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1 Beta 04

versions where not coherent.

5.1 Beta 03

CTD when starting a new game with the NoGore edition of NVSE.

5.1 Beta 02

Update3D works again.

5.1 Beta 01

Possibly Important: ExtractArgs used in Compiler Override mode was always returning
true even if the argument types were wrong.
pretty much all commands are affected by that change so it is
possible for your mods to suddenly display errors they weren't before.
Change definition for SetWeaponAmmo and SetWeaponProjectile to allow
for AnyForm.
Change a few functions to take either an actor (ref) or an actorBase
(npc). It was implemented in the code but not in the function definition.
GetBaseSpellListSpells, GetBaseSpellListLevSpells,
GetBasePackages, GetBaseFactions, GetBaseRanks and GetHeadParts.
Fix ToggleUIMessages(True), thanks to RoyBatterian
SetPermanent applies to reference as intended rather than to base forms
(as that would simply duplicate IsQuestItem).

Possible bugfix:
Added multi threading handling to the calling of functions due to hard
to track reports of function call failling.
I have no idea if it will help, but..
Also, those calls error reports have been stligthly changed to
help distinguish possible causes.

GetSourceModIndex will accept any form as the optional parameter.
Remove restriction on Set3D for the playerCharacter (highly
experimental) and known to have a visual glitch. When compiled in debug mode it is
not working at all.
GetPermanent should persist accross saves now.

SpecialIdles for NPC and Creature:
[actor or npc or creature].GetNthAnimation index [npc or creature
or actor]
returns the nth animation selected on an NPC or a creature
as a string_var
[actor or npc or creature].AddAnimation animationName [npc or
creature or actor]
Select an alternate animation for an NPC or a creature
[actor or npc or creature].DelAnimation animationName [npc or
creature or actor]
Deselect an alternate animation for an NPC or a creature
[actor or npc or creature].DelAnimations [npc or creature or
Deselect all alternate animation for an NPC or a creature
[actor or npc].GetClass [npc or actor]
Returns the class of an NPC
[actor or npc].GetNameOfClass [npc or actor]
Returns the class name of an NPC
Optional Alternate Update3D for the player (set AlternateUpdate3D to 1
in nvse.ini section [RELEASE] and/or [DEBUG]). It has an effect but with a huge
visual defect that should be temporary.
Misclaneous: New data interface for plugin authors needing internal
offset to NVSE code.

5.0 Beta 03
The return type for GetModLocalData was set on SetModLocalData. Both
are restored to their proper value.
HasVariable would return true when either parameter was invalid.
JIP (JazzIsParis) wrote a version of EquipItem2 that works for FNV.

Added creature specific flags and template flags to ActorBaseData
Decoding from JIP's nvse plugin up to v21.00

Known issue:
SetScript on a loaded ref has no effect until the reference is
SetScript on a BaseEffect will not be detected by an active effect.
RunScript is unreliable. It may fail to start, and will only run the
first script block once, and then only if it is a GameMode block.

returns an array of the path to the current objective targets
the path is an array of zero or more doors (called
teleportLink) followed by the target itself.
Works only on the current objective of the current quest for the
player, so no parameters required.
Will build the teleportLinks if needed, but activating the quest
should have done that already.

Port of degree trig functions from OBSE

dSin, "Calculates the sin of a value in degrees"
dCos, "Calculates the cos of a value in degrees"
dTan, "Calculates the tan of a value in degrees"

dASin, "Calculates the arcsin of a value in degrees"

dACos, "Calculates the arccos of a value in degrees"
dATan, "Calculates the arctan of a value in degrees"
dATan2, "Calculates the arctan of two values in degrees"

dSinh, "Calculates the hyperbolic sin of a value in degrees"

dCosh, "Calculates the hyperbolic cos of a value in degrees"
dTanh, "Calculates the hyperbolic tan of a value in degrees"

Port of a subset of radian trig functions from OBSE

ATan2, "Calculates the arccos of two values in radians"

Sinh, "Calculates the hyperbolic sin of a value in radians"

Cosh, "Calculates the hyperbolic cos of a value in radians"
Tanh, "Calculates the hyperbolic tan of a value in radians"

5.0 Beta 02
This version adds support for the russian version (different steam appid)

ListClear could generate a CTD on save if forms were added through
AdFormToFormList (but not with ListAddForm).
Still the handling of numAddedObjects is not 100% coherent.
Should be looked into.
Get/SetActorBaseFlagsLow/High was operating on the wrong flags.
GetActorFIKstatus checks the FIK flag directly.
Changes to GetParentWorldspace broke it for some references. Corrected
by merging the two methods.
Dispatching an unhanded user defined event from an event handler
resulted in a CTD.

IsPlayable supports TESRace also.

Ported from OBSE

let bool := ref.HasEffectShader anEffectShader
returns 1 if the reference is playing the effect shader

5.0 Beta 01
Version bumped to 5 because of a change in a plugin interface which did not
have a version.
Before checking the NVSArrayVarInterface kVersion, make sure NVSE version is
at least 5

bipedFlags in TESBipedModelForm restricted to a byte. Some armors seem
to have uninitialized data in the higher bytes.

Decoding from JIP's nvse plugin up to v8.0
added version. kVersion is 2.
added GetArrayPacked.
Returns if the array is packed (an array) or not (a
map). Useful when accessing all arrays globally.

NVSEScriptInterface: did not have a version either, added at

the same time.
added version. kVersion is 1.

Checks if said form is present in the list of form. (same
encoding as the other GenericXXXForm functions)
let anIndex := GenericCheckForm whichEmbeddedList
objectContainingTheEmbeddedList formToAdd
-1 means invalid parameters
-2 means not found
Anything positive (>=0) is the index

Gets the value of a bit inside a bitmask
let aBool := GetBit bitmask bitIndex
bitmask is an integer.
bitIndex starts at 0 and should not be greater than 20.
Higher values are unreliable and prone to conversion.

