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Date: OCT 0 1 2013
TO All Assistant Commissioners, Cluster/Regional/Office Directors,
Officer-in-Charge of Cluster/Office/Regional Offices, Assistant Cluster/
Office/Regional Directors, and All Others Concerned

SUBJECT Guidelines in the Implementation of the Ladderized Training Program

of the Commission on Audit


1.1 Aware of the benefits that may be derived from training and GHYHORSPHQWthe
Commission on Audit (COA) has always considered training and development as
among its priorities. The Integrated Human Resource Training and Development
Plan (IHRTDP) was formulated as a general long-term plan for the training and
development of COA personnel.

1.2 Recognizing the need to introduce new concepts/strategies on training and

development parallel with the desire to continuously enhance the capability of
COA personnel, this Commission adopts the Ladderized Training Program (LTP).


2.1 The LTP is a system that allows COA personnel to progress to the next level of
training, only after completing the required courses in each ladder of the LTP. The
system directly addresses every individual's training needs from his/her entry in
the service corresponding to the expected tasks/responsibilities of each position,
thus, enabling the employee to progress successively to an ascending level of
skills and competency that will prepare him/her for added responsibilities in the
next higher position in the organization.

2.2 Each ladder in the LTP shall consist of courses directly linked with the required
skills and competencies needed for each group of positions in the career path of
the employee, needed for his/her advancement in the hierarchy of the
organization. Thus, for the employee to be qualified for the next training ladder,
he/she must have completed all the courses in the ladder corresponding to his/her
position. The need for inclusion of the employee in the courses in his/her current
training ladder shall no longer be left to the employee's discretion or that of
his/her supezvisor/director. The Professional Development Office (PDO) is tasked
to determine and identify the employees qualified to be participants in the courses
that would be offered, subject to the provisions of Section 5.5 of these Guidelines.