SI Series Pendulum Impact Testing Machines

Instron® offers the SI-1 Series of pendulum impact testers designed for testing metals in accordance with ASTM E23. Five models provide energy ranges from 25 - 300 ft-lbs (33.8 - 406.7 J). The SI-1 Series is engineered for maximum accuracy, simplicity of design, ease of operation and safety, and performs standard notched bar impact tests. The series can be equipped with options for tension impact testing. Two models, SI-1C3 and SI-1K3, support verification with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Model SI-1

Principle of Operation
The basic model consists of a heavy steel base on which the specimen holder (anvil) and a heavy-duty cast steel upright are mounted. On top of the upright, a head assembly contains a shaft supported by precision ball bearings to which the pendulum is attached. A single lever located on top of the head assembly performs three functions: brake, release, and latch. A stop pin prevents accidental release of the pendulum or application of the brake. The pendulum can be latched in two separate locations known as “high latch” and “low latch”. Since the developed energy is a function of the height from which the pendulum is released, each hammer has dual capacities, one from the high latch and another from the low latch. Both positions comply with the velocity range of ASTM E23. The variable items in the SI-1 series are: • The weight of the pendulum • The striker type • The indicating dial • The specimen holders The various combinations of these items on the basic machine result in five models, as described on the next page.

Optional Features
• Impulse™ data acquisition and analysis system • Fracta™ Software for PC-based impact energy display Weight at Striker
Light Pendulum Light Pendulum with Weight Attached Heavy Pendulum Length of Pendulum kg lbs kg lbs kg lbs mm in mm ft mm ft 6.03 13.3 12.07 26.6 30.24 66.6 800 31.5 573 1.88 1375 4.51

Impact Velocity
Low Latch High Latch m/s ft/s m/s ft/s mm in kg lbs mm in mm in mm in kg lbs 3.35 11 5.18 17 610 × 1867 24 × 73.5 510 1125 1725 68 40 1.58 914 × 914 × 152 36 × 36 × 60 590 1300

Floor Space Requirement Net Weight Height Requirement Charpy Span Shipping Dimensions

Height of Drop
Low Latch High Latch

Shipping Weight

Products for Materials Testing


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