Returns if the array is packed (an array) or not (a map). Useful
when using an array_var defined in another plugin.

4.6 Beta 04
Decoding from JIP's nvse plugin up to v7.0
OnOpen/OnClose extended to container that weren't detected.

get or set the eyes flags.
let aTest := GetEyesFlags eyes [bitmask]
bitmask checks only the bit set. (see v2 beta 6 below for
how to specify the flags)

SetEyesFlags eyes newFlags

Useful value for bitmask:

1 = playable ( = SetBit 0 0 )
2 = Not male ( = SetBit 0 1 )
4 = Not Female ( = SetBit 0 2 )

get or set an hair flags.
Same syntax as Get/SetEyesFlags.
Another useful value for bitmask:
8 = Fixed ( = SetBit 0 3 )

Get/SetActorFIKstatus or Get/SetFIK
get or set the Foot IK status of an actor
requires to be called on a ref that is an actor
let aBool := anActor.GetActorFIKstatus

anActor.SetFIK 1

Changing FIK status can only happen in certain conditions that

are to be found and explicited (while playing animations ?)
The global FIK setting can be accessed through the GameSetting

4.6 Beta 03
OnPackage events names were mixed.
OnCombatEnd parameters were wrong.
Using CIOS inside event scripts possibly led to CTD.
OnDrop should work now.
GetFactionRank returns -1 when called with an invalid parameter.
Vanilla function which return forms are identified as such.
ConsoleOutputFile will not double "Carriage Return" on each line.
Some functions parameters changed from TESObject to AnyForm, so a
literal value can be specified in scripts rather than needing a variable to hold
the value.
IsScripteed, GetScript, RemoveScript, SetScript, IsFormValid,
RunScript. (Please report any other where the change would be beneficial).

The second parameter for OnDrop is changed from a reference to a form
to handle case where no valid reference are created during drop. In that case the
value is the baseForm.
IsScripted, GetScript, RemoveScript and SetScript work with
EffectSetting now (aka MGEF or Base Effect) IF the archtype is Script.
Merged edits to GameForm.h from JazzIsParis NVSE plugin v3.

New event OnDropItem

Same as OnDrop and fired concurrently, but will return the baseForm of
the item dropped and not the (temporary) reference for it. Useful when the engine
does not or cannot create a reference.

New built in User Defined Events related to dialogs

This will let you modify the subtitle of a text "spoken" by an
Fired before the text is rendered on the screen, also before
global text replacement (&global; place holders) is done so the engine can properly
calculate text size on screen.
Args content:
eventName = OnSpeakerText
senderName = NVSE
tileName = the name of the TileText that will be containing
the text in the MenuRoot arborescence. Something like
speakerName = Name of the NPC speaking. Access to the NPC
FormID is borderline impossible at this point.
text = Text as entered in the plugin in the Info list.
To change the text on return, change the value of Args["Text"] in
your handler.

This will let you modify the subtitle of a text "spoken" by the
Fired before the text is rendered on the screen, also before
global text replacement (&global; place holders) is done, so the engine can
properly calculate text size on screen.
Args content:
eventName = OnTopic
senderName = NVSE
tileName = the name of the TileText that will be containing
the text in the MenuRoot arborescence.
text = Text as entered in the plugin in the Topic text or
the prompt.
To change the text on return, change the value of Args["Text"] in
your handler.
The speaker name is assumed to be the player.

I could generate an event for every text displayed on screen but I am

worried about the potential for abuse.
You can opt out of dialog hooks, using nvse_config.ini. Set
EnableTileTextHook=0 in the [Text] section.

Ported from FOSE

AddSpellNS (AddSpell No Spam: does not display the spell on screeen)
Ported from OBSE
Door teleport functions:
bool IsLoadDoor
float GetDoorTeleportX
float GetDoorTeleportY
float GetDoorTeleportZ
float GetDoorTeleportRot
SetDoorTeleport NewDoorRef X Y Z Rot (in degrees)
OBSE's last parameter (bool bTemp) was removed because
FalloutNV will never save a change in the DoorTeleport data.

Get/SetFlagsLow, Get/SetFlagsHigh: gets or set individual flags on any
form. Of course not all flags should be used, and not all flag will have an effect
in game.
(see v2 beta 6 below for how to specify the flags).

HasConsoleOutputFile (HasCOF)
no parameter, return not null if a COF have been set by SCOF.

GetConsoleOutputFile (GetCOF)
no parameter, return the file name set by SCOF as a string_var.

PrintF and PrintDebugF (PrintDF)

Alternate versions of Print and PrintDebug that append to a file
whose name is specified as the first parameter.

Console command imported:

TFIK (Toggles Foot IK System)

4.6 Beta 02
if adding too many user defined handler (as in more than two :) ), the
callback list of previous event handler got corrupted.

4.6 Beta 01
Variable names terminated with a comment without interleaving
whitespace can be referenced in scripts.

SetScript and GetScript modified based on jazzisparis comments.

GetInGrid and GetInGridInCell:

Returns wether a specific reference is found in the grid centered on
the specified cell (or on the PlayerRef).
GetInGrid aref:reference [CellDepth:integer [includeTakenRefs:integer]]
GetInGridInCell aCell:reference aref:reference [cellDepth:integer

Like GetFirstRef/GetFirstRefInCell cellDepth should be:

0, 1 or 2 to scan for a cell grid of, respectivly, 1, 3 or 5 cells
wide. Higher values could be used if you increased uGridToLoad.
no value is intepreted as 0, i.e. a single cell.
-1 is interpreted as scan all loaded cell (ie use uGridsToLoad).

Ported from OBSE:

returns the effective value of the uGridsToLoad ini setting

a.k.a. OLMPOR.
Calls OutputLocalMapPictures. If you used SetOLMPGrids to
limit the number of cells, then only those will be output.

a.k.a. SetOLMPGrids
SetOutputLocalMapPicturesGrids numCell
Limits OLMPOR to a square of numCell. numCell must be odd
and cannot exceed uGridsToLoad (nor 5). Which leaves 1 and 3 for valid values.

