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Difference Between A Job and A Calling
Do we just do a job? Or do we have a calling?

– – – – Jesus was called The disciples were called The early church was called Today - we are called! • Primary Calling: is to be in a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. • Secondary Calling: provides the contexts in which we can live our primary calling to follow Jesus.

– Your work, or vocational calling, is one of your secondary callings. Your work matters to God –

Important Advice
• Do your research • Adapt materials to employer • Have the right mindset • Refine your goals • What career switchers need to know • Follow-up

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School of Business
Career Development & Alumni Relations Kelly Head, Director (757) 226-4225

School of Communication & the Arts
Career & Alumni Services Lisa Hagen, Coordinator (757) 226-4228

Regent Undergrad
Career & Alumni Services Jennifer Hardman, Director (757) 226-4410

School of Divinity
Career & Alumni Services Dianne Chandler, Director (757) 226-4417 (800) 723-6162 (Option 8)

School of Education
Jeff Ludvik, Asst. Dean (757) 226-4251

Robertson School of Government
Career Services Beverly Hedberg, Director (757) 226-4641

School of Law
Career & Alumni Services Mark T. Morrell, Director Jeannine Bennett, Asst. Dir (757) 226-4915

School of Psychology & Counseling
Career Services Abigail Peoples, MA Career & Field Placement Coordinator (757) 226-4252

School of Leadership Studies
Career & Alumni Services Bruce Snyder, Assoc. Dean

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why they chose it. etc. You can go the traditional route of setting up a card file or the electronic route and create a database.” Your ability . hairdresser. No matter what type of system you use. doctor. Using the headings in the yellow pages is a good way to jar your memory of people you know. the next step is to schedule informational interviews. You need to begin by deciphering who they are. what they do.HOW TO GET STARTED: Some Simple “How To’s” of Networking: Networking Through People You Know: Many people overlook the obvious ways of making contacts. how they got where they are. Many of you may be thinking you have no contacts. spouse or kids’ names) o Business information (their specialty. Who do you know who’s an accountant. Be able to state what you’re looking for – “I’m interested in working in the marketing department of the organization. Former Employers and Co-workers High School Classmates and Teachers Christmas Card List Casual Contacts at Social Events Community Activities How to Start: Step 1: Write and memorize an introduction of yourself that is comfortable. I know that is the are you that you are in. their work. You need to be able to discuss the organization. their staff. Start by researching the person/organization before contacting them. how they started. a spreadsheet or some other type of computer based system to help you keep track of your contacts. banker. contractor. Gather enough information to explain in a succinct and realistic fashion what you hope to gain from meeting them.” Step 3: Step 4: Informational Interviewing: After you have obtained the names of the people that you want to meet through your networking activities. what they like or dislike about it). birthdays. NOT TRUE! Regardless of what you may think. Keeping a good calendar. Could I have 15 minutes of your time for some advice. dentist.? Gather their names and addresses. etc. address & phone o When and how you met o Who referred you o Who they in turn referred you to o Any correspondence o Personal information (interests. the important thing is to make sure that your system contains information you will need to know and remember about the contacts you have met. Step 2: Establish some sort of tracking (tickler) system. such as: o Name. Get Started with “Informational Interviewing. The easiest way is to begin with the people you already know. Other possibilities might include: • • • • • • • • • • Church Family Law School Alumni and Professors Undergraduate Alumni and Professors Family and Friends Your doctor. etc. everyone has a sphere of influence of about 200 people. You also need to be able to clearly present and introduce yourself.

