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September 2017 | Trevecca Nazarene University’s Official Student Newspaper Since 1944 |

NEWS Driving or walking? Reporter tests Student drug
Trojan Idol back for which is faster on campus testing poli-
season 13 cies outlined in
Meet the top 10 contestants handbooks
before they hit the stage Tuesday. BY Brooklyn Dance
Page 2
Trevecca o�cials said the university’s
residential sta� followed campus policies for
student drug tests after the university was
Wells family re- accused last week of racial discrimination for

unites in Georgia drug testing two students.
Though student development o�cials
Hall cannot comment on specific incidents, Steve
Harris, associate provost and dean of student
development, said the university’s policies
Page 4 on drugs and when testing can be done are
SPORTS clear.
Trevecca’s student drug testing policies
Men’s basketball Stewart driving to class. Stewart walking to class. were the subject of much debate, on campus

manager a two-time BY Blake Stewart
location to location.
moving his truck, he would
After and on Twitter, after two students were
tested after a residential sta� member said
cancer survivor Maybe it’s raining. Maybe
often still have to walk to get
from an available parking place
they smelled marijuana coming from a dorm
room. When the tests came back clear, a
chapel is starting now. Maybe to his destination. former student took to Twitter to post
EDITORIAL it’s the hill from the library to his concerns that the testing was racially
TrevEchoes: Explain your
Don’t believe every- caf.
Whatever the reason, you
method. How did you do this? motivated.

thing you read jump in your car and head
Stewart: For driving, I got a
timer and I clocked how long it
The university released the following
statement after the tweets were shared more
to your next destination on took me to drive and walk and than 700 times:
Page 6 campus. to put my bag in and out of my “After a briefing of the facts, we are
Driving, instead of walking, truck. I used the stop watch confident the search was not racially
on campus is a popular option everywhere I went. On the day motivated and proper protocol was followed.
Finals schedule for students and sometimes
faculty and staff. But on a
I walked, I used the timer to We take any reports of this type seriously
with an expectation that all people on
time how long it took me to
Page 8 small campus, it turns out walk from place to place. our campus will be treated with love and
driving doesn’t save you any TrevEchoes: Were you respect. We are fundamentally committed
time. In fact, the time it takes surprised by the results? to ensuring that Trevecca is a safe place for
to find a parking spot adds all students and desire that no student feels
several minutes to your trip. Stewart: No, not at all. On
/TrevEchoesOnline targeted for any reason. Trevecca will not
a campus this small, it’s so
TrevEchoes reporter Blake much easier to find a parking
publicly discuss details to protect student
Stewart spent two days going spot when you get here in
confidentiality. Administration o�cials are
@TrevEchoes through his normal Monday, doing a full investigation of this matter and
the morning and just be done
Wednesday, Friday routine. with it. It was much more
will take steps to ensure that all students are
@TrevEchoes One day he drove everywhere. inconvenient for me to drive. It
treated with respect and sensitivity.”
The next day he walked was dreadful. Harris said the university’s policies for
everywhere. when and how students are tested are clearly TrevEchoes: What took the
The result? longest time?
written in both the residential assistant and
It took him nearly 20 residential director handbooks as well as
Stewart: Finding parking. communicated and practiced during sta� additional minutes to drive And then, you have to go
from class to class. And, by training.
further away than you might
walking, he got in 3,500 steps think to find parking, so the
The protocol for requesting a drug
TNU Events App of exercise for the day. test from a resident is found in both the
walk time ended up being
On Monday, his driving day, residential assistant and residential director
it took Stewart 36 minutes to handbooks and states:
As enrollment continues to
INSIDE drive and walk from parking increase on campus, parking
“In any situation where the residence life
NEWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 spots. On Wednesday it took can be a concern for some
sta� becomes aware of the possibility that
him 16.5 minutes to walk students.
a student has or is using alcohol or other
OPINION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 everywhere. He started at the substances not in line with our behavioral
TSAC lot both mornings and But, it turns out there is expectations, they are expected to address
SPORTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 plenty of parking on campus,
made seven location changes them immediately. If an RA is the first person
throughout the day. On it’s just not always available to become aware of this type of situation,
average, it took him about two right in front the building they should stay with the student and contact
to three minutes to walk from CONTINUED PAGE 4 CONTINUED PAGE 3

Campus welcomes first on-campus therapy animal in dorm
BY Susie Taylor approved as a support animal residential hall, but nationally
to help her with her anxiety more universities are
Tiffany Russel sits on her bed and depression. “My pet has discussing whether students
and pets her cat, Princess, who always been a safe thought for can bring therapy animals
is snuggled up next to her on a me. Sometimes it’s easier for to school with them. At
pillow. me to relate to her than other Trevecca, a seeing eye-dog
Princess, the 7-year-old humans. I don’t have to talk was approved last year. When
feline, has made her home in to her, but I also can if I want that student made the request,
Tennesee Hall as the first ever to. There’s just something university officials updated
support animal allowed to live comforting about having her the university’s official policy
in a dorm on campus. here to comfort when things about service and support
“It’s meant a lot to be able to are bad.” animals for students with
have her with me. Her presence This is the first year that disabilities.
helps me feel less alone,” a support animal has been “Animals really help people Princess sitting on the dorm bed. Provided by Russell.
said Russel, who got her cat allowed to live in a Trevecca deal with their issues and are CONTINUED PAGE 5
2017 | December | TrevEchoes

Trojan Idol back for season 13
BY Audrey Yawn roll.”
Auditions for this show are open to anyone
Ten students on Tuesday and Thursday will on campus. This year around 35 students tried
compete at the annual student-organized out for one of the 10 spots.
singing competition and show. The show is Tuesday and Thursday night at
The show, formatted after the popular 8 p.m. in Boone. There is no cost.
television show American Idol, will showcase
a variety of genres and talent, said Kelly Hall,
SGA social life director.
“[It is] really a widespread of talent,” said
Hall. “A lot of pop, indie, soul music, rock and

Trojan Idol Top 10

Gracie Pierce Madison Clements Ian Miller Cameron McClure Tyler Smith
Hometown: Cleveland, Hometown: Louisville, Hometown: Auburn, Hometown: Mason City, Hometown: Orange, Texas
Tennessee Kentucky Nebraska Nebraska

Dana Hood Que’Dell Chithambo Hanna Fahl Brianna Corbett Ysabel Mark
Hometown: Rocky Hometown: Nashville, Hometown: Milwaukee, Hometown: Ventura, Hometown: Twin Falls,
Mountain, North Carolina Tennessee Wisconsin California Idaho

Photos provided by Uy Nguyen.

