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Mathematics according to Meriam dictionary came from the Greek word “Máthēma,”

which refers to the study of topics such as quantity (numbers), structure, space, and change. It is
also referred to as the science of numbers and their operations, interrelations, combinations,
generalizations, and abstractions and of space, configurations and their structure, measurement,
transformations, and generalizations. Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Geometry, and
Trigonometry are branches of Mathematics.

I study Mathematics with full interest and other subjects because I have to as it is a part
of my curriculum. Mathematics is my favorite subject because it always gives me a level of
satisfaction and extra energy while studying. I can solve problems related to Mathematics for
hours without getting bored. Whenever I face any difficulty in solving any problem I take my
Father’s help to do so. My Father is a Mechanical Engineer; thus he has a very good knowledge
regarding the subject. He teaches me easy ways to learn the subject well. He has taught me a
technique called visual representation which is very helpful also, he takes efforts to search more
easy ways online. He tries to collect and play intuitive videos on YouTube to make Mathematics
more fun. My aim in life is to become a Mathematics professor or mathematician someday.

The major reason why I like Mathematics is that I do not have to memorize everything
like a parrot like I have to do in other subjects. To acquire good marks in Mathematics one just
need to have sufficient mental logic for the subject. This subject is also demanding in various
education and career fields. This is the only subject in which I can score full marks and raise their
overall percentage.

The most amazing part of this subject is that one just has to remember some formulas to
solve the problems. It is needless to say that Mathematics is a very logical subject and does not
require any kind of boring memory work like other subjects especially Geography & History.

For me, remembering facts and dates can be very difficult while mathematical reasoning
is quiet easy Also, some of my friends find this subject very difficult. I wonder why. That is why
in my spare time I help my friends to solve mathematical problems. As far as Mathematics is
concerned homework and tests are easy to achieve. I really get surprised to see my classmates
getting punished for not completing the Mathematics homework.

However, most of my classmates utterly hate Mathematics. They hate the subject with the
most passion, it is funny! Thus, my classmates would often think of ways to skip Mathematics
class. To them, the subject is a cause for confusion, headache, and worst, failing grade. These
type of classmates often resort to copying, and even cheating to pass the subject. However, not all
of my classmates that hates Mathematics adapts the same manner. Some would even try their best
to be good at subject such as getting a tutor, asking the teacher for remedial lessons and activities
and even stay late in the afternoon at the library studying the lesson.

Some teachers often cause Mathematics to be a terrible subject as well. Some are not
good at teaching the subject and even makes the lessons harder that what it already is, while
others are just pure epitome of terror. They would embarrass students who are not good with the
subject, and even humiliate them in various ways that oftentimes, there are just very few students
during our Mathematics class. There are teachers however that are diligent, dedicated, patient and
is fun in teaching the subject. They fill the lessons with interactive games and other learning than
just the typical boardwalk that we always do.

Overall, I can say that Mathematics brings the best and even the worst to everyone. What
makes Mathematics important is it is a vital part of our lives, and being good at it is not only an
academic skill, but a life skill that I believe everyone should be good at.