Also. 5) Dress professionally for the meeting with your potential employer. don’t tell your professional contacts you are looking for a job. and help. this particular person to contact over all of the other possibilities? What is it specifically about this person’s organization that you want to know? These types of questions will help you to clarify your objectives in networking BEFORE you call or write to contacts. if the potential employer indicated that they were working on a specific issue. but at this juncture. advice. would you choose this profession? Why? What you could do to make yourself more attractive as a potential employee including: 7) If. For example.” Think like the employer: Why has this person chosen this particular organization. “whom else do you think I should talk to?” Also. and more importantly. you should ask. You should NOT be saying. always follow-up with a phone call. always thank them for their time. Here are some possible questions to ask in informational interviewing: • • • • • • • • • • How did you decide on this field and specialization? Did you do an internship in school? Was it helpful? What classes did you find most helpful? What professional publications do you read? What do you wish you’d known about before starting work? What is your typical day like? What is the most interesting project recently worked on? What do you like best (worst) about your work? If you were starting over. “give me a job.” Instead.resume. towards the conclusion of your talk. no additional names to contact have been offered. 9) If appropriate. writing sample. 8) After the interview has ended. and will increase your chances of arousing their interest in consenting to meet with you. Obviously finding a job is your long-term goal. . Make sure you obtain their business card. follow up on the conversation by producing or locating something you discussed. always have an extensive list of questions you wish to have answered. This takes the pressure off the individual to give you a job or to even interview you. 1) You can start with a letter or phone call. be proactive in locating a case or article relating to that issue and either refer them to it or include a copy with your thank you present yourself and your purpose for calling will determine the response you receive. Always have these available in case you’re asked for them. and letters of recommendation. 6) Take 5 items with you . If choosing to start with a letter. an informative conversation should be your objective. transcript. Fill out your “contact” information on your index cards and send a “thank you” letter within 24 hours. you SHOULD only be seeking information. 4) Indicate that you recognize how valuable their time is and let them know that any amount of time they can share with you will be appreciated. request permission to use their name when making the contact. 2) Regardless of which method you choose. 3) ALWAYS start either the letter or the phone call with the name of the referral. “So and so RECOMMENDED I call you. list of references.

Personal Marketing Strategy Planning Sheet Personal Analysis • • • Set broad long-term objectives Evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses Set preliminary timetables • • • Environment Analysis Identify current opportunities Examine trends which may affect opportunities Evaluate business practices (legal industry) Develop objectives • Long-term • Short-term Develop your marketing plan • Identify likely opportunities • Plan your product (you) • Plan your promotion Implement your marketing plan .

com . career center. Virginia view: www.USEFULWEBSITES 1/23/06 Basic Research Sites: University Library Electronic Resources 10. .Thousands of jobs 9. Monster.ajb.vt.html 2. Census Bureau .cio. CoolJobs.Job search based on city and profession.Nationwide jobs .html Career Related Sites . . www."How-to information for job seekers 7.quirks. online career fair. Market research on Cyber (internet) behavior .dni. 16. Communication University Database for Communication: .http://www.cfm Business University Databases for Business: http://www. Virginia Tech's career database and information.regent. 3." 18.Nationwide job listings and career resources. Yankelovich Partners . Quintessential Careers . 12. CampusCareerCenter.Articles on careers. 11.prsa.Unique jobs across all industries. National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 4. 17. www. Vault. Business News and Informationn: 13.Career and job resources by industry. The Internet Career Connection 5. 5. Survey data about internet usage and related technologies . Cyber behavior research center . True Careers www. 3.http://www.naceweb.cfm • University Databases: VERY Useful!!!! http://www. 14. 6.Quick job search. 9.http://www. .regent.christianmediajobs. www.html • Market Research Sites 4.regent. job search engine. Quirks Marketing Research Review .com .org/jobwire 7.uchicago. America's Job Bank . Career InfoNet – www.Personal salary report. National Opinion Research Center . Careerbuilder . AMA: Marketing industry information: marketingpower. 6. The Gallup Organization .com . PRSA Public Relations Society of America: http://www.census.internet.http://www.

