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Entrance requirements How to apply Overview

Students with outstanding achievement equivalent to Required documents:

UK First Class in the following fields can apply to this Duration : Four semesters
› Application form: or
programme: Credit Transfer: Each semester accounts for 30 European
› mechanical engineering › Letter of application outlining motivation to participate in the programme Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits.
› automotive engineering › Curriculum Vitae (Resumé) ECTS credits are transferable.

› electronics › Official copy of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with transcript of records (English Number of places : 20

› computer science translation)
› physics or chemical engineering Tuition fees : 11,500€ (5,750€ x 2 years) subject to
› Two referees and their addresses, preferably from the university or institute that
› material engineering change according to Board policy
awarded the first degree, who will be contacted
› A copy of valid ID documentation and passport Grants : The Conseil Régional de Bourgogne and the
› A copy of score report for the English level Conseil Régional de la Région Centre may offer grants
depending on merit.
to be sent to:
er P ro gram m e tau gh t in English
NEW Mast
For further information
Prof. Pascal HIGELIN
Polytech Orléans
Prof. Sidi Mohammed SENOUCI
Institut Supérieur de l’Automobile et
Energy Management & Control
The Engineering School of the
University of Orléans
des Transports
ISAT Research Laboratory
for Sustainable Mobility

Conception graphique : BFL Polytech Orléans / November 2014

A new idea Course description
Keeping the planet turning in the right direction will take
a lot of brand new technical and creative know-how from
Energy Management & Control For Sustainable Mobility Institut Supérieur de l’Automobile Ecole Polytechnique de
engineers today. To respond to this imperative, Polytech et des Transports l’Université d’Orléans
for Orléans and ISAT have combined their expertise and their
Fall semester in Orléans (30 ECTS) ISAT, located in Nevers (2 hours south of Paris The public Engineering School of the University of Orléans
facilities in the automotive field to offer a very specialized and close to the famous Nevers/Magny Cours F1 offers six specialities:
 Trends in Automotive and Transportation: Past and present circuit) is the only French state-run institution › Energy engineering (TEAM)
Transportation economy for the future covering the whole range of jobs and skills related › Mechanical engineering (ICM)
The new Master in Automotive Engineering and Sustainable   Scientific prerequisite to the automotive and transport industries, with › Ecotechnology engineering in electronics and optics

Mobility, taught entirely in English, is tailored to address   Electrical engineering a strong expertise in mechanical and electrical › Civil engineering
this need and encompasses the entire dimension of   IT: Programming engineering and energy engineering from design › Production

today’s and tomorrow’s complex automotive systems
  Advanced physics to production: › Smart building
  Internal combustion engines › research design and development, Polytech Orléans has acknowledged expertise in driving
in a real-life context.   French culture and language › industrialization, control, embedded systems, internal combustion
The revolution in research tools in mechanics, materials, ›m  anufacturing, engines and external aerodynamics.
energy and electronics allows our students to study total Spring semester in Orléans (30 ECTS) › q uality, purchasing, embedded electronics...
A member of the Polytech network of 13 engineering
product performance — that means real-world experience   Acquisition systems and signal processing ISAT includes: Paris schools in France, Polytech Orléans includes:
closely aligned with industrial concerns.   Engine Control and on-board diagnostics (OBD) › 650 students › 1100 engineering students,
  Real-time programming › a pproximately 50 tenured staff Orléans › 60 PhD students, 100 senior tenured staff in teaching
This Master programme integrates creativity, technology   Simulation and Experiments on powertrains in teaching and research and research, more than 100 industrial lecturers
Nevers › and is associated with six well-known research
and labs with three semesters of study followed by one   Project › o ver 50 lecturers with an industrial Formula 1 circuit
Magny-Cours laboratories.
semester of individual research thesis.
› a site dedicated to teaching and research During their project work, students will benefit from
› transfer of technology centre ‘SATT Grand-Est’ high-level experiments including:
Takes you on to › 1 research laboratory ‘DRIVE’ › static and dynamic automotive test benches
› 1 public-private research centre ‘Id Motion’ › subsonic wind tunnels
Our graduates will be expert in the latest and most › prototype cars including hybrids
promising new technologies like alternative fuels, ISAT is part of the Polytechnicum de › electrical engineering lab
Bourgogne/Franche Comté network together
ecodesign, biocomposites and sustainable manufacturing with 13 other engineering and business-oriented The University of Orléans is a multidisciplinary institution

as well as all aspects of mechanics, energy and embedded Grandes Ecoles. which was created in 1306 and reopened in 1961,
electronics. They will also benefit from a sharp focus on celebrating its 700th anniversary in 2006.

With the Formula 1 circuit “Magny-Cours” nearby, our
research and be able to: students are able to experience leading automotive Orléans, capital of the “Region Centre”, is located one
technology first-hand, which serves an educational hour from Paris in the Loire Valley, which is
› prepare a career as an engineer for industrial projects featured on the UNESCO heritage list.
purpose as well as a recreational one.
and services,
› qualify to be a research and development engineer for
leading companies and organizations, and Spring semester (30 ECTS)
› acquire a valuable background for PhD studies.   Internship in a research center or laboratory