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Case Status 30-09-2017
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Uttar Pradesh


Sultanpur District Court Complex

 Party  Case  Filing  Advocate  FIR  Act  Case


Chief Judicial Magistrate
Case Details 30-09-2017
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Case Type Complaint Cases

Filing Number 1087/2017 Filing Date 31-01-2017

Registration Number 287/2017 Registration Date 31-01-2017

CNR Number UPST040013982017 (Note the CNR number for future reference)

Case Status
First Hearing Date 31st January 2017

Next Hearing Date 20th February 2018

Stage of Case Hearing

Court Number and Judge 19-ACJM III

Petitioner and Advocate
1) kiran devi
Advocate- sanjay kumar dixit

Respondent and Advocate
1) kailash prakash pandey and others

Under Act(s) Under Section(s)

Indian Penal Code 498a,406,419,420,471,120b,467,323,504,506

History of Case Hearing

Judge Business On Date Hearing Date Purpose of hearing

ACJM III 31-01-2017 31-08-2017 Revoked

ACJM III 31-01-2017 Disposed

ACJM III 31-08-2017 20-02-2018 Hearing 30-09-2017
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