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Name:________________ Process: January 2018 Playing test date: January 24th, 2018 Percentage:______

Expectation Level 4 = A Level 3 = B Level 2=C Level 1= D/F

Process: these skills have been
demonstrated in class prior to
Instrument Care and Consistently demonstrates Instrument not always in Instrument needs repair. Does not take care of
Maintenance proper instrument care. good working order. More Often out of adjustment, instrument. Does not
attention and care needed. valves need oil, slides show knowledge of
need grease. Should take instrument care.
better care of school
Attitude/ Consistently demonstrates Mostly demonstrates Often is a problem in this Frequently has
Behavior/ proper attitude and proper behavior and good area. Sometimes a negative attitude.
Self-Control behavior in class. attitude in class. Good negative and Almost daily
Excellent self-control. self-control. uncooperative attitude. problems concerning
Sometimes a disruption in talking, disrupting,
class. and inappropriate
Product: these skills are
demonstrated during the playing
Tone Has superior tone quality Some minor flaws, needs Does not play with good Has very poor tone
Quality and works hard to play some work to improve in tone quality. Needs much quality. Should seek
Intonation well with consistency. this area. work to improve in this private instruction for
area. help.

Notes Knows all notes and Some minor Often has to be reminded Shows little to no
Fingerings fingerings. Demonstrates inconsistencies in of the correct note and or understanding of note
this knowledge daily. knowledge and application fingering to play. names and the
of proper note names and process of playing the
fingerings. notes on the
Creating Creates a three or more Creates a two part Creates a two part Student is unsure how
Harmony part harmony with a harmony with a partner. harmony with a partner, to create harmony for
partner going above and showing some this task.
beyond music task Demonstrates a good understanding of the
requirements. amount of harmonic concept of harmony. Student fails to
elements to the class. demonstrate where
Demonstrates many Demonstrates some the harmony in their
harmonic elements to the Has one or two lines lines harmonic elements to the piece is located.
class. of music, incorporating class.
harmony throughout the
Has three or more lines of piece. Has less than one line of
music, incorporating music incorporating
harmony throughout the harmony throughout the
piece. piece.
Rhythmic Accuracy/ Plays with very steady Some minor flaws in Often does not tap foot Shows little to no
Foot Tap tempo and completely counting. Sometimes while playing. Plays with understanding of
understands rhythmic forgets to tap foot while a very unsteady tempo. rhythmic concepts.
concepts. playing or counting.