Take the quiz that has helped thousands of people discover their personality type. • State of Virginia: Hampton Roads City of Hampton – www.htm State & Local Jobs – Washington Network Group – The Washington Post – www. City of Richmond – www. 2. entertainmentjobs. Education University Database for Education: Government Related Sites Univeristy Databases for Government: http://www. 3.Very extensive counseling and mental health 5. MinistryJobs. JOB OUTLOOK 2004 .org 7. • 8. Keirsey Temperament Sorter – Kiersey.asp 3. Victorious. Christian Career 3. 9.state. (contact Lisa Hagen for members area password) State Jobs – 2. Virginia Employment Commission – State of Virginia – City of Portsmouth – www. 2. Other States – Job Listings Council of State Governments – www. OpportunityKnocks. Divinity University Database for Divinity: (contact Lisa Hagen for members area password) Counseling University Database for Psychology and Counseling: http://www.richmondgov. theatrejobs. 6. 4. .com/joboutlook/2004outlook/default.www.regent. 7.norfolk. .edu/general/library/subjects/education/ 1. .va.state. www. Ministrycareers. Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network http://chronicle.washingtonnetworkgroup.regent. City of Norfolk – 5.governing. City of Virginia Beach – City of Suffolk – www. 7. Civilian Human Services – 9.jsp?id=1038966824122 3. Global 50 .org • Attrition/Retention 11. Policy Library – www. http://www10./offices/hr/ Legal Law Library: http://www. 6. Federal Government jobs – www. New York 100 top law firms .edu/acad/schlaw/library/ Law Firms • Ranked by size.jobbankusa. Avue Centeral (federal job site) 6.Federal Government 8.html The Cato Institute – www. 9. National Law Journal (NLJ) 250 .pl?feature_id=7&page_id=1246&format=list Progressive Policy Institute – www. Bureau of Labor Statistics – 15. Public Policy Job Bank USA – www. List of Chicago's top law firms .com 2. NALP. The Lateral Lawyer: Why They Leave & What May Make Them Stay http://www.chicagobusiness.bls.nonprofitcareer. Federal Governements Official Website – www. 3. revenue 1. http://www.shtml The Heritage Foundation – Non Profit Career Network – www. Student Jobs in the Federal Government – 14.hillnews. Global 100 .com/jsp/ Department of Defense Education Activity DODEA – 5. http://www. Roll Call – www. 5. of Navy – www.jsp?id=1036630439044 • Listed by Specialty 10.htm The Leadership Institute – www.http://www. Careers in Government – www. American Federal Jobs Digest 13. Office of Personnel Management – 11.donhr. Capitol Hill – Hill News Employment Classifieds – www. Public Sector Jobs – www. AmLaw 100 http://www.hierosgamos.nalp. 100 top law firms .http://www. • • 2.

U. ABA study.nsf/DocID • Outside Corporate Counsel 5. Project for Attorney Retention Final Report.jsp?id=1030821212821 Corporate Counsel & Law Departments 1.uscourts.http://www.alanet.jsp?id=1032128631502 Justice System 1. The American Lawyer 2002 Associates Survey 2. National Law Journal (NLJ) Client List . Law Department Spending Survey .html 3.Who Represents Corporate America .com/chapters/reportext. Are Hung Juries a Problem? http://www.html 2. Managing Outside Counsel Survey Report 2002: Assessing Key Elements of the In-House Counsel/Outside Counsel Relationship http://www.womensbar. Recruitment and Success of Women Attorneys in Law Firms http://www. Legal Marketing Association .com/jsp/article. law.html 3. Association of Legal Administrators . Women's Bar Association of Massachusetts. Courts Administrative Office . NLJ list of financial institutions and size of their law firms American Association of Law Libraries .html Bar Associations 1.html LRP Publications .http://www.12. Diversion and Treatment Alternatives for Girls in the Justice System .http://www. More than Part Time: The Effect of Reduced Hours Arrangements on the Retention.legalmarketing. AmLaw Technology Survey 2002 . Voluntary State Bar Map . Public Perceptions of the Justice System http://www. ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) . National Center for State Courts . American Corporate Counsel Association Report on Corporate Selection of Outside Counsel 3.http://www.acca. Justice by Gender: The Lack of Appropriate Prevention.htm 2. 2.http://www.hildebrandt.S. ABA study.abanet.http://www. Comprehensive Bar Association Listings .http://www.findlaw.abanet.pwcglobal. Hildebrandt 2002 Technology Survey of Law Firms http://www.pardc. 3. Mandatory 4.http://www.html 2.html 4. NLJ list of firms used most frequently by large financial institutions http://www. National Center for State Courts.http://www. Law-Related Associations 1.htm conducted by the American University Washington College of Law .org/final_report. Influence of Economic and Societal Factors in Justice System National Institute for Social Science Information .com/TechGroup/pub_techgroup/child_of_pub_tech_survey Courts and Caseload Statistics • Cases Filed • Jury Verdict Research 1. LTRC 2001 Annual Technology Survey . National Association of Legal Assistants .org Technology 1.http://www.

www.abanet.http://www. www. Legal Marketing Association . Findlaw .org 6. .http://www.http://www.ilrg.stanford.General Legal Resource Sites 2.lycos. This are no means the be all end all of websites.http://www.nalp.findlaw. This simply a start to get you going. Hieros Gamos .http://www. National Association for Law Placement .org Search Engines: 1. law.html .hierosgamos. Internet Legal Resource Guide .http://www. American Association of Law Libraries .yahoo. ABA Lawlink 3. 5. http://www-med. ABA Factbooks .com 2.

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