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Prepared by Jezreel Madsa



Along the course of the 48-minute activity, the students should be able to:
 recall the former lessons on transitional words;
 maintain order and silence while copying their notes; and,
 finish writing their notes within the duration of 25 minutes.


 Topic: “Transitional Words”

 Reference: “Introduction to English Grammar” by Betty Azar
 Time Allotment: 48 minutes
 Instructional Materials: Manila Paper, Pentel Pen


A. Daily Routine
 Prayer
 Attendance
 Quick Clean-up

B. Motivation
 The students will be greeted by the teacher and ask them if they have eaten their breakfast or snacks.
 The teacher will ask the students what they have remembered about transitional words.
 The students will share the knowledge orally and the teacher will further elaborate the concept.
 The teacher will then regulate the entire atmosphere in the class and control the noise.

C. Presentation
 The teacher will remind the students that there will be an upcoming examination and they ought to get
some notes to study in their home.
 The teacher will post the notes about transitional words on the board.
 The students will be required to finish copying the notes within 25-minute time span.
 The students will be strictly prohibited to generate excessive noise while copying the notes on the board.

1. Additive
Ex. Again, also, and, and then, besides, equally, furthermore, in addition, indeed, in fact, moreover, too, what is
2. Comparison
Ex. Compared with, in comparison with, in the same way, likewise, similarly

3. Contrast and Concession

Ex. Besides, but, however, in contrast, instead, naturally, nevertheless, of course, on the contrary, on the other
hand, still, whereas, while, yet.

D. Analysis
The students will be asked by the teacher about the following questions:

 What is the purpose of a transitional word?

 How do you identify a transitional word?
 When can you say that a transitional word is contrastive?
 How do you differentiate between comparison and contrast?
 Does the excessive use of transitional words make the paragraph good? Why?
E. Abstraction
 The students will be asked to give a summary of everything that has been reviewed by the teacher
 The teacher will give the students the opportunity to share the importance of the lesson in relation to
their real life as a student.

 The students will be assessed formatively through their oral interaction with the teacher.


 The students will be required to study in advance their notes for the upcoming examination.