Initial port of Events: start reading here
sets an event handler, that is a User Defined Function that will
be called when the event fire.
You can filter by source, ie on which reference the event
occurs, and by object, ie which object the interacted with the source to fire the

SetEventHandler eventName eventUDF [pair:source] [pair:object]

The source pair is expected to be either ref::aRef or
first::aRef or ref::aFormList or ref::aBaseForm or first::aFormList or
The object pair is expected to be either object::aForm or
second::aForm or object::aFormList or second::aFormList
If the source or the object is a form list, then
SetEventHandler will be called in turn for each member of the form list.
If one of the member is another form list, the process is
called recursively.
(There is no attempt at detecting loops in list)

removes an event handler previously registered by SetEventHandler
same syntax as SetEventHandler.
if using a formlist for object, it is not required that this list
be identical to the list used for SetEventHandler.

Use inside the event handler UDF. Returns the eventName of the
currently fired event. Useful if the same UDF handle more than one event.
let aStringVar := GetCurrentEventName

User-Defined Events (copied from OBSE v0021 distribution,


In addition to the events supplied by NVSE, mods can also register event
handlers for events dispatched by other mods. These types of events are referred to
as "user-defined events".
The event handler for a user-defined event always takes one argument: a
Stringmap. The stringmap argument always includes the following two key-value
"eventName": a string indicating the event which occurred
"eventSender": a string indicating the origin of the event. By default this
is the filename of the mod which dispatched the event, unless that mod supplied an
alternate sender name.
The stringmap argument will also contain any additional data supplied by the
sender of the event.

To register an event handler for a user-defined event, use SetEventHandler.

To dispatch an event to any registered listeners, use DispatchEvent

scriptname EventHandler
array_var args
begin Function {args}
print "Event " + args->eventName + " received from " + args->eventSender
print $arg->activator + " was activated by " + $arg->activatedBy

scriptname EventSender
begin onActivate
DispatchEvent "Activated" (ar_Map "activator"::GetSelf

DispatchEvent - dispatches a user-defined event to any registered listeners.

The eventName parameter specifies the event that occurred; this should be fairly
unique to prevent event name clashes between different mods, but the event handler
can also disambiguate name clashes by checking the name of the event sender if
necessary. The optional second parameter is a StringMap containing any additional
information about the event. When the event is dispatched, the array will also
include the event name and the name of the sender. If omitted, the name of the
sender is the filename from which the event originated; otherwise it matches the
supplied third argument.
(dispatched:bool) DispatchEvent eventName:string args:StringMap

You cannot filter on User defined Events!

This version supports some standard script event: tested all "in Geck". They
should correspond to the available block types in scripts.
"onactorequip" // Seen working. Depending of the source
event, using Print/PrintC from the event handler can be purposely forbidden.
// Also seen fired in strange context, like an actor equipping
another :)
"onmagiceffecthit" // changed from OBSE. Passes the EffectSetting,
not the effectCode, which doesn't exist.

More events will be added or completed later, but there will never be every
event present in OBSE.
At least two other events can be registered "on0x0080000" and
"on0x00400000", but I don't know what event they mark :) If anybody encounter them,
please report in what context. Thank you.

Also supported are those NVSE events, corresponding to the PluginAPI message

4.5 beta 08
Variable names terminated with a comment without interleaving
whitespace can be referenced in scripts.
Resolve CTD when using Animation hooks, with a big help from Queued.

4.5 beta 07
GetArrayVariable return type corrected.
All String and array map modification are protected by a critical
section due to concurrency issues.
Handling of {} in compiler override or let/eval expression.
You can use {} to enclose function parameters in complex
expression so the parser knows which arguments are used by which function
let aVar := aFunction { parm1 parm2 } + anotherFunction
{ parm3 parm4 parm5 }
() are used to enclose complete expression.
let aVar := ( aFunction parm1 parm2 ) + ( anotherFunction parm3
parm4 parm5 )
EquipItem2 recognises the third parameter when used.
SetHotkeyItem should no longer interrupt the calling script when called
and should work when called on an item without ExtendData.
SetHotkeyItem should properly remove the previous hotkey before setting
the new one.
RemoveMeIR should work when called on an item without ExtendData.
EquipMe and UnEquipMe should work when called from the item object
All NVSE functions returning forms are explicitly declared as such.
This should be proof read by someone :)
I need to do the same for all vanilla commands.
Corrections to HealthPercent functions by jazzisparis
Fix to SetPackageLocationRadius, radius should be corrrectly set now.

Known issue:
EquipItem2 is broken in the sense that the item is equipped after
EquipItem returns so which item is equipped is not detected :( So it is the same as
EquipItem currently.

Builtin objects preloaded are no longer reported as incomplete reads
during the load of the cosave.
Rewrote type casting in IsRefInList. Hope to avoid reported CTD.
Activated showing faction rank names as part of %c in
ExtractFormattedString. Should apply to all format specifiers functions.
Extract from OBSE documentation:
%c - replaced with the name of a component within another
object. Takes two arguments - an object (ref) and the index of the component you
want to access (short). Supported object types:
Faction - prints the male rank title of the nth rank.
NVSE already had support for AMMO (full names, short names or
Calling GetFirstRef/GetNumRef with a cellDepth of -1 will use
uGridsToLoad to calculate how many cells to scan.
TestExpr has been tested :)
IsPlayable is extended to weapon and ammo.

Return actor Perk rank or -1 if the perk is not applied
[ref.]GetPerkRank [actor]
Return the alternate companion Perk rank or -1 if the perk is not
[ref.]GetPerkRank [actor]

WARNING: those two functions can only apply to the player !

