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Procedures for Post-qualification

The following steps are followed in the conduct of post-

1. The BAC/TWG verifies, validates, and ascertains the
genuineness, validity and accuracy of the legal, technical
and financial documents
a. LEGAL REQUIREMENTS. Verification, validation and
ascertaining of the contractor’s claim that it is not included
in any government “blacklist,” as well as all the licenses,
permits and other documents it submitted, including but not
limited to the following;
i. PCAB license;
ii. SEC registration certificate or the DTI business name
registration, whichever applies;
iii. Mayor’s permit;
iv. BIR Certification, which contains the TIN;
v. Authority of signatory; and
vi. Affidavit of compliance with the Disclosure Provision.
i. Verification of the bidder’s stated competence and
experience, as well as the competence and experience of its
key personnel to be assigned to the project, to ensure that
these meet the minimum requirements,
ii. Verification of availability and commitment, and/or
inspection and testing, of equipment units to be owned or
leased by the bidder, as well as checking the performance of
the bidder in its ongoing government and private contracts,
e.g., examination of the Construction Schedule, Construction
Methods, Equipment Units and Equipment Utilization
Schedule, List of projects that are on-going, completed and
to be started, CPES rating sheets; Statement on similar
projects to ensure that these meet the minimum
iii. Verification if any of the bidder’s on-going contracts
iii.1. A reported negative slippage of at least fifteen percent
(15%); or
iii.2. Substandard quality of work as per contract plans and
specifications; or
iii.3. Unsatisfactory performance of his obligations as per
contract terms and conditions, at the time of inspection; or
iii.4. That there are overlaps in the proposed utilization of the
minimum required equipment with those equipment in the
on-going works of the contractor; or
iii.5. That the minimum required experience of the bidder’s
key personnel were not met; All of which will be grounds for
disqualification if found by the BAC to be due to the bidder’s
fault or negligence;
iv. Ascertainment of the sufficiency of the Bid Security as to
type, amount, form and wording, and validity period.
c. FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS. Verification, validation and
ascertaining the bid price proposal of the bidder; stated net
worth and liquid assets, net working capital, the value of all
outstanding or unfinished works under ongoing contracts,
and the bidder’s NFCC, as recalculated considering
developments in the bidders’ other projects, whenever
applicable. This is done to ensure that the bidder can sustain
the operating cash flow of the transaction. This process
i. Examination of the Bill of Quantities, Detailed Estimates
and Cash Flow;
ii. Ascertainment of the NFCC,
iii. Examination of the BIR-audited financial statement.
2. TWG may make inquiries with appropriate government
agencies and examine the original documents kept in the
bidder’s place of business. The use of other means for
verification and validation of such documents may be
resorted to by the TWG, such as the Internet and other
research methods that yield the same results.
3. The BAC/TWG inquires about the bidder’s performance in
relation with other contracts/transactions as indicated in its
eligibility statement (statement of ongoing, completed or
awarded contracts).
4. The TWG prepares a Post-qualification Report to be
submitted to the BAC. The Report shall contain, among
others, the activities undertaken with regard to the Post-
qualification process, including feedback from inquiries
5. The BAC reviews the Post-qualification Report submitted
by the TWG.
6. The BAC determines whether the bidder with the LCB
passes all the criteria for post-qualification.
7. If the LCB passes the post-qualification, the BAC declares
it as the LCRB.
8. After the BAC has determined the LCRB, the Secretariat,
with the assistance of the TWG, if necessary, prepares the
BAC Resolution declaring the LCRB and the corresponding
Notice to the said bidder informing it of its post-qualification.