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Develop an IMC plan

- Submitted By: Group A8
Journey and Present scenario

1995 1998 2002 2003 2004 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 >2012
Where it Prepaid + 1st Telco 1st Telco Hello 1st Telco to 100mn Entry Launch of Launch Launch
all FL to go to start Tunes + start DTH cust + Africa + 3G & Airtel of 4G APB & Pan
began! services Public GPRS Profitable service Sri Lanka! B’Desh money LTE India 4G


S Others Idea
REVENUES 62,460.60 61,785.80 60,689.40 9% 20%
Jio 1. Deal with Aircel
EXPENSES 53,699.30 51,066.10 45,034.10 16%
2. Deal with Tata Sons
EXTRA - -679.90 0 Vodafo
COST 17,270.80 ne
Airtel 21% 3. Acquiring Spectrum to diversify into
PROFIT -8,509.50 10,039.80 15,655.30 34% multiple markets and technologies
B2B Segment Overview
-Promise: Superior brand -Varies with line of business:
experience 1. Mobility – Only Post-paid
-Teams divided into: 2. Fixed Line - Tata, Aircel,
1. strategic Accounts (top 200) Vodafone, reliance.
2. major accounts (next 2000) 3. Data - TCL, Vodafone, reliance,
3. key accounts (channel Sify
i customers around the world
partners) - TCL, a, reliance,

- Wide range of products:

Cloud – IoT - Corporate-grade
connectivity - Managed mobility -
Fixed line - Mobile services

-Highest Market Share in B2B

segment (Pan- India) (~33% with
3,50,000 Cust.)
Product Mix
- Product offering similar by each player in the industry - Promotion activity extremely different from B2C
- New products created to meet needs of major clients - No Blanket promotional activity
- Few Products: - WORD OF MOUTH is the primary source of promotions
1. Cloud & Management Services - Exemplary service is one of the focus for WoM success
2. Digital Media - Emails & Meetings post first contact
3. Intelligent Connectivity
4. Office Connectivity Customer Led & Sales-rep Led discussions
Product Promotion

- No standardized Pricing - Direct delivery of products offered

Price Place
- Highly customized with factors like - Products installed through the vendor teams
client relationship and scale defining the price charged
- Constant touch with clients for service related queries
- Difference in these prices is huge
- Customers present on Pan-India Basis
- Increased competition leading to decrease in Avg. Prices
Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
Focus Areas:
Increasing Decreasing Prices;
Need for an new 1. Addition
competition and need to focus on
Motivation: Price War in the B2B Sales volume to
Integrated Marketing
2. Retention
Communications Plan
market reach sales target
3. Product Innovation

Target Customers: Internal Communication:

1. Large Scale Global Corporations 1. Upper and middle management to

having offices in India be notified them about the extent
of increasing competition,
2. Start-ups coming up with new lowering prices and counter-
office spaces actions
2. Networks, Products, Legal,
3. Industries being offered special Marketing, Revenue Assurance,
products and solutions etc. to be communicated about
new projects for B2B
Integrated Marketing Communications Plan