GetEquipmentBipedMask returns which flags an armor uses.
SetEquipmentBipedMask sets which flags an armor uses.
The mask is a bitmask that should be build by using
ClearBit/SetBit (see below).
The order of bit index for slots can be found in NVSE source
files (GameForms.h, search for EBipedFlags).
4 = HasBackpack
8 = Medium Armor
32 = Power Armor
64 = Non playable
128 = HeavyArmor
Other bits are either unused or unknown.

returns an array of references of a given type in the current cell
same syntax as GetFirstRef,
GetRefs [formType [cellDepth [includeTaken]]]

returns an array of references of a given type in the specified cell
same syntax as GetFirstRefInCell,
GetRefsInCell cell [formType [cellDepth [includeTaken]]]

returns 1 if the specified plugin is installed, else 0
IsPluginInstalled pluginName

returns the version of the specified plugin, or -1 if the plugin is not
GetPluginVersion pluginName

Note: The plugin name is set by the plugin during registration and displayed in
nvse.log, it is not the filename.

Returns the count of factions of an actor baseform.
let iCount := [ref.]GetNumFactions [actor|character|

Returns the Nth faction of an actor baseform.
let rFaction := [ref.]GetNthFaction [actor|character|

Returns the Nth rank of an actor baseform. Same order as
let iRank := [ref.]GetNthRank [actor|character|creature]

Returns the number of ranks for a faction.
let iCount := GetNumRanks faction

A set of functions to extract embedded lists into arrays:

GetBaseSpellListLevSpells // Tested but no data
Most rank functions require using the corresponding faction function to
know which rank applies to which function (same index).
They all follow this calling logic:
let anArray_var := [ref.]GetXXX [form]
GetBaseXXX and GetActiveXXX can be called on a ref (which must be an actor)
or by passing an actor (or even an actorBase for GetBaseXXX).
Others require passing the proper form as parameter.
Returns the form at index in the array of default forms.
The list of default form and their corresponding
index can be found in GameForm.h (kDefaultObjectNames).
let rForm := GetNthDefaultForm formIndex

Sets the form at index in the array of default forms. !!
There is no check that the new form is valid!!
The list of default form and their corresponding
index can be found in GameForm.h (kDefaultObjectNames).
SetNthDefaultForm formIndex newForm

Return an array of all the default forms.
The list of default form and their corresponding
index can be found in GameForm.h (kDefaultObjectNames).
let aArrayVar := GetDefaultForms

A "somewhat generic" set of functions to manipulate embedded lists of forms:

GenericAddForm: adds a form to a list of form of an object at
let indexAddedAt := GenericAddForm whichEmbeddedList
objectContainingTheEmbeddedList formToAdd index

GenericReplaceForm: change a form in a list of form of an object at index

let previousForm := GenericReplaceForm whichEmbeddedList
objectContainingTheEmbeddedList replacingForm index

GenericDeleteForm: delete a form from a list of form of an object at index

let previousForm := GenericDeleteForm whichEmbeddedList
objectContainingTheEmbeddedList index

GenericGetForm: returns a form from a list of form of an object

at index
let currentForm := GenericGetForm whichEmbeddedList
objectContainingTheEmbeddedList index

valid values for whichEmbeddedList are:

0 = Race Hair
1 = Race Eyes
5 = actor base (NPC or creature) package
6 = actor base spell
7 = actor base levelled spell
10 = NPC head part
13 = FormList form (redundant with existing functions :) )

index for end of list is -2

Imported from Console:


4.5 beta 06

Definition of Hairs and Eyes in TESRace.

InventoryRef functions should be fully functional now, including for

the player inventory.
Plugin manager:
RegisterCommand will properly record the plugin opcodeBase.
RegisterTypeCommand will only provide an eval version when
GetParentPlugin reports the correct answer for opcode 0.

GetModLocalData and GetAllModLocalData return types corrected.

During reference variable evaluation, Player is replaced by PlayerRef
when appropriate.

Proof of concept:
Different animations set and/or different skeleton. see TestAnim.txt in


equips and runs onEquip block
[ActorRefID].EquipItemZ ObjectID:ref NoUnequipFlag:int{0, 1}
HideEquipMessage:int{0, 1}

equips the calling object on its owner

unequips the calling object on its owner

returns 1 if the calling object is currently being worn
Currently, it must be called on an InventoryRef, though.

returns an array of temp refs to objects of the specified type in
the calling container
(refs:Array) GetInvRefsForItem baseObject:ref

All 5 ported from OBSE.

sets the item associated with a hotkey
(nothing) SetHotkeyItem whichHotkey:short item:ref

clears the item associated with the specified hotkey.
(nothing) ClearHotkeyItem whichHotkey:short

Both ported from OBSE by Luthien Anarion.

PrintDebug or PrintD:
Version of Print that only display something if the script is in
debug mode.

Sets a numeric variable on a ref or a quest:
ref.SetVariable variableName variableValue
SetVariable variableName variableValue Quest

Sets a form variable on a ref or a quest:
ref.SetRefVariable variableName anyForm
SetRefVariable variableName anyForm Quest

string_var GetStringIniSetting "settingGroup:settingName"
the : seems to be expected by the engine.
example: let s := GetStringIniSetting "sDPad:LANGUAGE"

SetStringIniSetting "settingGroup|settingName"
the | is coherent with the SetNumIniSettingsEx

Imported from Console:

con_ShowVars (requires SetConsoleEcho 1 to be visible)

4.5 beta 05
Fixes: archive contains the actual corrections.

4.5 beta 04
Accounted for difference in the Reference class between Runtime and
This allows Let to use Reference.Variable without needing the
compiler override.
GetRaceName should return a valid name now.

Rewrote GetRace and GetRaceName to be more robust and accept either a
ref or a baseForm as parameter.

