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And do not worry all of the information you provide me with is solely for academic


1) Performance Appraisal: A sample or two ~ perhaps of any MNCs using a certain

model or structure of a performance appraisal.

- Followings are; what shall be the standard PA policy in any company along
with one sample (which you’ll find in the mail attachment.)
- MNC’s use different types of template based on their company’s objective so
there is no specific model or so. However I am giving u one of the standard
Company shall operate performance management system that uses
yearly objectives set for the individual and which has been cascaded
down from company objective, functional objective and team objective.
This yearly objectives should be quantifiable. Performance appraisal
process is the guideline for an employee to achieve the objective.

Hold performance key result
discussion area

Evaluate Job performance
Performance measure of
success for each

Diagram: 7.1

a. The Annual Appraisal aims to Review employee’s performance

over the past year and establish a development plan for each
individual to continuously improve the performance.
b. The appraisals shall be discussed and agreed with the staffs.
c. Staffs shall get a copy of the signed appraisal form.
d. A staff shall have a formal appraisal of performance once a year
and annual increment will be linked to the individual’s
e. HR shall make employee aware of the process and clarify them as
and when required.
f. The appraisal meeting shall organize between line manager and
employees. The followings are to be discuss during the meeting;
i. Performance over last year
ii. Employee’s leadership and other competencies.
iii. Key strengths and areas of improvement.
iv. Objectives for the coming year.
v. Mutual feedback so that manager and employee get to work
g. The performance rating for the last year shall be agreed and
finalize for the approval of the CEO.
h. Training and developments needs are agreed based on the
performance gap.
i. Employee’s career interest is also written down between the
j. However any employee joined in 4th quarter shall not fall under
that year’s performance appraisal system only their objectives for
the next year are decided during the appraisal meeting.
k. The performance appraisal of record shall be maintained in the
Personnel File.

2) Recruitment & Selection process: Lafarge told me that they use headhunters
to recruit people, so how do head hunters like yourselves go about it?

- First of all recruitment and selection is a huge process where company and
recruitment agency uses thousands of different tools for placing the right
people at the right place.
- Specifically if u wants to know how headhunter works for recruitment this is
also a process based work which is not same for all company. However let
me try to give a general overview below through a diagram. If you have any
questions feel free to call me.
Outsourcing Solution for Lafarge Surma Cement
HR Kites Approach:

Understanding the client culture through engagement & need analysis

Requisition with required documents

Enable sourcing net

Comprehensive Communication in each step

Role description & resume analysis

Filtering based on basic criteria checklist through candidate management


Tele Assessment or Assessment in HR Kites office (Whichever method

required based on role description)

Shortlisting and sending to the client with assessment report

Communicate and administered assessment based on clients

If required structured interview

requirement on specific content

records/track management
Processing and administered the 1st interview

Processing and administered the 2nd interview

Processing and administered the 3rd

Final Interview

2:1 Candidate readiness

3) Employee Training & Development: In terms of functional competencies,

managerial competencies and leadership competencies - can you provide me
with few samples modules and templates if any (even a few slides on it would be
just fine)

- It’s a huge thing you ask for honey  ! We make modules on clients need
and there is no specific template.
- I am attaching one of our approaches for training with one of the client.

4) Employee Development & Motivation : What services can HR Kites provide

if an MNC asks them to help them in terms of marked improvements in
employee development especially motivation?
- some of the HR Kites product to enrich/ develop employee motivation
o Enabling motivational culture with leadership framework
o Performance reward culture
o On boarding with values
N so many more……..

5) Employee relations guideline / model for management & non-


- It’s ER sorry I cannot help you here.

6) Employee Grievance Handling Procedure: Any information would be

Grievances may be real or imagined, but in either case, it is essential
that the grievance is brought to light, discussed and the matter
resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned. Failure to do so will only
result in the grievance becoming a worsening source of conflict and
eventually ending in a far more serious problem.
AWBBL regards it important that all its employees will have sufficient
knowledge of such procedure and easy access to it.
Steps 1 - Immediate Superior:
a. In step 1 the employee must discuss his grievance with his
immediate superior or the latter’s superior in the event of a
grievance against an immediate superior.
b. The superior must endeavor to solve the problem within two (2)
working days and inform the employee.
c. If satisfactory solution found in Level 1 session, it should be
explained to him/her and relevant entries should be made in either
English or Bengali (known as a Counseling Form) in the presence of
the employee seeking a solution to the grievance.
d. Should the employee not be satisfied with the outcome, he may
proceed to Step 2.
Step 2 – Department manager
a. The Department Manager shall endeavour to solve the problem
within two (2) working days and inform the employee.
b. Should the employee not be satisfied with the outcome, he may
proceed to step 3
Step 3- Grievance hearing
e. The matter is referred to the Chief Executive Officer by handing him
the grievance form together with any other further relevant written
f. The CEO shall convene a grievance hearing and attempt to resolve
the matter within a period of ten (10) working days. His decision
shall be final.
Well, I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for your time.