How starting your car can transform your life

Pete Bissonette


Ignition ©2010 3 How starting your car can transform your life .

loved. www. and abundant. It’s so easy that any driver can do it. goals.4 _______________________ b ________________________ All you need is a Post-It Note and a car We all know that positive self-talk.com .LearningStrategies. and a myriad of mental tricks can help us get great at living life… experience our potential… feel contented. That’s what this book is about. peaceful. But how can we easily put something into action AND actually get the results we want.

LearningStrategies. We pause as we wait for the engine to start.5 _______________________ b ________________________ The key is the ignition About the only time that our life actually pauses is that moment when we turn the key in the ignition. And this pause will change your life.com . www.

it will instantly spark your body. www. it will become automatic. You will say this magical message to yourself automatically with no more effort on your part. mind. the dog salivates We’re going to marry a conditioned response to starting your car. Every single time you start the car. and spirit with that magical message.com . you will say something very specific. But instead of salivating like a dog. That’s the beauty of a conditioned response.6 _______________________ b ________________________ The bell rings. El-zippo. you are going to say something magical to yourself.LearningStrategies. After twenty or so car starts. Turning the key will trigger you to salivate—I mean.

Your genius mind will send you the message automatically. Within a couple of weeks you can remove the PostIt Note. There’s that conditioned response again.com .LearningStrategies.7 _______________________ b ________________________ The Post-It Note will be your reminder You will put a tiny little Post-It Note on the dashboard of your car. it will spark your internal engine. That will remind you to say your magical message when you turn the key. www. because your message will be wired in. Right next to the odometer where you can see it every time you start the car.

www. It might be a prayer.8 _______________________ b ________________________ And the magical message is… Here comes the fun part. It might be related to your career or your finances. Maybe your spouse (or finding a spouse!).LearningStrategies. your spiritual growth. It might be related to your children. be thinking about how the ideas might work for your life. You get to now determine your own magical message. It might an expression of gratitude. It might be your goals.com . your friends. We’ll spend the next few pages talking about some of the possibilities. You’ll want to adapt one of my ideas so that it works for you. You might even come up with a totally fresh one yourself! And then you can write Ignition II. As you read the pages. It might be an affirmation. your health.

com . I choose freedom. www.9 _______________________ b ________________________ Option 1: Your Choices What do you choose for your life? The very first time I used Ignition was for my personal choices. I turned the key.LearningStrategies. and I repeated in my mind: I choose unconditional love and support. the car started. I choose total peace of mind. I choose abundance in all areas of my life. I choose flow. I paused.

seven. write your choices on a card that you can easily pull out when you start your car. I choose to be the creative force in my life. Practice it once. and memorize it. www.com . If your memory needs help. Every time I hopped into my car! Make your list. three.LearningStrategies. Then write “My Choices” on a Post-It Note. Stick it in your car. I choose to be true to myself. Soon I was affirming these important choices two. five. They’ll be memorized in short order. It took all of 15 seconds.10 I choose perfect health and well-being. I choose God. ten times a day.

Change to different goals or a different Ignition option when you are completely on track for achieving your goals.LearningStrategies. I meditate at least four days each week. Every time I arrive home I greet my honey with a big smile.11 _______________________ b ________________________ Option 2: Your Goals As you turn the key. They could be: My income is 25% higher by January 1.com . recite your four top goals for the year. www. I eat six to ten servings of non-starchy vegetables every single day.

Then I drop a drop of Peace into me and the sea. www. Then I drop a drop of Love into the sea. Then I drop a drop of Joy into me and the sea. and I absolutely love it. Joy. and everything changes into the colors and feelings of Peace. I chose three qualities that I want in my life: Love. I see and feel it ripple through me and all of the sea.com .LearningStrategies. and everything changes to the colors and feelings of Joy.12 _______________________ b ________________________ Option 3: Drop a special quality into your life This is what I’m doing currently. When I start my car I imagine that I’m in a great sea all around me. and Peace. First.

LearningStrategies. Honesty. What qualities would you like? Here are my favorites: Power. I bring those qualities with me. www. Tenderness. plan on spending 20 seconds to a minute for each drop so that you can fully experience the phenomenon. Wisdom. Joy.com . Passion. Forgiveness. and Happiness. I spend only 5 seconds a drop today—that’s 15 seconds for the whole process! What a way to live life. Magnificence. Transformation. Transparency. Kindness. Harmony. My Post-It Note says Love. Focus. And they don’t stay in my car. Every time I go some place in my car. Faith. Release. Clarity. Celebration.13 The first few times that you drop drops. Collaboration. Empowerment. Purity. Balance. Peace. Compassion. Abundance. They follow me around.

making old brains young again. Activate your vagus nerve and your blood pressure and/ or heart rate will drop.com . and then drive away. Do this three times. Simply take a deep and gentle breath in. It helps calm your mind and turn on a cascade of healing that can reverse depression.LearningStrategies. hold it for three or four seconds. All you have to do is start your ignition! www.14 _______________________ b ________________________ Option 4: Breathe Have you ever heard of your “vagus nerve?” It starts in your head and runs all the way through your abdomen. I guarantee that anxieties of the day will diminish and you’ll feel calm and in control. and then slowly exhale. It can help sharpen your mind. friends and family will notice a shift in you. and it is perhaps the most interesting nerve in your body. Within a month.