4.5 beta 03
Looping through InventoryRef no longer removes existing extras when
count is <=1

4.5 beta 02
Allows ErrorLogHook to have an integer parameter before the vfprintf
format. (submitted by Queued)

Unselect any target and quit VATS mode. (ported from Queued)

4.5 beta 01
bad handling of $string_var name length

User Defined Functions can have up to 15 parameters now (from 10 before).
Get/SetModelPath, GetPath functions when passed a reference, will operate on
the reference's baseForm.

TESPackages identified as being safe to perma clone. Functionality still

incomplete and not published. :-(
A few comments added or changed, or some typos corrected. Declared missing known
virtual functions or found fields.

4.2 beta 04
Pelinor's corrections to InventoryRef.

GetScopeModelPath returns the model path of the scope of a weapon

SetScopeModelPath sets the model path of the scope of a weapon

4.2 beta 04 alpha 4

ListClear should try to do something now.

4.2 beta 04 alpha 3

Revert parenthesis chnage from alpha 1 due to breaking existing scripts.
Adds comparable handling using braces.

Open/Close braces checks are added, in the NVSE parser so that any
extraneous closing brace will terminate the sub expression.
This way, said extraneous brace, and the rest of the line, will be then
parsed by the GECK parser.
This should allow mixing NVSE expressions and standard expressions in
the same source line.
(Please report any non override script that fails to compile once
converted to the compiler override)

4.2 beta 04 alpha 2

Provide a map file for runtime.

4.2 beta 04 alpha 1

GetUserTime properly returns an array now.

Port of (Set)IsPlayable from OBSE

IsPlayable returns wether an armor is usable by the player.
SetIsPlayable Sets wether an armor is usable by the player.

GetEquipmentSlotsMask returns which slots an armor uses.

SetEquipmentSlotsMask sets which slots an armor uses.
The mask is a bitmask that should be build by using ClearBit/SetBit
(see below).
The order of bit index for slots can be found in the GECK (order in the
list) or in NVSE source files (GameForms.h, search for EPartBit).
The first bit is at index 0

Import console command ShowQuestVars

SetConsoleEcho toggles wether the engine print to the console,
required by con_SQV
Returns the current state
GetConsoleEcho checks wether the engine print to the console, uses
no parameters.
con_SQV imports the console command ShowQuestVars,
requires ConsoleEcho turned on.

4.2 beta 03
Update3D avoids the player due to camera issues.

4.2 beta 03 alpha 6

Port of the Algohol OBSE plugin by emtim:
V3Length returns length of given vector3
V3Normalize returns normalized vector3
V3Crossproduct returns crossproduct of two vectors

QFromEuler converts euler angles to quaternion. optional flag

indicates if the angles came from an actor
QFromAxisAngle converts axis-angle rotation to quaternion
QNormalize returns normalized quaternion
QMultQuatQuat multiplies two quaternions
QMultQuatVector3 multiplies vector3 by quaternion
QInterpolate interpolates between two quaternions
QToEuler converts quaternion to euler angles. optional flag
indicates the output will be used for rotating an actor

Corrected handling of $: Vanilla functions should recognise the $
parameter and the result should not be truncated to the variable nae size any more.
ianpatt's Windows 8 compatibility fix for steam_loader.
Heap management not limited to debug build.

4.2 beta 03 alpha 5

IsPlayerSwimming workaround IsSwimming returning false for the player
GetTFC returns wether or not Fly Camera is active

4.2 beta 03 alpha 4

Port part of Heap management from SKSE originally by Sheson.
Set "DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB" in the "Memory" section of
Vanilla value is 200, hardcoded max value is <500. 400 has been
reported functional, 500 induced CTD.
No ScrapHeap as there is'nt a single allocation but at least 6 with
varrying sizes.

Cleanup default NVSE.log for release build.

Added logLevel management to nvse.ini.
Value logLevel in RELEASE or DEBUG section. Valid values are 0
(FatalError) to 5 (Debug), anything greater will be treated as 5.

RemoveScript, tests for unassigned pointer now.
Label/Goto return addresses assigned by script refID. So the same label
can be used in a script and a user defined function.
Corrected the number of subprocedure called when setting a string_var.
Applies to BipedPath Funcs and GetPath funcs

4.2 beta 02
GetRace returns the race of an NPC
GetRaceName returns the name of the race of an NPC
con_SCOF imports the console command SCOF
PickOneOf returns a random item in the FormList that is present in the NPC

Version 3 of the messaging interface, providing alternate Delete/rename save

event with the file name rather than the file path:
kMessage_DeleteGameName, // version of the messages sent
with a save file name instead of a save file path.
Rename(s) will remain untested until someone knows how to rename a save in
game :)

4.1 beta 01 mostly ports OBSE plugin events/strings/arrays/user

functions/expressions and the relevant serialization
I tried to keep function names identical to OBSE, so I can refer
directly to the OBSE online documentation.

added variables to nvse_settings.ini to help control debugging without


ported support for serialization/messages/strings/arrays... to the pluginAPI

messages available:
PostLoad sent to registered plugins once all
plugins have been loaded (no data)

ExitGame exit to windows from main menu or

in-game menu

ExitToMainMenu exit to main menu from in-game menu

LoadGame Dispatched immediately before

plugin serialization callbacks invoked, after savegame has been read by Fallout
// dataLen: length of file
path, data: char* file path of .fos savegame file
// Receipt of this message
does not *guarantee* the serialization callback will be invoked
// as there may be no .nvse
file associated with the savegame

SaveGame as above

Precompile EDITOR: Dispatched when the user

attempts to save a script in the script editor.
// NVSE first does its pre-
compile checks; if these pass the message is dispatched before
// the vanilla compiler does
its own checks.
// data: ScriptBuffer* to the
buffer representing the script under compilation

PreLoadGame dispatched immediately before

savegame is read by Fallout
// dataLen: length of file
path, data: char* file path of .ess savegame file

