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Items highlighted by BOMBA Remarks

1 The blue form C1, C2 and C3 form for the following Contractor to provide the
items/equipment shall be submitted to BOMBA. details
a. Fire doors
b. Hollow concrete block
c. Roof insulation aluminium foil
d. Emergency lights
e. Keluar signs
f. Conduits for cables (including emergency light, keluar sign, and
fire panels)
g. Fire dampers
h. Fire stop seal (to confirm)

2 The ventilation duct plan drawings showing the material of duct Contractor to submit
and location of fire dampers shall be submitted to BOMBA.

3 The conduits for emergency lights and keluar signs in the rooms Need to check and discuss
shall be high impact PVC. The conduits for emergency lights and with Electrical
keluar signs in the corridor shall be GI.

4 BOMBA would like to witness the discharge test of the clean The requirement is stipulated
agent system to confirm the system will be operated according to in Clause S22.18.4 and has
design. not been carried out.

5 The surface above office area (between office and roof) shall be Accumax will check with
protected by fire sprinkler system. BOMBA and propose to
install the detectors rather
than sprinkler nozzles.

6 The control of VAC and firefighting system does not work Installation is incomplete.
according to the requirements. The VAC system including fire Contractor to perform the
dampers shall be tripped if the detectors installed in the works
respective area are triggered.

7 The cable opening was not sealed with fire stop seal. Installation is incomplete.
Contractor to perform the

8 The pressure for the fire sprinkler system is too high and the Contractor to perform the
current sprinkler spray pattern is not effective to cease the fire. works
BOMBA suggested to reduce the pressure.

9 The area above suspended ceiling shall be protected. Detectors Contractor to perform the
shall be installed. works
10 BOMBA is concerned about the clean agent in the electrical Two options are given by
rooms (protected by gas flooding system) cannot be retained for BOMBA. SMEC should discuss
an extended period of time after discharge as they found the gap if the options will constitute
between the glass window and frame. BOMBA suggested to VO.
install fire curtains or replace the glass windows with fixed
laminated/tempered glass.

11 The capacity of the diesel day tank shall be indicated. Contractor to comply.

12 BOMBA enquired the starting/stopping conditions of the standby Check with Electrical.
diesel genset and would like to check if the firefighting system
and VAC system especially staircase pressurization fans will be
worked accordingly if the power is supplied by diesel genset.

13 BOMBA highlighted the isolation switches shall be installed in the Further discussion with
conspicuous to isolate utility supply to the building. BOMBA is required. My
understanding is that the low
voltage shall be isolated
rather than 11kV.

14 The isolation valves for sprinkler system shall be locked at open Contractor to comply.