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January 4, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to enthusiastically recommend the essay editing and writing skills of Ronnie
Li. Ronnie was a student in two of the English Department courses for which I was the
instructor at Brown University, ENGL 0180: “Introduction to Creative Nonfiction” in fall
2011 and ENGL 1200: “Independent Study in Nonfiction Writing” in spring 2012.
Because of the small course sizes of 18 students and one student respectively, I have
gotten to know Ronnie very well then and since his graduation from Brown, and I can say
with certainty that he is a truly outstanding writer and editor.

Ronnie produces unfailingly intelligent, extremely hard working, and carefully crafted
writing that frequently made his papers the very best in my courses. Ronnie’s superb
initiative and unfailing sense of responsibility are also demonstrated in his writing and in
his outstanding interpersonal skills, where he is a true leader who is sensitive to all people
and all perspectives.

Outside the classroom, Ronnie is also a truly outstanding, exceptional role model.
During his time at Brown, Ronnie worked with me on a book about his life. It is an
extraordinary book that artfully tells the story of all that Ronnie has gone through to
become the high-achieving person that he is. He is one of the most impressive students
and people that I have met in my years teaching at the university level, and I cannot
recommend him highly enough. I am confident that he would be an extraordinary benefit
to any project requiring writing and editing.

Best regards,

Jonathan Readey
Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of the Nonfiction Writing Program, Department of
English, Brown University
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