ExitGame_Console exit game using 'qqq' console command

PostLoadGame dispatched after an attempt to load

a saved game has finished (the game's LoadGame() routine
//has returned). You will
probably want to handle this event if your plugin uses a Preload callback
//as there is a chance that
after that callback is invoked the game will encounter an error
//while loading the saved
game (eg. corrupted save) which may require you to reset some of your
//plugin state.
//data: bool, true if game
successfully loaded, false otherwise */

PostPostLoad sent right after kMessage_PostLoad

to facilitate the correct dispatching/registering of messages/listeners
// plugins may register as
listeners during the first callback while deferring dispatches until the next

RuntimeScriptError dispatched when an NVSE script

error is encountered during runtime/
// data: char*

DeleteGame sent right before deleting the

.nvse cosave and the .fos save.
// dataLen: length of file
path, data: char* file path of .fos savegame file

RenameGame sent right before renaming the

.nvse cosave and the .fos save.
// dataLen: length of old
file path, data: char* old file path of .fos savegame file
// you are expected to save
the data and wait for kMessage_RenameNewGame

RenameNewGame sent right after RenameGame.

// dataLen: length of new
file path, data: char* new file path of .fos savegame file

NewGame sent right before iterating

through plugins newGame.
// dataLen: 0, data: NULL

SetEyes sets an NPCs eyes

[ref.]SetEyes eye:form [NPC:npc]

GetEyes gets an NPCs eyes

[ref.]GetEyes [NPC:npc]

SetHair sets an NPCs hair

[ref.]SetHair hair:form [NPC:npc]

GetHair gets an NPCs hair

[ref.]GetHair [NPC:npc]

GetHairLength sets an NPC hairLength (apparently unused, but

still :) )
[ref.]GetHairLength [NPC:npc]

SetHairLength sets an NPC hairLength (apparently unused, but

still :) )
[ref.]SetHairLength hairLength:float [NPC:npc]

GetHairColor gets an NPCs hair color (code: 1=Red, 2=Green,

3=Blue, other=color)
[ref.]GetHairColor hairColorCode:int [NPC:npc]
SetHairColor sets an NPCs hair color (color as RGB bytes)
[ref.]SetHairColor hairColor:int

GetNPCWeight gets an NPCs weight

[ref.]GetNPCWeight [NPC:npc]

SetNPCWeight sets an NPCs weight (no idea if that has any

effect :) )
[ref.]SetNPCWeight weight:float [NPC:npc]

GetNPCHeight gets an NPCs height

[ref.]GetNPCHeight [NPC:npc]

SetNPCHeight sets an NPCs height

[ref.]SetNPCHeight weight:float [NPC:npc]

To see the effect of any of those functions, you should call Update3D

patched ModFactionRank same issue as SetFactionRank, rank was not

taken into account if modified on the reference.

some scripts functions from OBSE

GetVariable looks up the value of a variable by name. If
called on a reference, the ref must be scriptable, but not necessary a quest.
[ref.]GetVariable variableName:string [QUEST:quest]

HasVariable returns true if the script has a variable with

the specified name
[ref.]HasVariable variableName:string [QUEST:quest]

GetRefVariable looks up the value of a ref variable by name

[ref.]GetRefVariable variableName:string [QUEST:quest]

GetArrayVariable looks up an array variable by name on the calling

object or specified quest
[ref.]GetArrayVariable variableName:string [QUEST:quest]

CompareScripts returns true if the compiled scripts are

CompareScripts script:formID script:formID

ResetAllVariables sets all variables in a script to zero, unless called

on a reference, apply to the calling script.

GetNumExplicitRefs returns the number of literal references in a

GetNumExplicitRefs script:formID

GetNthExplicitRef returns the nth literal reference in a script

GetNthExplicitRef script:formID


OBSE expressions, see
ToString (and $)
GetModLocalData (verified ?)

OBSE user-defined functions, see

OBSE Array variables, see
ar_CustomSort (to be verified, had to wait for user functions
and then forgot)

OBSE String variables, see

3 beta 05 again some package functions.

SetPackageTargetReference sets package target to the calling
[ref.]SetPackageTarget package:form [target:ref]

SetPackageTargetCount sets package target count or distance

(alias is SetPackageTargetDistance)
SetPackageTargetCount package:form count:int

GetPackageTargetCount gets package target count or distance

(alias is GetPackageTargetDistance)
GetPackageTargetCount package:form
SetPackageLocationRadius sets package start location radius
SetPackageLocationRadius package:form radius:float

GetPackageLocationRadius gets package start location radius

GetPackageLocationRadius package:form

3 beta 04 complements SetOpenKey

ClearOpenKey clears the key used to unlock the calling object (shows the
lock has broken until unlocked).

3 beta 03 more package functions mainly.

SetOpenKey sets the key used to unlock the calling object
ref.SetOpenKey Key:formID

GetCurrentPackage gets the current package from an actor

[ref.]GetCurrentPackage [actor:ref]

GetPackageLocation gets package start location

GetPackageLocation package:form

The following, while called on a reference, runs on the reference baseForm

GetPackageCount gets the count of packages from an actor base
[ref.]GetPackageCount [actor:ref]

GetNthPackage gets the Nth package from an actor base form

(O is the package with the highest priority)
[ref.]GetNthPackage packageIndex:int [actor:ref]

SetNthPackage sets and returns the Nth package to an actor

base form
[ref.]SetNthPackage package:form packageIndex:int

AddPackageAt adds the Nth package to an actor base form : 0

at top, -1 at end, returns index
[ref.]AddPackageAt package:form packageIndex:int

RemovePackageAt removes and returns the Nth package from an

actor base form: -1 at end
[ref.]RemovePackageAt packageIndex:int [actor:ref]

RemoveAllPackages removes all packages from an actor base form returns

count removed
[ref.]RemoveAllPackages [actor:ref]

3 beta 02
Added isNogore to NVSEinterface
Compatible with nogore runtime version
Fixed GetFactionRank (Report the exact rank and not 1 after SetFactionRank)

3 alpha 01
New functions:
checks wether an NPC owns a reference or has the required faction rank
to own said reference
checks wether a reference is owned by an NPC or that said NPC as the
required faction rank to own the reference
set the owning faction required reference

Get the subject reference in a converation. That is the reference who
STARTED the conversation, (subject of Hello/Greatings topic)
Get the target reference in a conversation. That is the reference who
ANSWERS the conversation, (target of Hello/Greatings topic)
Get the current speaker in a conversation. That is the current subject
in a topic.

note: GetCurentPackageTarget does not provide the other member of a

conversation reliably.

