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Free Employment Eating Better has Gun Locks mean life Local Couple Reaches

Skills Boot Camp for Benefit of Taste & or death in homes Out With Love at
Job Seekers Jan. 16-19 Economy having handguns Christmas Time
Help you need for a Presby’s resident now Available now from the Dinner party with
new job or better job buys & cooks lots of Phila. Sheriff’s office toys and food
prospects fresh produce.



Quality PreK Education Courteous Kids Commended
by Crossing Guards
– 2 generation benefit
Immigrant “Dreamers” need our help
Common Place says goodbye to pastor
Leadership changes at
Globe Times Newspaper
Water bill problems – Get Help at SWCDC

FOR CARS & TRUCKS Crossing Guard Priscilla Martin (with mike), fellow guards, 12th Police District Officers, and school staff, volunteers, students and friends gather around Mitchell

Elementary student Kyle Roscoe who was surprised to receive his first bicycle at a Crossing Guard recognition event before the holidays.
up to By Edward J. Riehl sure the children get to where they who are not behaving as they should
Cars or Trucks
are going safely. Like thousands of and that almost no attention is given
s. Priscilla Martin is a con- dedicated guards in cities and towns to orderly, self-disciplined young
With/ Without Title scientious school crossing throughout the country, Ms. Martin people who, day by day, are trying to
Bad Engines or guard for students walk- gets to know the children about as do what is right. This holiday season,
Bad Transmissions ing to S. Weir Mitchell Elementary well as their families know them. they decided to celebrate these
up to $500 School. Every morning and after-
noon, she is at her post at 57th Street
It occurred to Ms. Martin and her
crossing guard colleagues that too COURTEOUS KIDS
Cars or Trucks and Kingsessing Avenue making much publicity is given to the children CONTINUES ON PAGE 3

Any Condition

2 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper January 12, 2018 January 12, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 3

