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D) Bubble in the correct answer.

1. Do you buy clothes at the supermarket? Yes, I do. No, I don’t
2. Do you buy videos at the shoe store? Yes, I do. No, I don’t
3. Do you buy milk at the supermarket? Yes, I do. No, I don’t
4. Do you buy shoes at the supermarket? yes, I do. No, I don’t
5. Do you buy medicine at the pharmacy? Yes, I do. No, I don’t
6. Do you buy cookies at the video store? Yes, I do. No, I don’t

F) Answer the questions about you

1. Do you boy clothes at a department store?
Yes, I do.
2. Do you like milk?
Yes, I do
3. Do you need new shoes?
Yes, I need
4. Do you buy food for your family?
Yes, I do

D) Write the words in the chart.

California Birch home Mobile home house

Los Angeles walker Drive West Palm St. Second Street

In on
California Birch Street
Los Angeles Second Street
House Walker Drive
Mobile Home West Palm St.

E) Check the correct answer

1. Lien lives ___in____ an apartment
2. They live ___in____ Texas
3. We live ____on____ Main Street.
4. We have a house _on__ Bush Avenue.
5. He lives ____in__ Mexico City.
B) Bubble in the correct word.

Walks Rides
Drives drives
Takes Walks
1. Casper Walks to school.
Rides Take
Walks Takes 2. Gilberto takes a train to school.
3. Alfonso Takes a train to school.

D) Complete the sentences.
1. Marvin rides a bicycle to school.
2. Anya takes a car to work.
3. Alexi and Humberto take the train to work.
4. Peter and I walk to the store.
5. You takes a bus to the store.
6. I walk to school.
7. Omar lives in a house.
8. Lien and Duong lives on first Street.
F) Talk to student and complete the chart.
What´s your How do you Do you live in a
name? come to school? house?
My name is Luz I go by bus Yes, I do
My name is I go walking Yes, I do
Roberto Dias
My name is I go on bicycle No, I don’t
Juana Mejia
My name is Juan I go in private Yes, I do
Santos transport
My name is Rosa I go by car No, I don’t

D) match the location with the directions. Use the map on page 65
1. Start on City Mall Drive at the shoes store a. Polly s Pets
2. Go straight. Turn left on Rateliff. Go b. Shoe Emporium
3. Turn around. Go to Broadway. Turn right
On Main Street. Stop next to the bank c. Claudia s Restaurant
4. Go straight. Go the restaurant between d. Taco Town Fast food.
Luigi s Pharmacy and Taco Town Fast food
E) Write sentence.
1. go straight turn right on Second Street turn left on First Street. Stop.
Go straight. Turn right on second Street. Turn left on First Street. Stop.
2. turn around go straight turn left turn right on Birch Avenue stop its next to
the market.
Go straight. Turn right on Birch Avenue. Turn left. its stop to the next

D) Bubble in the correct word.
1. John goes to nothing marker on First Street.
2. the Polly’s pets is next to de bank.
3. We like the store on City Mall Drive.
4. the bank is next to Polly’s pets.
5.The pet store is in back of the Advantage Market.
6. We buy medicine at the Luigi´s Pharmacy.

E) Complete the sentence
1. Maritza is walking to work.
2. We are takin (take)the bus to school.
3. They are riding (ride)bicycles to the store.
4. Gilberto is driving(drive)a car to School.
5. The children riding (ride) the bus.
6. I am walk-in (walk) to school.
7. John and Mary are drying (drive) to work.
8. Maxime is taking (take) a taxi to de airport.

G) write sentence about what you do for transportation.

I go every by day a transportation private for work.
I go by taxi some nights.
I use public transport to go tommy work.