Change the target reference of a package.

Classify the age of the standard races: -1 undefined. 0 is Child, 1
is default, 2 is Old, 3 is OldAged.

removes an inventory reference from its container, optionally
transferring it to a different container, in much the same way as the vanilla
RemoveMe command. The inventory reference becomes invalid once this command is
called and should no longer be used.

copies an inventory reference to the specified container. The calling
object needn't be in a container and remains valid after the command is called. If
the calling object is equipped, the copy will not be equipped.

creates a temporary reference to the specified form. This reference
does not exist in the gameworld or in a container, and remains valid for only one
frame. It is mostly useful for creating a stack of one or more items to be added to
a container with CopyIR

returns the first entry in an array of temp refs to objects of the
specified type in the calling container

returns the next entry in the array of temp refs to objects of the
specified type in the calling container

Specifies the ownership info while adding an item

Specifies both the ownership info and the health while adding an item

"Token" functions: A token is an Item that can only be present once in

inventory, and must allow Health and Ownership. Most likely created from an Armor
with no biped slot so it can't be equipped.
GetTokenValue, GetTV
Get the value of a token

SetTokenValue, SetTV
Add or modify the value of a token

GetTokenRef, GetTR
Get the referenece of a token

SetTokenRef, SetTR
Add or modify the reference of a token

SetTokenValueAndRef, SetTVR
Add or modify both the value and the reference of a token

Detects if ref and actor cross references each other (through item
ownership). Usage for thinks like is familly member, is partner of where there
maybe multiple instances (n n links)

Checks the respawn flag on Actor
Sets the respawn flag on actor. Effective on standard NPC, unreliable
on LevelledCharacters
Checks the permanent flag on Reference
Sets the permanent flag on Reference. Effective on standard NPC,
unreliable on LevelledCharacters

Find the actual baseForm of a Levelled form

Checks whether a ref, its baseform or its leveled baseForm is in a

Changed functions
Both accept any Form as the source, rather than just 3D object to allow
for cloning of packages for example.
Eval version of the function created

2 beta 14
- PluginApi extended to support:
* condition functions in plugins.
* function alternate name in plugins using DEFINE_COMMAND_ALT_PLUGIN.
* NVSECommandTableInterface (like OBSE).
2 beta 13
- PluginApi extended to support Messaging Interface (like OBSE). Implemented
messages are GameLoad and GameSave.

2 beta 12:
- made weapon mod indexing the same across all functions (1-based instead of 0-
based for backwards compatibility)

2 beta 11:
- fixed Get/SetWeaponItemModValue2

2 beta 10:
- optional (compile-time) SEH wrappers for formlist functions, useful for debugging
- add .ini file (\Data\NVSE\nvse_config.ini),
- optionally hook game error reporting function, to enable add this to your
- rename nvse_1_1.dll to nvse_1_4.dll (an old mistake that should have been fixed
long ago)
- log start time of components
- fix crash in GetHotkeyItem (tList::Iterator now understands empty nodes)
- fix SetWeaponRequiredSkill
- nogore runtime support
- from schlangster: Get/SetEquippedWeaponModFlags
- Get/SetWeaponItemModEffect/Value1/Value2
0: None
1: Increase Weapon Damage
2: Increase Clip Capacity
3: Decrease Spread
4: Decrease Weight
5: <Unused>
6: Regenerate Ammo
7: Decrease Equip Time
8: Increase Rate of Fire
9: Increase Projectile Speed
10: Increase Max. Condition
11: Silence
12: Split Beam
13: VATS Bonus
14: Increase Zoom

2 beta 9:
- document new method of getting to NiNode
- fix IsControlDisabled

2 beta 8:
- fix crash when iterating over invalid form lists (generally a sign that a mod
needs to be updated, but crashing is bad)
- support for editor

2 beta 7:
- fix GetCrosshairRef, other things relying on InterfaceManager
- more helpful error message when using the updated CS

2 beta 6:
- access to weapon flags: Get/SetWeaponFlags1
1 = ignores normal weapon resist
2 = is automatic
4 = has scope
8 = can't drop
16 = hide backpack
32 = embedded weapon
64 = don't use first-person IS animations
128 = nonplayable
- Get/SetWeaponFlags2
1 = player only
2 = NPCs use ammo
4 = no jam after reload
8 = override action points
16 = minor crime
32 = range fixed
64 = not used in normal combat
128 = override damage to weapon mult
256 = don't use third-person IS animations
512 = short burst
1024 = rumble alternate
2048 = long burst
- math functions for setting individual bits (ClearBit/SetBit)
SetBit takes an optional third parameter that clears the bit if set to zero
this is designed to be used as "set the value of this bit to X"

int a
set a to 15 ; bits 0-3 set
set a to ClearBit a 2 ; clear bit 2 (value 4)
; a is now 11
set a to SetBit a 1 0 ; would set bit 1 (value 2), but the third parameter
is 0 so instead it clears the bit
; a is now 9
- Get/SetActorBaseFlagsLow
use of unknown bits may cause random behavior
these had to be split in to two fields to avoid floating point precision

