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Time-lapse shot of test center with cars going in and out.

- emphasizes business

Do you remember your first car? How about your first lesson? For most 17-year old's, this is the most
exciting time of their life. However, the stresses that come with it can become overwhelming. This year,
2017, there is a new test in town, and it is important for these 17-year olds to get to grips with this new
system, without failing and costing their parents hundreds. Between 2012 and 2013, over 800,000
driving tests were conducted in which the candidate was aged between 17 and 24. From this, 49% failed
their test first time, causing huge expenses for the economy. For a young person to pass their driving
test, practice, concentration and skills are required, as well as an experienced driving instructor. This
series follows a number of young people while they learn to drive their car. We will follow them through
their first lesson all the way to their practical test.

This is Charlotte. A 17 year old from Cobham. She has never been in the drivers seat of a car before and
we are about to see her first experience.

Charlotte: I am a bit nervous about driving for the first time as it’s a completely new experience for me. I
just hope I get the hang of it quickly because I am so excited to be able to drive. I know the instructor
has dual control so fingers crossed I wont crash! ……..

Cut to her in car with instructor

Instructor: Hello charlotte my names david

Charlotte: hi david

Instructor: So, have you ever driven a car before?

C: No

Instructor: Do you know anything about how to drive a car?

C: Um no,

Outside shot of both of them in car stationary

Instructor: Okay, the first thing you're going to want to do is put your seatbelt on, then turn the car on.

C: *does this*

Instructor: Now, hold the clutch down and then put it into first gear using the gearstick, the clutch being
the pedal on the far left

C: Okay, then what?

Instructor: before you move away, it is important that you check that the area around you is clear. So,
complete a 6 point check spanning from left to right and signal right to move away using the indicator.
Start from your left blindspot and finish at your right.
Charlotte - does this

Now, apply the accelerator while slowly taking your foot off the clutch. When you feel the car start to
move, hold both your feet.

C: *Stalls* swears as does this

I: don’t panic, that’s normal, just try again, this time add more accelerator

C; attempts to do so and loud revs are heard, stalls again, (this stalling is filmed outside the vehicle)

I: try once more, and when u find the biting point, put the accelerator down and youll move away

C; does this, is successful and they move away. (shown from outside camera)

I: Well done. (back inside the car) Now every time you hear car begin to rev, change up a gear, or
every 10 miles an hour whichever is easiest for you

C: does so- changes into second gea late so car revs

I: your getting the hang of it, but down allow the car to rev so highly before you change gear

C: ok ok, so can I go up to third now

I: yes, can u hear it in the car?

C: yes I think so

I: perfect! Now at the end of this road there are some traffic lights which we will be turning left at so I
need you to look in the left wing mirror and rear view mirror and check it is safe to turn, if so indicate.
Then come to a stop by gently braking and then applying the clutch to stop the car, and then get back
into first.

Does so (shown from outside car)

I: (back in the car) wonderful: now we wait for the lights to turn green

Muted footage of the two where the voiceover interrupts

Voiceover: after some hours of driving, charlotte will have to take her practical test, examined by an
army of examiners whose job is to ensure all learner drivers are safe enough to go onto the roads.

Cut to examiner

Examiner: When it comes to the test, my job is to mark candidates on their driving. The test we conduct
consists of 30 minutes of driving along with a manoeuvre and questions around the vehicle they are
driving. We test them on various elements such as their observations, speed, signaling and most
importantly, safety within the vehicle. In order for them to pass, they must earn fewer than 15 minors
and no majors.

V: After the break, we’ll find out how charlotte reacts to her family in the car, and whether the pressure
of her loved ones proves too much. And we see the first part of passing her test when she attempts the
theory test.