Get as many in as possible. think. speak. I am grateful for this beautiful day. healthier. This attitude of thankfulness and appreciation attracts all good into your life. www. And then another. more balanced. As you start your car. And with each car start. and well-rested.15 _______________________ b ________________________ Option 5: Gratitude Express gratitude throughout your day and you will be happier. Keep going for 15 to 20 seconds. I am grateful for having this wonderful car.LearningStrategies. and feel gratitude for one thing in your life. I am grateful for my health and well-being.com . begin fresh. And another.

Be spontaneous. And if you can’t think of anything: I am grateful for the Post-It Note on my dashboard to remind me of how good life is. I am grateful for my family and friends. Be grateful for everything in your life. www.LearningStrategies.com . Be sincere.16 I am grateful for the love in my life. I am grateful that I live in a comfortable home. It’s a powerful emotion.

com . Here are three of my favorites: Lord. Grant me light in my heart. light behind me. light above me. The courage to change the things I can. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. light to my right. whom God has entrusted to take care of my immortal soul. light in my eyes. I honor you and love you as my most devoted friend. And the wisdom to know the difference.17 _______________________ b ________________________ Option 6: Prayer Use this time for prayer. light in my ears. light beneath me. light around me. I thank you for your love and your constant care with all my heart. light to my left.LearningStrategies. My dear Guardian Angel. light before me. you were given to me by God to be my faithful companion throughout my life. www.

5) include words that mean something to you. true. follow these six guidelines: 1) write in the present tense. www. I enjoy endless opportunities. close your eyes and recite affirmations. 2) make a positive statement. and a reflection of the life you are creating.com . When creating an affirmation. I am full of prosperity and abundance. and 6) make the affirmation for yourself. 4) be brief and concise. not others. I design my destiny.18 _______________________ b ________________________ Option 7: Affirmation Affirmations are powerful tools for transforming intentions into realities.LearningStrategies. When you start your car. 3) use action verbs. Engage all of your senses to imagine that each affirmation is real.

LearningStrategies. and beautiful home. joy. I live in a clean. and kind partner. vibrant. …and one that isn’t so brief: I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me! www. I earn more money than I can possibly spend. and full of energy. forgiving. fit. I experience success. I am slim. I act in alignment with my dreams. fully functioning body. I am a loving.19 My inner wisdom guides me. I consciously determine my life circumstances. comfortable. I have a healthy.com . and abundance.

20 _______________________ b ________________________ When to shift to another option? I did my choices from Option 1 every time I started my car for a couple of years.com . and I have no desire to change. You’ll know when it is time! www. At some point I will. I’ve been dropping drops of Love. and Peace for many months now.LearningStrategies. Joy.

21 _______________________ b ________________________ This will always work. I expect I’ll be doing this forever. When I return. But…there is a time when the Ignition might not work. the benefits are so rich.LearningStrategies. I empty my mind. and it has enhanced my life in ways I can’t describe. When returning from a vacation or trip. be vigilant about your Ignition. After a vacation! It seems that whenever I return from a vacation I have to remember to use the Ignition. When I go away on a good vacation. It is too easy.com . I remind myself to get it going. Remember to begin it again! www. except… I’ve been doing this since 1987.

Option 2: Your Goals We have three great resources for you: Clear Mind.LearningStrategies.com . The qualities are beautifully www. Her programs include Seeds of Enlightenment and Embracing Freedom. Scheele and Effortless Success by Jack Canfield. Scheele that we publish here at Learning Strategies Corporation can help you create what you want in your life.22 _______________________ b ________________________ Resources Option 1: Your Choices The Abundance for Life course by Paul R. Bright Future and Abundance for Life by Paul R. Option 3: Drop a Special Quality into Your Life I learned how to drop qualities from my work with Jeddah Mali.

Option 4: Breathe You’ll find breath work in Jeddah Mali’s Seeds of Enlightenment and Chunyi Lin’s Spring Forest Qigong. be sure to sign up for our complimentary Genius Sparks and Health Sparks newsletters. If you like Ignition. especially Diamond Feng Shui and Diamond Quantum Colors. www.LearningStrategies. I added qualities from Chunyi Lin’s Spring Forest Qigong and Marci Shimoff’s Happy for No Reason. Option 5: Affirmations Learn more about affirmations in Jack Canfield’s Effortless Success and in Lisa Nichol’s No Matter What! You can find all of these at www.com.com .LearningStrategies.23 expressed in Marie Diamond’s programs.

discount stores. www.com/Ignition.24 Please share this book with everyone by passing on the link www.LearningStrategies.LearningStrategies.com . Pete Bissonette is president of Learning Strategies Corporation and founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council. and grocery stores. And Post-It Notes are sold in office supply stores.

Minnesota 55305-2335 USA Toll-Free 1-888-800-2688 • 1-952-767-9800 Fax 1-952-475-2373 Mail@LearningStrategies.com .com www.LearningStrategies.25 _______________________ b ________________________ Learning Strategies Corporation Innovating ways for you to experience your potential 2000 Plymouth Road Minnetonka.

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