Quality PreK Education – Two Lifetimes of Benefit Water Bills a Problem – Help Available from Southwest CDC
hile the negative impact of may well extend throughout the life Professor Heckman indicated that lems, sleep disorders, dental problems hanks to a new program and qualifies for lower bill s. Her month- Current Utility Bills (bills received
Philadelphia’s landmark of that child’s children according to mothers and fathers who were provid- and liver disease. They may also suffer City Council’s efforts, many cus- ly bills went from $138 to $25. in the last 30 days)
Sugary Beverage Tax contin- Nobel Prize-winning economist James ed quality PreK Ed are able to continue from psychological effects, such as tomers can now get help based • Amanda filled out an application • Philadelphia Electric Company
ues to be debated – mostly initiated Heckman, PhD of the University of their own education and enter the low self-esteem, depression and social on their household income - even for her household of 5 people. She • Philadelphia Gas Works
by rich, self-serving soft drink manu- Chicago. Through intellectual, social, productive workforce. isolation. Childhood obesity also those who didn’t qualify in the past. could lower their monthly bill from • Water Revenue Bureau of Philadelphia
facturers whose profits are affected emotional, and physical development, increases the risk of obesity, noncom- With the new Tiered Assistance Pro- $89 to $58. • Social Security Cards for ALL
– there is increasing evidence of the Heckman said, for every dollar spent Better PreK - Better Health municable diseases, premature death gram (TAP}, anyone struggling to pay • Hazel pays for her husband’s depen- household members
productivity benefits of quality Early on this program, there was a return of A fundamental benefit of the sugary and disability in adulthood. their monthly water bill should apply. dent care. She lowered her bill form
Childhood Education, or PreK Ed, for more than six dollars. beverage tax is reducing consump- For more information about New options like help for those with $249 to $119 with a special hardship Proof of Income
short. A second, underlying positive “What we are getting is … a huge tion of the beverages themselves and childcare and early education choices, a special hardship are now available, discount. • Photo ID
effect of the Sugar Tax is two genera- benefit-cost ratio,” Heckman added. the positive effect this has – especially Child Care Aware provides tips and and Southwest CDC at 6328 Paschall • Allison and Sam just had their third • Employment-all pay stubs received
tions of better health. “Children who participated in the pro- with children. The calories provided resources at – Avenue may have just the approach child. A special hardship discount within the last 30 days
grams had higher test scores and less by sugar-sweetened beverages have search by state. that local families with water bill prob- lowered their bill from $194 to $166 • Unemployment-Benefits or Award
Better PreK - Better Productivity grade retention. At age 35, their health little nutritional value and moreover, lems may need. Their advice: “Get in a month. letter
According to a study from Chi- was better. Men had lower blood can lead to unhealthy weight gain. Ted Behr touch now and don’t wait until you’re • Hector and his wife are seniors with • Social Security /SSI / SSD award
cago on December 17, 2017,* while pressure and lower drug use. Women World Health Organization data** behind or get shut off!” some unpaid bills. With a senior dis- letter
the cost of quality Pre-K Ed may be had better adult employment. Parents indicate that overweight and obese * count, they lowered their bill from • Income Support statement - from
a challenge for low-income families, should look for the kind of high-qual- children are at higher risk of develop- school-pays-off-two-generations/ How much can customers save? $72 to $33. individual providing support
the lifetime payoff may last for two ity programs focus on the whole child, ing serious health problems including • Rochelle fell behind more than Saving amounts through TAP will Help at Southwest CDC is available
generations! Building success into including health and nutrition, not just type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, ** $1,200 on her water bill. By filling vary based on customer information, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.
the life of a child in one generation on academic learning. “ asthma and other respiratory prob- childhood_obesity/en/ out a customer assistance applica- and here are the items needed when For more information telephone 215-
tion, she discovered her income seeking help from Southwest CDC: 729—0800.
Dream Act: Community Must State Grant to Modernize Libraries
Act Now on DACA Includes Paschalville Branch
s an immigration attorney, I meet to this country as children and grew up tate Rep. Joanna McClinton an- English as a Second Language classes
people every single day who in the United States the chance to apply nounced that the $1.25 million and a dynamic job skills development
impress me with their love of this for lawful permanent residence, if they grant to the Free Library of Phila- program.
country and desire to help America suc- meet certain requirements. delphia from the state Redevelopment “Libraries are a crucial part of our
ceed - none more so than the “Dream- I’m calling on Representative Pat Assistance Capital Program for mod- neighborhoods. They provide a variety
ers,” who were brought to the U.S. as Meehan to commit that he will ensure ernizing neighborhood branches will of resources and opportunities for
children. These young people, who are Dreamers are protected before January include the Paschalville Library at 70th people of all ages,” McClinton said,
American in every way except immi- 19, when the short-term spending bill to Street and Woodland Avenue. noting that RACP grants support
gration status, are now in limbo. Every fund the federal government runs out. The funding may include expendi- state-funded projects that cannot ob-
day, 122 more Dreamers lose their work A spending bill that does not include tures for such improvements as interior tain primary funding under other state
permits and protections from deporta- protections for Dreamers amounts to renovation, exterior repairs, technology programs. Mitchell Elementary students identified as being particularly respectul by their crossing guards proudly display their Good Citizenship certificates
tion because the Trump administration funding the deportation of Dreamers. upgrades, new furniture, fixtures and Find out more about activities for all
rescinded the Deferred Action for Child- America is looking to Congress to lead equipment and mechanical upgrades. ages at Paschalville Library by phoning COURTEOUS KIDS gave public recognition to 40 Mitchell bicycle, a sturdy 26” bike equipped suggested, “Maybe it’s time for the
hood Arrivals (DACA) program. on this important issue and I’m looking Paschalville Library has already 215-685-2662 or visiting www.freeli- CONTINUES FROM PAGE 1 students on December 20th. The stu- with mountain tires. community to host a celebration for
The Trump Administration is calling to Representative Meehan to show us the instituted such innovative activities as dents and their families were identi- What cannot be overlooked in this them as a way of saying thanks for all
on Congress to pass a fix to the problem way forward. respectful kids who are almost taken fied by the guards, and students were celebration of the good young people they do!”
the President himself has created. Now,
the Executive and Legislative Branches
need to come up with a solution. They
Editor’s Note: Rep. Meehan’s district
borders on Philadelphia. He can be
reached with emails through his website:
GLOBE TIMES for granted and host a recognition
event for them.
Backed enthusiastically by Mitchell
awarded Good Citizenship certificates
by Andrewlevich.
The highlight of the event was a sur-
of Southwest is the goodness of the
crossing guards and the police of-
ficers who support them. The guards
To find out more about volunteer-
ing, contributing or otherwise sup-
porting student enrichment programs
need to step up to make sure these or by phone at COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD principal Stephanie Andrewlevich, prise for one student whose circum- initiated this celebration, took up a at Mitchell Elementary, call the school
young people are protected and our his Springfield PA office: (610) 690-7323 The Globe Times Welcomes Information About Your Community Events & the crossing guards, together with stances warranted special attention. collection for the bicycle, contacted office at 215-727-2160.
nation’s values of liberty and justice are Desiree Welborn Wayne has been Activites! We publish every other Fridays. The Deadline For New Bulletin Community Affairs Officer Arnold With the assistance of the Twelfth families and the school for the sake of Edward J. Riehl is a volunteer at
upheld. The Dream Act of 2017 would practicing immigration law exclusively for Board Items is the Wednesday before publication dates. Mitchell (no relation) and his col- District officers, the crossing guards the children they guard at the cross- Mitchell Elementary for the Delaware
provide young people who were brought over 10 years. Her office is on Woodland leagues at the 12th Police District presented Kyle Roscoe with his first walks every day. A Mitchell friend Valley Fairness Project.
4 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper COMMUNITY NEWS January 12, 2018 January 12, 2018 COMMUNITY NEWS Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 5

Free Employment Skills Boot Camp for Job Seekers The Common Place Says Goodbye to
Southwest partnership MyPLACE Pastor, Rev. Aisha Brooks-Lytle
locations, Paschalville Library at
70th and Woodland Avenue and t a joyous, loving, but sadness- years as pastor of Mt. Airy Presbyte-