Trevecca board votes to continue studying merge with ENC
BY Brooklyn Dance “One is to create a three-year erating as a legal entity of Trev- recognize that the realities before
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF budget plan to bring ENC to sus- ecca, which is in the Midsouth us require the provision of God,
The Trevecca Board of Trustees tainability. The second one is to region. the favor of donors and granting
voted unanimously during home- establish enrollment goals that Boone said the earliest pos- authorities, and the success of
coming to continue the potential will demonstrate success,” Boone sible date for the merge is June enrollment efforts.
merger with Eastern Nazarene said. “[The] third one is to of 2019, because of the need to So we put our shoulder to the
College. present the funding resources for secure state accreditations. task of strengthening this mission
The vote was specifically on supporting ENC until the merger Boone today released the fol- while being sensitive to the fidu-
whether or not to establish a could occur. Fourth would be to lowing statement: ciary responsibilities of Trevecca
joint task force, as requested by gain denominational approval for “The mission of Christian and ENC. As stewards, should
ENC. This is the next step in the the merger.” higher education is a significant closure be necessary, we will act
merging process. The Nazarene denomination part of the work of the kingdom in the best interest of the mission
This is a substantial step in the establishes regions. ENC and of God. The work of ENC is im- of Christian higher education and
merge’s 18-month timeline. Trevecca are in different regions, portant to us, and we have creat- as stewards of kingdom assets
University President Dr. Boone therefore the denomination ed a Joint Task Force in an effort toward this end.”
said this task force has several needs to agree that though ENC to find a way to enhance and
responsibilities. is in a separate region, it is op- continue the mission of ENC. We
TrevEchoes | December | 2017 |
Drug testing The next step is typically a room search.
Lilienthal said that the search requires two
Substance Use/Abuse Policy in RA Handbook
their RD for assistance. If their RD is not
people, including an RD present if possible.
If there is still question whether a student
· If the smell of marijuana is present, and/or a student displays be-
is using the drug, part of the process is
available, then they may ask for help from requesting a drug test. havior indicating drug use, if eyes are dilated, if drug paraphernalia
another RA in the building until another RD “The incident report comes from the is found or if reliable reports are received, then two staff members
can be contacted to come and assist. resident hall to my o�ce. At that point, I talk
The sta� member(s) should speak with
should talk to the student(s) involved.
to the individual, [I] try to find out more than
the student(s) involved to determine the what was in the report. I try to get to know
· One staff member should stay with the student at all times until the
nature of the situation. It is advisable to them,” Lilienthal said. situation is concluded.
speak to the students in a private place, and A drug test is then scheduled. · A room search should be done by at least two staff members, one
for most situations it is best to speak to them
The policy states that if the test comes being an RD. The search should proceed as outlined in the RD Hand-
back negative, the school pays. If it comes book.
The purpose of these conversations is to back positive, the student pays.
fully understand what has happened, what · Answer any questions the student may have and let them know that
The investigation is dropped if the test
has led to these circumstances, where they
is negative. If positive, the student is sent you will be sending an incident report to the Office of Student Devel-
have been, what have they used, who else opment and that they should expect a call in the next couple of days.
through the judicial process.
was involved, etc. If the situation escalates,
then the goal is to de-escalate it as best
Lilienthal says students can decline a drug · Make sure that they are ok before dismissing them and assure them
test, but student development proceeds as that you are there to assist them any way you can.
as possible. In some extreme situations,
though he or she is guilty.
security may be called for assistance.” · If the student is acting strangely, is unconscious or fading in and out
Harris said there are typically two or
Ronda Lilienthal, associate dean of
three drug tests per year of non-athletes. of consciousness, then consult with the associate dean of students
students for residential life, said there has to
The athletic department is required to for residence life and a decision may need to be made to call Security
be a reasonable cause for requesting a drug
test student athletes regularly per NCAA (615.642.3523) or 911 for help.
“The first thing is there has to be · Once the event in concluded, every staff member involved should
Annual required RA training teaches
reasonable cause. We don’t decide all at
RAs how to properly handle situations
complete an incident report and email to the associate dean of stu-
once. Our policy would state that reasonable dents for residence life immediately. Deliver any contraband to the
with residents and illegal drugs through
cause, which could be the smell of marijuana,
someone presenting as though they are on
simulations and evaluations. Office of Student Development the next work day.
something, a reliable report or someone we The training is focused more on how · Follow up with the student the next day to see how they are doing
to handle the situation and not on the
know they are aware this is happening, or if and to answer any further questions.
there is drug paraphernalia that is noticed,” discipline, because the job has so much to do
Lilienthal said. with relationships, Lilienthal said. SOURCE: Trevecca Residential Assistant Handbook

