parents were the largely too absent parents of European traditions; boarding schools, etiquette and expectations. They however, were not your biological parents which came as something of a shock when you were found after your first change by the local Glasswalkers. You were adopted at birth, and when you were enveloped into Garou society, your participation was reluctant. Of course, that is all ancient history now that you ve had several decades to come to deal with your past, heritage and have learned the tricks of the trade. After your first change, you tried to live a normal life but it was largely impossible. Your parents saw you on and off while you finished your schooling and through college. The entire time, you tried to avoid your nature as much as possible, but found that it was impossible to avoid. When your mortal family died in a car accident and dubious crimes were associated with the family name and the finances confiscated, you had no choice but to try and make your own fortune and name. Your mentor was a Glasswalker of little reputation, but taught you everything he knew: which was to be a thief; but more than a simple cat burglar. The beautiful treasures and complex operations that he wove were easy to get caught into, and that s where your story really begins. The next two decades were spent carefully building yourself into the empire and getting larger and larger pay jobs. You became familiar with the legal system (from your scholastic days, in which you were to become a wealthy lawyer and eventually step into politics which was ended abruptly by your mortal fathers indiscretions) and how to avoid red tape, and more importantly, how to retrieve misplaced goods. Your nature as a purveyor of services and locator of items is associated with your garou nature as well. You ve had several jobs within the tribe and the Shadow Lords to find and retrieve items that need to get back into the right hands. Or, simply get them information To this end, the Sept of Sinsinawa has fallen off the radar. No garou are getting in, nor can they find it; it simply isn t where it should be. Many believe that it has fallen to the wyrm; others believe that it has been destroyed by some sort of mystical means; and there are many questions and speculations. To this effect, the Sept of Shadows has offered you a rather handsome sum to find out what happened there and get the information back to them. It s not a contract that you ve agreed to, but the job came up and you ve headed out to investigate and see if you can find anything. You ve heard some odd chatter on the occult scene, but nothing too conclusive. You ve managed to get as far as Green Bay which, by the by, really is a blip on the face of the planet. A contact of yours has let you know that a Shadowlord by the deed name of Wyrmfoe is in the area and also seems to be looking for the Caern. You ve also heard from the spy network that Wyrmfoe is suspected to have an extremely rare package that is fetching a high price from the Yakuza agents from across the globe are looking for Wyrmfoe to locate and return the package. . . Merits & Flaws Coldly Logical (1 pt.): You have always had a knack with coming up with logical, split of the moment decisions. To reflect this, you are up one trait for any mental or social challenges where you use logic (in role-playing) to try and resolve a situation, support by data and evidence. Additionally, you can call on this merit once per day as a point of enigmas to sort out a situation with logic.

often including well-planned disguises that are relevant to that scenario. you have put almost too much stock and faith into your abilities and confidences that you re almost reclusive. 7 mental traits. You analyze a situation and come up with the best personality. have all been spent cultivating names. the towel would be thrown in. Shadow Lords (2 pts. alias. you may make a test with the storyteller to determine if you ve run into it during your time. Spy Network (2 pt.): You re very good at what you do almost too good. You are up 2 social traits when dealing with Shadow Lords. While you ve been able to get out of anything that you ve gotten yourself into. you are considered to have one rank for the duration of the scene.): It s been so long since you ve settled into your own skin that you re not really sure who you are anymore. If you win or tie on a static test vs. Your reputation allocates you with a 4 trait bonus with other thieves.): If there is a skill test for an ability that you do not have. Hubris (3 pt.): Your dealings across Europe and Russia have landed you with a great deal of affinity with the Shadow Lords. You can call on up to 4 points of influence (no greater than the rating of the merit in any one category). Tribal Ties. If they could just nail down what you look like without your disguise.): You re wanted in almost every civilized country throughout Europe. but frequent large cities where Glasswalker Caerns can be found.Jack of all Trades (5 pt. This doesn t translate to garou society. outside of garou society which you ve largely shied away from. and different personae within the spy network. You have an I Can attitude even when presented with the most challenging situations. and it s went to your head. The last two decades of your life. but you would surely loose renown if they knew where the money is coming from for a majority of your business ventures . This influence cannot be combined with any personal levels of your own influence.): You ve an established reputation for being a purveyor of services and goods when needed. To that effect. you ve also taken Grandfather Thunder as your personal totem without a degree of difficulty. spies and people in the network due to your long standing history and status. Human Attention (3 pt. You don t have a Caern that you call home which has made gaining renown somewhat challenging. Derangement: Delusional Identity (2 pt.