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Elizabeth Lloyd 1/5/17 1

Definition of Dance

Dancing may look like beautiful, effortless movement, but there is much more

that goes into dance, mentally and physically. The reason why you dance is so important.

It helps you become who you are and understand yourself.

The meaning of dance is to express your feelings and convey emotions through

movement. It is how we tell stories and communicate with others without having to use

words. To me dance means that I can freely express something using my body. One of the

many factors that makes dance beautiful is that it’s wordless. To me, I find it hard to find

the right words to say. Dancing is a way to help.

Dance can be defined as a universal form of communication that has no specific

language. It can be understood by everyone. It doesn’t matter if you speak a different

language than someone else because dance is wordless. You can communicate with the

audience, the other dancers, and yourself. It may seem weird to say that dance is a way to

communicate with yourself, but dance doesn’t have to be telling something to someone.

Communication with yourself doesn’t have to be saying a message to yourself. You can

find a message within your dance.

The reason why I dance is to express my bottled up emotions without screaming,

yelling, and being destructive of my surroundings. Dancing makes me feel more

motivated to do things. It helps me improve my work ethic. When I’m in school, having

the opportunity to dance during the day helps me focus better on the rest of my classes. It

keeps my body in motion. Without dance I wouldn’t be healthy. I feel depressed when I

don’t have dance. Dancing is super important to me because it has helped me overcome

internal struggles. Overall, I am a happier person when I dance.

Elizabeth Lloyd 1/5/17 2

When I see movement, I know when it is dance because I can see emotion.

Dancing is more than just moving. If you don’t have passion, then it’s not dance.

Movement is nothing without purpose. Dancing also has rhythm. It can be in time with

music, or there can even be an absence of music.

Dancing is a way to bring joy into the life of not only you but the lives of other

people. Watching someone else dance can inspire them. When I am watching someone

dance, it makes me want to get up and do it with them. You can inspire people to do

things other than dance with your art. Dancing inspires me to write more music, draw

more in my sketchbook, and even work harder in school.

To me, the definition of dance is freedom. Nothing can hold you back from

expressing yourself. It helps build self confidence. Dance is used with your body. This

helps you learn how to take care of yourself. You learn how to respect yourself. One of

the most important things I’ve learned from dance is how beautiful my body is. You are a

work of art and dancing is way to help build yourself up into a stronger person. Dancing

has helped me become less shy and less afraid to express myself.

In conclusion, dancing is the perfect way to take care of yourself. It is healthy,

fun, and for me, it is necessary for survival. We must think about these concepts to help

us understand ourselves. Without dance, I would be feeling lost. It has helped me become

the person I am today in numerous ways. When I am depressed, dance gives me hope. It

reassures me that this world is beautiful and it wouldn’t be the same without everything

that has happened. Though dance is extremely hard and can seem unbearable at times, I

can’t imagine my life without it.