New coffee shop opens on Worship bands get creative
Nolensville Pike BY AUDREY YAWN
The band challenges have grown in
popularity online.
Josiah Adams rubs his flip-flop “The NPWI band challenges are
drumsticks together in anticipation of gaining more viewers on the live streams
playing his water cooler drum. His band than any other event on campus,” said
has been asked to play a worship song Vince.
without traditional instruments. The weekly band challenges aren’t
Adams, a member of a band of NPWI just for perfecting their craft, but helping
students, is trying to get top marks on his members grow closer together.
band challenge assignment. “It’s like living together,” said a first
Every week students in the program year band member Sarah Adams.
are given a project that involves them Second year band members put more
recreating an arrangement of a song focus on learning as much as they can
with certain twists, like nontraditional before leaving for their internship
instruments or no instruments at all. “Hailey is playing guitar this week and
Once they present their song on Friday, she doesn’t play guitar,” said second year
a new band leader is chosen and they get band member Michael Vince about band
a new assignment. The quick turnaround mate Hailey Long. “It helps you learn
Photo provided by Uy Nguyen. with sometimes strange guidelines things you might not do otherwise.”
BY JOSHUA MOORE can be stressful for some bands when
these for college students,” said Stevens. The day of the performances brings out
“We’re still figuring it out, but we’d like to preparing to perform. mixed emotions for all of the performers.
have a day to appreciate students like we National Praise and Worship Institute,
Jonathan Avery Harper considers him- “My favorite part is that when it’s over
appreciated everyone on opening day.” NPWI for short, is a program that is
self a co�ee conniosseur of Nashville co�ee I’m relieved of the stress,” said second
Lots of students already appreciate the overseen by Mark Hosny, who is the
shops. year band member Jordan Smith.
newly established co�ee shop. director of praise and worship program.
He has already been to check out the latest “It’s a very relaxing atmosphere,” said Some see the stress as a learning
co�ee shop to open near campus. NPWI o�ers two years of training with
Harper. “It’s nice and respectful for those experience that they can reflect on.
The Red Bicycle, which is located 1.9 miles a certificate at the end or the option to
who decide to go there and study.” transfer into another degree. “Stress is good because it helps you
from campus, opened last month on No- Another student, Maeve Tamez, enjoyed grow,” said second year band member
lensville Pike. It now ties with Crema, also Each week the students in the program
visiting the Red Bicycle as well, saying that Hailey Long. “It makes you realize how
1.9 miles away, as the closest o�-campus participate in a band challenge. The
the whole shop had an overall feeling of much you’ve really learned.”
co�ee shop to campus. comfort with its decor and cozy furniture challenge part is more about pushing
Harper ordered the Red Bicycle’s famous each person to think outside of the box It’s about breaking chains and building
placement. confidence in the students, said Hosny.
Cuban espresso drink. He was not disap- “And the co�ee isn’t bad either,” said when creating arrangements in their
pointed. bands. Despite the name, Hosny stresses Even though band challenge is for a
Tamez. “I ordered the iced Cuban and it was
The Red Bicycle has been in Nashville that these weekly assignments are not grade, the students look at it as much
pretty good quality.”
for five years and moved their location to meant to pit bands against each other, more.
Stevens assures that the quality of the
Nolensville Pike in October. The renova- Red Bicycle’s co�ee should be at least in but rather give him an opportunity “Friday isn’t just another class to
tion of an old car garage right o� the main the top five of Nashville’s co�ee shops. He to give immediate feedback on their us. It’s a whole worship experience by
road attracts many students and non-stu- does not want the shop to move too far away performances. itself,” said Vince.
dents alike. The shop is well known for its from co�ee with its di�erent drink and food The band challenges happen every
Hosny has specific goals in mind for his
self-proclaimed relaxing atmosphere and o�erings. Friday at 1p.m. in Zelma Waggoner
students as he creates the assignments.
unique batch of food choices. But some of the unique products this “My goal is [to work on] the big Performance Hall which is located in the
The owners of the Red Bicycle, David Trett specific chain of co�ee shops o�er are their three: musical, spiritual, and personal Jackson Center for Music and Worship
and Amanda Machala, agreed to move their crepes. There is a range of di�erent flavors
strengths and weaknesses,” said Hosny. Arts and are open to students, faculty
location from Chapel Hill, NC to Nashville and toppings for these French pancakes. and sta�.
when they noticed the growing popularity Some include Nutella with strawberries
of the city. They opened two shops: one next while others have bananas, peanut butter
to downtown and one in Madison. Trett and and walnuts.
Machala decided to move the Madison store “Our crepes are signature for Red Bicy-
to Nolensville Pike this past summer. cle,” said Stevens. “Though we still want to
“Once we saw that the rent got lowered focus on co�ee, our crepes won best crepe in
on this building, we wanted to move in right Nashville in 2015.”
away,” said Charles Stevens, the general He encourages Trevecca students to come
manager of the Red Bicycle on Nolensville give it a try.
Pike. “We’ve been looking at this building “We know everyone has di�erent vibes
for a while, so when the opportunity came and tastes,” said Stevens. “We would really
we took it.” like for people to just come over and give
The store opened with a promotion of free us a try. We’re a very chilled and relaxed
co�ee for any customers who came to the environment and would love to have you
shop. stop by.”
“We’ll probably do some more events like Adams in an NPWI band challenge.
2017 | December | TrevEchoes
Wells family reunites in Georgia Hall
BY MARIA LOURDES MONTEROS Laurie wanted the opportunity to
STAFF WRITER become an RD at Trevecca, but being
For Laurie, Je� and Mary-Grace her daughter’s RD wasn’t part of the
wells, Friday night means movie night. original plan.
The family of three was reunited “I just kept my ears open— hoping
in the same building in August there was a chance to be a resident
when Laurie took the job of Georgia director again,” said Laurie. “I really
Hall resident director. Je� is in his loved that position when I did it years
second year as associate professor of back.”
communication studies and Mary- After working as a nurse, Laurie
Grace is a sophomore media arts major. thought she would be the new resident
But as the three of them have each director for Tennessee Hall. This was
found their place on campus, they have until she was asked about how she
to make sure to schedule family time. would feel to be in the same dorm as
“You’d think that they’d be hovering her daughter.
over me all the time, but they haven’t “[Mary-Grace] was hesitant at first,”
sought me out as much as I’ve sought said Laurie. “But I think she knew it
them out,” said Mary-Grace. “It’s a was a great job for me and she was very
smooth transition from living with supportive.”
them to living sort of without them.” Je� was hesitant at first, too.
Mary-Grace, Laurie and Je�.
While many RD’s at Trevecca live “In my opinion, college is about Mary-Grace’s parents have been the midst of all of the fun stu� [as well
with their family on campus, no other gaining independence. It’s the first intentional about providing her the as] the crisis.”
RD has a student at Trevecca. step of separation where you still have space she needs to have her own To keep up with each other, the Wells
some oversight from authority figures experience on campus. family books Friday nights for movies
but you’re gaining independence,” he
“We’re trying to keep our hands o� and dinner together. Though Je� and
said.. “If we were right here on campus,
as much as we can,” said Laurie. “I Laurie live just up the stairs from their
we thought maybe that part of her
have to make myself not call her when daughter, they don’t see her everyday.
socialization would be lacking.”
I worry.” “She will just pop up. Sometimes I
That hasn’t been the case as everyone
With Mary-Grace being the only don’t see her for a couple days and then
is busy with their own roles on campus.
child, Laurie is adjusting to being the sometimes she’ll come in the morning
“One night in particular, (mom) “mom” of around 100 Georgia Hall to make her co�ee in my apartment
wasn’t answering my texts so I thought residents. if she’s out of creamer,” Laurie Wells
I could go up to their apartment and see said.
“I do have empty nest syndrome
what she’s doing,” said Mary-Grace
because Mary-Grace isn’t at home with Je� and Laurie plan to live on campus
Wells. “I opened the door and all the
us anymore,” Laurie said. “I feel like I long after Mary-Grace graduates.
RAs were in there crowded around my
have more time to put my life into the “I want to do this until I can’t keep
mom having a serious discussion.”
Mary-Grace and Laurie. lives of residents. I like being here in up with the girls,” said Laurie Wells.

