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Day 1

Intro to unit (799)

The theme is happiness and a good life. There is many ways that people express happiness. For

example in the western World loosely equated and our mind with pleasure a hedonistic paradigm

succinctly captured in the dictionary definition: “a pleasurable or satisfying experience good; fortune or

prosperity”. But other think that happiness is different both the Buddha and the stoic philosopher

Epictetus, they both argue that happiness could not be found in striving for extended good but rather by

breaking attachment to these external things and learn to enjoy the here and now. Which I agree on

because when we look behind yes, there's happy memories but we need to be looking forward to see the

new happiness coming towards us, even when we are in our lowest we always need to try to find a way to

be happy. My favorite quote was “each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have

the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead,

tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.”. This is my

favorite quote by Groucho Marx because it states the truth I open my eyes every day and try to be

positive and see what the day has for me today.

Philosophy, Happiness, and the Meaning of Life (804)

Philosophy it isn't a subject or discipline or a career or something that you do instead of the other things in

life. Philosophy is the great accompaniment, it consists of nothing more or nothing less than reflecting or

what we are doing making sense of it perhaps reconsidering it and weighing it against the alternatives,

philosophy enchant all sorts of career relationships and activities it gives them a meaningful sense;

understanding the significance of what we are doing;that we are doing something meaningful. Our lives

are meaningful; as Aristotle pointed out a long time ago, it is understood by different people in different

ways, he said “some people think that happy life is a life of pleasure or at least a life filled with many more

pleasure than pain” which I think the majority people believe in. Not just a life of pleasure but a life of

doing something meaningful and worthwhile and as a virtuous person enjoying it as well. Happiness is

just a word it's an emotion it's a word that people use as a temporarily word no one is happy forever.
Day 2
Happiness is a Number (832)

Veenhoven I was studying and how people react to happiness. Researchers have toyed with others way

of measuring happiness: stress hormone, cardiac activity and something called facial coding. For

example there is religion happiness culture happiness and many more. Religion happiness is where every

religion instructs followers in the way to happiness be in this life or the next be through submission

meditation, devotion or or if you happen to belong to the Jewish or Catholic faith, guilt. Also when people

say the happiest place on earth it really doesn't mean it it's just a saying for example Disneyland or

Iceland and Denmark both earth-shattering sceneries. Not everyone has happiness for example the US

has money, but it isn't the happiest place on earth, money controls the U.S we are powerful; money

controls the U.S , but there's no happiness money controls us.

The Happiness Project Manifesto (837)

Best is good, better is best, I like this thing because it is true when you want to improve something and

you want better you try to aim for better and that better is the best for you. When you're trying your best it

is good but it's not the same as better is best saying best as good as saying like I want to “A” so it won't

bring my grade down, on the other hand better as best it's like doing a homework and you had to do the

extra-credit part but you know you don't have to do the extra-credit you go beyond. Also another one that

I liked is “to be happy you need to consider feeling good, feeling bad and feeling right in an atmosphere

of growth. I like this one because it states the truth for example in LIA we tutor Elementary student we

have to be on our best behavior if you're happy then you teach happy and then your student is happy but

if you feeling bad then you bring them down.

Day 3

The Art of Happiness (854)

-Summary of Cynic Doctrines (872

They Believed in a simple life eating just as much as we need to survive and, wearing a single shabby

cloak for wealth. Prestige Aristocrat lineage they had nothing but contempt. Used to say that it was

characteristic of the Gods to want nothing and of people most like the god to want next to nothing they

believe the virtue can be taught and once acquired was ours for life that philosophers were deserving of

romantic relationship were immune to error and unnaturally friendly terms with their peers nothing they

said should be entrusted with luck. Aristotle of Chios thought that the virtue was the only good thing and

buy the only bad thing. Nothing else had value. I think some of its true but some isn't. For example food

for survival everyone needs food for survival and should be grateful to have food. also how we couldn't

trust our peers because they're entrusted to our luck.

-The Cynic (867)