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In Re the Marriage of:
Case No. FC2016-009166
JORDAN NEIGHBORS , ) Case assigned to the Honorable Dwain Fox
Petitioner, )
And )
Respondent )


Comes now the Respondent Alexander Neighbors is replying to the motion to strike.

Mr.Morton requested discovery for his client. In the discovery request Mr.Morton asked for
information on any Child Protective Service complaints. After Mr.Morton was informed that his
client Jordan Neighbors and her mother Yvette Stewart they were responsible for the unfounded
child abuse reports against the respondent. Mr.Morton then threatened the respondent,
demanding that the respondent immediate withdraw his petition for Department of Child Safety
to release the names of the people responsible for making so many malicious false reports of
child abuse. Mr.Morton is attempting to conceal the truth of his client the “petitioner’s” activities
from the court.

Yvette Stewart and Jordan Neighbors both have admitted to the respondent recently that they did
in fact file the unfounded complaints. These false complaints have caused the children distress.
These false complaints have resulted in multiple visits by the Chandler Police department to the
respondent’s home. Many times the children were present while the police and various child
protection agents conducted interviews and the respondent’s home. The children have also been
interrupted at school by the agents conducting interviews without the parents present. Due to the
number of false complaints it shows that Jordan Neighbors and Yvette Stewart (children’s
grandmother) are not acting in my children’s best interest. Yvette Stewart told the respondent she
had filed the complaints to retaliate against the respondent for not listening to her and doing what
she says. The really messed up part is Yvette also coaches the children on what to say she will
instruct the kids to lie to their father. She has also instructed them to lie to the CPS Agents. This
woman is toxic to the children and I need the court to help prevent any more damage from being
done to the children.

Currently the respondent has access to the redacted Child Protective Services reports of child
abuse. These reports have the names of the accusers removed, the reports also have parts of
official statements made by the petitioner and the petitioner’s mother redacted.

In the Child protective service reports CPS agents interviewed the petitioner. She had told them
a different story than what she had told the court under oath. She told the court she was not a
victim of domestic violence. During interviews with CPS Agents she stated she was physically
abused by the respondent, ever since they started having children. (see Exhibit CPS). She stated
to CPS agents she had left the marital home because of domestic violence that the respondent
had locked her “In the home and took away her keys” (see Exhibit CPS), but what really
happened was she was cheating on the respondent, she was having sex with a co-worker. This
co-worker did not like kids so she left the marital home and the children behind and moved in
with this new person. I saw text messages between this person and the petitioner in which she
was asking this new person to be in a relationship with her but this new person told the petitioner
that all they wanted was to have sex with her. The CPS agents asked “if she was being abused
then why did she leave the children with the respondent”. Her response was that she did not have
anywhere to take the children she identified that she was not living anywhere. On the court
documents she claimed that she lived at 748 w Gary dr. She told the court there was no domestic
violence but days before the hearing she told CPS Agents that she had being a victim of domestic
violence for years. In court petitioner claimed she was not abused as a child, but when she spoke
to CPS Agents she told the Agents she was abused as a child. The CPS Agents asked her if she
had any police reports of the domestic violence, she said no. Days after the she meet with the
CPS agents she then tried to have the respondent arrested or charged with domestic violence the
police officer who responded saw right through what she was trying to do and issued her a
“warning of trespass”. The petitioner has committed perjury by making conflicting statements
under oath trying to hide her extra marital affair. The sad part is how much the children are


The respondent needs the full un-redacted report as discovery, the petitioner’s attorney also
requested this information in his discovery request. To be able to establish that the petitioner and
the petitioner’s mother have committed 17 counts of false reports of child abuse against the
respondent. When the full CPS report is available the respondent requests that the court issue
“Injunction Against Harassment”. Specifically I am requesting that the court order the
Grandmother Yvette Stewart to stay away from the respondent and the respondent’s children. As
she is harassing them and the respondent. Yvette Stewart is also preventing the children from
getting to school on time. The elementary school has sent me a truancy letter because of the
grandmothers harassment has interfered with their education. (see exhibit 1). I also need an
Injunction Against harassment from Thomas Morton as he has made false reports to the state bar
claiming the respondent was breaking the law, then he claimed the respondent’s father was
breaking the law. (see Exhibit 2) Please call me if the court needs clarification or if the court
needs me to visit with the judge.

DATED this 17 day JUL, 2017.

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____ ________________________ 17 JUL 2017