Driving vs. Walking “It is a small act
of insanity to use
you’re headed to.
Walking, instead of driving, a 2,000-pound
would improve parking options
for commuters and guests and
improve student health.
vehicle run off of
“Fewer cars driving through
the campus would be a great fossil fuels to move
thing,” said David Caldwell,
executive vice president for a 175-pound person
finance and administration.
For Jared Mannen, junior
exercise science major, driving
a few hundred feet.”
to class allows him to sleep in
a bit longer. -Jason Adkins
“I drive to class because one,
it is cold in the mornings and to the university and what I
two, I can get up later for my believe would make the biggest
8 a.m. I save a lot of time by difference for students and
driving because it is usually faculty is to park behind the
easy to find a parking spot that Jackson building and walk a
early in the morning,” Mannen bit,” said Caldwell.
Parking in Jackson may be
In addition to less traffic an inconvenience, but Caldwell
on campus, walking reduces says every time he passes the
pollution and provides built-in Jackson building there have
exercise. been plenty of spaces.
“As humans, we do a lot “There is no reason for able
of things that don’t make bodied people to need to move
sense and one of the more their car around the campus- Campus map. Provided by
curious things is that we drive we should only be accessing
everywhere and spend a lot of our cars when we have need to
time in the gym making up for leave campus,” said Caldwell. Monday’s path Wednesday’s path
activity,” said Jason Adkins,
Walking also builds
environmental projects
coordinator. “It is a small act of
insanity to use a 2,000-pound Senior Dominique Obunaka
vehicle run off of fossil fuels to tries to use his walking time to TSAC -> Library -> Arts TSAC -> Arts Annex ->
move a 175-pound person a few connect with people.
hundred feet. Let’s embrace “When driving you lose a
our body’s efficiency to move lot of time on a small campus Annex -> Cafeteria Cafeteria -> Library ->
ourselves across campus.” like Trevecca,” said Obunaka.
For commuters and students “This is a good time to interact
living on campus, finding a with students and get to know -> TSAC -> Library -> Martin building -> Li-
parking space on campus and people, and you can’t do that
staying there for the entire day behind the wheel of your car.”
could save time and improve
Mackey brary -> Mackey -> TSAC
“The biggest advantage
NEWS TrevEchoes | December | 2017 |

person and the animal is in support or service animal has then I believe a support animal
Therapy animal on fact a bond that is therapeutic. allergies or fear of the animal, can help remove some of those
feelings,” she said.
The documentation must be the university can make other
campus submitted 90 days before housing arrangements for Lilienthal said she may
very therapeutic,” said Ronda prospective housing will them on a case-by-case basis. consider designated support
Lilienthal, associate dean of be needed for the animal. Princess is the first case animal rooms in every
students for residential life. (Is The coordinator of student under the new policy on residence hall, or moving the
this title right?) disability services then must campus, but Lilienthal said animals downstairs so that
review the documentation and that if it goes well she expects they have easier access to the
The new policy states
begin coordination with the more students to make similar outdoors.
that students must meet all
requirements and be approved Office Student Development. requests.
by a doctor or psychiatrist Once approved, the student Michelle Garertner, director
before they are allowed to must also follow several of the Center for Leadership,
bring their support animal guidelines is responsible for Calling and Service and
to the residence halls. The any damage their animal coordinator of student
student must qualify for a causes on campus and must disability services, sees how
disability, prove that having make arrangements for the animals can benefit students.
their animal is necessary for animal to be cared for if they “I advocate for removing
them to enjoy living in the leave campus. barriers for students with
residence halls as much as any Additionally, roommates disabilities. If anxiety or
other student and prove that must be consulted. If a depression is at such a high level
the relationship between the roommate of a student with a that it’s difficult to function,