Southwest CDC. tinged evening gathering, hun- rian before being called as Minister of
nother free “Employment Course material includes a Micro- dreds Wayne and Philadelphia Mission for Wayne (PA) Presbyterian
Boot Camp” will be held for soft computer introduction to use area Christians came together at The and helping spearhead creation of
residents seeking a new job the widely accepted Word process- Common Place for a moving Christ- TCP. She leaves with wide admira-
or better job prospects Southwest ing program, plus practice in work- mas Music Cantata. The musical tion as a powerful preacher, dynamic
Community Development Corp., ing online on the internet. Partici- program came to a rapturous conclu- performer of sacred music and spirit-
6328 Paschall Avenue from Tues- pants learn about effective business sion as house lights dimmed and the filled mission leader to take the
day, Jan. 16 to Friday, Jan. 19. The letters and job-getting résumés and worshippers who packed the awesome position of Executive Presbyter of the
course not only updates or intro- effective cover letters, help with 110-year old TCP sanctuary rose as Presbytery of Greater Atlanta.
duces productive job getting skills completing job applications, prepar- one with glowing candles in their It was the congregation at Wayne
but provide breakfast and lunch - all ing for interviews, and attending hands to sing “O Holy Night.” Presbyterian who conceived The
at no charge! It is hosted by the workshops and job fairs. The sadness came in saying goodbye Common Place almost five years ago
MyPLACE program partnered with The resources available at South- to the Reverend Aisha Brooks-Lytle, and through whose generosity and
the Paschalville Branch of the Free west CDC at 6328 Paschall Avenue beloved organizing pastor of The the hard work of its members and
Library under the auspices of the are ideal for the comprehensive Common Place since its founding those of other churches like St. John
Mayor’s Commission on Literacy. approach under the MyPLACE some five years ago at the site of the Presbyterian in Devon PA brought it
“This was something very new program, a modern computer lab, venerable New Spirit Community to fruition.
and exciting for me,” reflected quiet technology equipped meeting Church at 58th Street and Chester Av- The Common Place is a sacred space
Catherine Yalartai, a recent boot rooms, competent full-time training enue. “Pastor Eesh” as she is lovingly that serves the children and families The Rev. Aisha Brooks-Lytle and friends in the kitchen of The Common Place following the Cantata Musical
Service and Community Common Meal, Dec. 17.
camp graduate. “The course materi- staff, convenient access to public referred to is a native Philadelphian, of Southwest and is still home to New
als and instruction were very well transportation, and non-metered Eleven happy job seekers who recently completed an Employment Boot Camp to improve their graduate of Central High School and Spirit. In addition, it provides an- school arts and enrichment program, based, urban/suburban partnership,
organized and the instructors were parking. employment and computer capabilities. A new free MyPLACE boot camp will be held at Southwest CDC on Temple University Music School and nex space to Cornerstone Christian and organizations offering various CityLights Network, created two
Paschall Avenue Tuesday, Jan. 16 to Friday, Jan. 19.
so patient!” Other partners in the MyPLACE holds a Master of Divinity degree from Academy, houses a youth-led worship support services (www.the common- decades ago by Wayne Presbyterian to
For those course takers who do initiative include the Free Library of and the Philadelphia Office of Adult Southwest CDC, contact Cynthia Ry- Princeton Theological Seminary. service called the Common Worship serve Southwest. (www.facebook/City-
not have a computer at home, there Philadelphia, Philadelphia Works, Education. For more information ant, Employment Specialist, 215-729- Rev. Brooks-Lytle served several Experience, the TCP Scholars after- It is also home to the unique faith- Lights Network)
are free computer labs at both the PA CareerLink, CityLights Network on employment-related services at 4546 or
SW Youth Learn the 7-Eleven Grant Supports
Kathy Levin Insurance ● Merits of Volunteering Veterans Comfort House
● oung Southwest students s a large supporter of Veteran
Bringing “Good News”to our Community for over 70 years
  learned about the value of initiatives, 7-Eleven presented
6328 Paschall Avenue

Southwest Globe Times is a publication of Southwest Community
Philadelphia, PA 19142 News, LLC, a joint venture between Southwest Community
volunteering and participationi a $5,000 grant to the Phila-
215-727-7777 Development Corp. and Globe Times, Inc. in community activities at a Youth delphia Veterans Comfort House
Website: Services Fair hosted by the Neigh- (PVCH) prior to the kickoff of the an-
President: Donna M. Henry
Secretary: Ted Behr QUOTE HOT LINE borhood Advisory Sub-Committee nual Army Black Knights versus Navy   (NAS) of Southwest CDC in early De- Midshipmen football game December
6,000 copies are distributed free in Southwest Philadelphia cember at the Blanche Nixon Branch 9 at Lincoln Financial Field. Pictured
s On The Spot Registration Cards
Mark Harrell
bi-weekly on alternate Fridays reaching the communities of
Bartram, Kingsessing, Elmwood Park, Eastwick & Middle
Southest, Penrose Park & Paschall.
s Drivers Licenses LOW COST of the Philadelphia Free Library, 58th
& Baltimore Avenue.
with a facsimile of the check are Eric
DeFrancisco Vice President, 7-Eleven,
Editor s Instant Tag & Title Insurance
Steve Kuzmicki
Staff Reporters
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Publisher reserves the right to accept
or reject any advertising or opinions submitted. Publisher assumes
s License Suspensions Lifted AUTO INSURANCE Representatives from the Phila-
delphia Fire Department Explorers
Inc., Janice Tangradi Market Manager
7-Eleven,Inc., Dana Spain Presi- productive members of society.
Shaketia Sills Cynthia Ryant
Program, After School Activities Part- dent Philadelphia Veterans Comfort The Veterans Comfort House is
68th & Elmwood Ave
no responsibility for errors made except to reprint that portion of
any ad having an error. Display & classifi ed rates are available on sNelson’s Pendot Authorized Online Service
Contributing Reporters nership (A.S.A.P.), Philadelphia City House, and Joe De Pinto President located at 4108 Baltimore Avenue and
Ted Behr Napoleon Kingcade request. Advertisers: Please check your ads after each publication: s State and Service Fee Apply
Globe Times is responsible only for the fi rst time an ad appears. Rowing, The Ed Snider Youth Hockey and CEO 7-Eleven, Inc. provides meals and support services
Ronald Abella Program, Forget Me Knot Youth tive programs and organizations! To The donation will fund a kitchen to all veterans. It is presently under-
The views expressed on the Opinion page solely represent the
Publisher Emeritus views of the author & do not reflect those of the Southwest Services and others were on-hand to learn more about NAS activities in renovation at the PVCH, a place going major renovation to enable it to
Joseph Bartash
1917 - 2007
Globe Times or its management. sign up the young men and women Southwest contact Mark Harrell at where homeless Veterans can have offer temporary housing to veterans
and distribute information about how 215-729-0804 or email him at mark@ a chance to start over and become and their families.
Find us on facebook: Southwest Globe Times Newspaper to become involved with their respec-
6 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper COMMUNITY NEWS January 12, 2018 January 12, 2018 COMMUNITY NEWS Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 7

