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Arizona Department of Child Safety - Assessments and Plans Case 0: 488759, Nore: RII «Reports recive Aer: 12772016 tru Exract Date 17 02:30 AM ‘On 12/19/2016 at 3:56 PM, OCWI Miteider and DCSS Hodgson conducted a telephonic interview \itt 02 recorded session. there is an ongoing custody battle and divorce rier and father, Alex Neighbors and father have court tomorrow, 12/20/16 at 10 AM Phoenix Superior Court on Jefferson to address a temporary Barerting plan. IIe the fart hore at the lend of August x beginning of September 2016 fie w ongang er and ite She len the cares oh ater because the had toe five et and as worn ee Re domestic violence: ‘the DV started after they started having children. Sesctbed father kg To lcking here ete te heep et fom lend shoving her against a wal ME cewcees father puling her around by the arm in an aggressive way. desorbed father geting drunk and puling her outside, shoving her onto the ground and rubbing her face into the dt has taken the children and lof the home before when father is drinking because he's gels mean and she's afraic for herself and her cnidren. il the children were present during atleast one of these incidents. Father tries to control Vist with the children and ties to ditate hat she does with them or who she allows Broun them. Father blames {or I leaving father so father now won't allow} ‘around the children, 125 contact with the children father won't let rave the children for visits. Re allegations: sl son Olver ate more then was Mis Norm SO asked Ayvah her eldest oma tf father hadn't fed them before the vi Ayvah tole ner that Oliver (1) was playing with his knife at dinner and father and| got mad and took his feed aay. Ayvah also (CIM hat they compan, don't do whet at 2 A 2, or tel father they want to see or ea they aren't allowed to eat continued talking without prompting and tord take care of them and he's mean. Ayah tok faces his hands around her neck and squeezes then says “oops T we stated that father has always used parenting styled and discipline techniques she doesn't approve of, but father is controlling and has a temper. also stated she was concemed about ac his hands around her daughter's throat after receiving threatening text messages — Eee Cool queston: han she hs the cir she takes theo Healing Hears Modan sovces Gente dental sos Set! Cater r has them, he takes them to Gilbert Family Medical. The children’s children during visi family has private insurance. Re discipline stated it usualy deals with sibling rivalry so she usually separates the aston she Cel sbout tn aus, or sce are out EE MRR les 0 = re ae be ice Be respect, and have marers ores are foosely adressed, but include cleaning room and making a game out of tending Page: 11 of 24 mplicancemantindPlans