Student places in state pageant with a little help from friends
BY ALLISON REYNOLDS Hare was excited to try it, but she For Hare, it proved that it could
CONTRIBUTOR lacked both experience and money. be done on a small budget and with
After pulling together volunteers “It’s di�cult because I’m a the help of good friends.
for hair and make-up and with a college student, and I’m broke,” “Getting first runner-up in my
tiny budget for dresses, freshman she said. first pageant really showed that it
Nicole Hare in November was Her mother paid for the hotel didn’t matter if you didn’t have the
named first runner-up in the Miss room, but she still had to come up nicest dress, as long as you really
Tennessee Collegiate Pageant. with the $400 to enter the pageant. tried,” Hare said.
It was Hare’s first pageant and She brought her friend along to All of this searching for dresses
with no experience going in, she avoid the cost of hiring a makeup and planning only added to Hare’s
said she was blown away by how artist. chaotic college schedule.
far she made it. “It was my first time doing Hare is a double major in Biology
“I’m happy for the placement, makeup in a professional and Chemistry. She hopes to
because there are girls who have environment,” said Destiny Lastra, someday become a forensic doctor.
been doing it for years and had a freshman, who acted as Hare’s Hare’s proud mother, Kathy Hare,
$7,000 dresses. I came in with no makeup artist for the pageant. said her daughter is knowledgeable
experience and dresses I bought “It was a little intimidating, about many subjects and she
from Dillard’s,” Hare said. because one of the makeup artists suspects that’s also something that
The Miss Tennessee Collegiate had worked for Miss Universe contributed to her high placement
Pageant takes place every year in and had been doing makeup their in her first pageant.
Union City, Tennessee. According whole life. For now, Hare is back to her
to the organization’s Facebook Hare also brought along a friend books on campus.
page, the goal is “to provide to do her hair. “I don’t know if I’m going to
outstanding high school & college “We all worked really well do it next year, but it was a great
girls the opportunity to compete together,” Lastra said. “Knowing experience.”
in a pageant system that has the that we had the disadvantage made
highest of moral values.” us work harder to win.” Hare posing in the paegent.

Commuter students find their voice on council
According to Sofia Guerrero, students and free tacos are through events, but also by
commuter council member, perfect together.” giving commuters a place they
With all the challenges that commuting students typically On average, the commuter can call their own.
come with managing course don’t see the need to get involved council spends at least $300 “There are places on campus
loads, a job and a 30-minute because it’s easier for them to on every event. The free Baja where commuter students can
commute, Nancy Habib found find activities outside of campus. lunch— one of the highest study, there are places where
it difficult to decide whether “The job of the commuter attended commuter events— they can hang out and talk with
she should spend more time on council is to create an awareness costs around $400. other people, but there’s not
campus or head straight home. that commuting students can be However, despite the efforts really a place where they can veg
Through the commuter part of something on campus,” of the commuter council along out,” Church said.
council— a group of about said Guerrero. with the university, Church said As a way for commuters to
18 commuting students— Zach Church, Benson Hall this year’s commuting program acclimate, the university is
commuters like Habib, freshman resident director and staff hasn’t been well attended. working on redesigning the
English major, are given the liaison with the commuter Trevecca’s commuter student commuter lounge to look like
opportunity to join more council, agrees. retention rate tends to be lower a living room. The university
campus activities and voice their “The biggest mistake than residential students, intends to replace plastic tables
concerns. commuter students make is to Church said. and chairs with couches and
“Being a commuter is like lean into the support system According to a study conducted cabled television.
getting a tiny bite out of a bigger that they’re used to,” he said. by researchers at San Diego State “If all you do is just go to class
slice,” said Habib. “People “It has to be an active choice to University, two-thirds of college and then sit in your car, the only
say we don’t really get the full get out of their comfort zone.” freshmen commuters dropped person getting the raw deal is
college experience.” At least two Wednesdays a out before sophomore year. yourself,” Habib said.
Commuters say that because month in the commuter lounge, Freshmen commuters also tend The council has an open format,
of fewer hours spent on campus Church meets with the commuter to have lower graduation rates which means the members don’t
and Nashville’s increasing council to discuss events and than on-campus freshmen. have any official positions and
traffic, it is sometimes difficult possible solutions to issues “If you just look at college all commuting students are able
to participate in student life on related to commuter students. the same way you look at high to join.
campus. “My job is to listen to those school as a place where you go to Commuter students interested
“They do have a lot of events, concerns and take them to the your classes and then go home, in joining the commuter council
but in the end, it really boils people that can do something what you’re getting out of it should contact Zack Church
down to whether it’s worth about that,” said Church. “A is an education,” Church said. at
sitting through rush hour lot of those aren’t just easy “When you develop an emotional Commuters can also keep track
traffic,” said Habib. overnight fixes.” connection and you get to know of events by joining the TNU
Habib is one of 523 commuter To entice campus involvement, your professors on of a personal Commuters Facebook group.
students at Trevecca this fall. A the commuter council holds level, that causes someone to
few years ago, Trevecca formed themed events for commuting fall in love with the place and
the commuter council as part students every month. feel like they belong there.”
of the university’s effort to “I have to say, whoever In response, Church, along
get more commuter students thought of the free Baja lunch is with the commuter council, is
involved on campus. a genius,” said Habib. “College doubling his efforts, not only
2017 | December | TrevEchoes

Column: Meet your chaplains
Freshman class Sophomore class Junior class Senior class
Joshua Connerty Ben Griggs Lauren Cagle Lexi Sunberg