Community Claus Brings Joy Reaching Out in Paschalville Christmas Meals and Gifts Gunlocks Help Prevent
to Children at Christmas With Love at Christmas Distributed by CityLights Accidental Shootings
delightful, caring local couple,
Tamika and Donte Adams
operate an informal pop-up
soup kitchen called Joy Blossoms’
Daily Bread which caters to home-
less and less fortunate individuals in
Southwest. Anticipating extra needs
for these neighbors at holiday time,
they decided to put together a special
event, “Blooming Blossoms Christmas
Joy Bells” to bring even more joy into
the lives of their needy friends.
Accordingly, beginning in Novem-
ber, they began collecting food, toys, Hefty men from Outley House men’s shelter on Woodland Ave. help unload and sort Christmas baskets
donated by CityLights and parcelled out to deserving families in Southwest.

and clothing, enticing the students in
their 6th Grade Class at Philadelphia s they have for many years, the services.
Montessori Charter School at Island Other than the dining room, the busiest place at CityLights Network distributed During the Advent season, Wayne
the “Blooming Blossoms Christmas Joy Bells”
Avenue and Lidia Place to help out holiday celebration at First Baptist of Paschalville Christmas baskets to deserving church members pluck a card from an
with the organizing and sorting of the December 22nd was the toy room where wide- Southwest families. Members of the “Angel Tree” inscribed with the names
Community Claus (Paul “Earthquake” Moore) and his helpers create a Christmas wonderland dozens donated items. To meet the challenge eyed children select a treasured item to place Wayne Presbyterian Church in subur- and ages of a family in Southwest. Into
of neighborhood children and their families. The event was held this year in the community room at under their tree at home.
Southwest CDC on Paschall Avenue. of enough space to both cook and ban Wayne PA created CityLights as a sturdy plastic bins, the generous Wayne

serve the Christmas dinner and lay out of gently used clothing, new toys, and faith-based, urban/suburban partner- families assemble age-appropriate gifts
ommunity Claus (Paul “Earth- to see a jolly, red-clad, white-bearded the food goods and other items, they food. ship some 30 years ago. CityLights, and the makings of a bountiful Christ-

quake” Moore) and his helpers African American Santa. approached Pastor Eric Simmons of The young couple is not reaching presently based at the Common Place mas dinner. These are trucked down
have been delighting children The event was held this year in the the First Baptist Church of Paschalville out to the community in conjunction at 58th and Chester Avenue holds to Myers Recreation Center where the esidents and business persons formation, phone the hotline num-
with toys and treats at Christmas for community room at Southwest CDC up the street at 71st and Woodland with any particular religious group, bi-monthly meetings where Southwest Outley team takes over to unload, sort, wishing to receive a gun lock ber at 215-686-3572, leave name,
many years. Whether in the storefront on Paschall Avenue where Moore is Avenue – who readily provided what but rather, “We simply feel called to community groups and individuals and help deliver the heavy bins. can pick one up at the front phone number and address and staff
of one of our generous Woodland Av- Chairman of the Board. A tireless they needed. reach out to those less fortunate than who are working to improve the qual- The Southwest actities of the out- desk of the Sheriff ’s Office on the 5th from the Sheriff ’s Office will be in
enue merchants or in the parking lot of community organizer and activist, It was thus that the gathering took ourselves,” confided Tamika. “This ity of life in Southwest come together reach project is organized by Lorraine Floor of 100 S. Broad Street between contact promptly. The life saved may
a local shopping mall, regardless of the Moore is also known as “Reverend” place on Friday, December 22nd, with was actually our second venture for a to share needs, resources and news Thomas, operations manager at South- 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. For more in- be yours or that of a loved one.
weather, Moore has handed out donat- at his church, New Fellowship Baptist several dozen families crowding into broader outreach. We had a smaller of events and on-going activities and west CDC.
ed toys and holiday treats to wide-eyed Missionary Church at 70th and Wood- the First Baptist community building dinner and gift project at Eastertime

Leadership Change at Southwest Globe Times Newspaper

kid – who never in their lives expected land Avenue. for the hot meal and their selection last year.”

