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HIGH SCORE Getting started


1.- Write affirmative or negative sentences with the verb to be

London/ in Spain.- London isn´t in spain

a.- Ronaldinho / a footballer

b.- Paella/ from Canada

c.- My mum and dad / in a pop group

d.- I / an astronaut

c.- Diego and Marta / Spanish names

d.- The prince of Asturias

e.- Argentina and Brazil.

f.- I / at school

2.- Complete the sentences with the correct forms of to be and have got

1.- No, we _________ a Star Wars DVD, but we _______Spider-Man 3.

2.- What _____your teacher´s name?
3.- No, we ______ten. We_______Twelve!
4.- ______your mum from Valencia?
5.- No, I______interested in science.
6.- No, she_______ an MP3 player, but she _______a good CD player.
7.- ______you ______ a computer at home?

3.- Complete the dialogue with subject pronouns

Damien: You´re wrong, Nathan! At school ______´ve got a very good basketball
team and the teacher, Miss Jennings, is great. _______´s a basketball expert!

Nathan: What? The players at your school are very bad! _______ ´ve got no idea
about basketball! Now, Mr Carter at our school is a basketball expert. _____´s got
five championship medals!

Damien: Five championship medals from his mum! Look Damien, fotball is your game.
______don´t play basketball, but ____play every day. Basketball is my favourite
sport and ____´m in the school team and ____are THE team this year!
Nathan Yes, the team that people don´t like!.

4.- Choose the correct answer

This is my/mine book, and that is yours/ your

Is that ours/ our plane?

They are my/mine favourite team
Yours/Your mum´s new car is nice
I´ve got hers/her email address, but what´s their /theirs?
Are these yours/your DVDs?
That bag isn´t mine/my. It´s hers/her
Our/Ours mobile phones haven´t got cameras
Their/Theirs computer doesn´t work


5.- Complete the answers. Use the words in the box and the possessive´s with
the words in brackets

bag car desk house games medal mobile phone pasta mom

1.- How do you go to school?

In __________(my dad)
2.- Is this your bedroom?
No. It´s ______________________( my sister)
3.- Do you sit behind Claire?
No. ____________ is in front of mine ( Katie)
4.- What´s that in your school bag, Joe?
It´s _________, not mine ( Dan)
5.- Is that your brother´s computer?
Yes, but those are _______________. He hasn´t got any! ( his friends)
6.- Come here , George. Do you want to see this?
Oh Wow! It´s _________________for volleyball ! ( Mr Smith)
7.- What´s your favourite food?
Easy! _____________________(My mum)
8.-Do you go swimming at sport centre?
No! _______________________has got a swimming pool! ( My cousin)
9.- Can I call my mum?
Don´t ask me ! It´s ____________________( Tom)


6.- Complete the sentences with a, an or the and the words in the box.

Airport apple book elephant flowers glass teacher zoo

For breakfast I have ______ of milk and ______

Ther´s ______and some tigers at ____________in our city
_______in the vase are for you!
His dad is ________at our school
_____________on my desk isn´t mine
Is there _______________in the city?