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Singapore Street 14
Crispy Eggs
11 crispy curried noodles, asian greens,
all the sesame seeds
fried eggs, herbs, cauliflower sambal, S N ACKS
braised greens
Le Tigre 13
Grilled Papaya Salad 9
House F ried Rice
green papaya, tomatoes, long beans,
Vietnamese Pork 14 peanuts, hot hot chilis
chinese sausage, scallop, egg,
cauliflower, little gem, mint, little gem, tobiko mayo
watercress, chilis
Chili Potatoes 8 Pad Gra Pow 16
Mala Mushrooms
13 sneaky chili mayo, scallions
rich & spicy ground chicken, chilis,
numbing & spicy mushrooms, thai basil, fried duck egg
smashed garlic, mustard greens,
fried duck egg Crispy Pork Ribs 13
cilantro peanut crumble,
charred ginger chili sauce Cha Ca “Bahn Mi” 16
Tuna Poke 19 bahn mi veggies, turmeric marinated
sushi grade tuna, torched avocado, shrimp, peanuts, nuoc cham, dill,
tobiko, sesame cucumbers, scallions,
soy coconut rice Lemongrass Pork 9 scallion, curry mayo
Cheung Fun
spicy soy, fried shallots, thai basil
Indian F ried Chicken 15 BAS I C B r e akfas t
crispy marinated chicken, cilantro,
mint chutney, onion jam, mint salad
The Essential
two eggs, belly bacon, hashbrowns,
SWEET TH ANG S mo toast

Gingerbread Pancakes
13 Roti-Rito 13
champagne syrup, cran jam butter Mama Mac Burger curried chickpeas & potato, braised
greens, crispy roti, raita & chutneys

Bacon Cheddar Waffle 14 double pork flat patties, american cheese,

bacon & cheese studded waffles, wok roasted onions, fish sauce tomato jam, Cowboy Hat
thai chili butter, maple glazed bacon sneaky mayo, lettuce, Lady Duck 15
house hashbrowns & rice salad richly braised duck, roasted sweet
potato, pickled mustard greens,
Boons Bread chili vinegar, soft poached eggs
F rench Toast
11 15
coconut bread pudding,
white chocolate pistachio crumble Shrimp Toast Benny 15
crispy shrimp toast, soft poached
eggs, cilantro “bearnaise”
Viet Yogurt Pudding 8
asian pears, fig jam, granola

chana masala, hashbrowns, bacon, greens, rice salad

**Please inform your server of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

**Consuming raw or undercooked products may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
Our Best Foot Forward To Do What’s Right

We think that it is important that when instituting any changes, we include you, our guest, and
take the time to give you a thoughtful explanation.
We are implementing a 3% Kitchen Appreciation Fee to the guest check that will directly benefit
our Back of the House (BOH) team.
As an organization, we struggle with the disparities between Front of the House (FOH) and BOH
wages. Everyone in restaurants work hard to provide you, our guest with a great
experience. However, over the years, the wage gap between the FOH and BOH has become
staggering. FOH employees earn nearly three times more than their BOH counterparts. And this
continues to increase – meaning the servers benefit from the increases of menu prices over the
years while the line cooks, prep cooks and dishwashers do not.

Why is this the case?

As the cost of doing business in Boston increases through increase of minimum wage, cost of
food and goods, mandatory health care coverage, mandatory sick-pay and the
ever-increasing cost of a growing urban market, our ability to increase the wages of our BOH
employees are encumbered. State law does not allow BOH employees to benefit from gratuities,
constraining their wages to the bottom line resources of the restaurant. We think that’s wrong
and have looked for ways to fix it.

The Kitchen Appreciation Fee allows all BOH employees to directly benefit from the top line
success of the restaurant. They feel the love from you and their living wages increase. Every cent
of the 3% goes directly to our BOH employees. We thank you, they thank you.

Please do not hesitate to engage us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are all
more than happy to chat with you about it. If you feel strongly that you don’t wish to contribute,
we will remove it from your check promptly.

We are ever grateful for you choosing Tiger Mama and we don’t take your patronage lightly.

-Team Tiger