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See se U UU UU SESS SSE EDEUL SHUSEBEBEBEBEHEEESEUSEEE No.5 + * Tmboping Bell ply Moderate A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE Princess (Part 1:Intro) astumenta) (REV. 109102) Words and Music by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty Cue ADELE: "Who's my proce? You, I suppose." (MUSIC IN) ALFIE: “Oh, no, Deat Lord nom no leading man, onstage or of. Tm hoping Robbie, my partner in crime oa the bus, our “swell Jokanan's nt really a prince but you are in love with him.” ADELE: “That would be too ard. He's looker” ALFIE: "Yes, he is, and no, woulda. What do you say?" ATACCA $A W (REvi0802) AMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE NoSA D Princess (Part 2) (nism) ‘nev. 10902) Vind ond Music by Lynn abd Sephen Maker ow cao a gic who's ffom a some - place north of no - where be a prin- cess? What in the world— would make you think (ALFIE "Ihave an ost for tea” ADELE: Tim from Ros -com-moo, where the ma - NoSA 2.Princess (Pat 2) (REV. 109/02) AMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE (ADELE: 195m not joking." Joe en-ter-tiin ~ ment is to sit out-side the pub and watch a fly on dog shi ‘They have their foot - ball and their bi - bles and they doo be-lieve———— in at rg 2 auems ‘i help you TH take you thos vy Tbe yom Tey ine BLEEBEELBEEREELELELESEEELE ADELE: 5 Yo just a shop gil who puts prices on the pro - duce, not REV. 109102) (CUE JES EEBEGEBEBEBELB NosA 3. Princess (Part2) (REY. 10/9/02) AMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE a a 5 a ik wil rs vw ‘They doot ise drea-mers in Ros-com-moo, on - ly ECEEECEC ECR CECELE (EV. 109102) (PSO VECO USO SUS EVES SESE CEE SEE EEE EU EEE UUEBYESES Nasa. Noone there could = ver 41 Slower pos-si-byj— Ros -com-mon taf 4. Princess (Pa 2) (REV. 109902) Youeas on =ly talk ato po 7 ‘AMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE (a-toee #0 log —— wee what you seem to see in me,—_ Well, y ALFIE: "It canbe beautifl out there, playing part.” 2 (ATempo) ra Fert * dosing youself in anther person. Just for once, Mss Rice, being somebody new. Tm throwing myself at your fet, your royal highness" a 3 _ omen) (REV. 109702) Nasa 5. Princess (Part2) (REV. 10/902) ‘AMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE ‘ADELE: as “ a-no-ther chance—— to phy a prin-ees——— ‘And here ia Dublin it gp - peas that the pre-vai - ling minds are « 3 wo a io - - « o- on o ~ « « ow - I - o on sel oo sel o ot quite $0 small, 1 swore 1 would-a't spend my Ue — back in Rot-com-mon, Td be someone go - ing someplace they would ne - ver dream of. eeccocceserererreres ba (REY. 19972) z e 6. Princes (Part2) (REV. 109102) AMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE the only dea - mer that Ros = com-mon will be a- ble wom (A Tempo) Seems like Ros-com-rmon raised a prin-eess—_ af ‘ALFIE: “My trends, our Princess Salome.” ; ™ vot + Cee U UCC OU ESSE SEBEL EBEEEBBEBEBEELELBEUBEEE BF (REV. i902)