SW Groups Combine for Community Christmas Meal

he Southwest Globe Times News- holds a Masters Degree from Lincoln Uni- Bartash who formed a partnership with

paper has announced the appoint- versity. Harrell serves as a board member Southwest CDC to continue publication
wo Southwest outreach groups “This event was all about togeth- tal within the Southwest Philadelphia ment of a new leadership team of Hands Across Philadelphia and the of the paper in 2005. Behr, a retired busi-
and local churches combined on erness and doing for the kids of community.” headed by Mark Harrell as Publisher and 12th Police District Community Advisory nessman and university instructor from
the Christmas holiday weekend the community and their families,” The event was held at the Woodland Steven Kuzmicki as Editor effective with Committee. He can be reached at 215-729- Wayne PA, has acted as publisher and
to a pair of community meals to bring Tamara Jackson, Ms. Foy’s daughter Village Diner at Woodland Avenue the December 1, 2017, issue. The Globe is 0804 or by email, editor of the Globe Times for the past 10
joy and fellowship for their friends and founder of PHEO. “This has and 62nd Street and the hosts thanked located in the Southwest CDC offices at Kuzmicki is presently Project Manager years. He continues as a reporter, copy
and neighbors. On Friday, December always been a dream of mine... My various community businesses and 6328 Paschall Avenue. for Economic Development at Southwest The leadership team at Southwest Globe Times editor, and organizer of the “Coming Up”
Newspaper includes (from left) Donna Henry,
22 and Sunday December 24, People mother raised us to love the Lord residents for their help: More4Less Harrell is the NAC Coordinator at CDC. He holds a masters degree in devel- Lorraine Thomas, Mark Harrell, Ted Behr, and Community Bulletin Board for both the
Helping Each Other (PHEO) and Har- and always care and do for others… Electronics, Oteri’s Bakery, Pastor Southwest CDC and was previously Ex- opment policy from the New School in Steven Kusmicki. Harrell has recently taken over print version and the online internet ver-
vest Community Outreach Mission I know that Mom is smiling right John Payton and Perfecting Holiness ecutive Director of Men United for a Better New York City and has worked on proj- as Publisher and Kuzmicki as Editor. sion at
(H-COM) - two newly formed out- now.” Outreach Ministries, Southwest Fresh Philadelphia. He serves as a committee- ects in a number of East Coast locales. He service organization Southwest Commu- The Globe Times is sustained by its
reach ministries - joined forces to host Chrystal S. Willis, co-founder of Barbershop, Evangelist Rita Moore, man in the 51st Ward and a co-block can be contacted at 215-729-0736 or via nity Development Corporation of which paid advertising and those wishing to
their first annual Community Christ- H-COM stated “My husband Terrence, the WJOY Fam- Local residents enjoy a community Christmas meal captain for the 5700 block of Florence Donna Henry is Executive Director. place ads can contact the paper at 215-
at Woodland Village Diner, December 24, hosted
mas & Winter Fellowship Dinner - in and I are so very humbled and blessed ily, and others for making the event a by SW outreach groups People Helping Each Other Avenue. He is a graduate of West Catholic The paper’s overall operations are The Globe Times was founded in 727-7777 or Bobby Burks at 484-432-
honor of the late Ms. Doris M. Foy. to have been a part of something so vi- success. and Harvest Community Outreach Mission. High School and Howard University and directed by the non-profit, community Southwest in 1946 by the late Joseph 2288 or
8 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper January 12, 2018 January 12, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 9

Eating Better Has Its Benefits

Senior resident now cooks his own nutritious meals
By Seth C. Anthony A 2015 Public Health Management Nowell. “For me, it’s all about eating