My name is Joshua Connerty, and I was born and raised in Spring My goal as a chaplain is to My name is Lexi and I’m from
I’m from Plymouth, Massachusetts. Hill, TN. I didn’t necessarily have partner with what the Lord is Budapest, Hungary. As the senior
I’ve got a blue fish named Azul, and I the plan to go to Trevecca. (or the doing here at Trevecca, that I may class chaplain, my goal for this
love him deeply. I’m an organizational grades). In High school, I served represent Jesus and the Kingdom year is to be a listening ear and
communications major with a passion to as the captain of the football team in everything that I do, and that a servant to the student body. I
plant churches. I love Jesus and people (Go Spartans) and also participated I may be an example of what think it’s a necessary thing for the
with all my heart. I want to spend in a few stage productions. I didn’t it looks like to live a life of the chaplains to do, and I love being
the rest of my life investing in people, really know what I wanted to do Spirit. a part of people’s lives that way.
encouraging leaders, living with the with my life past high school. I My hope for Trevecca this It is a really big honor to walk
lowly, and pouring out the love that God thought, after my first musical, year is that bridges are built in with people on their journeys.
has poured into my heart, because it’s that I wanted to do shows for the gaps left by brokenness and My hope for the senior class and
overflowing. I don’t have life figured the rest of my life. I went to visit shame, and that we would be bold the student body as a whole is for
out in the least. In fact, I’ll probably Trevecca on Spring Break of my enough to cross them - that we Trevecca to be a loving and life-
be changing my major to religion pretty senior year, and it immediately felt would leave this year equipped giving presence in the lives of
soon. I want to double minor in pastoral like home. Thankfully, because of a to go share the Gospel of Jesus students, the community, and the
studies and small business management. miracle performed by financial aid, Christ through the love He has city of Nashville. We have amazing
As most of you know, life can be a little I became a Trojan. given us, and be activated Christ- opportunities to show love to our
overwhelming, but I’m excited because I didn’t even plan on being a followers bringing the Kingdom neighbors outside of our campus,
my heart is full and my soul is anchored chaplain. To be quite honest, I didn’t wherever we go. and I’d love for that to become
in hope. God has been faithful thus far, feel qualified. When I stepped onto a daily part of the rhythms of
and if He was going to leave me, He Trevecca’s campus, I knew there Trevecca. Additionally, my hope
would’ve left a long time ago. Trust me, was a desperate need for students is that we grow into our role as
I’ve given Him plenty of opportunities to to hear the gospel, and I wanted to Kingdom workers and children of
give up on me, but He just keeps chasing share the good news. The gospel hope.
after my heart. I want to pursue people was meant for EVERYONE. I simply
with this unconditional and unrelenting wanted to be a chaplain because I
reckless love for the rest of my life. It’s wanted to spread the word.
what I was made to do.

It’s o.k. to
be skeptical EDITORIAL STAFF
BY Brooklyn Dance Editor-In-Chief
Brooklyn Dance
With social media always being
one click away, we can so often
find ourselves getting sucked
Sports Editor
into cute puppy videos or random
articles. Twitter is no exception Andrew Preston
for interesting content that
beneficial, but there is a downside
keeps readers entertained. It can
in that we may not always be able to
become easy to fall into a trap Online Manager
trust everything we read. For larger
of believing anything we read.
scale news, there are sights that Princess Jones
However, we must keep in mind
help debunk fake or skewed stories.
that anyone with a Twitter account
For smaller stories, it is often left
can post whatever they want, with
up to the reader to decide.
essentially no restriction. Social
media threads can often provoke Former CBS anchor Dan Rather Photographers Copy Editor
emotion, typically anger. Before sums up why skepticism is vital in
an interview with Forbes Magazine. Uy Nguyen Amanda Johnson
getting upset about something you
read online, be mindful that it may “The press has a difficult line to
not be completely true. Yes, we walk between serving the people Narada Somboon
(we the people) and sustaining
do live in an era of “fake news,”
but fake news can show up in a the pocketbook. I would gently
variety of formats. It’s o.k. to be suggest that readers and viewers
skeptical of information you read not be lackadaisical in their media STAFF WRITERS
or hear. More often than not there consumption. They must not be Blake Stewart Abby Duren
is more to the story. Sometimes it cynical either, but have a healthy
is left out intentionally, sometimes amount of skepticism. Examine the Ashley Walling Audrey Yawn
unintentionally. Being skeptical sources of information, consider the
does not make you a bad person, author’s conduct, or a company’s
motivation, and decide for yourself Alexis Garcia Mary Eaton
but rather a citizen who is confident
enough to ask questions and smart which master -- the people or the
enough to recognize dissonance pocketbook -- is being served. This
within any sort of information. is the challenge posed to all of us in
As young adults preparing our so-called “post-truth” and/or
holistically for the real world, “post-fact” era.”
TrevEchoes is published by and for the students of Trevecca Nazarene University. The views expressed in
being skeptical is a skill we cannot TrevEchoes are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Trevecca.
overlook. Social media’s presence Contributors may be edited for grammar, spelling, content, or space consideration. Our office is located in
has forever changed how we
absorb information. This is mostly
TrevEchoes | December | 2017 |

