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Manual for Dissertation

This manual is intended to provide broad guidelines for the

dissertation work.

Standard Format of a Dissertation report.

Cover Page & Title Page

Bonafide Certificate
Table of Contents
List of Tables & Figures
Chapters (1-7)
1. Introduction
1.2 Research Problem
1.2 Research Objectives
2. Literature Review
3. Research Methodology
3.1 Type of Data
3.2 Choice of Method for Data Collection
3.3 Sample Size
3.3.1 Sampling Technique
4 Data Analysis & Interpretation
5 Findings
6. Conclusion
7. Suggestions for Future Research

Bibliography / References Appendices

Appendix I – The Questionnaire
Appendix II – The Interview Questions
Synopsis: Synopsis is the initial draft about the research. The
synopsis is a 10- 12 page document and should include following:

• Introduction
• Research Problem
• Objectives of the research
• Literature Review
• Research Methodology
• References

Number of Copies to be submitted: Two copies to the

Institute for evaluation.

Size of Report: The size of the report should not exceed 100
pages of typed matter reckoned from first page of chapter 1 to
the last page of the Appendix.

Page Formats / Margins

Left side – 1.5 inches

Right side – 1 inch

Top – 1 Inch

Bottom – 1 inch

• Text Material (Paragraph) is double spaced.

• Single spacing may be used for – main text, notes, Long

Questions, Hypothesis statement, and bibliography.

• For chapter title pages-there should be double space

between Chapter heading and the title and there should be
triple spacing (leave two blank lines) between chapter title
and subheadings/ beginning of the text.

• For subheadings- Double space before and after

subheading to set apart from regular text.

Page Numbering & Page Number Placement

Preliminary pages (Pages before Chapters) are in Roman

Numerals (i,ii). Pages are numbered after Title page (Title page is
no. i but not numbered), Signature page / Certificate is numbered
as page ii.

Text Pages – Begins with Chapters. They are numbered in Arabic

numerals (1,2,3,4…). Beginning with page 1 of Chapter 1, all
pages are numbered subsequently till the end of the manuscript.
Chapter numbering should be in Arabic numerals (1,2,3,4…). eg
Chapter 1 , Chapter 2.
Page numbering should be on the bottom of the page and it
should be center aligned.
Page Dimensions

The dimensions of the final report should be 290 mm x 205 mm.

Standard A4 size paper should be used for preparing the report.

Font Size & Style

For headings Times New Roman is used, font size 18 which are
Bold and Underlined.
For subheadings Times New Roman is used, font size 14 which
are Bold and Underlined.
For main text Times New Roman is used, font size 12.
The text of the Abstract is written with font size 12 in italics in
Times New Roman.
All fonts should be black in color.
Printing & Binding of the Report: Single side printing on A4
size sheet. The report should be in hard binding in Black cover
with texts in golden color font. The course and year should be
printed on the bound side of the hard cover of the report. (Refer
to the last year dissertation reports in Library.)
Table of Contents

All entries in Table of content should exactly match the entry in

the text. All entries should be mentioned with the page number
on which they appear in the report.

List of Tables & Figures

All Figures should be listed first of all with their headings and
page numbers. Similarly all tables should be listed together after
listing figures with headings and page numbers.


Figure 1 – Keller’s Dimensions of Brand Knowledge .........11
Figure 2 – Brand Identity and Image ................................13
Figure 3 – Construction of Desired Image .........................20

Table 1 – Brand Personality Factors .................................15
Table 2 – Strength of Brand Personality Traits (Nike) .........33

References & Bibliography

• Bibliography refers to all sources read for research including

material not cited.

• References include only those sources that are cited in the


• Students should discuss it with their mentor which has to be

used (References/Bibliography) in their report.

• Refer the manual given for the Referencing in Harvard Style.

(Sample Cover Page)

A Dissertation on

Title of Dissertation

Submitted for Partial fulfillment of award of

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)


Student Name

Roll Number

Name of the Supervisor

Logo of ITS

I.T.S. – Management & I.T Institute,

Mohan Nagar