Corporation survey in Philadelphia right and staying away from the un-
obert Nowell is a resident at the indicated that some 32,000 city seniors healthy food now.”
Ann Thomas Apartments in the cut out meals due to a lack of money. Anne Thomas Presbyterian Apart-
Presby’s Inspired Life affordable The survey also reported that seniors ments is part of the current three-
senior housing complex at 58th Street often find it difficult to find fresh building complex that offers affordable
and Greenway. When he goes grocery vegetables and fruits in their neighbor- housing for 200 men and women 62 • Help for Fixed Income Seniors: At risk for heat or other necessities? Help may be JANUARY 13
shopping, he makes a list and only buys hoods. Accordingly, Presby has part- years or better. The campus operated by available from Philadelphia Corporation for Aging’s Emergency Fund for Older
what’s on it. These days, that includes nered with FLIK Lifestyles, a dining Presby’s Inspired Life, a not-for-profit, Philadelphians, the hotline connect to which is 215-765-9040. Another resource is • Free Southwest Christmas Tree Drop Off at 72nd & Buist Ave. 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean services provider to hold educational faith-based organization that provides LIHEAP or Crisis grants (See below under Other Community Announcements) Info:
meats. workshops to share healthy recipes care and housing for more than 3,000
As a member of Presby’s Cupboards and discuss the benefits of eating lean Robert Nowell cooks for himself in his Ann Thomas people 62 and better, across more than JANUARY 2 – 13 • CityLights Network Monthly Meeting 8:00 – 9:00 a.m., The Common Place, 58th St. &
of Care program, he gets a $100 gift meats, fruits, and vegetables. Said Bri- Apartments kitchen. Though on a tight food 30 communities throughout greater Chester Ave. (Parking in Lot off 58th St.) Share needs, resources & current activities. Info:
budget, he buys lots of fresh produce and fruits for
card every quarter so he can buy more ana Waldie, FLIK Lifestyles nutrition- his healthy, delicious home menus. Philadelphia. • Free Southwest Christmas Tree Drop Off, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. at Streets Dept. 267-705-6576 or
healthy food. “Since I started with ist. “Most people think healthy food is For more information about Presby’s Sanitation Convenience Centers, 5100 Grays Ave. & 3033 S. 63rd St (Between
Cupboards of Care, I’ve lost 20 pounds, expensive, but it doesn’t have to be!” ing faux mashed potatoes with turnips. affordable housing options, contact Eastwick Ave. & Passyunk) 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. JANUARY 14
and my blood pressure is much better,” Nowell says he enjoys being more “I’ve also discovered the food budget
said Nowell. “I’m now cooking health- adventurous in his eating habits, for lasts much longer when you prepare Seth C. Anthony is Communica- JANUARY 5 • Open Town Meeting – Sen. Dwight Evans - 2:00 – 3:30 p.m., Convent of Mercy
ier meals and feel really good about example, cooking up seasonal produce meals at home instead of going out to tions Manager for Varsity Branding, Auditorium, 515 Mongomery Ave., Merion, PA. Bus from Phila. 1515 Fairmount Ave.
what I’ve accomplished.” like squash and asparagus and prepar- pick up something like fast food,” said Harrisburg. • Order Date for SHARE Food Packages (Delivery January 19) Tilden Middle School, at 12:45 p.m. Reserve: or 215-232-7272. Info: http://
66th St. & Elmwood Ave., Great produce & packaged food bargains. Sponsors: Food

SW Faith-Based High School Forum Urges Expanded Parole and Wellness Network/Turning Points for Children. Info: FAWN @ 267-236-1558
• Make & Take Workshop: Herbal Toolkit for Seasonal Depression & Anxiety: 12:00 –

Enrolling Adult Students Eligibility for Lifers JANUARY 6/JANUARY 13 2:00 p.m. Bartram’s Garden, 5400 Lindbergh Blvd: Ticket Info: www.bartramsgarden.
org/events or 215-729-5281
• Free Southwest Christmas Tree Drop Off at 72nd & Buist Ave. 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
By Sean Damon JANUARY 15
JANUARY 31 Info:

ore than 120 neighbors • (F) Dance for Health (Every Monday!): Improving health outcomes one step a a time:

and friends packed the 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., The Common Place, 5736 Chester Ave. (free private parking – lot off
aith Connection Christian Acad- Kingsessing Recreation 58th St.) Light refreshments, Info: Terry Lipman 215-898-2259
• Philadelphia Clean Power Plan Citizens’ Hearing, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Philadelphia City
emy (FCCA) a private Christian Center the evening of December 8
Council Chambers (Room 400), 1400 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Provide your input
school located at The Common to support the expanding of parole JANUARY 16 – 19
Place at 58th & Chester Avenue is ac- eligibility for men and women serv- to councilmembers on this key national issue. Reserve: https://pennenvironment.
cepting applications for its June 2018 ing life sentences in prison (“lif- • Employment Boot Camp – Free, four-day workforce development course. 10:00 a.m.
class. The deadline for enrollment is ers”) – especially those sentenced as – 2:00 p.m. Southwest CDC, 6328 Paschall Ave. See info under Employment, below
January 31. juveniles. Impetus for the gathering Returned citizens who had been paroled from life JANUARY 12 and Article, this issue, page 4.
sentences (“lifers”) at the Dec. 8 forum on parole
FCCA recently awarded another 65 was provided by residents who have eligibility at the Kingsessing Rec. Center. Kneeling
high school diplomas to adults residents. loved ones in prison, members of at left is organizer Marthea Brown who has been • Free Food Pantry (Every Friday that school is open) 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Tilden JANUARY 17
Since it opened in 2001, the school has Abram Simmons, a December 2017 graduate of Lifers Inter-Organization Network pressing for earlier parole hearings for juvenile Middle School, 66th St. & Elmwood Ave (residents in zips 19142, 143 & 153)
lifers. Sponsors: Mayors Office of Education. Info: 215 301-5542
graduated over 2,000 students. Faith Connection Christian Academy based at The (LION), representatives of the SCI • Parent/Guardian Café, 9:30 a.m – 12:30 p.m. Tilden Middle School, 66th anSt &
Common Place at 58th & Chester Ave. FCCA is
The age range for the students begins accepting new students for the June, 2018 class. Graterford Death By Incarceration has proven to be that they have Elmwood Ave. Info: 215 301-5542
in the late ‘teens, but amazingly in the (also known as Life W/O Parole) changed. I’ve seen a change in the JANUARY 13
December 2017 ceremony two of the graduated November 2016; it is now and members of the Coalition to people in my life who are in pris- • Free Legal Advice: Phila. Bar Assoc. 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. Legal Hotline P.M. 215-238-6333
graduates were 61 years old! In a prior November 2017 and I am now a certified Abolish Death By Incarceration on. That’s why I stand for second • Plant Walk with Dick Cloud – John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, 1:00 – 3:00 Landlord-Tenant, workers’ compensation, employment, family law matters.
graduation ceremony, there were not medical assistant.” (CADBI). chances and the chance for lifers to p.m., 8601 Lindbergh Blvd. (Outdoors Activity – Dress warmly) Info: 215-365-3118
only graduating parents with their chil- FCCA is a private Christian school and Marthea Brown, one of the lead go before the parole board.” or (Other Heinz Guided Bird Walks - almost every JANUARY 18
dren and but even a grandmother with is registered with the Department of Edu- organizers, talked about why she Also present for the event were Sunday 9:00 a.m.)
her grandchildren. cation in Harrisburg which tries to gradu- is a champion of parole eligibility State Rep. Jason Dawkins and • Open House for Prospective Scholars & Families (Also Jan. 25) – 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
“Absolutely amazing program from ate every student that enters their door. for lifers. “Being a family member • Stewardship Saturday – John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, Southwest Leadership Academy, 7101 Paschall Ave., Phila. 19142: Developing Leaders
beginning to end,” described Sina For information and sign-up call 267- and going into the prison visiting FORUM URGES 8601 Lindbergh Blvd. Help remove invasive plant species. Info. (Outdoors Activity – by Empowering Scholars, Info: Ashley Mieczkowski at 610-323-3500 or at Ashley@
Kim in a graduate facebook review. “I 592-0974 or 484-751-7686. my loved ones for over 28 years CONTINUES ON PAGE 11 Dress warmly) Info: 215-365-3118 or
10 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper January 12, 2018 January 12, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 11