Men’s basketball manager a two-time cancer survivor
needed to have testicular surgery. began coaching at Trevecca in 1992 and has eight to 10 feet of anybody.
After successful surgery on Dec. 8 Welch helped Welch through his experience with “It was one of the worst weeks of my life,”
returned to the doctor’s o�ce where he cancer. Welch said. “Not being able to do the basic
received even more di�cult news. “More than anything we were just there for things for myself.”
“I had surgery and went back a week later to him,” Harris explained. “We’ve been supportive Welch later had a full body scan to find out
have my lymph nodes removed,” Welch said. of him throughout both instances of cancer.” the results of his surgery. Welch recalls how the
“That surgery determined I needed to have Harris is entering his 25th season as Trojans 11p.m. phone call with his doctor went.
chemotherapy.” head basketball coach and says having Welch on “The doctor said I’m all clear and I was like,
Welch recalls chemotherapy as one of the his bench is important - now more than ever. ‘Wow, great!’” Welch explained. “I tried to go
most painful things he’s experienced, but none “It helped us put everything into outside and yell, but nothing would come out.”
more heartbreaking than the inability to have perspective,” Harris said. “Winning and losing Although surviving cancer has been the most
children. is important to us, but there are much more di�cult thing Welch has ever been faced with,
“The hardest part (of my cancer) was my important things in life than basketball, which he was encouraged by the support he received.
wife and I both wanting kids,” Welch said. was shown to us through Todd.”
“It was hard, but I knew I had God on my
“In the end, it was something that just wasn’t According to Harris, having a team manager side,” Welch said. “I knew he would take care of
meant to be. We still love each other.” as tenured as Welch is uncommon, but he me. I knew I had people around me that loved
Instead, the Welch’s take pride in their dog, stresses the importance of Welch’s commitment me.”
Noel. to the team.
Welch says the support from his Trevecca
Photo provided by Trojan Athletics “Todd’s role has changed over the course of
“She doesn’t take away the fact we can’t have family made his entire battle with cancer easier.
BY ANDREW PRESOTN time,” Harris said. “Technology and life have
SPORTS EDITOR kids, but sometimes God wants di�erent things “I am just so grateful for all those people
than we do,” Welch said. changed exactly what he does for us, but he’s
Trevecca is a place Todd Welch has called his at Trevecca who prayed for me,” Welch said.
still a big part of our program.”
home for the past 34 years. During that time, Welch has served as the men’s basketball “There have been so many people that have
team manager since 1983, a role he began even A decade after being cancer-free, Welch been there for me. It’s been so amazing to
the longest tenured men’s basketball team
before he attended school at Trevecca. visited his doctor in November 2011 where he see how God works, and I believe he’s still
manager has survived cancer--twice.
received more tough news. working.”
Both times Welch maintained full duties as “I grew up in Nashville, pretty much on this
Hill,” Welch explained. “I started coming to “My doctor told me my thyroid was swollen,” Now that the 50-year-old has survived
the men’s basketball team manager.
basketball games when I was young and helped Welch said. “I didn’t know what that meant at cancer, he is taking active steps in helping
Not only does Welch recall being at the time. I was having trouble swallowing, so he
assist the basketball team in high school.” others defeat their battles.
most every game, but the 50-year-old was sent me to an endocrinologist.”
disappointed when he was unable attend. Welch spent a year away from Trevecca in the Welch has raised $2,300 to donate to Making
early 90s working for a minor league basketball On Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011, Welch was sent Strides Against Cancer foundation, which he
As he reflects on having to fight cancer twice, in for testing on his thyroid and later that day
team, before ultimately deciding to stay on the plans to donate at the end of 2017.
he said he relied heavily on his Trevecca family would find out three spots in his thyroid came
Hill. “You never think about people who have been
during those times. back positive for cancer.
“God told me I needed to stay at Trevecca,” a�ected by cancer, but my fundraising is for
“The Trevecca family gave me hope during “I’ve had days where I’ve questioned God,”
Welch said. “It was as simple as that.” such a good cause,” Welch said. “It’s amazing
my time with cancer,” Welch said. “I knew I Welch said. “Why me, why now, why this? I
Welch was hired as a full-time employee at to see how the e�ects of cancer have touched
always had someone there who was praying for always trusted God was going to take care of
Trevecca in 1993. people. For people to want to donate so others
me.” me.” can live is amazing.”
His cancer journey started 17 years ago on “Trevecca is like a second home to me,”
Over a month later Welch had surgery to
Dec. 2, 2000. Welch said. “I started working and haven’t left.”
remove his thyroid.
“I woke up and struggled to get out bed,” In 1999, he met his wife at Trevecca. Rebecca
“I remember feeling sore and not being able
Welch said. “I had no clue what was going on and Todd started dating in 2000, before the
to turn my neck a lot,” Welch said. “I was told
with my body.” couple tied the knot on June 2, 2001.
to take it slow and I’d fully recover.”
Welch spent the next week traveling to get Head men’s basketball coach, Sam Harris,
For a week after his surgery, Welch was
several di�erent opinions, before being told he has had Welch as his team manager since he
forced into isolation. He was unable to be within

NCAA requires colleges to Soccer player finds purpose
self-report violations in red-shirted season
BY ANDREW PRESOTN it can also mean you aren’t looking.” BY MADDUX REID Poston has become passionate about her
SPORTS EDITOR CONTRIBUTOR teammates, deepening their faith in a way that
Knight serves as assistant athletic director
Gabby Poston did not spend her junior year impacts their daily life.
Over the past four seasons, the Trojans to Elliott, but functions separately to enforce
playing soccer. This semester, Poston’s team Bible study was
have self-reported 18 violations to the NCAA, rules for the Trojans athletic teams.
second most in the Great Midwest Athletic When a newly discovered heart condition focused on the theme, “women warriors of God.”
“He had the maturity and knowledge to
Conference (G-MAC) during that span. sidelined the forward, Poston found other ways to They discussed powerful stories related to
take us through the process of becoming an
contribute to the team. women in the Bible, making it their goal to build a
Trevecca reported 10 violations in the NCAA school,” Elliott said. “The education he
2013-2014 season, and like other G-MAC gives to ours coaches is outstanding. Larry is “My goal was to push my teammates deeper into community of women warriors.
schools, has seen a decline since then. a phenomenal compliance coordinator.” themselves, while pushing them closer to God,” Poston said her goal for the group was not to
she said. be a teacher, but rather learn how to be vulnerable
“The NCAA’s ultimate goal is to Beginning in the 2016-17 season, all
decentralize the rules and power to the athletic departments within the G-MAC were Video recording the games, helping on the alongside her teammates.
conferences and individual schools,” Elliott required to submit quarterly documents to sideline, leading a new Bible study and launching Senior teammate, Lauren Winters attends the
said. “That’s why new Division II institutions the conference o�ce in Indianapolis. a new blog are a few of the ways Poston spent her Bible study and says that it has given her a place to
have a responsibility and requirement to red-shirted season. process her thoughts and ask questions.
Previously, schools would submit their
have a full-time compliance o�cer with no all self-reported violations annually, in the Poston grew up playing soccer. After so many “It has really given me someone to look up to
other responsibilities.” spring, according to Elliott. hours focused on the sport, she said it became the spiritually, that I can easily relate to,” Winters
Larry Knight, a 1967 graduate of Trevecca, way she identified herself. said. “It has been a safe place and provided lots of
“You’re going to break rules,” Elliott
joined the Trojans athletic department in said. “Not always intentionally, but it’s just During the 2016 season she was nearly healing.”
2010 as compliance coordinator. going to happen. The NCAA wants us to be constantly sick. After being hospitalized multiple Poston also launched a new blog to tell her story.
“Larry’s job is to educate, inform and find on top of our game by self-reporting our times, she was diagnosed with a heart condition
“People need to hear not what happened to me,
things that are going on within a program,” violations.” that prevented her from playing soccer this year.
but what happened through me,” Poston said.
Elliott said. “The problem is the NCAA wants Poston is hopeful her doctors can figure out a
Her blog was meant to her story, and help people
a school to find violations. If you don’t have way for her to play again, but in the meantime, she
relate to her. Poston wants her blog to be a place of
any violations, that can be a great thing, but is trying to be present to what God is calling her to
healing for herself and others.
do, she said.
Although Poston’s injury halted her soccer career
“It’s been hard, and it really makes you question
for now, it gave her the opportunity to reach her
who you are. You aren’t here to just play soccer for
potential in ways other than on the field.
four years, you are here to impact people and do
that the rest of your life,” Poston said. “It gave me purpose.” Poston said.

