6:22 am, Tuesday, 8/3/2010 1st, Mayan day 6 Caban/Earth

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I wonder if this trecena seems as different, in its energies, to you as it does to me - different than the last one, that is. It’s a bit hard to tell, for I’m sure there are many more things acting beyond the basic energies of these cycles. For one, I maxed out on the interior cleansing I was doing, the removal of heavy metals and all the rest. I’d been feeling under the energies, so to speak for such a long time that I just had to have a break, so I stopped taking the product I’d been using, one of many from a volcanic substance [zeolite, I think] - this product is called Waoria. It’s been a real blessing, to have the biweekly report from Ken, my medical intuitive, tell me of the intensity of purging being done on so many levels by this physicality. That’s certainly success. At times I’ve wondered how this body could even be alive, what with all the junk that was passing from it. Oh well - life is amazing. There’s no doubt about that. It’s opportunistic, as well, and we pick all sorts of things up from our environment, physical, mental, emotional, and even etheric. There are plenty of no-see-ums running around, and that which we vibrate in consonance with, we attract - simple physics. We have a higher, a wiser, and a far vaster physics appearing on the horizon these days. Perhaps you’ve noticed. It’s a time of such major change. Thunderbolts of the Gods comes to mind, a documentary that posits an electromagnetic, rather than

gravitational theory of astrophysics. Now, that might sound boring, but it’s certainly not. I’ll put the link to it in the transcript, so you can see for yourself what a major change can be had by rethinking the whole basis of things - in this case, of the universe. It’s quite liberating and exciting. Then, when we make one change like that, so many others flow from it, and we have what amounts to a new Renaissance where idea spurs idea, and revelations flow one on top of the other, until reality is so changed, hearts are so light and so charged with it, that the whole society is quite lifted. That’s what’s oncoming, only is such a big way that it will put all previous periods like this in the dust.

We’re birthing a whole new world, in every way. Little
will remain untouched. Just imagine, my friends, if a great Cosmic vacuum sweeper came through our whole world, our whole solar system, picking up and disposing of every bit of energy misqualified by any darkness, any fear, any hatred or any dark energy. See it sweeping through you and through us, then out into the wider world. See it cleaning and cleansing each molecule, each atom - ridding it of the dark substance it took on that slowed its vibration down so terribly. Look at the atoms, there, as they’re freed from their burden of misqualification. Look and see them rise up and spin like a top, so fast as they were designed to spin in the first place. Feel their joy. Can you feel it - can you sense it? The atoms long to go free, just as you and I do, only in an atom way of being. All Life desires freedom, and to rise up in consciousness. The greatest beauty in yourself, in your heart - all Life is founded on that - it’s the same. The whole Universe, the whole Cosmos, fractally, desires to sing the great song of liberation and Love - Joy and Peace. That’s built into it, somehow. I don’t worry myself over creators and such - to me it just doesn’t matter. Is there one? Is there

not? Who cares, and why? It simply is what it is, and it’s so grand and so beautiful that whatever it is is just fine with me. Now, some people may wonder - I know many think me daft about my saying that everything is perfect. Well, it doesn’t come from the mind, and should not be heard by the mind, either, or it will be quickly misunderstood. I like an example Eckhart Tolle uses. If you fall into a ditch full of muddy water, it’s rather hard to see how that’s perfect, isn’t it? Well, it is in this way - that is your now, and every now is quite perfect. That doesn’t mean that you need to stay there, of course. That would be daft. It’s a beingness we’re discussing here, not a doingness. Or rather, our doing comes from our being, our state of being. Thus, I come from two steps back from the surface - I come from the being behind the doing. What does that mean? Well, the perfection of things is not in their surface appearance - it’s what’s beneath or behind them where the perfection arises - it flows into them, where it finds no resistance. Then you can feel this perfection - can perceive it. Oh dear. I may have lost the whole lot of you, here - I don’t know. It comes of trying to work with the mind - not always successfully. Just remember the man in the ditch. In his now this was the perfection that was offered up. The beauty of it is its arising. This man, whether heart- or head-centered, will likely move to get out of the ditch - and that’s perfect, as well. What’s different is HOW he does it. Is he angry, upset, and resistant to the happening? That would be the head-centered gent - do you see this? On the other hand, how does a heart-centered man handle it? Does he lose his composure, get upset and grumpy? Of course not. First off, he’s not so attached to his body, his clothes, his schedule and the rest of it. He’s just here-and-now with it nowhere else.

Be with that a moment, and see how much time and place enters in to the head-centered approach to life. The other fellow wants his clothes clean, again, like they were, his shoes not to be wet and muddy, and all that. He wants to be either backwards or forwards in time where everything’s neat and tidy, again. Do you see it? Time = mind. Our heart-centered fellow doesn’t protest what’s happened he stays open. He stays now. He’s not miserable in the least because he’s not longing to be elsewhere in either time or space. He’s content to be where he is. Oh, he’s moving, of course, to get out of the ditch - he’s not stupid He’s just not upset by things, by such happenings as this. They come and they go, this he knows, so his peace is not disturbed. In the midst of the same moves both men will be making to change their current situation, this man remains peaceful in his being. So, you see how the doing, itself, may look quite the same that’s not it. It’s the being beneath or behind it that tells the deeper story. One man is open, the other is closed. That makes all the difference in the world. By their beingness, each man contributes greatly to what is happening to him. In his openness, the heart man is more likely to come into some sort of understanding about what is happening to him. The head man is quite closed to any such. By rejecting the whole experience, he is not open to understanding that might flow for him - he’s closed the door. Do you see? The open heart that is occupied by your attention - that is the veritable source of flow, of guidance, of understanding - heartunderstanding, of course. Leave the head aside. As we’re able to let go of our intense, our insane dependence on the mind of us, we can come into the flow, ourselves. Not as long as we are totally identified with the mind, however. No, that won’t work. As Einstein so famously said, problems are not solved from the same level as the problem - we rise up for

the solution. Just so. We let go our death grip on the mind - and our fear to be without it - to rise up into a heart way of viewing. Until we do this, the door is quite closed. Nothing can be done about it, either. Reason being, it is you, it is I, who has closed that door. No one else can open it but us. We can wander for an eternity, through endless lifetimes this way - bemoaning our fate, or accepting it, doesn’t matter. It is what it is. So open the door yourself, my friends. Step into the heart leave the mind there, at the gate, as you enter. You’ll not enter with it, I assure you. How long will you wait to give this a try, at least - a trial acceptance? That’s all it will take - just be open. Closed people can’t enter the heart. Just let go, and just be. Let mind do it’s thing - just don’t listen. Don’t pay attention to it. Center down in your chest, and just be. That’s the way. You can feel it. Give both it, and yourself, a chance. Have a blessed day.


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