CONTINUES FROM PAGE 8 spoke passionately about the need
• Free Food Pantry (Every Friday that school is open) 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Tilden • Employment Boot Camp – January 16 – 19, Free, four-day workforce development for others incarcerated men and
Middle School, 66th St. & Elmwood Ave (See Jan. 12, above for details) course. 10:00a.m. – 2:00p.m. Southwest CDC, 6328 Paschall Ave. Info: cynthia@ Senator Sharif Street urging the women to have an opportunity at or 215-729-4546 (Also, See Article, this issue, page 4) community to contact legislators to redemption and release from prison.
• Pick up Date for SHARE Food Packages - Tilden Middle School, 66th St. & Elmwood RENTAL MANAGEMENT support pending “second chance” The Coalition To Abolish Death
Ave., See Feb. 2 for details, Info: FAWN @ 267-236-1558 • Volunteer as Tutor: English Language Training, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Southwest West, Southwest, Northeast, South Philadelphia & University City legislation, respectively House Bill By Incarceration noted that it has
CDC, 6328 Paschall Avenue. Register for next 3-Session Course: 215-686-6079 or 215-727-1565 135 and SB 942. These bills let lifers recently organized forums for lifers
• SHARE Food Packages are delivered. Packages can be ordered by Every 1st Friday. Cynthia at or the go before a parole board after 15 families in Harrisburg, York, Trainer
For more information call FAWN @ 267-236-1558
• Free Adult Beginning Reading Classes continue, sponsored by the Friends of
MANGO & AUGUST years of their sentence.
The true stars of the show this
and is committed to involving lifers’
families across the state. Anyone
5601 Chester Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19153
JANUARY 20 Kingsessing Library, at 51st and Chester. If you want to learn to read, or to teach with Real Estate evening were a number of returned interested in hosting can contact
us, contact Adults Can Learn to Read at or 267-419-7084. Since 1976 juvenile lifers who gave moving tes-
Licensed Broker
• Women’s March on Philadelphia – 10:30 a.m. Gathering: Aviator Park, Logan timony about their journeys home. Sean Damon is a lawyer associated
Square (20th & Race St.); 11:00 a.m. March up BF Parkway; 12:00 Noon Rally with • Full Employment Services/MyPLACE: Expanded Job Center at Southwest CDC, John Pace, Wahi Beyah, Bobby Har- with with the Amistad Law Project.
Speakers/Performers: Info/Tickets 6328 Paschall Ave. Free access to internet; 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Info: cynthia@ Attention Homeowners:

JANUARY 24 215-729-0800

• English Classes, sponsored by Center for Literacy, held at Southwest CDC, 6328 Paschall
BEWARE ! BEWARE ! City Emergency Alerts
Investors are stealing your houses with low offers: Sign Up Now - Emails and texts

