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1411 W Megan St
Chandler, AZ 85224
(480) 734-8649


In Re the Marriage of:

Petitioner, )
And ) Case No. FC2016-009166
) Case assigned to the Honorable Fox, Dewain
ALEXANDER J NEIGHBORS, ) Petition for Court Ordered Parent information
Respondent ) Program Class


I Petitioner, ALEXANDER J NEIGHBORS, respectfully represents as follows:

1. My spouse Jordan Neighbors identified as the Petitioner, on Aug 31, 2016 moved out of the
marital home located at 1411 W Megan st Chandler AZ 85224. The Petitioner established the first
day of legal separation when she moved out. Currently the Petitioner refuses to provide the address
she has been living at since the separation but what I do know is that she lives with another person in
Central Phoenix. The help of the court is requested to establish Jordan W Neighbors, wife of
Alexander Neighbors, mother of three children identified as Oliver, Jocelyn, and Ayvah Neighbors
effectively established her first day of legal separation starting on Aug 31, 2016. The help of the
court is also request to require court ordered Parent information program class attendance for both
Alexander Neighbors the Respondent and for Jordan Neighbors the Petitioner.
2. I, the Respondent, fully understand that this Petition will require that I will be court ordered to
attend the Parent information program. I also understand that Jordan Neighbors will also be required
to attend the program as well.

3. I am requesting that the Respondent and Petitioner and Yvette Stewart the petitioners Mother to be
court ordered to participate in the Parent information program. This request is being made out of the
interest of the kids as Jordan Neighbors has already moved out of the marital home. I am also
requesting that the court require this course to be taken by al 3 parties both parties no later than 20th
of DEC 2016.

4. I am requesting that the Petitioner provide the address to where she is living in Central Phoenix.

5. I am requesting the Court TO NOTE ON THE RECORD that Jordan Neighbors has physically
left (abandoned) our 3 Children (Oliver, Jocelyn, Ayvah Neighbors) behind with Alexander
Neighbors creating “De Facto” custody situation. Due to the abandonment of our 3 Children and the
negative effect this has had on our children’s mental state I am requesting the court grant me 100%
(Sole) custody. I will ensure our 3 children continue to be cared for and that they are able to enjoy as
much co-parenting and visitation time as possible with their mother Jordan Neighbors when she is
available. I will also allow her to enjoy spending time with our children in a safe, stable and familiar
location for our 3 children.

6. I would also like the court to take note of the fact that Yvette Stewart (residing at 748 w Gary Dr
chandler Az 85224 ), My mother in-law. Also known as Jordan Neighbors Biological mother, has
been a challenge during this process as she continually attempts to interfere with my parenting of the
3 Children. Yvette will show up at my house after I have explicitly instructed her not to come over
and interrupt our children. Yvette will also sneak into the house and attempt to remove articles of
clothing from the children’s room after she has been told to not remove our children’s clothing from
their room. I had to re-key all of my locks in an attempt to prevent her from entering my residence
when she feels like it, without permission.
7. To the best of my knowledge, there is a Family Court action (annulment, legal separation, or
divorce) pending between my spouse and myself.

8. My present address and telephone number is:

1411 W Megan St Chandler, AZ 85224 (480) 734-8649

9.My spouse's present work address and telephone number is:

2601 East Roosevelt Street Phoenix, AZ 85008 (541) 228-5761

10. The name and age of each minor child, including any stepchild, whose welfare may be affected
by the controversy are:
Oliver Neighbors (Age 1)
Jocelyn Neighbors (Age 4)
Ayvah Neighbors (Age 7)

DATED this __14__ day _NOV____, 2016_.