Starting the Bible study is the most significant
way she’s spending her time.
“My heart reaches for broken girls,” Poston said.
Kelsey Fenix, head women’s soccer coach, said
although Poston hadn’t been able to be on the field
with her teammates, she remained part of the team
in other ways.
“You can’t talk to Gabby and not know she loves
Jesus,” Fenix said.
Her role became much di�erent when she began
NCAA violations reported by each of the schools in the GMAC conference.
filming games; Fenix described her as selfless.
Photo provided by Trojan Athletics
2017 | December | TrevEchoes

Finals schedule and Library hours
Library hours Tues., Dec. 12 Wed., Dec. 13 Thurs., Dec. 14
Sat. 10 Class Exam Class Exam Class Exam
Dec. 9 a.m. - 10 time time time time time time
p.m. 9-9:50 8-9:50 8-8:50 MWF 8-9:50 9-9:15 a.m. 8-9:50
Sun. 3 p.m. MWF a.m. a.m. TR a.m.
Dec. 10 - 2 a.m. 12:10-1:25
10:45 10-11:50 10-11:50 11-11:50 10-11:50
p.m. TR a.m.
Mon. 8 a.m. a.m.-12p.m. a.m. a.m. MWF a.m.
- Wed., - 2 a.m. TR 1-1:50 p.m.
12-12:50 12-1:50
Dec. 11 12-12:50 12-1:50 MWF p.m. p.m. MWF p.m.
- 13 p.m. MWF p.m. 10-10:50 a.m. 2-2:50 2-3:50
Thurs. 8 a.m. 2-2:50 2-3:50 MWF p.m. p.m. MWF p.m.
Dec. 14 - 6 p.m. p.m. MWF p.m. 4-5:50 All class- 4-5:50
All classes
All class- 6-7:50 starting at 3 p.m. es starting p.m.
p.m. MWF at 4 or 4:25
es starting p.m.
All classes 4-5:50 p.m.
at 6 p.m. or starting at 5 p.m.
later TR p.m. or later M

Student wins a chance to meet Ed Sheeran at concert
BY Princess jones and was screaming in the hall as everyone was bosses that I was meeting Ed that night,” said Kent.
ONLINE EDITOR confused at what was happening. I yelled to my class She recalls every detail of that night.
It took her 10 hours, but Britney Kent is happy that I won the tickets while on the phone with the “We went downtown and there was a pumpkin
she spent all that time decorating a pumpkin after radio station. And then after I got out of class I went patch outside of Bridgestone with a lot of the
getting to meet Ed Sheeran. back to my apartment and one of my roommates pumpkins displayed, so I got a picture. Then we
rode with me to pick up my tickets. And while on our met Ed’s tour manager to get the meet and greet
“I was excited about the idea of winning, but also way there we heard the recording of me on the radio.
super nervous because I didn’t think I would win. sticker. Then with about 20 other people we went
Then I got my tickets, and everyone congratulated through security and were led to the basement of
And I was kind of embarrassed that I spent 10 hours me there,” said Kent.
painting a pumpkin that would end up rotting. But it Bridgestone,” she said.
made it worth it once I won,” said Kent. The inspiration for Kent’s pumpkin was Ed While waiting there Kent talked with a woman
Sheeran’s newest album cover Divided. from Big Machine Records who encouraged her to
Kent, a junior at Trevecca last month won a 107.5
radio contest that required contestants to decorate “The album cover is primarily blue with a lot of apply for an internship with the company.
a pumpkin to look like Ed Sheeran, a singer/ strokes and raw brush strokes. I also made his face “And then when it came to meet Ed they led us one
songwriter. As the winner, she got free tickets and a so you could see the brush strokes,” said Kent. by one around a corner and he was standing there,
meet and greet pass. Kent has always admired Ed Sheeran as an artist. and he smiled and asked if he could hug me,” she
She got the call while in class at Trevecca. “He is one of the most talented musicians I’ve said. “We got a picture and then he signed my vinyl.”
“They happened to call me at 1:45 when I was in seen live. His whole performance was just him, a Kent ranks the concert as one of the best five she’s
class, so I ran out of class and answered the phone guitar, and a loop petal. He recorded all the beats and ever seen.
vocals in front of us and was able to captivate a full “And I’ve been to well over 100.”
arena without a band to back him up. He also brings One thing Kent wants to emphasize from this
and sense of humility to an industry that is too often experience is that famous people are just people.
about fame and fortune. He is a very down to earth
guy and doesn’t believe in letting people pay to meet “Famous people are just that, people. Yeah, it’s
him so all of his meet and greets come from contests cool to say I met Ed Sheeran, but through this, I’ve
or having connections in the industry,” said Kent. realized he’s just a person, a really cool person, but
still a person. I think it’s easy to idolize artists, but
She had trouble containing her excitement on the it’s important to also recognize their humanity and
day of the concert. not to freak out over meeting them,” said Kent.
“I must have screamed it 10 times at least to my

Kent and Sheeran. Photo provided by Kent. The front and back of Kent’s pumpkin. Photo provided by Kent

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