• Working with Children – Importance of Understanding Trauma: CHOP Violence Ave and Paschalville Library, 6942 Woodland Ave. (70th & Woodland). Info: 215-729-0800.
Prevention Initiative, 9:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Sheraton Atlantic City, 2 Convention Blvd. “Cash as is” re you signed up for the City’s To sign up, text READYPHILA to
Pre-registration required: • Employment & Educational Resources: Mon/Wed. 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Tues/Thurs: ReadyPhiladelphia emergency 888-777 and the emergency/weather
11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Fri. 10:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m. Paschalville Library, 6942 Woodland
Call Marisa Mango for the true value of your home! notifications? Winter weather texts will be alerted to your phone.
JANUARY 26 Ave. (70th & Woodland); Info: Niema at 215-685-2662. Also: Mango & August Real Estate 215-485-8907 advisories and city resources in snow Get texts and emails – including
emergencies, Community Alert siren SEPTA alerts by visiting www.phila.
• Eastwick Friends & Neighbors Coalition Community Banquet, 5:00 – 9:30 p.m. OTHER COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS information specific to South and gov/ready and click on to “Sign up for
Embassy Suites, 9000 Bartram Ave. Honoring outstanding service by Amy Laura Cahn, Southwest Philadelphia, school clos- alerts.”
Maggie Powell & Pastor Darien Thomas. Banquet tickets $40. Info & Reservations: email • LIHEAP/Crisis: Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program begins: Application ings in bad weather, subway interrup- This information provided courtesy of
Councilman Kenyatta Johnson’s office.
WE NEED UNITS TO MANAGE, or call 215-995-1014, and leave a message. assistance available at Southwest CDC, 6328 Paschall Ave. LIHEAP helps low-income r tion updates, and more!
families pay their heating bills by providing a cash grant sent directly to the utility company, or RENTAL PROPERTY OWNERS:
JANUARY 27 a Crisis grant for households in immediate danger of being without heat. Info: 215-729-0800 Ad 1 1/4th x 4 7/8ths inches
• (F) Groundhog Day – Heinz National Wildlife Refuge 9:00 a. m. – 12:30 Guided Walks • Eastwick Family Services provides Home /Community and Companion services for OUR OFFICE TAKES THE HEADACHES OUT OF OWNING RENTAL PROPERTIES. WE HANDLE
Globe Times $33.00 per issue
& Chance to see if Tinicum Tim Comes Out! 8601 Lindbergh Blvd. (Outdoors Activity individuals with intellectual disabilities. We also provide 6400 Residential Housing & EVERYTHING AND SEND YOU A CHECK & ACCOUNTING BY THE 6TH OF THE MONTH
– Dress warmly) Info: 215-365-3118 or Home Care for the aging. For more information, please call us at (267) 634-6410 or
visit our website:”
• Rotary Club of Southwest Philadelphia-Eastwick: Meets Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 a.m.
& Driveway
• Eat Right Now! 12:30-2:30pm- Drexel Univ. led cooking demonstrations, meet& speak To confi rm location call 215-292-1254.or email Guests/visiting Located near new Post Office
with nutritionist, receive information & recepies, Info: 215 301-5542 Rotarians welcome at $5.00/breakfast.
Easy Access to Public Transportation & Major Highways
FEBRUARY 7 • Small Business Loans: Join a Southwest “Affi nity Group Lending Circle” Loans, and ▪ Many with Washer, Dryer & Extra-Secured Storage ▪
fi nancing coaching. or call 267-236.7000
• Community Meeting- open to the public, 10:00 .- 11:30 a.m. (Every 1st Wednesday
of the month), Tilden Middle School, 66th St. & Elmwood Ave. highlights of Tilden
community initiative: programs, events, services & needs.Info: 215 301-5542
• Amer. Red Cross: URGENT NEED: BLOOD/ VOLUNTEERS: How to help:
Download the American Red Cross Blood Donor App, visit or call
$975 + Utilities
1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767)
• Housing Counseling: Help is a Phone Call Away: Qualifi ed housing counselors available
• Career Fair for Black Male Educators 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., School Dist. of Phila. 440 at Southwest CDC to assist with housing needs Southwest CDC Housing: 215-729-0800.


N. Broad St. Help overcome the shortage of black male teachers. Sponsor: The Fellowship:
Black Male Educators for Social Justice. Info/Registers: • Volunteer Grave Gardeners – The Woodlands Cemetery, 4000 Woodland Ave. Info/
Apply: or (215) 386-2181.
• Southwest residents living within one mile of Bartram’s Garden are eligible for Program
Pass access (75%-100% OFF selected events). Contact us with any questions or to sign (C) Designates activities and events for children (F) Designates activities and events for families 215-551-5100
up for an event 215-726-5281
Indluding Hooks Thick & Thirsty
KING $599 $ 899
SETS $1099
COMFORTERS $ 799 Values to $1599


3 pc 84” Lengths
60” Wide x
SETS $1899& UP
Deep Pockets • 600 Thread Count
$2499& up 2 for $999 84” Long


$699 $499 EMOJI
Attached Values to $1999
Valance $1099 7 PIECE COMFORTER SETS $999
PANELS 63” & 84 “ $3999 & up White, Alabaster, Black

QUEEN $999 $599

3 pc
SETS $999 $39
Full - Queens
99 - Kings $ 1199 Assorted Colors
$3999 & up
15 pc BATH SETS 8-Foot Long
BED $199 $1999 JAQUARD
SHO $1899
Special Group $499 FREE LAYAWAYS !! 2 for $999 84” Long

SMILES’ OPEN MON.— SAT. 10 a.m. 6 p.m.


215-726-3900 6129-31 Woodland Avenue

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