1 = female
2 = essential
4 = has chargen face
8 = respawn
16 = auto-calc stats
32 = unknown
64 = unknown
128 = pc level mult
256 = use template
512 = no low-level processing
1024 = unknown
2048 = no blood spray
4096 = no blood decal
8192 = unknown
16384 = unknown
32768 = unknown
- Get/SetActorBaseFlagsHigh
1 = unknown
2 = unknown
4 = unknown
8 = unknown
16 = no VATS melee
32 = unknown
64 = can be all races
128 = unknown
256 = unknown
512 = unknown
1024 = no knockdowns
2048 = not pushable
4096 = unknown
8192 = unknown
16384 = no rotate to head track
32768 = unknown
- improve IsControlDisabled, cache now keeps track of partially disabled keys
- ExtractArgsRaw, new internal function for getting detailed information about
passed-in arguments (not a scripting command, only useful for C++ API stuff)
- support for runtime

2 beta 5:
- Get/SetWeaponLongBursts
- SetWeaponFireRate
- long strings shouldn't crash the compiler any more
- overhaul dinput code
- added an optional integer parameter to IsKeyPressed (default behavior unchanged)
the parameter is a bitfield, so the following values can be added together:
1 = return game state (buttons as seen by the game after all filtering,
previous default behavior)
2 = return raw state (unfiltered buttons, exactly what is being pressed)
4 = return inserted state (scripted keypresses only)
if multiple of the above are selected, then they are logically or'd together
8 = ignore disabled keys (returns 0 for all DisableKey'd keys)

2 beta 4:
- full pass on all parameter types, fix lots of mistakes
- fixes ListAddForm and other formlist things that were using ExtractArgsEx

2 beta 3:
- fix formlist params so they accept any form type
- fix SetUIStringEx
- document new vegas parameter types
- %c format type can print the different sub-names of ammo (0 = full name, 1 =
short name, 2 = abbreviation)

2 beta 2:
- Menu*Key functions use buffered input like they should
- log printc to IDebugLog in _DEBUG builds
- SetUIStringEx
- fix %k format specifier
- fix DataHandler::DoAddForm (updated address then reverted it then fixed it again)
- enable kWeapType_OneHandThrown type

2 beta 1:
- MessageEx/MessageBoxEx
- SetNameEx
- IsClonedForm/TempCloneForm
- fix loader misreporting when it can't find the editor
- GetLocalRefIndex/BuildRef

1 beta 10:
- support for CS
- fixed custom conditionals in dialog trees

1 beta 9:
- support for
- GetOwner
- fix LogicalNot
- report when launching a UPX'd exe
- contributions from Douglas Greiman: improved accessors for Get/SetUIFloat/String
functions, SortUIListBox:

1. The path argument to Get/SetUIFloat/String() has two new capabilities. A path

segment of "*" matches any child tile, and a path segment suffix of ":N" matches
the N'th child tile. This is useful when accessing list box items, where the tile
names are either identical, or unpredictable, or both.

2. There is a new function SortUIListBox(path, sortSpec). "path" is the path to

the list box, and sortSpec defines how its children should be sorted.

A sort specification looks like

where [] indicate optional parts. A key path looks like
"-" reverses the normal sort order for this key
"#" sorts this string field numerically
"@" sorts this item name disregarding quanties and mod indicators
E.g. "9mm Pistol (2)" and "9mm Pistol+" sort as "9mm Pistol"

Usage Examples:


Returns the name of the 4th item on the repair services menu.

SortUIListBox "BarterMenu/*:0/*:5/*:9" "@string,-#_value"

Sorts the barter menu alphabetically, and then by item condition.

1 beta 8:
- fix GetRepairList
- unify steam_loader and nvse_loader launch procedure
- nvse_loader tries to inject steam_loader on steam launches to avoid a race

1 beta 7:
- support for
- plugin manager supports console interface
- fix crash when accessing objects with no repair list

1 beta 6:
- support for
- GetOpenKey (SetOpenKey not working yet)
- math functions

1 beta 5:
- Get/SetPlayerCurrentAmmoRounds, GetPlayerCurrentAmmo (may be usable on other
actors, will be modified if so)
- fix runtime version reporting for plugins

1 beta 4:
- support for, err err

1 beta 3:
- fix SetUIFloat
- Script functions (IsScripted, GetScript, RemoveScript, SetScript)
- IsFormValid, IsReference

1 beta 2:
- UI functions (Get/SetUIFloat, SetUIString)
- Object query functions: GetCrosshairRef, GetDebugSelection
- GetGameRestarted, GetGameLoaded
- Imported console functions: con_ToggleMenus, con_ToggleFreeCamera,
- Misc object queries: GetArmorDT, SetArmorAR, SetArmorDT
- fixed %n printc formatter for TESObjectREFR and subclasses
- fixed bug in GetNumRefs for types 200 and 201
- Mod query functions: IsModLoaded, GetModIndex, GetNumLoadedMods,
- GetWeaponItemMod
- steam loader reports unsupported versions
- new options for nvse_loader: -skiplauncher to skip the normal launcher screen,
-minfo for debugging purposes

1 beta 1:
- everything!
- GetNVSEVersion, GetNVSERevision, GetNVSEBeta
- Basic Inventory Object functions
- Get and Set Weapon functions
- Imported console functions: con_SetGameSetting, con_SetINISetting,
con_GetINISetting, con_RefreshINI, con_Save, con_SaveINI, con_QuitGame,
con_LoadGame, con_CloseAllMenus, con_SetVel
- Form list functions
- GetEquippedObject, GetNumItems, GetInventoryObject
- CompareNames, SetName
- GetHotkeyItem
- Input functions
* Get/SetCurrentHealth
* Get/SetEquippedCurrentHealth
- Plugin support
- Ref Walking (GetFirstRef, GetNumRefs, GetFirstRefInCell, GetNumRefsInCell,
- Get/SetNumericGameSetting, Get/SetNumericIniSetting
- Loops (Label/Goto)
- PrintC, DebugPrint, Get/SetDebugMode